Handy Man Ch. 01

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It was still not quite daylight at 6:48 AM. I could see no lights in the house next door so I finished the last few swallows of my first cup of coffee and set the mug on our patio table before walking to the gate in the fence. As quietly as possible, I passed through the gate and moved up the first two levels of that deck and sat on the steps leading to the top level, just a few feet from the glass door into the family room/kitchen area. I settled back against the end post of the upper deck railing facing the house and prepared to wait until I saw movement inside.

As I sat and stared at the glass door, I realized it was only the sliding screen between me and the interior of the house because the glass door was open already. Probably Mrs. Parker had left it like that overnight. Many of the neighbors in this area were trusting enough not to worry about burglars and the temperature was just right with doors and windows open for the gentle night breezes. In a couple of weeks the weather would change enough that people would again be closing every door and window.

I almost missed the pad – pad – pad sound of soft slippers coming down the carpeted stairs and across the den floor to the kitchen. I didn’t recognize her in the gathering light but knew the only person who should be in the house was Mrs. Parker. I saw her from the backside and quickly felt a surge of hot blood began to fill my cock.

She was dressed in a loose-fitting silky print gown. There was a tie at the waist but it hung forgotten down on each side. I heard her muttering under her breath something that was unintelligible. As I watched, lights came on and drawers began to open and I could see that something had gone wrong. Her gown, which would have barely come to the tops of her knees at best, was split up the back in a ragged tear, as if she might have snagged and ripped it. She was bent slightly over the drawers she was searching through, causing the gown to drape to the sides and displaying her most precious treasures.

Even though Mrs. Parker was about the same age as my mother, I had always looked at her as an object of my sexual desire, a fantasy beyond touching but not beyond dreaming about. She had heavy breasts that still stood out nicely even when she wore a T-shirt and no bra around the house, a condition that gave me an instant erection. She had a little roundness to her tummy but it was the kind that made me want to throw her over my shoulder and hustle to the woods for a piece of her delights. And her bottom was so beautifully rounded that I had mental battles with myself on whether to lick her butt, squeeze it with both hands, or ram it with my cock while plowing into her soft furrow.

I started to rise and speak but wondered if I should, because she would realize I had a clear view of her bottom. Still it seemed that she needed help with something, and after all, that was why I was here.

Finally I stood and strode to the door. “Mrs. Parker,” I called. “It’s James from next door.” “Oh, hi, Jimmy,” she said without turning around. “I’ll be with you … oops!”

She just realized the predicament she was in and the bonus vision I was getting of her. She whipped around and tried to hide the fact that her gown was split.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, maybe. I was just coming down to put on the coffeepot and I got caught on a nail sticking out of the doorway to my bathroom. I think it got me. I know I’ve got a hammer in here somewhere but I can’t find it.”

Holding her gown together with one hand, she turned back to the drawers and went to searching. I knew exactly where it was, having seen her put it away a few weeks before. I went to reach to her left but she moved that way. I veered to the right and she overcorrected into me. Suddenly my arms were around her and my body pressed her into the counter, her hand alighting on my throbbing cock. I gulped but couldn’t bring myself to move.

“Uh, Jimmy? What is that?”

“Uh, well, … you know.”

“If I didn’t know better, Jimmy, I’d think you were as horny as me. But you’re not as horny as this old woman, are you?”

“Uh, well, you’re not an old woman but I am super horny.”

“Did you see something here you shouldn’t have?”

I knew I had at least a 50-50 chance of getting into deep trouble but … what the hell! I clamped my arms around her and squeezed her back into me, pressing my cock into her buttocks. I nudged her head to the left and kissed her neck just below her right ear. It felt like she was turning into melted butter right there in my hands.

Mrs. Parker sucked in her breath in shock and then just stood still under my onslaught. It seemed like forever before I realized she was responding by moving her head around to different positions so my hot lips would touch new locations on her sweet neck. I also felt her ass grinding slowly into my crotch … or was that my imagination working overtime?

It wasn’t my imagination that, when I moved my head to her left side, she cocked her head in the opposite direction and let me nuzzle her neck in new places. And no, it wasn’t casino oyna my imagination that she was grinding her buttocks into my raging hard-on.

The flaming red fireworks going off in my head recognized the sign that said, “Finally, after all these years. I’m going to get lucky on my favorite fantasy.”

I sent my hands in opposite directions, sending one up and one down. The upper hand searched for the gap in her gown, found it, and began exploring her beautiful boobs. They seemed to be torpedo shaped and each one overflowed my hand. A round area larger than a circle formed by my forefinger and thumb was made of raised puffy flesh, an areola no doubt, and topped by a little rubber button for a nipple. One at a time, I rolled the nipples between my thumb and fingers, pulling them away from her body every so often, causing her to renew her moans of pleasure.

My lower hand slid between her legs and then worked back upward, finding her labia well-lubricated with her own juices. After coating my fingers, I slipped one, then two and finally three inside her incredibly hot cunt. She bucked against my fingers, nearly throwing me off her form. However when my wandering thumb passed over her clit, she came with a “whoosh” of breath and seemed to lose her energy temporarily.

Right after her climax, her head and chest slumped to the counter. I figured it was time for my best move. I reached into my shorts and extracted my tool, guiding it between her legs where it quickly settled at the opening to her pussy. With a gentle push, my purple hood popped inside her and a couple more pushes brought me up to my balls in her squishy cunt. I loved the feeling of her big round buttocks as they mashed into my crotch.

“Oh, Jimmy, that feels sooooo good, Honey. You don’t know how long I have wanted you to do this for me,” she crooned.

“My sweet Mrs. Parker, you don’t know how long I have wanted to do this to you,” I responded.

“Come on, babe,” she whispered over her shoulder. “Fuck me good.”

Well, I did fuck her … and it was good for me. I trust it was not too bad for her either. She seemed to have three fairly strong climaxes out of that one fuck, one just as I pinched and pulled both of her nipples, another as I was fingering circles around her clitty and the last just as my jism was exploding against the walls of her cunt.

She rested on the counter for a few minutes before twisting in my arms and pulling me to her still-heaving breasts.

“I’m not sure what brought you to me this morning, James, but I’m certainly glad it did,” she said tenderly, brushing my hair out of my face.

I grinned and said, “My mother did.”

She made a face that showed surprise, since they were good friends and approximately the same age.

I continued, “She told me since Mr. Parker left, you have quite a few little maintenance chores that need to be done around the house but there’s no one to do them. I came over this morning to volunteer to take care of those for you, including any that come up in the future.”

She laughed and said, “Oh, that Kellie. I was just joking around with her but she’s always on the lookout for something she can do for me. I certainly didn’t intend to take up your time, Jimmy.”

“No, Ma’am,” I replied, “I’m sure you didn’t but I sure am glad it came up. I hope you don’t mind what happened either.”

She nudged me in the ribs and grinned. “No, I didn’t mind, Honey. That was the first time I’ve been fucked in over five years.”

I pulled her to me and planted a wet kiss on her mouth, noting a new sparkle in her eyes just as our lips touched.

When we broke apart, I said, “Good, because its gonna happen again … this morning.”

She laughed and skipped away from me. “Oh, yeah? You think so, huh?”

I picked up the compact tool kit I had brought with me and strode after her.

“I know so. Now show me what caught your gown.”

I followed her up the stairs, at first admiring her beautiful ass as it swished back and forth so near to my eyes.

About midway up the stairs, I slid a hand up her outer thigh and cupped one buttock in my hand and she just seemed to melt against me.

She whispered, “Oh, Baby, I just love being touched. It has been soooo long ….”

I vowed right then and there, since it seemed like I had been favored with access to her delights, never again would long periods of time pass when her sexual needs went unattended.

I sort of pushed her into the bedroom. She lagged just enough to know that I would maintain contact with her body … my left hand splayed over her left buttock and hip, my right hand hefted her right hooter and played with the nipple, and my mouth found little open places to lick and suckle.

She pulled me into the bedroom and over to the door to the bathroom. I noticed that she was not the housekeeper my mother was. The room had a lived-in look with a few clothes draped on the chair back and a pair of panties on the floor. I picked them up and smelled the crotch, disappointed to find her perfume but nothing like her pussy juice.

I slot oyna said, “Show me the other chores you want done,” but she grabbed me and pulled me down onto the bed.

She said, “Chores can wait. If you’re going to be my lover, you have to make up for a lot of lost time. Let’s get started, Honey.”

Her fingers began expertly unfastening the buttons of my shorts and with her help, I was soon naked. I returned the favor, although with her wearing so little clothes it took only seconds before she was nude.

Kneeling beside her, I started my body wash again , beginning around her face, working down to the soles of her feet and then back to her middle. It didn’t matter to me that she was wet and my cum was oozing from her pussy … for the first time in my life, I ate my cum out of a woman’s cunt … and loved it!

By the time I could find no more cum or fresh pussy liquid, I had another throbbing erection and she was begging me to fuck her. I climbed up over her and while she guided my dong into her pussy, I lowered myself until our lips met in an excruciatingly hot and passionate kiss. I began to slowly plow her furrow, occasionally dropping my mouth to suck one or the other of her big breasts before going back to her mouth. Mrs. Parker came four times before I emptied my balls into her hot cunt again. Then she wrapped her arms and legs around me and pulled me down on top of her so that my whole weight was resting on her length and she hugged me until long after my breathing had returned to normal.

Finally I pushed back and said, “Mrs. Parker, why don’t you show me those projects you need done and let me take care of them?”

She said, “Jimmy, as long as it’s just the two of us, please call me Nadine so I don’t feel so old.”

We got up and took a quickie shower and dressed. Then she showed me a bunch of little chores that needed fixing, like the nails in the door trim of almost every door needing to be hammered in again and other little odd jobs.

Throughout the day that Saturday, I would work on and complete a project, Nadine would inspect it and give me a kiss and then she would let me fuck her, usually doggy-style wherever we happened to be. Then she would show me the next project to work on. Occasionally she would bring me something to drink or a little snack but mostly I preferred to snack on her titties and she let me have as much of them as I wanted. By the time the day came to a close, her tits were sore, her pussy was getting sensitive and my cock was in need of a rest.

I headed home and dove naked into the hot tub to soak some tiredness out of my body.

I was outside working on the fence in Nadine’s back yard Sunday morning when she first appeared. I had noticed several loose boards the day before and decided I could be working on those before she appeared. Surprisingly she turned out to be an early riser and I was just part way through when she came out the back door with two cups of coffee.

I was a little disappointed in the way she was dressed. She was wearing a long robe that zipped up the front and covered all her assets. However I was greatly mollified when she knelt beside the fence facing me and handed me a cup of coffee, because the robe’s zipper stopped above her knees. When she squatted she deliberately spread her knees and the robe separated to each side, giving me a great view of her naked snatch nicely framed by the garment.

“Will you be working on this project long?” she asked in feigned innocence.

“No, not long,” I replied, my hand shaking a bit from the surge of adrenaline that just coursed through my body.

“I’ll just stay around to see if I can help you … or maybe provide some incentive for you to hurry.”

I didn’t really need the incentive, having spotted the reward for the day, but I surely wasn’t going to chase her away either. I reached between her legs and cupped her sex in the palm of my hand, giving her a gentle squeeze and hearing her murmur, “yes, sugar, I like that.”

I returned to work with a vigor that had not been there ten minutes before.

For the rest of the day, we followed a schedule much like the day before. I would work on a project and finish it, then Nadine would take me inside (if we weren’t already there) and we’d fuck. She often interspersed some licks of my cock too just to make sure I wasn’t losing interest although she didn’t need to worry about that. Along the way there was plenty of touching, both me to her and her to me. I fucked her on the den carpet on her back. I fucked her bent over the kitchen counter and the dining room table and the arm of the den sofa. I fucked her while I sucked her toes. I fucked her while massaging her back. The soft velvety feel of her slick cunt was absolutely unbelievable, better I thought than any of the other sweet pussies I’d had the opportunity to use in my few years.

I fucked her while sucking on her titties. I fucked her while shoving her back against the shower tiles. And of course she rode me on the carpet. She rode me on the sofa. She rode me on the recliner. She rode me sitting on canlı casino siteleri the raised hearth. No, it didn’t all happen in one day but I spent my study time at her house “fixing and fucking”, spending only enough time on my studies to scrape by with a low passing grade.

By the next weekend I was afraid I would burn her out if we kept at it like rabbits. So I asked if I could take her to dinner Saturday night. Nadine knew that I was trying to stretch my summer savings through the college year and instead requested that she fix a picnic lunch and we go find a quiet spot in some park.

Late Saturday morning she climbed into my old jalopy of a car, seemingly unembarrassed to be seen in such a rolling disaster. On the other hand, I realized that she improved the vision of my car a thousand-fold. I’m sure anyone who checked us out knew that it was some sort of older woman – younger man arrangement, whether mother-son or something else. I didn’t care what people thought because I was beginning to have the time of my life. Nadine seemed completely carefree too, waving nonchalantly at people who stared at us too long.

I had selected a state park as our destination because it would require a pleasant two-hour drive and the sparsely attended park had a magnificent clear-water lake.

At the park entrance after paying the small day fee, we found a great spot on a grassy knoll where we had a great view of almost all of the lake. Because the park had a reputation for harboring a large population of skunks, it was usually the least-used park in the state’s collection. However I had always found that if I left them alone, they would leave me alone and we got along fine.

After putting out our blanket, we took a hand-in-hand walk around part of the lake, passing only seven couples and two small families. There were a few boaters out on the water but they were almost out of sight of our shallow end of the water.

By the time we got back to our blanket we were hungry. While we ate sandwiches and chips, I convinced Nadine to tell me about her life.

She had grown up in a neighboring state and moved to a border city to attend college. She was going to be … well, she didn’t know. She was interested in marketing, artistic design of some sort, or maybe a career of writing … she loved short stories and thought she would be good at it.

Those plans all changed when she met Mr. Parker during their junior year and immediately fell in love. He was in pre-law and it was reasonable to assume he would be able to provide for her. Little did she foresee having to drop out of school and take a secretarial job the next year so she could pay his bills.

They planned for Nadine to work only temporarily until he could get control of his finances but it turned into a long-term commitment. But then he began to cheat on her with other women. At first Nadine tried to ignore it but it only got worse. Then she found herself with the means of gaining a great financial arrangement with him that would let him retain his job and standing with the firm by living apart but forestalling a divorce for ten years so there would be no hint of his transgressions.

So Mr. Parker was now a small part of her life and Nadine was enjoying her life of freedom. After sixteen years of very unsatisfactory married life, Nadine found herself in control again, albeit alone. She quit her boring job and went back to the university, finally getting her BA after making a couple of false starts (amazing how hard it was to rebuild good study habits, she noted.)

Now two years out of school, she had been trying to do some writing and had actually sold a few items, some articles to ladies magazines and one medium length feature story to a small paper-back publisher. She was beginning to gain some confidence and believed she knew a little more about just what kind of writer she was. She had started a novel but it had proven to be slow going.

As she talked, Nadine had put away everything we had brought for the picnic and was now laying very close to me on the blanket. Her fingers had been tracing indefinable little patterns on my shirt and legs for the last half-hour, causing me to become uncomfortably stuffed into my shorts because of the growth of my penis. I leaned over just a little and our lips came together in a warm sweet kiss that in seconds turned into a hugging, crushing urgency. A quick glance around showed that there were no other park visitors within sight so I pulled the skirt of her light summer dress up to her waist, quickly skimmed her panties down her legs and hoisted myself into her saddle as I freed my throbbing hard-on.

Nadine laughed nervously but, after a quick glance in both directions, guided my cock to her waiting wet tunnel. I slid in carefully but without resistance, leading me to believe she had gotten turned on telling me about her husband. We kissed and fucked, fucked and kissed, kissed and fucked, until she had cum three times, leaving a large wet stain on the blanket. When I spotted a couple walking the lake’s shoreline some distance away, I hurriedly rammed myself repeatedly into her soft opening until my balls emptied their treasure deep into her pussy. Hurriedly we gathered the blanket, our shoes, and the picnic basket and skipped to the car, laughing and joking and holding hands like teenagers.

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