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I recommend reading Bridget’s Story called “Pre-Graduation Party” before reading this story. All characters in this story are over 18 years of age.


I’m Jody, this is my part of the story.

I’m 18 and about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weigh about 130 pounds with long dark brown hair worn most often in a ponytail. I’m a bit of a tomboy but have no doubt, I’m all woman. My body is firm and mostly muscle with pretty nice rounded breasts and buns of steel because I’m more of an athlete than an academic. I like to play sports of any kind.

A few weeks ago I learned that my parents were swingers.

My best friends, Bridget, Janet and Ginger were over for a sleepover. The girls and I have been having sleepovers almost every weekend since 9th or 10th grade and now we’re seniors about to graduate, so we’ve had plenty of sleepovers. The one we learned that my parents were swingers was a night that changed everything.

While we were in the recreation room in the basement playing video games, Bridget came across and old video tape. There was no identifiable markings or title on the jacket or tape so in order to find out what was on the old tape I asked Bridget to pop it into the VCR and we could watch it and find out.

Bridget pops the video in and it starts playing. What we saw left our jaws slack and eyes bulging out. We were awestruck at the sight of four naked people in various positions having sex! My parents and another couple!

I was initially worried about my parents finding out we found this swinger evidence tape but the girls talked me into continuing the viewing of this home porn movie.

So illegal bahis we watched the entire sex tape of my parents and company. After it was over, we tucked it back in the box Bridget found it in so my parents wouldn’t know we found it. We then scurried up to my room for the night.

What happened then is the turning point in the relationship I share with these four girlfriends of mine.

Bridget mentioned that the video we had watched earlier left her feeling very aroused and that she was still aroused and wondered if any of us girls was also still feeling the effects of the video.

All the girls agreed that they were somewhat moist to wet between the legs and were feeling the need for satisfaction in some way.

When they asked me if I was aroused by the video I, at first, was reluctant to say I was, due to the fact it was my parents in the naked sex tape and I felt it would make me a freak to admit to such a turn on. They convinced me that because there were other people in the video it would be normal for me to be aroused by the tape as they were.

I admitted that it did turn me on a little, but after a few minutes, I admitted that yes indeed I was aroused by watching my parents fuck and that I was in awe of my father’s huge cock. The video started with a scene of my father getting a blow job from a woman friend and her husband was fucking my mum. Parents or not, it turned me on. I’m sure the girls don’t think I’m a freak for it but they don’t know the whole truth.

Anyway, in short order all four of us girls were naked in our makeshift bedding on the floor, masturbating shoulder to shoulder. We all illegal bahis siteleri had our eyes closed because group masturbation was new to us and made us a little shy at first.

I say at first because our level of arousal was soon so high that our masturbation turned into a girl orgy.

I was between Bridget and Janet. Once things got going, I had Bridget playing with my left boob and Janet playing with my right boob. Janet also had her fingers in my pussy while I reached out to play with Bridget’s pussy. It was almost and instant orgasm for both Bridget and me.

Janet was the only one that hadn’t cum so the three of us took care of her in a circle of hands; lips and tongues. It was awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard before that night. We did everything from touching, kissing to oral sex and even licking assholes. Oh my god, I can’t believe how it happened and that it’s still happening.

Anyway, the truth that my dearest friends don’t know is that since that night, watching my naked parents fucking other people as well as each other, I’ve had fantasies developing in my head that I can’t shake.

Every time I see mum and dad now, I see them naked in my mind. I see my mum’s pussy stretched over this other man’s cock. I see the expression of sexual gratification etched on her face. I get wet between my legs several times a day.

When my dad gets home from work each day he comes to see me and says hello and gives me a hug. I have this incredible urge to press my pussy against his thigh. I see him in my mind naked with his cock in that woman’s mouth and wish It was my mouth sucking his huge cock.

My canlı bahis siteleri attraction to my parents or my desire to have sex with them isn’t because they’re super hot looking or anything. My dad is 42 years old, he’s tall with short dark hair. He’s not slim, but not fat either. He has a little bit of a belly starting and has grey hair at the temples and in his beard. He’s handsome but not a fashion model. Neither is my mum. At 41 years old, she’s shorter than dad by about 3 inches and has a couple extra pounds but her shape is probably the same as when she was 20, just more of it. Her boobs are bigger than my medium sized boobs but not as big as Ginger’s hooters.

I guess I love my parents and seeing them sexually has just twisted my love into something different. I love all of them now, not just them but their bodies too.

I feel like I must be a crazy sex pervert. I need help, don’t I? I want to talk to someone about it, maybe one of my girlfriends, but I’m afraid to.

I decided not to seek out the advice of one of my friends just yet, instead, I did an internet search about daughters and sex with parents. I didn’t find much mainstream news or articles other than many negative articles saying how it’s illegal and immoral in most communities. However, there is history in royal families around the world that participated in incest.

I did find some stories written by people who think a lot about sex with fathers and mothers. Fiction maybe but real thoughts just the same.

Most of the stories seemed almost normal after reading them. I was sexually aroused and did masturbate while reading some of them and fantasised that it was me and my parents in the stories.

After reading several stories a night for a week I was wanting to make my fantasies real. I wanted to have sex with my parents.

Now, the how comes into play. I needed a plan.

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