It Happened in Rural India Ch. 03

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A few months passed by uneventfully but for the routine of hot steamy sex between Shanta and Ramdev. Roopa, (Shanta’s daughter) was doing well at school and she had almost found a father in Ramdev, who truly adored and cared for the child as his own.

In the few months that Shanta was staying at the Haveli with Ramdev, she herself had got actively involved with the village women, and in fact more and more women had started coming to her with their problems both domestic and economic.

The women in fact found Shanta to be far easier to communicate and confide to, not only because she was a woman but also because she had an uncanny astuteness in solving problems. Further, on delicate issues women found it easier to convey through Shanta rather than to talk to Ramdev.

During her course of interaction with the village women, Shanta learnt about Chandrakali. Chandrakali was married to Bhimrao a man from the neighbouring village but was unable to bear children in the 4 years that she was married to him.

In due course of time, Bhimrao ran away with all belongings to some unknown place leaving Chandrakali penniless and with no source of income even to pay rent of their rented hutment.

When Shanta learnt of this she called Chandrakali to the haveli and told her that she will talk to Ramdev on her behalf and see what she could do to help her out. The same evening Shanta mentioned the matter to Ramdev.

Ramdev said the only thing that could be done was to trace her husband and maybe coerce him to accept his responsibilities. Shanta told him that a lot of efforts had already been made but to no avail.

“In that case the only thing to be done is to give her a job in the haveli and have her stay in one of the additional rooms of the servant quarters. You will also get someone to help you in your work around the house and this woman also will be taken care of.” said Ramdev deciding the matter.

Immediately, Chandrakali was asked to shift into one of the rooms of the servant quarters. Shanta with the coming of Chandrakali had a ready aide to help her with the house-hold work.

Chandrakali, was a slightly dark woman, about 5feet 2 inches tall. She had long hair almost always worn in a bun, tied behind, would wear a saree and blouse which were always bright and gaudy in color. Her body was well toned and sun burnt from years of working in the field.

Chandrakali, was an illiterate rustic woman, thick and meaty in the right places. Her face although dark was pretty to look at, with a small silver nose ring and big kohl filled eyes. She had a generous bosom and a big behind which were visible even with her saree and petticoat, which through years of use were almost thread-bare.

Once, she shifted into the haveli Chandrakali’s clothes were immediately taken care of. She now had new sarees and petticoats and blouses, which were not too expensive but were definitely not as gaudy as she used to wear earlier. She soon shifted into a routine, taking and following orders from Shanta and soon knew what was expected from her.

Chandrakali would sweep and wipe floors, clean furniture, wash utensils, wash clothes, help out in the kitchen and do every and any odd jobs that she was asked to do. Although coming from a poor back-ground she was very clean and tidy in her work and habits.

Chandrakali had a quiet and silent manner of going about things and both Ramdev and Shanta observed with silent praise in their eyes that she had soon become a very useful aide to Shanta in the household.

Chandrakali herself was very happy. She had finally found a life when she would sleep with a full stomach and not worry where her next meal was to come from. Besides, Shanta and Thakurji always had a kind word for her, which would give her a sense of belonging and contentment.

Once, Chandrakali came into the haveli along with her came a few problems. The almost routine and active sexual life of Shanta and Ramdev came to an abrupt stand still. The quiet slipping away at night to Ramdev’s room became very infrequent and hurried if ever, with the fear of Chandrakali waking up and knowing about their doings.

The impromptu escapades though stopped completely, because Chandrakali was always around and there was no way that Shanta and Ramdev could engage into anything amorous, because the fear of being discovered was always there.

This period of abstinence was not without its repercussions. Ramdev found him-self to be more and more restless and had started developing a short temper, snapping at almost everybody who had the misfortune of evoking his anger. Slowly, he started finding excuses to stay away from work for longer periods too.

Shanta herself was finding it difficult but had no way to express it, she simply bore it all with a studied silence. She was more worried about Ramdev and his mental peace and that really pained her.

One day Chandrakali was wiping the floor in Ramdev’s bedroom. Ramdev was sitting on the bed and olgun porno reading a book. Chandrakali had her saree tucked up and was squatting down so much so that her legs almost to her lower thighs were visible. Suddenly, her pallu fell below exposing her cleavage and her heavy luscious bosom was exposed to a great extent, but Chandrakali was oblivious to this.

Ramdev, sexually hungry that he was for weeks could not help but stare at this sight. He felt a familiar stirring in his nether region and for moments he was almost mesmerized by this sight. Unknown to him Shanta was just passing by the room at that very moment and observed this.

Moments later, Ramdev sensed Shanta’s presence at the window and as if caught went red in the face and continued reading his book. Chandrakali too realized her pallu had fallen and immediately set it right and went about her work.

That night Shanta could not sleep. Her mind was dazzled by numerous thoughts and try as she might, she could not sleep. Finally, after hours of thought she seemed to have reached some conclusion and fell off to sleep.

The next day Shanta seeing an opportunity stepped into Ramdev’s room. She knew that Chandrakali was washing clothes and the man-servant was out, so she could talk to Ramdev for a while without being over heard or disturbed.

“Thakurji! I know that the last few weeks have been tough for you; it has been the same for me. We both had a very honest intention of helping Chandrakali in her problem, but somehow the situation has misfired on us, leading us to be away from each other.” Shanta’s voice was gentle.

“I have thought of a solution to this problem, and I hope you will agree with me.” Shanta pursued.

The question mark on Ramdev’s face was enough to make Shanta go on, ” Chandrakali will have to be taken in confidence, Thakurji. I have also noticed that she is not entirely unattractive to you.”

Ramdev felt as if he had been caught, “But Shanta, won’t you object?” he asked.

“Thakurji, I am your slave for life, whatever makes you happy, makes me happy too.” Shanta replied.

Ramdev protested, ” Shanta, what makes you think she will agree? Further if anything of this gets out our reputations will be ruined forever.”

Shanta smiled and replied, “Leave everything to me Thakurji, you will have no complaints.”

Shanta, that very afternoon was explaining to Chandrakali some things she wanted done in the kitchen. Suddenly Shanta asked her a question, “Don’t you miss your husband? Chandrakali?”

Chandrakali was silent for a moment, then she lowered her head and said, “Didi, all I have received from my husband was abuses and curses, the only days of peace that I have known in my life have been in this haveli.”

“What are you saying Shanta? Surely, you must have been happy with you parents?” Shanta persisted.

“Didi, my marriage was fixed by my father over a bottle of liquor, that too because Bhimrao was paying for my father’s liquor. All my childhood I have seen my mother’s earnings being spent on liquor and all we got from our father was beatings and abuses.”

Chandrakali went on, “Bhimrao was 15 years elder to me, he had some inheritance of which he never gave me anything to run the house hold. Whatever money he had would be spent on paying rent and liquor and I had to work as a daily labor in the fields to earn enough money to feed both of us.”

Chandrakali had started crying by now. Shanta as if by instinct went forward and comforted her, Shanta asked her, “But what about the bed Chandrakali? Did he not satisfy you?”

Chandrakali shook her head and after a while she replied, “Didi, he was an animal, the first few months till his lust was satisfied he would sleep with me daily, after that whenever his lust took over he would simply come insert his tool finish and move off, I have never known pleasure which so many women have told me comes with sex.”

Shanta smiled inwardly when she heard this, she went on, “Chandrakali, listen carefully to what I am about to say, it is with the strictest confidence and trust that I am telling you this, and not a word of this should go out to anyone.”

Chandrakali was silent for a while but when she saw Shanta was silent too, she implored, “Didi I owe my life to you and Thakurji. There is no way that I will do or say anything that will ever compromise you or Thakurji in anyway.”

Finally, when Shanta spoke her voice was somber and serious and calm, “Thakurji, is a very kind and a good man. However, he is lonely too, when I came to the haveli my situation was exactly like yours. I had nowhere else to go.”

“Even though, he could have, he never forced me to sleep with him. It was me who in fact seduced Thakurji. Whatever he did for me and Roopa was without any expectations from me, when even my relatives had forsaken me.” Shanta went on.

Chandrakali was listening with rapt attention. Shanta continued, ” Chandrakali!, Thakurji is human after outdoor sex all and with his manly needs. Sexually, too he is a very potent man; I have never felt so satisfied ever in life. He finds you attractive too. I have decided to dedicate my life to him, and thus I decided to take you into my confidence.”

“Neither of us i.e. me and Thakurji will ever force you to do anything against your wishes, but with your coming into the house-hold he has been starving for weeks yet, he has never complained. When we decided to help you we never thought of the consequences it would have on us. The only thought in our mind was to help you in your time of need.” Shanta stopped at this; it was almost as if she could not speak anymore.

Chandrakali was speechless for a while, as if to let everything that she had heard soak in. When she spoke it was as if she had made up her mind, “Didi, I have understood what you have said, trust me not only will I not tell a soul about this, but I will also do anything that you and Thakurji expect from me.”

Shanta felt a smile coming on to her face; it was a mixture of relief and happiness. She said, “I am very happy with you, believe me you will never regret this decision.” Having said this Shanta got up and went about her work.

In due course Ramdev was informed by Shanta of the developments. The next few days Shanta concentrated on Chandrakali’s appearance. Everything down to the last detail was paid attention.

Gone were the cracked heals, the unkempt appearances, the neglected nails, the unshaved and sweaty arm-pits and pubis. Instead, the complete being was replaced by a woman just modeled to be the one to give a man pleasure. One had to see Chandrakali to believe that this was the same village woman of a few weeks earlier.

A few days later, Shanta told Chandrakali, “I think you are ready now, if you are having any second thoughts or change of mind about your decision please let me know.”

Chandrakali lowered her head and shook it, Shanta noticed a shy smile on her face as she did so. “Very well then, I will inform Thakurji immediately.”

The man-servant was given an early leave by Shanta that day. Chandrakali was asked to take a bath and then go to Ramdev’s room. A new set of clothes, flowers for her hair, a sandalwood perfume, were all laid out for Chandrakali that day by Shanta.

Ramdev meanwhile was himself in a eager state of anticipation. He had been adviced by Shanta to save himself for the up-coming night a few days back. The next few days had passed very impatiently for him, he would go for his work and return early, and whenever home would look out for glimpses of Chandrakali, whom he stared at unabashedly now.

Chandrakali herself had started noticing his stares and would try and be in his way more and more often. She would find herself getting into hot flushes, with something wet seeping between her thighs each time she saw Ramdev. During her baths too she would touch herself in all forbidden areas and would have to restrain herself from bringing herself off.

This comedy had not gone un-noticed by Shanta, who would smile whenever such incidents took place. She had a growing feeling of lust building within her which she knew would soon come to fruition. After all, she was the one who had brought about whatever that was to happen.

That evening Roopa was taken by Shanta to the servant quarters as soon as the man servant left. Chandrakali found herself walking towards Ramdev’s room and he was standing at the door as if, he would be denied of the pleasure at the last moment.

The moment Chandrakali stepped at the door Ramdev stepped aside to let her in, she walked in as if in a trance. Her heart was pounding in her chest almost as if a sledge hammer was beating against her rib cage with each beat. As soon as she was inside Ramdev locked the door and came close and stood besides her.

As Chandrakali stood, Ramdev walked all around her, his eyes devouring her body. He was still deciding where to start. Chandrakali’s heart beat was out of control by now; she could bear it no longer. She simply closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes!” Ramdev’s voice was hoarse.

Chandrakali opened her eyes but her heart showed no signs of relenting. Ramdev stood behind her and traced a finger starting at the base of her neck, over the back of her blouse and down to the exposed spine between her blouse and her saree and then over her saree between the crack of her buttocks.

When Ramdev’s finger reached the crack of her buttocks, Chandrakali inhaled sharply. Then Ramdev stood near her, his finger still over her crack and nibbled slowly on her ear, his warm breath into her ears, “How is this?” he asked sharply.

Chandrakali stood silent, and expectant. The juices had started flowing freely between her legs. She was not aware of what was expected from her, so she just let Ramdev have his way with her.

By now Ramdev had opened up his palm, and public agent porno was caressing the whole expanse of her buttocks with his palm over her saree. His tongue was still busy lapping away at her ear. Chandrakali inadvertently let out a moan.

“So! You seem to like it!” When Ramdev said this it was no longer a question.

Chandrakali kept switching her weight from one heel to the other while Ramdev kept caressing, pinching and fondling her buttocks. His attitude was itself as if she was an object built for his pleasure and he would take her pleasure from her as and how he willed it.

After a while Ramdev, stood in front of her and removed the pallu of her saree covering her breasts. Chandrakali was wearing a blouse which unhooked in the front. She had no bra and panties on under explicit instructions from Shanta.

Ramdev cupped one of her breasts over her blouse and squeezed hard. “Ohh!” A moan of pain mixed with pleasure escaped Chandrakali’s lips.

Ramdev was oblivious to it, her breast felt full and heavy to his touch. As if it was a ripe, mature, juice laden fruit just waiting to be milked or plucked as his fancy took him. He caressed it softly at first, then slowly increasing the pressure bringing on Chandrakali to a moan with each squeeze.

Slowly, Ramdev’s finger-tips got around to tease the nipples over the blouse. Chandrakali could feel her nipples harden as though against her wishes. Her body was slowly but surely slipping away from her conscious command and becoming more and more enslaved to Ramdev.

Ramdev unhooked the hooks one by one, his eyes staring at Chandrakali all the time. She could no longer bear the intensity of his gaze. It was stripping her bit by bit, eating her up, the hunger evident in his eyes. Her breasts felt free as soon as the last hook was un-hooked.

Once un-hooked Ramdev tersely asked Chandrakali to take all her saree and blouse off, she complied. Ramdev then reached out and grabbed one of her breasts with his hand, squeezing it mercilessly, “Ohhh! Thakurji” she moaned.

Ramdev started teasing Chandrakali’s nipples with his finger-tips, using both hands this time. They had grown hard and erect, almost like juicy swollen raisins ready to let out a sweet juice.

Ramdev suddenly bent forward and took one of Chandrakali’s nipples in his mouth. Flicking his tongue over the areola and then licking it. Then he took the complete nipple in his mouth and started suckling on it. He was in no hurry, while he was suckling on her nipples his hands reached behind her and grabbed her buttocks and squeezed them hard.

Chandrakali was well gone into the pleasure by now. She was moaning and squirming her bottom, her breath coming in heavy gasps. Ramdev’s fingers were by now teasing the crack of her ass over her petticoat. His fingers then dug in and started playing with her anal bud with the piece of cloth in between.

Chandrakali sensed her moans getting louder by now, her heart was screaming bloody murder with its merciless pounding, it was as if a new sexual being had awakened inside her and had taken over her mind, body and soul.

Ramdev then tugged at the knot of her petticoat trying to open it. It did not give away so easily. He was himself pretty excited and getting impatient now. Seeing his confusion Chandrakali could not restrain her giggle. Angered, Ramdev grabbed her mouth pinching her lips in his fingers and bit them hard. “Bitch! Stop yapping and strip.” He was far gone by now.

Chandrakali checked herself, removed her petticoat and waited for his instructions. Ramdev got rid of his clothes; and sat on the bed, his erection monumental by itself was almost as if a thick black fleshy pole was jutting out of his body pointing to the sky. “Suck on this!” His voice was menacing and there was no doubting the seriousness in his voice.

Chandrakali bent forward and took it in her mouth. His penis’s width almost had her open her mouth to its utmost. Try as she might she could not take in more than half of it. Ramdev grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock deep inside her mouth. She gagged as his prick went right into her throat. She could feel her tears welling up in her eyes as she looked up pleadingly at Ramdev to have mercy.

Ramdev eased the pressure of his hand on her head and let Chandrakali have her way. Her mouth felt warm and nice to his prick. With the pressure of his hand off her head, Chandrakali relaxed a bit and started concentrating on the job at hand. She started with long licks around the head of his prick licking off the pre-cum that had formed on it. Then she went up and down along the length of his prick with the tip of his tongue.

Impatient, Ramdev again grabbed her head, almost as if by reaction Chandrakali took his prick in her mouth and started sucking on it. Her tongue started licking his prick inside of her mouth. Ramdev was taken aback with this burst of pleasure that this action gave him.

“You are good woman! Your mouth is pleasure, suck on it, yeah that’s the way… this is good, your mouth is better than a cunt any day, I will teach you to purr… I will teach your pussy to meow at my directions!” Ramdev’s lust had taken over him completely; he hardly knew what he was talking about.

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