I Convert Two Lipstick Lesbians

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This is an adult sex story.

All the characters are of the age of consent or far over it!

Any children named or mentioned are not involved in anything sexual.

This is story number fifty eight (58).

This is continuing story of how I spent my summer vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Enjoy and thanks for the views and votes.


In the midst of all the late spring and early summer stuff I had going on in Las Vegas, I planned what I thought would be a quick trip to Mexico, one night out.

I was going to work on the personal care business; the breast firming lotion.

It turned out I was working on the hotel business too, along with a change in my life of major significance.

When I landed in Puerto Vallarta, I did work on the business, but once I got into the “Mexico State of Mind” my cock got a pretty nice workout and I emptied my balls into tight, warm wet willing pussies too many times to count.

It turned out to be a seven night trip, probably the best string of days and nights I ever had in a row when it came to sex.

The volume, variety and quality of sex I enjoyed was off the charts, as you shall read.

I had no idea how hospitable and welcoming the lovely Mexican ladies could be …


Just under a year ago, Monica (the Maid) from my very first story, introduced me to a company near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that manufactured and packaged a breast firming cream. The owner (Paulo) was interested in selling, and he liked the idea of being paid off over time, guaranteeing him a nice retirement check each month.

I never visited the factory; we met at the hotel, made our deal and moved on.

It helped in the negotiations that Monica (the Maid) was single and on my payroll; soon after meeting Paulo, after we had agreed on most everything, without me asking, and without covering up, wearing only the tiniest of strings barely covering her freshly shaved pussy and her often penetrated rosebud, she smiled and took Paulo by the hand to her ocean view suite where they spent the next two days fucking each other’s brains out.

If you read my story, number 26, “I Take a Short Trip to Mexico”, you’ll note that this is where I first met Lourdes, my little and young, Latina slut.

Allegedly she was Monica’s niece, but it turns out that Lourdes was a recent high school graduate that Monica convinced to come to work for her.

Yes, she was an employee, but Monica provided room, board, a car for Lourdes to drive in exchange for a paycheck and all the pussy Lourdes could eat.

In essence, Lourdes turned out to be Monica’s little slit-licker and all around slave.

I turned out to be Lourdes’ Abraham Lincoln. I was the man who freed the “slave.”

Lourdes was open to anything. Not initially, but once I took Lourdes anal cherry I made it clear she was open to anything and, everything.

(She was quite grateful for the attention my big hard cock paid to her mouth, pussy and ass and my then fiancé now wife, Catherine, was relieved that my baseball bat wasn’t going up her ass that night).

So, after Monica had been in bed with Paulo for 24 hours, I sent young hot Lourdes in to close the deal.

I wasn’t interested in the two ladies competing for his middle aged cock; I just wanted him to be completely satisfied and to be thinking about what his future could be like.

Meaning, no responsibilities except to have fun with the ladies. Which he could do if he sold his business to me.

And the sooner he experienced what real fun was, the faster he’d sign the sales agreement.

When Paulo finally crawled out of his hotel suite, drained of his male fluids, he signed the contract with weak legs and a huge smile.

Providing hot, fresh pussy as a negotiating tool always works. It always has. Always will.

Paulo thanked me profusely, telling me “Two tongues are better than one, Senor Jack. Much better!”

I looked at him and smiled, then teased him, asking “Did you practice safe sex Paulo?”

And he smiled back at me and said “Sex is so much better without the condoms. Fuck those things!”

I nodded and replied with “So you liked two tongues. What about two pussies?” to which he laughed and said “There is nothing better, except for maybe three pussies!” and we both started laughing.

When the deal closed, he decided to move to Las Vegas for nine months of the year so he could play the cards and chase American women. The other three months he disappeared, not that it mattered to me. I sent the payment to the same bank account.

I was fine with our contract, he sold me the business fair and square and I was making a lot of money from the growth in sales, now that we were exporting it pretty much around the world. I had moved what little there was of a factory to Las Vegas mainly for control reasons (inventory, quality, etc.).

It turns out that he had a brother and a sister, both younger, who had similar but not competing businesses. He never mentioned them to me. dvd full porno I found out about them when I did some tedious research online, out at the adult pool in Las Vegas while I eye fucked the nearly nude ladies out in the sun.

I stumbled on a website promoting a personal care product that might help me round out my offering. The website, in Spanish, stated that that this product, this hormone cream, worked to grow female breast tissue.

On the website, there were plenty of before and after pictures as testimonials. All of ladies were from Mexico and all of them appeared to be local girls, and some ladies were of the mature category. The pictures looked like they were shot using an iPhone, so they were not the best quality.But I didn’t care, I was interested in the sales potential.

Of course, it could have all been a bunch of bullshit but I thought if the stuff worked, and I could get it approved to sell it in the US, and elsewhere, I’d make boatloads of money. Just like with the breast firming cream. And, maybe, just maybe, I could combine them both in one super lotion and really make some cash.

Apparently, this stuff, this estrogen fueled nuclear fuel disguised as a white cream, could potentially put all the Beverly Hills plastic surgeons out of business. Provided it worked.

But I was more than a bit skeptical of what it could do.


I brought Lourdes with me to translate and to look for things I wouldn’t see. For example, one measure of how well a company treats its employees is how the restrooms look and function. Another would be the comments that the employees make, often under their breath, when guests walk by. I also wanted Lourdes to sit in the lunchroom, have some coffee and try to engage the employees about the atmosphere of the place.

And, to keep Lourdes company I also brought along Kelly, my young blonde parolee. Kelly was starting to get into shape, working out and eating right. I still gave her swats on that great ass of hers sometimes just because I could, but she remained very remorseful about stealing from the hotel and was glad that she had taken the deal I offered her, which was much better than time in the state prison.

In the pen, she’d be someone’s bitch. With me, well, she just had to put up with me, and with Monica, and whomever else I was fucking at the moment.

I didn’t just bring Lourdes along for the translating and spying; she had certain personal duties that she continued to get better at, and so the trip was going to be an opportunity for her to prove her continued worth to me. She did not disappoint me.

As you might have guessed, once we got to cruising altitude I had Lourdes and Kelly both strip bare, and told them to “Prepare the other to get fucked. By me.”

With shit eating grins on their faces, thinking that I was going to be fucking both of them, these two young firm, tan and in shape nude girls started making out and once their tongues met, their hands started to rove.

I watched, as I voyeured, as their hands made their way down the others chest, first grasping a bare breast, then running the back of their hands over rising nipples, eliciting powerful groans of pleasure from the other, fingers soon teased erect nipples, pulling, massaging, gently twisting to please the receiver.

Soon, hands left the breasts to be replaced by mouths, as they sucked each other’s nipples, tongues, teeth and mouths at work pleasuring the other.

The kissing resumed and now hands snaked their way south over flat bellies to their promised lands.

In anticipation, each spread their thighs for the other to pain access to trimmed puntas that were aching to be touched, caressed and licked.

The aroma of female arousal soon filled the cabin.

Robert Duvall loved the smell of “napalm in the morning” and as I sat there watching two dry pussies become sloshing wet I said to myself “I love the smell of pussy.”

Two nude firm twenty something females kissing, fondling and soon licking each other in a 69 pose on the floor of the plane got me large in no time flat.

Lourdes was on top, in the dominant position, so after taking off my clothes, I moved up to where Kelly was licking away and while she pulled apart Lourdes’ engorged lower lips, I rubbed my cock head around a bit, getting it nice.

The aroma of Lourdes’ pussy clashed with the smell of shit as her rosebud opened up a bit but I temporary plugged her ass with my thumb so I could savor her pussy odor a bit.

Once I got my cock head nice and wet, I lined it up with the help of Kelly and I pushed into Lourdes heavenly furnace of love.

Lourdes responded with a deep groan, lifting her head off of Kelly’s twat as she shook from a mini-orgasm.

My hands moved to Lourdes hips, controlling her and the action and Kelly moved down just a smidgen so she could focus her oral efforts exclusively on Lourdes clit which was stiff but lonely and in need of female love and attention.

Kelly had vastly improved her pussy eating ensest porno skills and I knew that by just listening to Lisa the professor continually groan as Kelly licked away at her bare pussy each morning.

Lourdes loved a cock in her pussy. I had purposely kept her like a nun for many weeks so that she would be grateful when I finally did fuck her.

Needless to say, the continual groaning captured her true inner feelings about getting fucked.

Lourdes quickly soon got into it and she responded with more groans and squeezing her cunt to better milk my man seed into her deepest recesses.

Once nature had lubed her up, I took her deep, grinding in all the way as my balls slapped her ass and slid across Kelly’s forehead as I adjusted my positioning.

And with someone like slit licker Kelly working orally on Lourdes cunt, and well, it was an E-ticket ride for my Latina slut.

While I was thrusting away, moving in and out; shallow and deep, fast then slow, Kelly reached up to play with my balls.

God, I love it when my balls get included in the action and Kelly knew just what to do to make me a happy boss.

Those manicured fingernails scraped my tight sack causing me to moan in response.

Lourdes decided to take a break from eating Kelly, which I found quite unacceptable.

I slapped Lourdes on the ass, hard, barking out “Eat!” which she responded to by reluctantly lowering her head, tongue ready to get back to work.

I heard Kelly mutter to no one in particular “About time” in appreciation of my bossiness.

Finally, all three parts of the sex machine were working, in harmony.

When Kelly started moaning I knew Lourdes was doing what I had told her to do.

I was feeling pretty good pounding away because Lourdes pussy was quite intoxicating.

Her cunt was hot, wet and tight.

On top of those things, she was able to take me balls deep.

She knew how to fuck, matching each of my strokes to maximize her pleasure and mine.

Lourdes also knew that she was likely to come first, because God had blessed me with incredible male staying power.

In that regard, I had to put myself on a pedestal where the male porn stars stood.

Yes, I was that good at fucking. Hey, I’m not bragging, it is what it is.

But I had another target, or two, in mind that morning on the plane.

I knew what it would take to quickly get Lourdes to her happy place, and with that, I tightened my grip on her hips and got situated a little bit better for the final lap of this part of the race.

The ladies like the friction and I started jack hammering Lourdes sopping amazingly tight pussy like there was no tomorrow.

The response was immediate.

In no time Lourdes lifted her head up off of Kelly’s needy and soaked pussy and began growling like a feral dog ready to duke it out over a bone found on the ground outside of a restaurant dumpster.

This cock, my cock, the cock she had been waiting for, begging me when Lisa was at school teaching, to fuck her.

Lourdes rose up on her knees, her big tits swaying under her and as my fucking speed ratcheted up, her tits started slapping into each other with a cadence that matched my deep thrusts.

Kelly, God bless her, followed Lourdes’ pussy with her tongue, maintaining full contact of her stiff tongue with Lourdes’ quivering and very hungry clit.

It was just too much for Lourdes.

She screamed and came, her entire toned and tan body shaking like a 6.9 earthquake.

Her scream and shuddering did nothing to stop Kelly from continuing to suck, kiss and flick Lourde’s stiff love button and I pounded my way through her 6.9 event like a hot knife through butter.

Again, Lourdes shook and shimmied as a second wave of pleasure rippled through her taut body, and this time we’re talking an Anchorage 1964 shaker.

She was pushing so hard on my hard cock I didn’t have to do anything but hold her hips tightly and ride it out.

Kelly, meanwhile, slacked off a bit on the clit, knowing how sensitive it would be for Lourdes.

I was sure the crew in the cockpit heard that second liftoff, so I slowly pulled my still hard cock out of Lourdes pussy to her verbal disappointment and with my hand gripped around the base of my cock, I pushed it south to Kelly who was looking up at me with the wide eyed look of “Oh shit, I have to lick this thing???” and with a smile I instructed her “Suck.”

To her credit, there was no pushing back, no hesitation. Kelly did a wonderful, energetic job of cleaning my cock of Lourdes juices and at the same time pleasuring me.

As she did this, I was pulling Lourdes ass cheeks apart and slowing dripping spit on her tiny rosebud in preparation for a grand entrance there.

Lourdes knew what was going to happen and she voiced no protest.

I pulled out of Kelly’s warm mouth and now, hard as Half Dome, I lined my cock head up with Lourdes rear cavern opening and pushed in quickly past the first tight ring of fake agents porno defense.

Lourdes once again shook, lifting her head and moaned “OH MY GOD!”

Was that a good comment or a bad one?

I heard her but I ignored her, pushing in deeper without waiting or mercy.

I heard Lourdes sob, and then she lowered her head and returned to feasting on Kelly’s still steaming pussy.

In just a few seconds I was balls deep as Lourdes shook like a fish that had just been speared.

Kelly had aided my invasion by pulling apart Lourdes cheeks to aid my penetration which was nice but not needed.

I knew that they had a little love hate thing going on, always trying to out do the other around me.

I let Kelly think she was gaining the upper hand for the moment.

Lourdes got the ass fucking of a lifetime.

My goal wasn’t to colonize her back passage, only to bring her to a screaming anal orgasm, which I did, and I did it by pounding her ass, giving her long, full strokes, pulling all the way out of her rosebud and then slamming into her and driving in as deep as I could with single strokes.

I loved seeing a winking rosebud and as for the smell, well, sometimes sex stinks.

I did this over and over again, and Lourdes responded to my thrusting with parries of her own, as she soon started to feel a big one building in her loins.

I kept Kelly on task, focusing her tongue and lips on Lourdes entire pussy, so much so that Lourdes was soon overwhelmed with passion and she screamed as she came for the third time, her entire body stiffening as her muscles contacted like she had a massive cramp.

Then Lourdes gushed into Kelly’s mouth, surprising all of us.

Kelly gagged, coughed and sputtered as she tried to move away but she had nowhere to go because she was trapped beneath Lourdes and I had gripped her hands so she couldn’t move.

Finally, Lourdes literally collapsed on top of Kelly; I pulled out, still hard and horny and then as soon as I slapped Lourdes on the ass, she rolled over on the floor of the plane, gasping for air.

Kelly looked worn out, she’d been eating pussy through all of this but I wasn’t finished with her yet.

“On your belly” I ordered still dazed Kelly and she slowly complied, looking at my still very hard bobbing cock, knowing it would be going into her backside very soon.


By the time we landed Kelly had her ass filled with my hot sticky man cream and she was a little embarrassed that I had made her cum while ass fucking her.

She told me later that she enjoyed coming but didn’t initially enjoy my baseball bat up her ass.

To deal with the minor discomfort of having a cock up her ass, I kept Kelly fully engaged during my anal pounding; Kelly kept licking and satisfying Lourdes.

Kelly had a young, firm, tight ass and I loved fucking it.

She never knew when I was going to have her pull her thong panties down, anoint her tiny rosebud with lube, lube up my cock first with her mouth and then with Astroglide and then bend over so I could fill her back package with a large pinkish red tube steak.

Kelly’s ass was so small it would take several minutes to wedge my hard cock into her and she often pleaded with me not to stop, but to go slow so that her bowels would have time to react to my invasion.

In her own way, she loved it when I came in her ass; it meant that I cared for her. What it really meant was that she had the tightest ass around at the moment and that’s who I fucked.

Kelly also got off during the butt fucking session; I had Lourdes get down on the cabin floor and in a 69 position to lick Kelly’s slit until she came.

It was a long flight and despite a couple of minor bumps, I had Lourdes fully satisfy little Kelly.

It’s all about showing your value.

That’s business.


The web retail business was located south of Puerto Vallarta in a town called Mismaloya. It was a relatively small place, right on the Pacific.


It’s not that I was bored with the business of buying car dealerships, or hotels or the consulting business.

I was getting bored, period.

My pregnant wife had kicked me out of the house because my so-called mother in law told my wife that I had fucked her.

Even though I told Catherine I did not have sex with Isabella, Catherine did not believe me and I left LA for Las Vegas.

Over the course of the last year and a few months I had rapidly built the business, hired the right people to run it and to grow it even further and faster, and I had pretty much worked myself out of a job.

So, I took my plane down to Mexico to check this opportunity out.

Our breast firming cream was selling well; all of our online female clients at CYNSUITS received a small sample with the purchase of a suit and the reorders were strong. I was trying to avoid going into Target, CVS, WalMart and the other retailers because the volumes would be large and the margins non-existent.

I wanted to stay selling direct to the using consumer.

Women liked the fact that they could order on line and that the product would be delivered directly to their homes or offices in generic boxes with a return address of International Partners, PO Box 777, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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