H.M.S. Coitus

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This is my first submission and I would love to hear your suggestions and criticisms so I can improve my writing and bring you more juicy stories based on real experiences 😉


Her auburn hair billowed behind her, falling across her toned shoulders as she turned to face the young gentleman. Richelieu had been pursuing her attention doggedly for hours. But let us not hold that against him. Being the only twenty-year-old amongst a crew of old salty sea-dogs, who can blame him for being so cunt-struck?

She was becoming increasingly bored with his lacklustre attempts to conceal his pursuit. She did not mind his staring, it was more the fact that after twenty minutes he had not worked up the minerals to talk to her. At the captain’s table earlier in the evening, his eyes avoided her own, preferring to rest upon her golden cleavage. As the passengers cleared and washed their plates, he was last to get up from the table and, instead, sat staring at her pert ass. To her, voyeurs were no more than little boys. How could he fuck if he had no bollocks in the first place?

And a good fuck was what she needed. See, pride is a funny thing in men. Pride provokes men to cultivate an image of sexual bravado amongst their peers and banter about successful steps to seduction. Pride forces men to create lies upon lies about how many virgins they have deflowered so they can save face in the tavern. Pride will also make men completely miss the point that women just want you to reach down between your own legs, give what you claim is there a squeeze, and just walk over to her.

She was used to men like Richelieu. Judging by her quick glances at his fine-cut dark purple summer suit and his vicious side parting, he was a yuppie with a hard-on and pockets full of cash. He would do.

In her act of turning, he froze. She stared at his boyish expression and smiled. This was not the coy smile of a young maiden with downcast eyes. She stared directly into his eyes and her lips curled over her porcelain teeth. She was a lioness in heat. It was all he could do to stop himself from ejaculating in his breeches.

“You can give up your ruse now, I know you’re following me.” Richelieu’s reverie was broken. He umm-ed and ahh-ed, his attempts at making an excuse were awful at best.

“What is it about me that you find so captivating?” She asked, maintaining eye contact all the while.

“Well, your beauty is…I have never quite seen something so exquisite and…on a cargo barge no less…sorry, I am not implying that…” She cut him off –

“Pull your tongue out of my ass and get inside my cabin. Room 24.” Her tone was commanding but sensual, wafting into his ears like a sweet vapour. He gasped slightly, stunned by the forwardness escort bostancı of her request. He could not quite believe his ears. She jerked her proud head to the side, indicating that he should get a fucking move on. He had not even caught her name!

“Sabine. Just in case you have some moral qualms before I let you fuck me”. She had read his mind. Hopefully she had not read his other thoughts.

He felt her eyes burning into the base of his skull as he quickly made his way to her cabin. He heard her slow languid footsteps behind him and his heart quickened. They suddenly became faster and she leapt onto his back. He yelped and could not stop himself before he barrelled into the cabin door. It was unlocked and they came crashing to the ground. Somehow in the ensuing chaos she had created, she had managed to straddle him. She ripped at the lapels of his blazer, pulling it over his head and off his body. His shirt didn’t last much longer. She licked and kissed his slim torso all the way down to his crotch. Looking back up at him with fiery eyes, she pulled his zip down with her teeth, a lascivious smile playing at the corners of her mouth. She was dirty, and she wallowed in it.

His member bulged against his trousers, trying to find the new exit route she had made. Her deft fingers navigated their way inside and tugged at his blood-filled penis, bringing it out for some air. He gasped. Was it the shock of Sabine’s sudden pull on a tender region or his own lack of control? She stared down at him. Her eyes were a mixture of cruelty and longing. He clearly was not her first.

“I want you inside me”. Her voice held an urgency, as if he was a drug for which she yearned. The truth was, she just craved cock. With great skill, in one fluid motion she pulled up her summer dress and shifted her panties to the side. He reached up to touch her glistening pussy. It was sopping.

“Fuck me like you imagined earlier”. That was enough. She launched herself on top of his proudly erect penis, gyrating her hips and flexing her perfectly formed abdominal muscles. She touched herself all over as he strained under her sexual power. He fucked as if she was a predator and he the prey; as if his life depended on it. She made a noise like a distorted squeal, all throaty and low and stared into his handsome face. She turned around with his dick still inside her and began dancing, moving her hips in time with his thrusts. She arched her back and flipped her mane from right to left. She looked over her shoulder back at him. She brought a finger to her lips and tasted it.

“You want to taste me?” Richelieu was speechless. He nodded, dumbfounded. She got off him and moved to the bed. She lay on her back and stared lustily at ümraniye escort his lean frame. She stroked the length of her body, tit to cunt. She was glowing. Richelieu gazed at her lightly tanned mature body with a mixture of fear and delight. Her breasts were not small and perky like some of the women back home. Her nipples were erect and purposeful, the areola a dark red. He desperately wanted to bite them and so did she. She touched herself whilst playing with her left nipple. She gazed at him and gasped. She was giving him a performance. This had merely been a warm-up.

He stood awkwardly with his cock standing proud amongst his blonde pubic hair. Her eyes glistened and she beckoned him over. He crouched at the foot of the bed and stared into her pussy. It was like a tulip with its buds newly-opening. She placed her fingers in his mouth. A delicious aperitif. She tasted of peach and white fruits. He was intoxicated. He could not wait any longer so he started kissing her pussy lips. Richelieu was enthralled. He licked and kissed her inside and out. He was delighted to hear her little gasps and moans for he was not a particularly experienced man. This was all new. She smelled incredible and he wanted to wear her scent forever.

He licked and licked before trailing his tongue up from her pussy towards her navel and to her lips. She looked at him strangely and then smiled puckishly. She growled low in her throat and pulled him down to her. He took that as his cue. He lifted her hips up towards him and slowly pushed his cock inside her. Her pussy walls enveloped him. She was warm and wet. He began with slow thrusts, making her tits bounce against his chest. Her nipples instantly became hard. He reached down and squeezed the left and then the right emitting little gasps of pleasure from Sabine. He started to alternate between hard and fast, fast and hard making her beg for more. He grunted in a melange of pleasure and pain. Despite his lack of experience, he knew that she was close. A primal urge took him and he suddenly pulled her legs into the air and pushed deeper inside her. She whimpered. He started slamming her pussy and the sound of skin contacting skin resounded off the cabin walls. Her moans and his grunts intertwined.

His thrusts became more rhythmic as he felt his orgasm build up at the base of his balls, a slow golden burn rising through his abdomen then back down to his penis before he pulled out shooting ribbons of pearly cum across her muscular abs and perfect tits. He jerked his cock violently, disposing of the last of his seed onto her body before collapsing gasping onto her. They both lay in a pile of each other’s fluids, both sighing and moaning with the after-burn of departed pleasure. She laughed, a kartal escort bayan bark of pure joy, and turned to him with a naughty look in her eyes. He felt his prick becoming hard again.

“So soon?”

“Forgive me, madame, but I’m young”. He flipped her over onto her front and she squealed with delight.

She clawed at his hair as he thrust his face deeper and deeper into the recesses of her behind. How much further could he go? Her pleasure was unending; infinite. She had never had her ass eaten before. First time for everything though?

She remembers deliciously her first time, savouring the taste like an aged merlot. It was a stormy Lyonnaise evening when Remy took her cherry. She can still remember his force behind her as she leant over the balcony railings. Infinite. His muscular forearms ending in the hands that gripped her waist foretold an intimidating strength behind all his gentility.

Flash. Back to reality. She had managed to rip the covers off the bed and now they both were on the floor tangled in the folds. Sensual fabric embraces mixed with his feather-light kisses along her collarbone down to her breasts and subsequently her erect nipples. Their crimson tips hurt where he had nibbled earlier. Hurt so good. He slapped her bottom making her let out a little squeak of delight. She knew what was coming. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, the anticipation was pure agony. He trailed the tip of his uncut cock along the base of her spine down to her quivering asshole. She could feel a slow-burning fire deep in her loins. She took a sharp intake of breath when the first half of his length slid inside her. His thrusts, gentle and slow, but deep made her clutch the bedsheets into lacey balls in her fists. She rocked with his motions.

After a time, she lifted her pert ass up to accommodate him further. Her cunt enveloped his shaft. He growled low and deep. She was so turned on. Electric pulses vibrated through her body travelling from the base of her stomach up through her torso into her throat. She whimpered. He was fucking her hard now. Faster. Harder. Then slower. Then faster again. The bedsheets clutching at both their bodies were sopping wet. His nails were digging into her hips. They would definitely leave marks. Traces d’amour. She would explore their craggy u-shaped lines in the post-coital glow that followed their love-making.

He moved his hands up her body whilst still maintaining the speed of his thrusts. His hands came to rest on either side of her throat. His squeezes synchronised with his thrusts. She came with a noise so animalistic it hearkened back to something primal. His roar of orgasm made her cum again…and again; stormy waves rocking through her toned body. They collapsed onto the sodden bedsheets; panting rapidly. He stared deep into her eyes and she into his. His lascivious smile sent lightning pangs of desire lancing through her form. “Again?” he said as he gazed longingly at her perky tits.

Breathlessly, she replied, “again”.

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