Interrogation in Dominance

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cassie breathed slowly through her nose, unwilling to make even the slightest murmur of unnecessary noise. The bland light strip overhead promised illumination, yet she did not reach out to flick the switch, ears twitching back and forth to catch the hint of sound in the still air. The coyote hunkered in close to the wall, eyes sweeping the corridor as if expecting a foe to leap from any, admittedly closed, door at any given moment. Yet all was clear.

Cassie exhaled, sweat darkening a crescent around to the base of her ears. Since when had her job become so stressful? Okay, so perhaps it wasn’t the wisest move to break into the headquarters where the captain of the police was based, but it was the task at hand and the coyote detective wasn’t about to turn down a job. Like most young females in the city, whether they were furries, scalies or something else entirely, she needed the money and, damn, she needed it bad.

No: turning down work wasn’t really affordable for her at that time. Still, she tried to keep to the straight and narrow where she could, keeping to private investigative work, the more interesting the better. And the job to investigate the captain of the police was certainly an interesting one indeed.

Slinking down the corridor, she checked her bodysuit for her weapons, just in case. Touching her fingers to the handle of the knife strapped to her thigh and the pistol, best used at close range, on her hip reassured her. If she was jumped, she could at least defend herself. And she couldn’t have said that she didn’t look dead hot in the clingy bodysuit, which hugged her curves while allowing her the ideal range of motion required to get the job done.

There. She stiffened. A door emblazoned with a plaque bearing the name she’d been looking for — the name she was always looking for. She licked her lips, heart beating against her ribcage. It was time.

Yet she’d barely gotten her paw on the smooth wood of the polished door when another paw, not her own, closed around her throat.

“So nice of you to join me.”

She tried to yelp, but the sound caught in her throat as she fought to whirl about, another paw shoving a rank smelling cloth over her mouth and nose. As much as she struggled, the drug took effect swiftly, too swiftly for retaliation, and her legs buckled, bearing her down to the ground as her grey-furred captor followed her. A flash of sharp, white teeth glinted into her line of sight a moment before her eyes closed, one paw at her hip and the pistol halfway out of the holster.

The wolf chuckled as the coyote spiralled down and down and down into the darkness, grey fading to black across her vision.

“Goodnight, casino oyna Cassie.”


The world came into focus slowly and the coyote blinked, the lingering grogginess from the drug that had put her under fogging her head. She tried to shake herself, but the strain on her shoulders held her back, first trying to better take in her surroundings.

The first thing she noticed was that she was standing, or hanging, more accurately, from an O-ring set into the ceiling. A pair of police grade handcuffs had been snapped around her wrists, rattling against the chain looped through the ring in the ceiling, links seeming to flow one into the other without any flaw or break. She shuddered. A chain like that had no business in a police station, even if it was the main base.

And a very familiar wolf wearing the police captain’s hat, which had been tilted at a jaunty angle, stared her down from the other side of the room, eyes smouldering in their intensity.

Cassie baulked, chains rattling.

Oh, shit.

“Well, well, well, did you take a fancy to something in my office, coyote? I do know how your kind has a penchant for…tricks.”

Cassie flinched and tried to turn away, though found twisting too uncomfortable to maintain, forced to face the wolf. Where she was naked bar her fur, the wolf at least had her uniform to guard her from the chill of the room. She swallowed hard and lifted her muzzle defiantly. As if she was going to go down without a fight.

“You know who I am, I don’t need an introduction,” the wolf murmured dismissively, rising and stalking up to her, a small key hanging from a finer chain in her paw. “But you shouldn’t have broken into my station, coyote.”

She paused, eyes flashing.

“You’re going to regret it.”

Before Cassie knew it, the wolf was on her, the paws of the one who had bested her time and time again unlocking her chains and letting her crumple in a pathetic heap to the floor. For Kira took no prisoners.

Hauling her up, Kira shoved her muzzle up to Cassie’s, upper lip curled back along the line of her teeth in a snarl.

“Try anything and you’re done for, coyote,” she hissed. “Remember that.”

Cassie shivered. Could she ever have had any doubt that the wolf meant it? Dragging her about as easily as she would lug her shopping from the car to the house, the wolf hauled her from the room. Cassie yelped as the glaring lights of the hallway blinded her, turning her head too late to avoid their piercing glow.

“Oh, shut it.”

Cassie growled and snapped her jaws.

“What are you going to do about it? Slap me around some more?”

A metal door loomed in her vision and Kira kicked it open; it must have already been open a crack. Near enough throwing the coyote in, she let her skid across the floor, paws cuffed in front of her stomach.

The door closed with a clunk as the coyote blinked, struggling to regain her bearings. Yet she could not fail to notice the bar Kira slid across slot oyna the inside of the door, locked into place with a keypad on the side. Cassie gulped. That code she didn’t know.

“No one will hear you scream in here,” Kira smirked, tapping the side of her muzzle. “But I have a better use for that muzzle anyway.”

Putting a sway in her hips, the wolf bent over, lifting her tail as she showed off a pink thong, daringly racy for a fur in such an important position. Cassie jerked her head back, shuffling up and onto her buttocks with some difficulty.

“I bet you’d like some of this tail,” she murmured, “but I’m not the one being put to use tonight.”

Discarding her trousers and pulling her thong to the side, Kira backed up towards the coyote’s muzzle, wiggling her rump as if the lure of her body was simply going to be too much for her victim. Screwing up her muzzle as that admittedly fine ass, muscle layered with the perfect amount of fat, demanded her attention, Cassie defiantly spat and hissed.

“If you think for one second –“

A paw grabbed her head, fingers dug into the corner of her mouth, and then the wolf’s sex filled her vision, clit full and throbbing with blood. Need clearly coursed through the wolf’s body and her pussy gleamed with her own juices even as she ground the coyote’s nose up against her clit. Grunting, Cassie shuddered and tried to pull back, failing and instead dragging in a heady gulp of the wolf’s scent.


“Slut, I’m not the one who takes the orders around here.”

Facing her — how had the wolf turned around so quickly? — Kira smirked down at her kidnapped plaything.

“Get to work, coyote, or maybe I’ll see just how much you can take before you…break.”

Cassie whimpered, eyes wide. What else could she do? She was just there for a job! No, it was far better to do what the crazy police captain wanted and then, perhaps, she stood a chance of getting out of there alive.

And so she pushed her tongue into that delicious cunt and savoured every drop of wonderful goodness it had to offer. Swirling her tongue around, she moaned against herself, her captor’s juices drooling down her chin. Huffing, Kira ran her fingers down the back of the coyote’s tawny brown head, grey hairs mixing with the brown, and groaned lustfully.

“God, yes, just like that…”

Cassie took that as a positive sign and lapped up and over the wolf’s clit, hardly noticing that Kira’s grip had, at some point, loosened on her head and muzzle. Her lips resonated with a slight lick of pain that she barely noticed, intent on the hot, dripping pussy beneath her and covering every inch of it with her tongue. She thrust the flexible appendage deep into the wolf’s cunt, wriggling in close as she strove to get the tip all the way up to her cervix, yet she could not have said if she quite achieved her goal. The wolf’s reaction in how she moaned and ground her hips was more than good enough to encourage her to keep going, however.

It canlı casino siteleri took a shamefully short about of time

“None for you yet, coyote,” Kira whispered, her voice husky. “Be a good girl and do your job now.”

Cassie shuddered and obediently raised her paws from her crotch. Yes. Her job. She had to be a good girl. She ignored the little voice in the back of her mind that screamed and kicked out like a wayward pup begging for discipline in her unruly fight, locking her lips around the wolf’s clit and sucking.

The effect on Kira was electric. As if struck by something she could not control, the wolf bucked and humped at her victim’s muzzle, a low, throaty growl erupting from her lips. Like the noises she was making, completely unintentionally, there was no way for the wolf to hold back her orgasm and she climaxed with a howl that Cassie would have otherwise sworn echoed throughout the whole police station. Rocking and grinding on the warm, inviting muzzle and those lips that drew her pleasure out oh so wonderfully, Kira clung to the coyote, torso hunched forward and ragged breaths dragging themselves from her lungs without open consent.

“Oh gods…” She moaned, legs shaking ever so slightly. “Cassie… You…”

She tumbled to the floor even as Cassie desperately tried to follow the path of her wet pussy, muzzle soaked in the dominant wolf’s pleasure. She whined and half-crawled, half-shuffled over to Kira, desperation lingering in the back of her gaze. She wanted to please, really she did, she only required just a little persuasion in the way that made her pussy so hot and so, so warm…

Pressing her thighs together, Cassie gulped down a whimper and lay her head in Kira’s lap as the wolf swung her legs out before her, leaning back on the palms of her paws. Returning to some sense of herself, she smiled down at the coyote, the aggression having melted from her muzzle in lieu of something as warm as the space between their bodies on a cold winter’s night.

“Was that up your street, my sweet coyote?” Kira murmured, running her fingers across her partner’s shoulders and down her back, claws lightly raking through the fur. “Just as you imagined it?”

Cassie rolled over, her head in the wolf’s lap. Her tongue lolled from her muzzle, but there was no denying the smile that stretched her lips into a wide, dog-like grin.

“It was amazing! Can we do that every weekend?”

Laughing, Kira shook her head.

“You’re impossible, do you know that?”

“Yeah, but you love me.”

Kira paused, the insides of her ears darkening with a blush.

“Yes, I love you. Even if you do get me to pretend to kidnap you.”

The wolf’s lips descended on Cassie’s and their muzzles locked together in a passionate embrace, neither tongue, for once, fighting for dominance. No, all they needed was each other, the warmth of the other’s body and the closeness of their relationship brimming up to the surface as their juices dampened their inner thighs.

When she broke the kiss, however, Kira’s brow furrowed and she cocked her head to the side, eyes suspiciously narrowed.

“By the way, how the hell did you break in here?”

Cassie giggled.

“I’ll never tell!”

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