Honeymoon Ch. 3

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Jim and I fell asleep after their first morning of sexual delights in Jamaica. They had both always agreed that they would never wear any clothing in bed after they got married. Jim was curled up behind her and he could feel his cock lying between the folds of her ass. He was so warm. It was getting late and we planned on going swimming, out to dinner, and dancing during this first day.

Jane quickly jumped out of bed and felt Jim reach for her but smiled back at him and told him she was going to take a shower. As she stepped out of bed she winked at Jim and moved her ass back and forth on her way to the shower. His cock stood up and started waving back and forth. He couldn’t believe how rounded her ass was and that after waiting for 2 years he could fuck her each day and planned to do more than that on this honeymoon!! Her breasts stood out straight from her body and her nipples were pink and hard. Her wicked smile was like an invitation for him to join her. It was hard to believe that it was only noon on their first day of their honeymoon in Jamaica.

He heard her start the shower and very quickly decided to follow her. Her back was to him as he opened the shower door and grabbed her around her waist and molded her body to his.

Jane gasped as she felt his cock rest in the crack of her ass. “Mmmmm, that feels so nice,” she whispered. She turned around and faced Jim and looked at the magnificent body of her lover. His blond hair and blue eyes seemed to sparkle under the drops of water coming from the shower. His chest and stomach were sculptured from all of his training in the gym. She and Jim kissed very lightly, with her breast barely touch his chest. They both moved their hands down each other’s back and over the checks of the other’s ass.

Jane could feel the lips of her pussy quiver in anticipation of what surely would happen. Her vagina contracted ever so slowly. Jim’s cock started vibrating and this excited Jane even more.

She then took the shower gel she was going to use and started washing him. He did the same to her. They both used the gel and washed each other’s back while continuing to kiss. Jim pulled Jane to him and her body squashed against his as their hands continued to bathe each other’s back..

Jim’s hands moved the slippery gel down Jane’s ass. He slowly moved it across her anus and felt her jump and her ass check muscles contract around his fingers. She did the same for him and could feel his cock lurch forward when she touched his anus.

Jane moved her slippery body across Jim’s chest as they continued to kiss and explore each other’s ass. Jane made the next move as she moved her finger to Jim’s anus and slowly moved it inward.

“Ohhhhhh,” my God.” He yelled. He quickly returned the favor by slowly moving his finger into Jane’s anus.

“Wow! Oh Wow!” she screamed. “I’ve never knew how exciting this could be.”

Both Jane and Jim continued to kiss and hungrily explore each other’s mouth while moving their body against each other and extending their fingers in and out of each other’s anus.

Jane was gasping for air as she pushed Jim away from her. He was also panting. He looked at Jane and could see her breast moving up and down with her hardened nipples deeply red and her wet blond hair extending down to her waist. bursa escort

She looked at Jim and felt weak with desire. Her pussy was contracting and she was so excited.

Jim could hardly control himself. His cock was waving wildly in the air. He put some body oil in his hand and moved his hand around Jane’s breasts. Jane closed her eyes momentarily and enjoyed his fingers slowly making circles on her breasts and across her nipples.

Jane grabbed the body oil and applied it all over his chest. They both explored each other’s upper body. Jane moved downward over his stomach and to the base of his cock. She then slowly moved up his cock and rubbed the body oil on the head of his cock as she curled her fingers around its head and slowly pulled it upwards.

“Ohhhh my. Darling, that is wonderful.”

Jim moved his hands down to Jane’s pussy and across its lips and Jane started quivering as he contacted her clitoris.

Jane pushed Jim away and they both gasped for more air. Jane could feel her pussy contracting violently and Jim was not sure how much of this he could take without fucking Jane without mercy.

Their huge shower was made with honeymooners in mind. Someone had moved two chairs into one end of the shower from the pool area. One of the chairs was a padded recliner and the other one had no arms at all.

Jim took Jane’s hand and led her to the chair with the arms and sat her in the chair and put her legs on the soft arms. Jane was dripping with water and her face turned red as she realized that she was completely exposed to Jim’s view.

Jim smiled as he reached up behind him for his razor and shaving cream. He told Jane to sit still as he applied the shaving cream over her golden pussy hair. Jane started to object but realized that she had done the same thing to Jim. He started shaving the hair around Jane’s anus and she had to hold on to the chair to keep from jumping. Next he shaved all the hair off of her pubic mound and outer lips of her pussy. When he was done she was so smooth and as free as hair as he was.

Jane’s breast stood out from her body even while lying down and the nipples were so inviting. She was breathing heavily moving her breast and nipples up and down. Jim slowly bent down and licked the nipples of her breasts. She moaned and murmured out loud. He then took turns talking each nipple into his mouth and moved his head from side to side moving his lips along the sides of each nipple. While continuing this movement he flicked out his tongue at the tip of each nipple.

Jane could feel the juices moving out of her pussy.

“God that is so good.. You really know how to please a woman. I love you so much”!!

Jim rained kisses on her body as he moved down her stomach towards her pussy. He then licked the inner layer of her thigh next to her pussy lips.

Jane jumped and screamed….”Ohh. My God, Jesus you are wonderful.” Jim licked all around her smooth pussy. He then very slowly moved his slippery lips around the lips of Jane’s pussy. He then reached under her hips and pulled her towards him as he ran his lips up and down her pussy and over her clitoris.

Jane yelled…..”Oh my God, Oh Jim, Your lips are so smooth.” Jane’s clitoris started jumping.

After kissing Jane for several minutes he could tell bursa escort bayan by the movement of her clitoris that she was about to reach the summit of an exploding orgasm. Jim opened up Jane’s pussy lips and there stood her beautiful clitoris vibrating before his eyes. He put his finger at the base of her clitoral hood and the clitoris stood out completely exposed. He slowly opened his mouth and moved to the base of her clitoris. With a delicate touch he surrounded her clitoris with this teeth and very gently pulled backwards.

Jane was beside herself as she screamed out and the lips of her pussy contracted in waves. Jim continued to move up and down her clitoris. He then encircles her clitoris with this lips and very slowly moved her clitoris in and out of his mouth.

He could tell by the jerking of her hips and her moaning that it would only be a short time before she moved over the edge to an earth shattering orgasm. He gently held her ass and would move up and down her clitoris and when he felt it quivering near the edge he would stop and then start again.

Jane’s whole pelvis area was bucking upwards towards Jim’s mouth. Jim had complete control of her body as she jerked and cried out to him.. Finally Jane screamed, “Oh, Jim, Oh darling. I’m cuming, Oh my God am I cuming. Aaaaaaagh. Ohh.” Jane’s pussy contracted in waves and Jim could feel it wrap its lips tightly around his lips. Jane moved her hips for several minutes against his lips and then let out a sigh as she felt the last liquid from her pussy run down her legs.

Jim looked up and smiled at Jane who looked like she was in a trance. She finally came back to normal and smiled back at Jim.

Jane realized that she was still so horny. She couldn’t get enough of Jim’s body. .Jane reached out for Jim’s hand and asked Jim to sit in the chair without arms. He quickly obeyed.

She stood above Jim with her beautiful green eyes and wet blond hair looking down at his huge, red cock, which was moving uncontrollable.

She moved her wet slippery pussy slowly down on his cock until the head of his cock was firmly in her pussy.

“Gosh, oh my.” Jane yelled and Jim felt her warm contracting pussy and thought he was going to have an orgasm right then. He bit his lip to keep from crying out with pleasure and keep from pounding into her bod.

Jane slowly moved the head of his cock into her pussy. Both Jane and Jim were close to crying with the pleasure they were feeling. She moved up and down the head of his cock. Every time his cock left her pussy she could see the walls of her pussy being partly pulled out with it. The sucking and slurping sounds was very loud..

Not being able to stand it any longer, Jane moved her body all the way down his cock until the smooth pubic area of both of them lay in directed contact with each other. She was sitting directly on top of Jim. Jane kept his captured cock in her pulsating pussy walls and slid forward and backwards without moving her body up and down his cock. The sensation was unbelievable. The she moved her hips in a circle around his cock while keeping contact with their smooth pubic areas.

Jane had been working on kegel exercises since she read how important this was in greatly satisfying a male. The doctor had given her vaginal weights and escort bursa she would place in warm pussy tube and see how long she could contract her muscles to hold them in her body. After months of working with these weights the doctor tested her muscles by putting his finger in her pussy and asking her to clamp down. He had to pull hard and a slurping sound occurred as he tried to pull out his finger. “Wow.” the doctor said. “Your pussy muscles are in such great shape.. Your husband will be a lucky man!’

Jane decided to put her long hours of Kegel exercises to work. She pulled Jim tightly into her body and started kisses him in a frenzy as she contracted and then relaxed her Kegel muscles. The wave of muscular activity moved from the base of Jim’s cock to its top. Jim quickly pulled his lips away from Jane.

“Ohh.noo. ohh my.Oh darling I feel like I have gone to heaven. Wow, where did you learn that?”

Jane said nothing but once again started kissing Jim fiercely while contracting her cunt muscles and moving up and down his cock.

Jane suddenly stopped kissing Jim and screamed at him saying “Let’s fuck and I mean fuck.” Jim was happy to oblige and grabbed Jane’s ass and she put her feet on the floor and moved frantically up and down his cock. There was no stopping either of them. Jim’s cock was molded into Jane’s pussy so tightly that every time she moved up and down loud slurping noises could be heard.

Both Jane and Jim were out of control as she moved faster up and down his cock while he grabbed her ass and pulled her up and down his cock. They were in perfect rhythm with each other..

Jane’s head of blond hair was wildly moving back and forth and she cried,”Oh Darling, Oh Darling, Oh my God, Your cock is wonderful” and she moved faster and faster.

Jim’s face was blood red as he looked at his ravishing wife hurling her body up and down his cock as he continued to aid her movements with his hands on her ass..

Jane could feel his cock moving violently across her pulsating clitoris. Both Jane and Jim could feel their orgasms rushing towards them as they continued the assault on each other’s body.

Jane screamed to Jim—“God Jim, I feel so wonderful. Oh Jesus, I can feel my orgasm coming,.I,i,i,i, Oh Darling, I’m cummmmming, Ohhhh.” Jane reached her orgasm and then suddenly felt herself rising to another one. “Oh God, here goes my second orgasm.” Jane’s pussy started contracting more violently and Jim thought she would never stop moving up and down his cock. Her pussy gushed forth warm fluid over Jim’s cock.

The suction of Jane’s pussy on his cock was unbearable. Jim could no longer hold back as he felt the muscles of her pussy squeeze him in a vice like grip. “Jane, Jane, ohhhhh. Darling this is unbelievable. I’m cumming, oh God am I cumming. I knew sex with you would be great but this is unbelievable.. Wow, that was more than I could ever had dreamed of..”

Jane’s could feel his warm jets of cum invade her pussy. She could feel the cum moving out of her body and covering Jim’s pubic area. . It took Jane several minutes to quit moving up and down on Jim’s cock. She finally stopped and looked at Jim and said “My gosh, do I love you.” Jim smiled and said “I am not sure I am going to survive this honeymoon.”

Jane smiled back at Jim and said, “lets go eat, I am starving and then let’s dance the night away! ” Jim whispered in her ear and said, “I look forward to holding you in my arms while we dance. Gosh, do I love you and I am also hungry. ” He laughed.

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