His Dad Cums to Stay

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My boyfriend’s Dad, Alex was coming to visit us. I really didn’t like the idea but Bobby said he didn’t get to see his father very often. Alex arrived one Friday afternoon. Bobby was so happy to see his Dad. Bobby’s Mom and his father had been divorced for a few years now. I have to admit Alex was a handsome guy. I even got a little excited. I could see a big bulge in Alex’s pants. We had dinner that night. Later Bobby got a call from work. They wanted him to go in on Saturday morning. Bobby was bummed but he got up early and left that morning. He said he wouldn’t be long.

I decided to get a shower and be ready for when Bobby got home. I took my shower and then wrapped a towel around my body and walked to our bedroom. I could hear Alex stirring and walking around. The next thing I knew Alex was knocking on the bedroom door. I didn’t even get to tell him to hold on. Alex walked in. Bobby’s Dad had his eyes glued to my body. I still had the towel around me. I was getting excited from Alex standing there looking me over. Alex walked into the room and came up close to me.

Just like that Alex pulled the towel away from me. I was so surprised I just stood there.

“God, you are beautiful Nicole,” Alex said.

I am on the thin side with long dark hair. I keep my pussy shaved down completely. Alex got to see all of me. He pulled me into his body and we kissed. I don’t know why I let it happen. Alex just put this spell on me. It wasn’t long before Alex stopped and got undressed. I finally got to see his big cock. bursa escort He was long alright but his dick was so thick. Alex got me over to the bed and I was soon on my back.

Alex went down on me. He was devouring my pussy with his mouth. I thought I was going to cum right there. Alex pushed a finger into my drenched hole and he licked all around my slit. I was slowly giving into Alex’s advances. I wanted to feel him inside me. I didn’t have long to wait. Alex pulled away and got onto his knees. He took hold of his fat cock and began to rub his cock head across my folds. I got so turned on. Once he got me panting he pushed his dick into my body.

I’m pretty sure I screamed as Alex fed me his cock. Bobby is normally a slow, passionate lover. Alex took me hard and deep that morning. My pussy gobbled up his fat member. I didn’t think I could take so much cock like that but I did. Alex buried his pole into my pussy and I clenched down hard on his rod. Bobby was the furthest thing from my mind right then. Alex took hold of my legs and pushed them towards my chest. He stretched out and fed me every inch of that fat monster.

I felt Alex’s balls hitting my bottom. He had to have thrust into me the whole way. I had never felt a cock so big in my entire life. Bobby’s Dad pounded me hard for I don’t know how long. I was having one orgasm after another. My pussy was oozing all my juices as Alex slid his long dick into my tight pussy. I wanted him, I wanted Alex so bad that morning. Alex gave me what I needed. Maybe after bursa escort bayan a half hour or so Alex exploded inside me.

I felt this instant heat of his hot cream coating my pussy walls. I gripped him tight and milked his bone dry. Alex must have shot seven or eight times into my hole. My body was shaking as I felt all that hot semen flood my pussy. Alex finally slowed down fucking me. He held his dick in me until I calmed down some. When he pulled out his hot liquid came running out of my pussy. We kissed a few minutes and then I had to go and clean up one more time.

By the time Bobby got back we had both showered and calmed ourselves down. Bobby was eager to go out on the town. All I wanted to do was to have Alex inside me with his fat cock one more time. We went out and had lunch and had a few drinks. When we got back Bobby was feeling mellow. The evening soon arrived and Bobby said he was going back to bed. He was tired from going into work that day. He told us both not to stay up too late.

The house we were renting had a laundry room down in the basement. After I was sure Bobby was sound asleep Alex and I tiptoed downstairs. Alex pulled my pants and panties down to the floor. He boosted me up onto the washer’s lid and then he unzipped and pulled his cock out. Damn, if he wasn’t hard again. Alex rubbed the fat part of his cock across my folds just to get me worked up. He succeeded. Alex fitted his mushroom to my opening and he took me again.

Alex pumped that giant pecker deep into my body one escort bursa more time. I had to catch myself from getting loud as Alex’s dick slid all the way into my belly. He eventually told me to put my arms around his neck. He hoisted me up and we fucked as Alex held me up close to his body. I was in a fuck lust right then. All I could think of was that I was going to need Alex fucking me from now on. Alex thrust into my pussy repeatedly. I held on tight as he gave me the fucking of my life.

This time Alex didn’t have as much cum to give me. He did manage to shoot a small load of his seed into my body. I orgasmed like mad as his big bone stirred around deep in my quivering pussy. Alex did lower me to the floor and I took some towels that needed to be washed and we cleaned ourselves up. I went back to the bedroom but I couldn’t sleep much. Alex had my mind racing. How was I going to continue being with Bobby when all I could think of was his father’s fat cock.

Alex had to leave Sunday morning. It was a long drive back he said. Bobby and Alex hugged each other and then Alex kissed me on the cheek. God know I wanted more than that. I did manage to exchange phone numbers with Alex before he left. Late Sunday night I heard a text message come in on my phone. When I checked it was Alex.

“Nicole, I need to have you more than this past weekend. Your pussy felt so good when I had my cock deep inside you.” He signed it ‘Alex.’

Things are back to normal for now. I did have to have sex with Bobby on Tuesday night. I can tell you it wasn’t the same as with Bobby’s Dad. I had to fake having an orgasm. I am now hoping that I can come up with some sort of plan so I can soon be back in Alex’s bed and he can take me with his fat cock one more time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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