I May Have Lost The Bet

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I hear you slide your key card into the door lock and then watch as the door swings open. You pause momentarily upon entering the room as if you are startled at my presence. I can see in your eyes both excitement and anticipation. My being here however is no surprise, this day the result of a wager made weeks ago.

It’s a beautiful day in SE Florida with temps in the low 80’s brilliant sunshine and a light breeze coming off the ocean. The smell of the salt air is intoxicating particularly for me as I enjoy it for only a few weeks per year. The hotel you consult with is very high end and you enjoy one of the nicest rooms with expansive views of the private beach and pool area. You run your own PR firm and demand the best of yourself and everyone else. You’re an up and coming industry rock star for sure. I’m in Florida on vacation and have been enjoying the beach just up the road, taking a break to join you for lunch.

You’re dressed in a black pencil skirt with a sheer white blouse that does little to cover your black lace bra, no hoes and black high heels. Your long dark brown wavy hair falls to just below your shoulders. Although you have make-up on its understated and you wear little jewelry, just a pair of earrings and a ring.

As you turn away from me to set your attaché and purse on the small work desk I see a hint of smile coming to your face. I know you well and can tell that you’re happy.

I approach you from behind as you stand at the desk powering off your phone mobil porno and then placing it back into your purse. We’ll have no interruptions today. I wrap my arms around your waist and pull you towards me. Your head tilting back comes to a rest upon my shoulder as you look toward the ceiling and let out a slight giggle.

Whispering in your ear … not a word sweetie…not a word.

Sneaking a few licks of your neck and nibbles of your ear I can tell by your scent and taste that you are excited. I know we have little time so I waste none lowering the zipper on your skirt allowing it to fall to the floor. Taking my hand you follow me to the bed kicking off your shoes along the way. Turning you towards me I run my fingers through your hair as I pull you closer until our lips meet. My tongue exploring every inch of your lips, mouth, teeth, and cheeks. If I could reach your tonsils I surely would. To say I can’t get enough of you would be an understatement.

Breaking our embrace I push you back onto the bed causing you to burst out with laughter as you bounce a bit on what is likely the most comfy bed ever created. You do know how to pick the best of the best hotels to represent.

I lean forward and place a single finger against your lips … reminding you of your required silence.

Slipping my thumbs under the thin straps of your now very moist LaPerla panties I slid them down your legs, over your feet and bringing them to my nose taking a deep breathe mofos porno before tossing them aside. Your scent amazing, just how I remember it…a flood of memories come rushing back.

You playfully present your feet to my mouth which I gladly receive. Licking and sucking your toes while you tickle my ear causing me to laugh and push you away. You are relentless however trying your best to get your big toe into my ear. Your tickling brings me close to tears as I laugh wildly even with your toes in my mouth … time to take charge of this situation I think, and an easy task given my position between your legs. Spreading them while pulling you toward me until my head rests between your naked thighs and my face is just inches from your sweetness.

It’s my turn now dear I think … as I begin my enjoyment of your soft luscious little pink pussy. My tongue doing a dance around your lips and clit. A salsa comes to mind but it’s more like a waltz in reality. I bring you close to the edge several times and sensing your pending release backing away to just the lightest of touch. Teasing you with little compassion and even stopping momentarily just before you reach orgasm to keep you on the edge. You may have won the bet but I would make you pay for the winnings. Your moans and attempted thrusting against my face clear signals that I was driving you crazy. You want to cum so bad but I hold that prize just out of reach.

My control however is short lived … I feel your naughty america porno feet come to rest on my shoulders for just a slight moment before you push me back hard causing me to land flat on my back on the floor.

Clearly the rules of the game have changed I think …

Even before I can realize what has happened you are on top of me. Your pussy covering my mouth and nose you are riding me hard. My gasps for air go unnoticed.

You’re done with my games and will use my face for your pleasure solely.

Grinding yourself hard against me … your weight pushing down on top of me …you work your clit against my nose as I bury my tongue deep inside you. You ride me like there is no tomorrow bring yourself to one, two and then a third orgasm before finally allowing me to breath.

You look at my face covered in your juices with a devilish smile that says … take that mister!

Lowering yourself once again allowing me to lick clean any remaining juices from your pussy, thighs and ass.

I open my month to speak however you stop me with a wave of finger reminding me that not a word shall be spoken today.

I lay on the floor watching you redress … your amazingly beautiful and so incredibly sexy … I am infatuated by you, everything about you … I pinch myself just to be sure I’m not dreaming.

It’s 12:55pm and your next meeting begins in 5 minutes with the hotel top brass one floor below. Grabbing an apple you turn and give me a kiss while placing your panties into my pocket.

I final wave of the finger… the message clear, no washing of that face young man…enjoy me on your way home.

You grab your attaché and purse and head out the door. I’ll be gone upon your return, slipping out unnoticed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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