I Thought We Were More Ch. 09

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Jacob woke up with a mild hangover and a headache. They wound up not having enough money for a hotel with two beds so they got a queen. At first Jacob had forgot about this detail and when he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was Derek with his mouth gaping open. He was snoring loudly.

Jacob crawled out of bed wearing his underwear and his pants and nothing else. He staggered to the bathroom and puked into the toilet. He felt slightly better but he needed water badly. He walked out of the hotel room carrying the ice bucket that was always provided with the room. He filled it with ice and slumped back to his room.

6 glasses of ice water, three puking sessions into the toilet and one long pee, Jacob was feeling a little better. He noticed that it was only 8am. He wanted to turn on the TV but he didn’t want to wake up Derek. He quietly got back into bed and lay there staring at the ceiling and listening to Derek snore.

Jacob thought to himself what a great friend Derek was. It took a lot of trust and understanding between two straight men to just share a bed. Sadly most men are too homophobic to share a bed with one of their male friends. But both Jacob and Derek were comfortable enough with their sexuality that they hadn’t even thought twice about it. This immediately made Jacob think about the conversation he and Alex had about cuddling with his male friends. He was suddenly very sad.

His mind took him back to the first night he had met Alex. He thought about the dialect they had together.

“Would you put your arm around a friend of yours? Or hug them if they were sad?”

“Sure why not?”

“Would you cuddle one of your other friends?”

“Well, all my other friends are guys. I suppose if one of my friend’s parents died and he needed to be held, I would hold him.”

The whole conversation replayed in Jacob’s mind. He missed Alex. And then he began to think about Rose.

“This whole thing is stupid.” He muttered to himself.

“HUH! What is stupid?” Derek said sitting straight up in bed.

“I just don’t know what I should do next. Both Alex and Rose had feelings for me, and they seem to have feelings for each other. And now all three of us can’t have one or the other. It is the most fucked up love triangle I have ever heard of.”

“Dude,” Derek said laying down and turning on his side so he could look at Jacob. “You keep forgetting what is most important in this whole thing.”

“Yeah and what is that?”

“What do you want?” Derek said putting emphasis on the word YOU.

“I just want a girl in my life that makes me happy and that is happy being with me.”

“Are Alex or Rose that girl for you?”

“If I knew that I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

They each took a shower separately and then went out to the nearest clothing store and bought clothes that were nice enough to go to the clubs in. They also bought some more casual clothes. Afterwards they threw the clothes they had bought off the strangers in the garbage.

Jacob couldn’t help but stare up at the skyscrapers that seemed to be clustered at random all around him.

This city didn’t have a major metropolis like most American cities. Instead it had several smaller clusters of sky scrapers and larger business areas. There were lots of hills and changes in elevation as well. The Hotel they were at was up higher than a lot of the city and from the lobby they could look out over much of the city.

In their casual clothes they set off to find some breakfast and complete the healing process from the night of drinking. As they sat in Denny’s eating they delved back into the subject of Jacob’s current situation.

“Ok, so first off what happened with each girl and what did you like about them?”

“You really think that is how I should approach this?”

“Yes, I think you should analyze your feelings about each girl. So tell me about each one from the beginning.”

“Well, I met Alex first. The first time I hung out with her we were just friends. Yet, we cuddled up on her couch and watched TV and even wound up sleeping in her bed that night. But we didn’t have sex or even touch each other in that way. Then later on Rose and I were walking to the gym together and Rose just all of the sudden kissed me.”

“How did that make you feel?” Derek asked.

“I liked it, I even welcomed it. And afterwards I held her close to me and we had this wonderful moment. I told Rose that someone had told me she and Alex were sleeping together and she blew up and told me that she and Alex were just friends. Then she told me she really liked me. But we left the conversation at she liked having fun with Alex too. And that kind of left me confused. Later on I went over to Alex’s. Alex said that she had always been more into girls but she was willing to try sleeping with a guy…”

“Hold on! So Alex tested her sexuality on you? Had she ever slept with a guy before?”

“It…didn’t feel like it.” Jacob said. “And she hurt a lot in the morning. Kinda casino siteleri like she had never done anything down there.”

“And then what happened?”

“Well before I say anything I have to mention that me and Alex had a heated moment before all that. I confessed that Rose had told me she had feelings for me. But I told Alex that I had feelings for her over Rose and that I wanted to be with her. That is what convinced her to see if she could have feelings for me in return.”

“So Alex knows Rose has feelings for you?”


“Then why would Alex sleep with you if she had feelings for Rose?”

“Maybe she truly didn’t know if she could love a boy. Or, maybe she just wanted to see what it was like. Either way Rose caught us in the act the next morning and Alex was more devastated that she had been caught by Rose than anything else. Then she told me that she just couldn’t have feelings for me.”

“So back to the original question. Which one of these girls do you have feelings for?”

Jacob sat back against the booth and looked at the ceiling. “I just don’t know.” He sighed.

They walked down the sidewalk towards the hotel and Derek once again pressed the subject.

“I just don’t understand. If Alex knew you liked her over Rose, why did she act more concerned over Rose catching you two than anything else?”

“I guess because she truly just has more feelings for Rose than she does for me.”

“But Rose told you that she doesn’t like Alex in that way. She just likes a woman’s touch every once in a while.”

Suddenly Derek stopped dead in his tracks. Jacob kept walking and then noticed Derek had stopped. He turned and looked back at Derek.

“What’s wrong?”

“I know what the three of you have to do.”

Jacob’s face grew skeptical. “Oh god don’t tell me. I don’t like how you said ‘the three of us’. And if you are thinking what I think you are thinking, how is that going to solve anything?”

“Well, let’s see. If all three of you sleep together that will put Rose even with Alex. The two of them won’t have to have any anger towards each other because they both had a crack at you. Rose likes a woman’s touch so she can get as much of that as she likes in the process. Alex can once and for all prove if she likes to be with a woman more than being with a man. She can literally try each out one after the other.”

“I do not really agree with you on this but how would I benefit?”

“Besides the obvious reason you and Rose would be even and you could start out on a clean slate.”

“But what about Alex?”

Derek stared at Jacob for a second or two before he answered. “Well that does complicate things.”

“What complicates things?”

“I think I know which girl you truly have feelings for.”

Jacob didn’t say anything else. He knew Derek was right.

The night descended on the big city and Derek and Jacob once again donned their night clothes and headed for the bars. They first hit a club called Moonies. It was a huge place with three stories. The top two floors had balconies and bars were located indoors and outside.

Loud booming dub step and techno music boomed throughout the club and large screens on the walls and ceiling displayed cosmic color patterns and weird spirals and circles that constantly pulsated and rotated to the music.

Jacob and Derek made their way to the third floor where they proceeded to the balcony.

There they each grabbed a drink from the outdoor bar and decided to stand near the fence surrounding the balcony. They looked out over the city as the music continued to blast in their ear drums.

After a few drinks they made their way onto the dance floor and began to move to the music amongst a sea of other dancing people. As Jacob bounced and bobbed to the beat he noticed that someone in the crowd was waving to him. He squinted and tried to see who it was. The person was short and he couldn’t quite make out the face. As the person got closer he could tell it was a girl. Then all at once he wanted to turn and run. Making her way through the crowd was none other than Claire. She came to a stop right in front of him.

“I want you to fuck me tonight Jacob Lifeson.” She said.

Even over the sound of the bass booming in his ears Jacob heard every word she said.

All he could think about was Alex telling him that she just couldn’t have the kind of love for him that two people that spend the rest of their lives together could have. All he could see was her face looking at him and telling him that same phrase over and over again.

He was really drunk at this point. As soon as Clair had intercepted him in the club he had gone over to the bar and started pounding shots. He didn’t care anymore. Next thing he knew he was in the passenger seat of Clair’s convertible sports car. No doubt her father had bought her the car as a “going off to college” present.

They burst through the door of her apartment and through the living room, dropping clothing here and slot oyna there as they went. By the time they reached her bedroom they were both naked.

“Still on the pill right?” Jacob muttered as he lifted her off her feet.

“Yeah.” She said. She couldn’t believe the person that was holding her up above her bed was the same man she had tied down less than a month ago. He seemed to be a different man all together. He was behaving with a hunger that he hadn’t shown before.

He slammed her down on her back onto the bed. She laughed as she bounced up and down like she had been body slammed on a trampoline. He had after all thrown her on a bed.

“Go slow.” She said. “I never let Matt put it in me. I just played with him too, but it didn’t feel as good as when I did it with you.”

Jacob grabbed her by her legs and lifted her hind end off the bed. He lined up his penis with her pussy and nestled his head against her opening.

“Slow,” She said. “I’m still technically a virgin.”

Jacob simply pulled her body towards him. He felt her part around him and she cried out in pain.

“Stop stop stop!” she shouted.

He pulled out and set her down, then backed away from the bed.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” she cried. “I said go slow. Lay down! Clearly you don’t know how to be gentle.”

He had absolutely no regard for what was happening. He was so drunk she could have told him to jump out the window and he might just have done it. He lay down on his back with his hard cock pointing strait up in the air. Clair climbed on top of him and positioned herself with her back facing him, in what most would call a reverse cowgirl. She grabbed hold of his penis and placed it back where it was supposed to go, then she slowly began to lower herself. He could feel himself entering her but she was in complete control.

“I can handle it if you don’t try to ram it in like some kind of beast.” She said. “I just want it at my pace so you don’t rip me in half.”

She slid onto him bit by bit. She was tight but it didn’t seem as snug as Alex had been. She was in control and she knew what she could handle. But Jacob could feel the softness of her G spot pressing firmly against the underside of his penis. This was instantly his new favorite position.

She began to lift herself up and down, riding him at the pace she wanted. He didn’t care about anything anymore. This was the girl he thought he would never be with again, and here she was, having her way with him.

She quickened her pace. Her body seemed to be handling his size just fine now. As she gained confidence and comfort with him inside of her she began to slam herself down on him harder and harder.

He felt himself losing control very quickly. With her soft, smooth G spot pressing so hard against the underside of his cock he knew it wouldn’t be long now. And not to mention every once and awhile she would lower herself too far and he could feel the round, hardness of her cervix banging into the tip of his dick. It was nice knowing he was touching the bottom of the pool and it added just another dimension of her body surrounding his penis.

“You took your pill today right?” He muttered. He really didn’t care what the answer was at this point. Somehow in the drunken soupiness of it all he still managed to worry about those sorts of things.

“Oh god yes!!” she cried.

He came hard. She could feel his cock throbbing inside of her. It was all she needed to set her off. She arched her back and grabbed her breasts with both of her hands as she came right along with him. When she was done she lifted herself off of him and lay down with her head against his neck and her body lying in the crook of his arm.

“Matt doesn’t look at me the way he looks at other girls.” She said looking up into Jacob’s eyes. “He says he needs a break. You should let him know what he missed out on.”

She lay in Jacob’s arms laughing into the darkness. Jacob just lay there feeling nothing. What else was he supposed to feel? Apparently all she felt for him was a tool for petty vengeance.

Jacob awoke to Clair propping herself up on one elbow and looking at him with a thoughtful look in her eyes.

“Wha…What happened?” Jacob asked. “Where is Derek?”

“Oh, your friend? I guess he is still in the city. I just happened to run into you at that club. Although I do love that place, I try to go there every weekend.”

It was then that Jacob realized how hung-over he was. He leapt out of bed and rushed to her bathroom. She laughed at how loud he was when he puked and after about 5 minutes of heaving he staggered into her kitchen and got himself some water.

He turned around with the glass of water to his mouth and found her standing there naked watching him. She was stunning. Even though she had smaller breasts her body still sloped downwards to her waist and then back out again to her hips giving her a slight, yet still present hour glass figure.

“God, I thought it was good rubbing that canlı casino siteleri cock of yours against me to get off. It is even better when it is inside me.” She said looking at his naked body.

“Go ahead.” Jacob said. “I’m all yours.”

They made their way back to the bed, but first she pushed him into the bathroom and made him brush his teeth.

Just as soon as the toothbrush came out of his mouth he was back on the bed and she was lifting her body up and down on his hard cock once again. The exchange went about the same as it did the night before as she moved at her own pace. She really was a pro at getting herself off and he really didn’t care that he was merely an accessory to her needs. He could literally feel the moment that she came as her body began to tighten and release around him.

The rhythm of her muscles pulsing on his shaft was what really set him off and he began to fill her with his own juices as his own orgasm hit him. Just watching her in ecstasy as she moved herself on him filled him with a pleasure that was sickeningly carnal and devoid of feeling.

He found himself enjoying being her play thing. He got off on her getting off and he didn’t think he had anything left in him when he was done having his own orgasm.

She lifted off of him and a mixture of their juices poured out of her all over his legs and crotch. She casually walked over to her linen closet and tossed him a towel.

“So I take it there wasn’t any real feeling to any of this right?” Jacob asked toweling himself off.

The night before he could have blamed his sexual irresponsibility on the alcohol. This morning he had no excuse whatsoever. Now that he had gotten off, all the feelings of guilt were rushing back into him once again.

“Did you feel any kind of ‘real feeling'” She asked making quotation marks with her hands as she said the last part.

Jacob looked down at the pillow he was laying on. “No I suppose not.”

“What happened to Matt? Are you two still together?” He asked looking up at her. As beautiful as she was he really couldn’t see her as anything other than a gorgeous woman. There was no love or emotion behind her beauty.

“He says he can’t get it up around me knowing what you and I did. I told him everything I did to you. I even told him I did it all for him.”

“And you are surprised by his reaction?” Jacob stammered. “I wouldn’t be able to get it up either if you told me what you told him.”

“Yeah well, maybe I did go about it all wrong.”

He stood up out of the bed and began to search her room for his clothes. As far as he could tell they were nowhere to be found.

“If you really liked Matt and you wanted to have a relationship with him you should have never involved me. Now you have hurt two people when at the very least you could have just had one happy relationship.”

“But I was nervous.” She said sitting up in the bed and wrapping the sheets around her. “What if I did really bad in bed with him?”

“If he cared about you he wouldn’t care. He could show you what was good or the two of you could have explored and figured it out together. The thing I don’t understand is it sounds like you have other motives behind all of this.”

She looked up at him with a new kind of anger in her eyes.

“What are you talking about? I told you why I did what I did with you and that is the ONLY reason I did it.”

“But surely you knew if Matt ever found out he would have been hurt. The two of you were in a relationship when you invited me over to your house.”

“I hoped I would be so good with him that he wouldn’t ask questions.”

“Then what is this we did last night and this morning?” Jacob said walking into the living room to continue searching for his clothes. She got up out of bed keeping the sheets wrapped around her like a cloak.

“I was mad at him. He is being mean to me so I wanted to make him pay.”

“Well are you still interested in being in a relationship with him?”

“I was hoping me and him would make up.”

“Well I can tell you right now after what we just did he really shouldn’t take you back.”

“And what about you, why did you do this?”

“Because I don’t care anymore, that’s why. You said you wanted me to fuck you so I did. You can’t try and make this my fault.”

“I could tell Matt you came onto me. Then he will be mad at you not me.”

“Well go ahead and tell him then. But the fact is it takes two people to fuck and you didn’t say no either. The truth of the matter is I thought we were two single people having fun together. Turns out I’m still a guy banging a girl that is in love with another man. That is not my idea of a good time and to be honest it makes me feel bad for the other guy.”

She dropped to the ground in the middle of the living room and started crying. Jacob began to find his clothes mostly by the front door and quickly began putting them on. Once he had pants and his undershirt on he stepped out of the house.

“Wait!” she cried running to the front door.

“Wait come back inside.”

Jacob turned around and looked at her. Tears were streaming down her face and her eyes were now puffy and bloodshot.

“Will you not tell him we did this?”

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