Hot Summer Night Sex by the Campfire

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The night was hot, like her passionate nature. The heat of the midsummer day still seemed to be rising from the ground. The heat of her desire still burned inside her, pure and primal. She felt connected to the earth, relishing its warmth and comfort.

She had spent the day making love to him at various places in the forest and meadows, on a carpet of moss and in the long grasses. She had lost count how many times she had come that day but she found herself overcome by lust, always yearning for more. She could feel it inside her, the ache, the urge. And she knew he was ready and waiting, knew that he too had a great appetite for her, always rising to the occasion and stimulating her over again. Midsummer night desire had taken them over.

Moonlight shone down on the woodland and she made her way through the bushes. She was almost at the clearing where he was preparing the fire. The only sound was the warm wind in the trees. Wrapped only in a short linen dress, she felt the breeze against her bare shoulders and legs. Her pert breasts strained against the thin material, her nipples firm. She paused and ran her hands over them gently, teasing herself by imagining his touch. She had given up wearing underwear this morning, as she had been wet all day, and she loved the wicked feeling of being naked underneath the dress.

She reached her hands down to her thighs and softly caressed her warm skin. She felt a little shudder, passion rising again. With one had she lifted the dress, with the other she reached down and caressed her lower tummy, lower, down, softly stroking her tiny triangle of downy hair, her long fingertips gently rubbing and reaching down to her eager pussy lips. Swelling with lust again, she moved her longest finger down more, just inside herself, immediately feeling the soft wet juices. For a few seconds she rubbed the smooth little button of her clit, flicking her finger over it, feeling herself swell and becoming wetter. But no, she wanted him inside – she didn’t need to ‘help herself’ now…

Then she looked ahead again into the clearing. And here he was already! Standing nude, ready, feeding pieces of wood into the campfire. She loved to see the hot flames flickering, the raw power of nature, tamed for their pleasure. Already she felt hotter, yet craving the heat of the fire and their passion. She felt a pure, basic urge, for sex again.

She stood for a moment admiring her lover. His tall bursa escort muscular body, his proud nudity, knowing how well he could use that body to please her. And she caught sight of his huge cock, jutting out in front of him! She smiled to herself to see how he was already horny again, remembering how many times she had touched and teased and massaged him, always amazed how hard he could be. And there it was sticking out, ready again. She felt hotter, hornier, wetter, wanting to feel it inside her, but enjoying the anticipation.

She had decided to lead this time, to tease and seduce him, use him for her delight. Yes, she would take that firm cock in her hands, in her mouth, in her body, make it so hard, make it throb and explode, and fill her up later…

But now she wanted to join him by the fire.

She breathed in the warm night air, looked up at the stars and moon, then stepped forward. She simply had to be naked now! She wanted to open herself up to nature, to be part of the hot summer night in the woodland clearing.

In one swift movement she lifted her dress and pulled it up over her head, dropping it to the ground, releasing her proud young body to the elements, raising her hands and offering herself to the fire’s heat.

He watched, smiling widely, as she danced her way to the fireside, proudly displaying herself. ‘This is what you’re going to get’ She knew he adored her body and that she could turn him on with a glance, or a smile, or a flash of her leg. She sensed him admiring her proud breasts, seeing their erect nipples; relishing her subtle curves, her slim waist, her lovely pussy that he knew so well.

Yes! Now they must connect, give to each other, use each other, give in to nature’s call.

He went to sit by the fire, on the blanket her had prepared for them, and gazed back at her.

She looked again at the flames, and his slim body. She made up her mind and told him to lie down for her. This time she was going to be in control and would drive him crazy! And even at the thought of it she got so turned on she imagined she could immediately make herself come again with just a couple of flicks of her fingers. But not yet.

She walked over and stood above him. He lay naked, ready, arms by his side, his hardness pointing up over his stomach, so long it reached up to his belly. She walked over him and bent down to pin down his thighs with her knees.

Even though bursa escort bayan her pussy had not touched his body yet she was dripping wet. But she wanted it to last and began instead to massage his chest and shoulders. He began to moan gently and she felt his cock rise up against her thighs. She felt a thrill inside her, knowing how much she made him want her, relishing the moment. She loved the sensation of being surrounded by darkness, broken only by the flickering campfire at their side. She was so hot and ready now. Now it was time to play with him a bit more! She moved down to take his hardness in her hands.

As he lay still, quietly moaning with delight, she made her fingers wet with juices from her pussy and expertly massaged his hard cock, using both hands, up and down the long shaft, her fingers teasing the soft tip. She felt him quiver and felt it throb hard – tempted to make him squirt now! But no, not yet, she wanted that inside her soon.

She continued massaging his stomach, leg, cock and balls, loving the smooth hardness of him. She felt her nipples hardening again, her pussy swelling, juices oozing out down her inner thighs.

She climbed onto him again, licking his body, rubbing her breasts against him to stimulate them.

The fire crackled and flickered, she was hot and hungry for more. She felt his hardness pressing against her stomach as she lowered her body onto him, loving the sensation of the smooth, well-lubricated cock pressing against her. Again she thought how easy it would be to make him come, and felt herself swelling inside again.

But now she just had to feel him inside! She brought her body upright, steadying herself with one hand, using the other to gently grasp his swollen member, guiding it towards her eager pussy lips. She was so wet now and feeling a deep urge inside – she could wait no more: he was in!

Using her arms, she raised then lowered her body onto him, feeling herself give way to the inevitable push of his tool, using her inner muscles to clasp it inside, lowering herself so it went deeper up into her. He grunted with pleasure as he arched his body up to her, forcing himself up deeper inside her. She moaned out loud at the sensation, feeling herself being spread open inside, her body already pulsating as he throbbed harder. So close now! And she could take it no longer: she forced her body down on him, feeling him swell and thrust deeper inside escort bursa her, filling her totally. And then she let herself go, she used her inner muscles to grip him again, felt him trembling and felt herself throbbing inside as she came powerfully, flooding her warm juices all over him, then feeling it inside as he spurted several times, releasing another large load deep into her! She let her body fall and lay over him, kissing him passionately on the mouth as she felt her last spasms and his last throb.

They lay in silence, satisfied – but not sated, knowing they would soon want to come again, as they had been doing all the hot summer day. For a few minutes they lay in peace, watching the night sky, feeling the warm breeze and the heat from the nearby flames, loving the hot night.

And then their passion stirred again! She couldn’t remember feeling so horny! She wanted more, and wanted to take more of him, and use her powers to stimulate his desire.

So she slipped her warm hands over his cock again, feeling it growing harder immediately. She went to work on it, rubbing and teasing, and feeling his hand underneath her at the same time, his long gentle fingers teasing her eager pussy, drawing out her wetness again. Amazingly she felt like she could explode again. She opened herself up to his gentle warm touch.

She let him bring her close again, his fingertips flicking over her, fingers slipping inside her: she wanted it so much it was unbearable. His skilful touch very quickly brought her to another body-arching pulsating climax, and she shuddered as she came again, sensing her juices seeping over his hands. She loved the way he could turn her on so quickly.

Now she would do it to him!

She wetted her fingers with her own juices and grabbed hold of his hardness again, skilfully caressing it until it stood hard and tall beneath her. She wasn’t sure what to do next, how to make him come: suck it, thrust it inside her again, rub it more? Suck it? Yes, she would get her tongue and lips around it. She knew how much he must want it now, seeing him writhing with pleasure, throbbing in her hands and between her lips – and so she gave a few final rubs with her fingers and soft licks of her tongue, expertly bringing him to the edge, making him ache and throb and thrust upwards until she could feel him exploding. And with a final gentle but firm pull, she released his warm juices and felt them spurt up over her tummy and across her breasts.

Again they collapsed together on the blanket, blissful with ecstatic pleasure. And already they knew there was more to come during the night and the next day: their lust for each other was endless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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