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This is a bit of an epic story, far longer than any I’ve submitted so far and, if comments are favourable, I’ll continue with another chapter.

Like most of my stories it features people who appreciate a woman’s natural scent, some squirting and watersports and women with a fuller figure.

I’m interested in how the relationships in this story might develop.


“Oh, and clean the pool, keep the house tidy, don’t drink all the booze!” Grace said handing the keys to Scot and rushing for the door.

She’d called earlier in the day saying that her mother in France was ill, the kind of call every expat fears, and that she had to leave straight away. Grace house sits. She has her own place and she works but for extra cash and a change of scenery she also spends the vast majority of her life living out of a suitcase in someone else’s house.

The city is full of second or third homes; people travelling with work or holiday lets empty out of season and Grace keeps the cobwebs down and makes them look lived in.

Scot followed her to the front door. He had no intention of staying there, even if it was as impressive as Grace described and an hours drive away, Scot wanted to look in a couple of days a week, maybe take his laptop so he could get some work done there, swim in their pool and return home.

He’d scout around, of course, like a school boy trying to find the stash of hidden birthday presents he was excited about finding something interesting or revealing about the lives of strangers but spending the whole two weeks there was not for him.

“One, last thing,” Grace said as he walked her down the path to her car. “You have access to every room except the owners office. The key is in the house but they said to only go in there if there’s an emergency, it has a separate alarm and CCTV apparently as it has all of his business stuff, okay?” she kissed him on the cheek and jumped in her car to make for the airport.

The next day Scot waited for rush hour to die down and took a slow drive up the coast to the northern suburb the empty house was in. It was a good part of town, lots of senior management types and FIFO workers with spare cash. Turning into the quiet cul-de-sac he could see there were only half a dozen or so houses but each consumed a block that was large enough to fit his entire apartment complex into, the place he’d be looking after was huge, no wonder Grace liked doing this. There were half a dozen bedrooms, games rooms, a cinema and a car port bigger than his apartment, maybe he would stay after all, he thought.

Scot spent the day regretting that he’d not bought an overnight bag. He checked the mens dressing room but there was no way any of what was there would fit him, this guy must have been carrying a few extra pounds. An hour in to his tour he’d found the cinema and a great collection of movies. The gym was excellent, the pools looked lovely for a swim or cool down and there was a well equipped games room. He thought about calling some friends but quickly put that thought out of his head, Grace could get into some serious trouble if anything went wrong, at least at this stage if the owners were to learn of the change there was a genuine reason.

He made the decision to go home and pack, spend a couple of days and imagine it was a luxurious spa he was staying at, albeit as the only guest.


Meena had got up late and had to rush around, finding clothing on the floor, sniffing armpits and crotches to check if they were clean or not. Her flat mate had come home late, woken her and kept her from sleeping from the screams as her boyfriend slid his long cock in and out of her arse. She always knew when they were having anal; there were telltale signs like hearing them as they hunted around in the dark for lube, the sound of her hissing at him to stop and let her get comfortable as he stretched her open, the bathroom trip to clean up after and, of course, her muffled screams of ecstasy into her pillow from the pleasure and pain of his slow strokes. Sometimes Meena pushed her own toy into her arse and masturbated along to them, last night she knew she needed to sleep and stuffed earplugs deep into her ear canals which helped with the sound, it didn’t help with the longing she had for her an anal experience of her own.

She danced around the flat, dressing, eating and brushing her teeth almost simultaneously and nearly headbutting Andy’s cock as she stumbled with her shoes, falling forward and through the door as he walked out of Ali’s room.

“Sorry.” she said, trying not to look at his lovely, long, uncircumcised dick.

Andy helped her up, smiling and making no attempt to hide himself. He and Ali were the same, athletic, confident and completely comfortable with their bodies. Meena wanted to fuck them both but, since she was much the opposite, kept her body and her fantasy to herself.

Shoes on she left Andy without another word and raced down to her car. casino oyna It was a 15 minute drive to the houses where she cleaned and that would be on a good day. She prayed to the god of the traffic lights that he’d stay green for her and he obliged, she walked up to the Menzies’ house just a few minutes late and saw that Kate’s car was still in the drive. She let herself in and called out a hello. Kate replied from the kitchen and she and Meena hugged.

Kate and her husband Brendan were fantastic, easily her best house, they were so warm and friendly and, despite their wealth, very down to earth. Over the past six months she’d built a great relationship with most of the owners but Kate and Brendan were pretty special. She’d been terrified a few months earlier that she might lose her job when Kate had caught her in their bedroom watching something she shouldn’t have been. Meena had been in the house alone, as she mostly was, tidying the master suite when she’d picked up the remote for the TV and inadvertently pressed a button. Behind her the screen cast a bright light into the room and when she’d turned back to see what it was there was Kate and a woman she didn’t recognise sitting only in their underwear on the very bed she was now sitting. She watched as the voices of two men, one she recognised as Brendan, egged them on, encouraging them to kiss. The two women relented and, after more encouragement the peck turned into a passionate embrace and the room fell silent. Meena watched as their hands stroked over each others bodies and, as Kate pulled the woman’s bra from her body and closed her lips around her nipple, she began to stroke her pussy through the thick denim of her jeans.

She watched the film until the mystery woman was laid on her back, Kate licking her pussy and Brendan had stepped in, pulled her panties to one side and was sliding his cock into his wife. By this time her jeans were open and her hand was inside her knickers, two fingers pressed to her clit. She was so mesmerised she didn’t hear Kate come in, her heart stopping at the sound of her name being called. She stood and fumbled for the remote.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she kept repeating, trying to turn it off and avoiding Kate’s eyes, wanting to get out of there, “It was an accident, I must have pressed it…”

“It’s okay,” Kate interrupted, her voice calm and reassuring, “It’s okay, Meena, don’t worry.”

Meena found the off button and then, beet red, her face burning, refastened her jeans.

“I’ll make you a drink, see you downstairs.” Kate said and left the room

After Meena had summoned the courage to face Kate she had learned all about the previous nights encounter. The abridged version left Meena wanting to know more but Kate had only returned home because she had left her phone and had to go back out.

“You’re a beautiful girl.” Kate said as she stood, “I’m flattered that watching me turned you on that much.” Meena turned red again and looked down to the floor. “Carry on if you want, I don’t mind, I’ll be doing the same tonight, thinking about you on my bed.”

She kissed Meena’s cheek and left.

That was some time ago and since then she and Kate had not really seen each other, ships passing in the night.

This morning Kate was dressed in her workout clothes, patches of sweat down her back, her underarms and along the crease of her arse. She stood drinking orange juice as Meena walked in, her head tilted back, her eyes at the ceiling and Meena couldn’t help steeling a glance at the two mounds of her pussy lips pulled tight under the fabric of her leggings. She remembered what they looked like, shaved smooth, pink and wet with saliva and she wondered how Kate smelt, especially now with sweat running down her body and gathering between her legs.

“I’m so sorry,” Kate started, gasping for air after guzzling the juice down, “we had a few friends over last night so the kitchen is a complete mess. Are you okay, you look flustered?” Meena told her about being late and Kate smiled, “Ah, you’re never late around here, don’t worry. I’m going to change and head out, I’m pretty late myself.”

Meena made a start by loading the dishwasher and as she did her mind wandered. She thought about making her way upstairs to watch Kate in the shower. Her thoughts jumped to being in the shower with her, “No, wait, what about hearing the shower, peeking in to her room and watching her undress first?’ she thought, “what about being caught as Kate pulled off her top? Kate getting angry and telling her as punishment she’d have to clean her body?”

She thought about Kate standing over her still dressed in her leggings, holding her head and pressing her sweaty pussy into her face. “Eat my smelly cunt you little slut!” she heard Kate say and she closed her eyes, imagining the smell and taste. Her mind raced to being naked in the shower with her, her hands covered in lather, one washing her bosses pussy, the other probing her arse. “Check if I’m clean, you slut.” Kate was saying slot oyna and pushing her down to the floor. As Meena looked up at the beautiful woman’s pussy she watched Kate pull herself open and begin to piss over her face. “I’m all dirty again now, you little whore, clean my cunt with your tongue.”

“See you later Meena, have a good day.” Kate snapped Meena from her fantasy and skipped out of the house.

Meena was so horny but looked around the kitchen at the mess. She knew the dining room and the music room would need a lot of work too and that was on top of everything else she needed to do.

By 2pm she had worked like a demon and was exhausted. She made a sandwich and a drink and relaxed for a minute but realised her book was still in her car and stepped out onto the street. As she retrieved her book and locked the car door she noticed a car she’d not seen before pull into next doors drive. “Perfect opportunity.” she thought and walked quickly to see if she could secure another job in this lucrative neighbourhood.


He took the freeway home, the coast would take too long and he wanted to get back and relax. As he pulled into the drive, three days worth of clothes, some beers and a box full of paperwork he might get round to doing in the boot of his car, the doors of the carport opened automatically and he noticed a young woman getting out of a car at the next house.

Scot emptied the boot onto the floor of the garage and was just about to bring the doors down and go inside when the young woman he’d seen up the street walked up the drive towards him.

“Hello,” she called out as she reached the doors, “are you the owner of this property?” She had an accent, European but he wasn’t sure quite where. She had black hair and dark skin, maybe some Indian or Middle Eastern in her family, dark brown eyes and dark lips covered with a thin layer of red lipstick. She wore a tight t-shirt which showed a generous pair of breasts and a soft tummy pushing out over the waistband of her jeans. On her feet she wore a battered pair of running shoes and she stood with her hands on her hips, twisting a little as she smiled at Scot, waiting for a response. She couldn’t have been much beyond her mid 20’s.

“Hi, er no.” Scot replied and smiled at her as he picked up his overnight bag, “just looking after the place while the owners are away.” He lifted his bag to emphasise his reply.

“That’s a shame, I’m Meena,” she said and held out her hand for him, “I clean these houses,” she said waving up and down the street, “this one is the only one I don’t do and I’ve never met the owners. I was hoping to get the whole street.”

“Aahh, sorry, can’t help and the place is pretty spotless at the moment.” Scot felt a little awkward and thought how he could maybe get a good word in to the owners for her. “My name’s Scot. This street is pretty amazing isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Meena’s accent was still difficult to pin down, Scot was trying to work out who would pronounce the ‘s’ so strongly, “all of the houses are huge, this is the only one I haven’t been into.”

“Well, look, I don’t mind you coming to take a look around..”

Meena cut him off shaking her head “Wow, thank you but I have to continue my work. I have a lot to do next door and the owners will be home at 6 so I don’t have enough time.”

Scot checked his watch, it was 2.30 and he thought the next house must be twice the size if it was going to take that long to clean up. “No worries, Meena, I’ll be here for a few days, just let me know if you want to look in.”

She thanked him and walked back up the street to the next property. Scot watched her walk down the drive, liking her wide hips and round arse moving as she stomped down the steep slope. He had always preferred older women, had only dated someone younger than himself once and just found older women better company and from his experience, better sex. He liked women with curvy bodies and those who liked sexy lingerie and stockings, clothing that only older women seemed to appreciate and enjoy wearing. Unfortunately, most of the women he’d dated had been married and the affairs were exciting but empty. He enjoyed the discretion and risks involved in clandestine meetings, sex in cars and hotel rooms, on the beach and once, in her busy office.

He gathered his things and went inside to make himself comfortable.

He cracked a beer and got into his boardies, planning to cool off in the pool. He’d made himself at home in a room he thought must have been a guest room as all the cupboards and drawers were empty. As he stripped down in the large space he looked at himself in the tall dressing mirror. Standing naked he was pretty happy with his reflection. He had some definition in his arms and shoulders, great legs with thick thighs from all the cycling he did but at 34 his stomach was protruding more than he’d have liked but he made little effort to contain it so he couldn’t really complain.

His cock started to grow, not canlı casino siteleri from any narcissistic feelings, more form the feeling of being naked in someone else’s house, the not knowing of who’d slept here before, the fantasy of mystery. He stroked it and it twitched and sprung up. He thought about masturbating but decided he wanted to swim more as well as explore the house, hoping to find some porn or toys to play with or rummage through a lingerie drawer. He squeezed his cock and a bead of clear fluid appeared at the tip, a reminder to him that he hadn’t actually cum for a number of days. He collected the fluid on the tip of his finger and then sucked it clean, loving the delicate flavour and thinking that tonight he would look forward to licking his own cum from his hand.

The pool outside was cool and Scot spent the afternoon swapping between swimming and drinking beer in the shade. He pulled off his boardies while still outside; there was no way anyone would see and he loved the cool air around his naked body. He wrapped a sarong around his waist and went inside.

“Right,” he thought, “time to check out this place properly.”

He started upstairs in the master bedroom, the logical place for filth. In a cabinet in the mans dressing room off the master bed he found a good stash of porn DVD’s and thought watching them on the huge cinema screen would be a whole new experience. He took a mental note of exactly how they had been stored and placed them to one side.

In the woman’s dressing room he found a discrete velvet pouch with and organic, metal object that vibrated and then pulsed with varying intensities. Classy sex toy but one she seemed only to enjoy alone. Such a shame, from the photo’s around the house she looked very sexy.

In a box on the top shelf of the dresser, behind a pile of discarded shoes he found the jackpot. A collection of old photographs of the owners in what looked like swingers parties. There were lots of people of varying ages, naked or semi-dressed, sucking and fucking each other. The shots looked very professional but, from the age of the owners in the photo’s, had to be at least ten years old. Along with the photo’s were a couple of CD-ROM’s and Scot hoped that the parties had continued but the technology had moved with the times.

He stacked the DVD’s on top of the box and made his way downstairs, leaving the treasure on the kitchen worktop as he retrieved his laptop from it’s case.

He was about to take the whole lot into the cinema room when he stopped and realised there was one place he hadn’t yet searched — the office.

He remembered what Grace had said about the alarm and considered a plausible story but the best he could come up with was that he’d just plead ignorance and claim he forgot. He grabbed the bunch of keys and walked to the middle of the house to the only door he’d not tried. It was tucked away down a corridor and on the floor outside there were two tall stacks of paperwork, it could only be the office. He looked at the lock and found a key that might fit but as he pushed it to the lock the door swung open without applying much pressure. He peered inside. It was a standard home office, nothing special, no papers linking the owners to South American drug cartels, plans to overthrow governments or locations of secret UFO technology.

Scot scanned for CCTV or alarm panels but there was nothing and, opening a couple of drawers, it seemed obvious that this room was unlikely to hold anything of any particular interest.

He closed the door and made his way back into the kitchen, a little confused as to why they might make such a big deal out of such a plain room.

He thought he should do a final security check — lock all the outside doors before he retreated into the cinema to watch porn and stroke himself to a glorious orgasm or two.

At the back of the house, through the kitchen, the utility room led outside. Scot walked through to check the door was locked as he’d gone out that way earlier in the day. In the utility space, next to the outside door there was another. Strange, he hadn’t seen this before, assumed it was a cupboard. He turned the handle, the door was locked. At first he thought it must just be a store cupboard or the pump room for the pool and sauna next door but why lock it, the only door in the house to be locked. Curious.

Scot tried all the keys he could find but nothing even came close to fitting the lock. It was quite an unusual aperture, the shape of it meant the key would have to have pretty deep corrugations and be a couple of centimetres from bottom to top. Where had he seen something like that? He’d definitely seen something similar, but where?


Time was getting on, Meena had to finish two more rooms, the master suite and the bathroom adjoining it. She’d deliberately left them till last, worried that if she went in there she might ‘accidentally’ start that or another home movie and wouldn’t get anything done. Whilst the Menzies were cool she didn’t want to push it. “If I get everything done with time to spare I’ll reward myself with some fun.” she thought but now, as 6pm fast approached she realised she’d have to go home frustrated.

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