Is It Really Losing?

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You are standing against the statues that guard the entrance to the maze in that outfit I got for you months ago. Those un-pleated slacks, that white shirt that has a permanent red imprint from my lipstick on the collar, those polished black dress shoes, and that long black coat with the high collar that makes you look so fierce. The outfit doesn’t let on what I know to be underneath. You are thin but not scrawny, well-muscled and toned but not in any way a body builder. It’s the sleek, toned look of a long distance runner without the bulk of a football “tank”.

I’m in a low cut black dress that is cut high on my thigh and I have a shawl over my shoulders which obscures my reaction to the slight chill in the air. My shoes are short heels which are comfortable and allow me to keep up with you for the most part if you don’t walk too fast. I recall that walking with a man who is 6’2″ when I, myself, am only 5’8″ isn’t always easy. I smile when the thought of how close our stamina is to the other in a certain other area.

You had challenged me, no, told me that I was going to go into this maze you are standing in front of. You told me I had to get through it before you caught me. I agreed and had since been thinking of just how you might act if you caught me or, more importantly, if I were to win. Would you dominate me like you had so many times before? Would you take me against a wall in the maze after catching me? Or would you for one night be mine to command, mine to control? I shivered at the thought.

Taking my shiver for a shudder of fear you laugh at me and ask if you should just take me now and pass on the whole game. I ache to say yes but I want to wipe that smile off your face as I beat you so I stride forward into the maze and disappear around a corner.

The maze is quiet and darker than I expected but I slink through the first few turns like a shadow even though I know you won’t be entering the maze for ten minutes. Just as I round a corner I hear a distant howl and swear as I realize I have hit my first dead end. Turning around I move quickly back to the three-way and take the other route after scratching up the ground with my heel so I know I had been there before.

9 Minutes Remaining

I follow a long straight path to another intersection, this time a four-way, and choose to go right. I slip down that winding path and then the walls disappear. At first I think I’ve won but then I realize the wall almost looks like it’s moving. As I walk closer the whole area explodes in a cloud of bats screeching in the night. I run forward screaming, hoping you can’t hear me but wishing you might run in to ankara escort rescue me. Suddenly I slip and fall, barely able to roll as I hit the ground. Slowly I get up but somehow I lost my shoes in the fall and I don’t have time to get them. I need to get out of this maze…I need YOU to find me…to take me…to make me feel safe again…

I start moving faster sometimes stumbling over the rougher patches where not many people have gone. One, two, now four, no five dead ends and my heart is racing.

7 Minutes Remaining

I’m running now, every hooting owl and howling wolf making me jump, every dark wall making me run faster as the bats erupt from their perches. I have to beat you…but I need you…I want you to catch me…please catch me….dominate me…

5 Minutes Remaining

I suddenly emerge in an open area and realize I am in the center of the maze. Like the old castle mazes there is a giant fountain in the middle of this courtyard. The water is crystal clear and, as I take a drink I realize, ice cold. Some of the water trails down my neck and over the curve of my breasts causing me to shudder and my nipples to harden. I rub myself dry with my shawl but moan as the rough material slides along my skin…I need your hands on me…Catch me please….

4 Minutes Remaining

I slip out of the courtyard down a side path and begin my hunt for the end anew. Every noise makes me jump and my heart race…Where are you…I run through another hall of bats thinking that you must know exactly where I am. I want to get out of here…I want to win…but I want you….

3 Minutes Remaining

A wolf howls and I swear that it’s just on the other side of the wall from me. I crouch behind a low wall and wait, listening to the rustling and growling before I realize that the sound is coming from the far side of the maze.

1 Minute Remaining

I think I can beat you…I just need to get out of here…Where is the exit…I need the exit. I run down another hall and find myself in a dead end…I have to be close…where is it…are you coming after me yet…catch me…take me…get me out of here and I will do anything…


I had watched your breasts sway in the moonlight as you walked, watched your hips sway with each step. I had watched you slip away into that maze and now after ten minutes of anxious anticipation I was now ready to give chase. You’re quick my athletic Serene but I will catch you. Those bats had me worried but you’re stronger than that. I stride into the maze and slip around the first corner knowing that the path beyond is clear. The head start had been to counteract my childhood escort ankara knowledge of this maze and to give you time to get at least to the center. I smile as I think of your face when you realize that getting to the center of the maze is the easy part but getting out is much harder.

1 Minute Past

I walk confidently around the next few corners but then I see the scratched “X” on the ground and realize that you found one of the first dead ends. If you leave too many of these marks finding you won’t be hard my Serene. I slip around the bend and come to the “Bat Hall” which used to be the scariest part of the maze when I was a kid. Suddenly I see something and run forward only to find your heels in disarray on the ground. Picking them up, I shiver for a moment, knowing that you wouldn’t willingly part with your favorite heels.

3 Minutes Past

You are doing well. I don’t see any marks and I don’t hear you ahead of me. My beautiful Serene. My intrepid Serene. Maybe you will make it out of the maze…I can’t let that happen. Your feet must hurt without your heels. Perhaps I will make you beg for them when I catch you. Or perhaps I will make you mine again tonight.

4 Minutes Past

I emerge into the courtyard and see your shawl on the ground. Where are you Serene? First your favorite shoes and now your mother’s shawl? What’s going on…I have to find you…something’s not right! I don’t have time to run through the halls. I must find you! Looking to the ladder built into the stone I climb to the secondary maze that is the pathways over the maze. I start down the path hoping, praying that you are close.

5 Minutes Past – Her

Where are you? Why haven’t you found me?! I need you…want you…take me…make me safe. I race around another corner and then a shadow passes over me. I scream and flee down the hall and around a statue. What was that…was that you? No…why would you be up there…there’s nothing up there….Please save me…I can’t take anymore…

5 Minutes Past – Him

“Wait” I cry. But you don’t hear me. In my haste to find you I had leapt from a dead end path to another path which put me much closer to the end. As I flew through the air I had seen you race around a corner. Knowing now that you are not in danger I race down the path and find the nearest ladder. Climbing down rapidly I jump from halfway and almost land on top of you. You had come from a passage close to the one I was in and now we were in a tangle on the ground. With a howl as you claw my face I yell, “Serene…my Serene…it’s me…I’m here!”

6 Minutes Past

I collapse into you sobbing, burrowing ankara escort bayan my face into your chest. “What kept you” I ask. You hold up my shoes and tell me you had to go shoe and shawl hunting. Despite my racing heart I manage to laugh haltingly. Then I feel you stiffen around me and I hear you say that you have won. I melt into your arms as you pick me up and tell me to hold on. When I start to ask where we are going you press your finger to my lips and I gently suck on it. With a grin you climb the ladder and lay me on your coat on the path. I beg you to take me and make me yours with the smoldering look you always complain about.

You descend onto me and suckle on my neck as your fingers slip under my dress and gradually slide up my thigh. With a moan I spread my legs and arch my hips. I want you there…need you there…please….Your hand finds my bare skin and you laugh before gently slipping a finger into me…oh yes….You draw me into a kiss as you finger me. I undo your belt and pull out your hard cock. I need this…give it to me….You pull my dress up and slip between my legs. I moan louder and shudder as your cock presses against me.

As you tease me I moan and whimper before I give you that smoldering look and tell you simply, “now”. You fill me in an instant and I wrap my long legs around your waist. More…yes…oh oh…Yes…please…There….Your thrusts are long and slow alternately giving me the sense of emptiness and fullness that I so desire. I cry out for you to take me harder…to make me yours…to claim your prize….So safe, so happy, so…OH YES…there…right there…Faster…

Your thrusts become harder, faster. I moan and cry out your name. I am yours…completely…take me…this is what I want. To be made yours under the bright full moon. Your breath is getting shallower, your thrusts more rapid. I arch off the path and wrap you up with my muscles. With a cry you erupt inside me as I cry out my pleasure to the world.

Our breath now steady again you slip out of me and roll onto your back. Staring into, no, through me with those deep blue eyes of yours, you command me. Following your wishes I slip between your legs and lick up one side of your cock and down the other. Gradually licking up our mixed essence from your cock, balls, and thighs I nearly collapse as your hand strokes my hair. You pull me to your side and kiss me deeply before wrapping us in your coat. “Won’t someone see us?” I ask. You say no and explain that you are the only one who comes to this maze anymore and that no one could see us from below.

You nestle your head into my shoulder and soon drift off to sleep. I grin and press my hand to my cheek. You hadn’t drawn blood but you may have bruised me. Perhaps I will make you atone but not now. For now we shall sleep underneath this wondrous moon.

“Good night, my Serene…” I whisper as I drift off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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