Her Fix

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He peeled the jeans off her long soft legs. She snuck her finger under the band of her white panties and pushed it over her knees. He caught her toes and pulled her socks off with the rest of it.

She sat on the edge of the bed and reached in front, taking apart each button on his shirt. She slid her hands up his chest and over his strong shoulders. His shirt fell to his heels, her blouse along with it. Her nipples peaked through the thin lavender bra like two eager gumdrops, waiting to be consumed.

His hands drifted to her chest. She let out a gasp as he kneaded her soft breasts with his palms. He unclasped the pretty bra with ease and it was soon forgotten. His thumbs pressed into her nipples. She drew in a breath. He crouched down and licked her breast with fierce tenderness. He squeezed the other one with two fingers, he pinched and played, while a tingle shot down her spine.

She weaved her fingers through his hair and clutched the masses of dark curls. Her other hand reached for his belt-a little higher and she would have had it. What she found instead made her blush, a hard thick object between his legs. She abandoned her search for… whatever else she was looking for and rested her hand there instead; her hand was still for only a moment before her fingers began to rub that hard spot, feeling it stiffen, massaging it until a long groan escaped his throat-he bit her breast, and she shuddered. Oh… fuck.

He stood up, and then pushed on her shoulders with authority. “Get down,” he told her.

Her knees buckled at the slight pressure of his stern hand. Her lamb eyes gazed at his tantalizing mouth, his lips, and his tongue-oh, what that tongue pendik escort could do!

He placed a firm hand on her head and stepped forward. His throbbing member pressed close to her face. Her hungry gaze tore from his mouth to the hard spot her hand had been petting just a moment ago. Her lips parted, and he could feel the desire in her breath.

“Look at me,” he told her. “Open your mouth.”

Her jaw relaxed, and her pink tongue hung above her bottom lip, waiting. She loved that sound-his zipper unfastening. His belt buckle clicked, and then fell with a ring on the marble floor. Her panties, she knew, were no longer dry. His pants dropped to the floor. In front of her-there it was. She waited all week to see this splendid cock. Stroking herself at night at the thought-

His cock stood in a commanding way. Her tongue ever so slightly touched the knob, when he yanked her head backwards like a jolt of electricity. He hadn’t told her to touch. He stepped forward with his hand gripping a tight fist-full of her long brown locks. He lifted his cock and dropped his balls in her open waiting mouth.

Her tongue rolled his balls around in her mouth as he watched, steadily stroked himself, always watching. She was fixed on his dark expressionless eyes. Her hands lay on her thighs, inches away from the incredible need which grew between her legs. Her hand crept towards this source of hot wet arousal, until her finger finally slid across her wet slit and she let out a moan. Her fingers explored the area.

His jaw stiffened and he stepped back. “Get up.”

She stood, and he spun her around, bent her over the bed. She heard his belt buckle skid maltepe escort along the floor, and before she knew it, a sting landed on her buttocks with a crisp slap. She let out a cry, and another slash struck her supple bottom. Her cries and the lashes echoed throughout the empty room, crept into the vents, and whispered in the ears of maids on the floor above.

“You know the rules.” He stated, the leather punished her round cheek.

“Yes, sir! I do,” she replied. “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again,”

His belt fell four more times, and then finally to the floor. She had learned her lesson. He placed his hand on her tender butt cheek and planted a soft kiss, where it was most red.

At that moment two fingers slid inside her, and pulled out quickly, along with a trail of wet arousal, oozing out of her pussy.

She lifted her hips, wanting more, always more. She whimpered, she stirred, moaned and pouted, but he was unwavering. He placed his hands on her hips. He leaned forward, and she felt something-his cock pressed between her buttocks. With his hand, he directed his cock to her wet mound. It stood there for some time, the tip just barely touching her opening, subtle movements going back and forth on her clit made her hips move on their own. She lost control.

She pushed her warm gap into his cock, he moved back, keeping the distance, not letting her wrap around his cock, only allowing it to rub her clit back and forth, up and down, in smooth motions, bringing her to a low rolling moan.

Her head was spinning. She couldn’t catch him. He moved away just as the knob of his dick penetrated, then pulled away. He held a tight grip kartal escort on her hips, keeping his distance from her aching pussy. What will it take? She craved his cock like ice cream in July. She needed it, damn it. “Please, won’t you fuck me?” she pleaded.

“I will,” is all he said, and continued rubbing his tip along her opening.

It was minutes, hours, seconds before he relented and his cock finally penetrated the depth of her warm inviting pussy, she let out a gasp, (what relief!) he pulled out and thrust quickly into her walls again and again, unforgiving. She breathed in sharp air when he retreated, cried out Yes! or Fuck! when his cock slammed inside of her. They found a rhythm; in and out, in and out, “Fuck!” again, “Fuck!” In and out, pounding, sweating. “Fuck me, yes!” she yelled.

He fucked her like a cheap slut, she was slippery as oil, and she yelled as her pussy tightened and squeezed around his forceful, intruding cock. He pulled her hair like horse reins and pounded her, fucked her until he could feel himself about to come.

“Please!” she screamed.

“I’m gonna come inside you” he groaned.

“Yes! Yes!” she panted.

He thrust his cock in and in and again.

“Come inside me!” She tightened.

“You dirty slut.” He pulled in the reins with control and squeezed her throat. “Have it.” He told her, “You fuckin’ slut. Take it all.” He pressed up against her ear, breathing hard, fucking her like a dirty whore because that’s what she wanted; because that’s what she asked for each and every week with her young eyes and her curious hands. “I’m gonna fill you up, you fucking… ” His cock throbbed inside her. Relentlessly, he fucked her. “Take it, you filthy slut. Come for me,” he demanded.

She clenched her walls and his thick cock erupted inside her. Streams of hot cum flooded inside her. She collapsed, quivering on the bed, hot fluid running down both her thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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