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Approaching his door I feel an anxious, nervous shimmer in my stomach. I knock lightly, almost afraid, or perhaps merely unsure. I’m not certain where these feelings are coming from, I hadn’t expected to feel such trepidation. The door opens to his familiar “Hi” as I’m greeted. Smiling he steps aside to let me in. As I walk past him, his scent envelopes me – and I’m immediately at ease in his presence, at last.

He takes my coat off my shoulders, sliding it down my arms. We chat amiably as my coat is hung in the closet. Turning to give me one of his warmest embraces, and a sweet kiss hello.

Turning and walking into the kitchen, I follow closely behind. A bottle of wine is waiting, empty glass sitting next to it … expecting its’ fill.

“Just half a glass for now – after all it’s still early.” I thank him taking the glass from his hand, our fingers touch in a simple quiet caress. The first lingering taste, feeling the wine as it warms my tongue, slips smoothly down my throat. The heat in my stomach soon spreads through my body as I enjoy each savory sip. Not long after my second glass, I begin to feel the familiar weakness in my legs. I lean against the wall, listening to him as he tells me about his week. Watching him talk, looking into his eyes, at his mouth, smiling when he smiles, laughing at his anecdotes.

In turn, I try to share what’s been happening to me in the past week, but as I speak I soon realize there isn’t much that I care to share at this moment. I stop speaking, take a step closer, and reach my hand up to caress his cheek. Slipping my hand ataşehir escort bayan around to the back of his neck, drawing him closer to me, tipping my head back to greet his lips. Meeting his mouth in a slow, tender, lingering kiss. The tip of my tongue slips between his lips, just enough to taste, enough to tease. I draw away and turn to walk down the hall towards the bedroom. The familiar room where we have shared too few intimate nights.

Setting my glass of wine on the dresser, I stop in front of the mirror to run my hands through my hair. In the reflection I see him quietly step into the room. Dropping my arms to my side, I watch as he moves close behind me, my breath catches in my throat. Soon his body is against mine, his arms slip around me, warming me. His head lowers to the crook of my neck where he nuzzles me just below my ear, the place that is so sensitive and erotic … he knows me so well. Arms wrap around me, over my own, trapping me in an erotic embrace.

My head falls against his shoulder, giving way to the dizziness that is filling my mind and heart. His lips continue to brush against my neck, sending hot tingling sensations coursing down my spine. Warm weakness spreads through me, I can feel sweet heat beginning to center in my thighs.

His hand caresses my breast then moves slowly, gingerly down my body in a teasing dance. Fingertips slip beneath the waistband of my jeans. Down tot the lace of my new white lingerie … his fingers find the edge and deftly slip inside. An unexpected moan from the back of my throat escapes escort kadıköy my lips, anticipating his touch. He draws the zipper down and pushes my jeans down where I can step out of them.

I feel his hand on my belly as his fingertips search downward. Reaching the cleft of my inner thighs, I relax against his chest, his fingertips part my lips and finds the warm, moist clit. My knees feel as if they want to fold, but his embrace keeps me secure. Our breathing becomes more shallow and my head is light.

A sweet hot sensation overtakes me as his fingers massage my soft, wet flesh. I spread my legs a little… fingers move in small gentle circles, light pressure. His free hand moves under my shirt to my breast, gently squeezing, caressing and kneading my nipple between his fingers. His hand quickly pulls from my shirt and gently, yet securely, grabs my throat, pulling me tight against him in a firm hold. I am trapped, my hands grabbing his upper arms – to keep steady. My mind slips further away in a swirling dreamlike state. His fingers stroke my throat and his thumb moves up under my chin, turning my head towards him. We find each other in a strong sensual kiss. Tongues exploring and seeking pleasure…softly I bite his tongue and he pulls away, then comes at me again, returning a bite to my lower lip.

I swear that I’m falling, yet his strong arms won’t let me. Grasping his shoulders, digging my nails into his skin. He nips the back of my neck, the sensation is indescribable and uncontrollable.

Movements quicken, becoming more insistent. The maltepe escort heat of my body is pouring from me….sweating, moaning. I can only think of the unremitting sensations he arouses in me. Efforts to move my hips closer to his hand are insufficient, I can’t get close enough to quell my desire. Arching my back to push nearer. He holds me fast, not leaving me much room to move. I no longer am in control of my moans and whimpers. The throbbing increases with every stroke and I’m lost … so lost. No will over my own body. His touch becomes lighter, then aggressive and the teasing sensation disturbs me. I need more, but he teases again and slows his touch. I sense his fingertips, wet with my lust and heat.

When his petting quickens, tears form in my eyes, gently slipping down my cheeks. I’ve lost all control, I’m completely his, his to do with what he wills. But, he only has my pleasure as his goal, as if it were his deepest desire. When I feel I can no longer stand the sensations, his caresses become more urgent, my orgasm comes hard and fast, racking my entire body with electric spasms. Again the sensation of falling overtakes me, if it weren’t for his arms, I’d be in a pool on the floor. He holds me, controls me, slowing, but not stopping the hot temptations. Playing, quickening again to drive me over the edge of ecstasy once more. I am liquid in his arms, no longer a body, but a bursting of shimmering light.

He draws away when it’s trusted that I can stand on my own. I turn to him and take his right hand, bringing it to my lips, the scent of my passion is on his fingers and I breathe it in, taking them in my mouth to taste the pleasure he so freely gave. We kiss, that sweet, gentle kiss as we did upon our greeting. Taking me by the hand, I’m led to the bed where we lay in each others arms…to rest quietly in each others’ comfort.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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