Jack Ch. 01

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Jack pushed his rigid cock into the tight pussy of his secretary. Krista was in high school, only 18 years old, and this was the first job she’d ever had. It was no accident that this tight little piece of ass had gotten the job, of course. She’d beaten out nearly a dozen much more qualified applicants that had lacked the “assets” that she had. Namely her perky B cup tits, a round ass that just begged to be stared at, legs that were so smooth they had to be felt, and gorgeous green eyes that looked so innocent staring up at him while she sucked his cock. Her innocent young face made his cum explode harder in her mouth than when he came in her pussy.

The first time he’d managed to get into her panties, she’d asked him to be gentle, that she was still a virgin. He wasn’t gentle, and from then on he had fucked her tight hole with relentless vigor, showering her beyond a doubt that he was in charge. But, she was working over summer break, so he had to get in all the fucking he could before she started her senior year; after that, she’d only be able to work a couple days a week.

She was bent over his desk as his dick slid into her sweet hole. Jack had his eyes closed, he liked to enter her slowly at first and savor the amazing feel of his cock sliding into such a young, wet cunt for a few minutes before his will dissolved and he pounded away at her pussy. She was left only wearing her skirt, which was now flipped up onto her back as he got into the rhythm of fucking his young secretary. Her blouse and bra were somewhere in his office, he didn’t know exactly where, and he definitely didn’t give a shit at the moment. Her clothes always ended up strewn about the room, randomly thrown aside when he could no longer resist her teasing advances.

Krista moaned beneath him, her tits were crushed against the desk as he began to pick up the pace. He pulled his cock out of her, and she whimpered pitifully, which made him smile. Such a slut! She couldn’t stand even a moment without his cock pounding her. He slammed his dick roughly back inside her and she yelped in surprise as his momentum changed instantly from slow and gentle to fast and hard. She loved it. Jack grunted with each powerful thrust and Krista simply held on to the desk as well as she could to avoid sliding her painfully squeezed tits across its surface.

“You have… a meeting at… eleven thirty… Then lunch… with… your wife… at noon.” She loved playing these little games… pretending to work as if she wasn’t getting fucked by her boss, as if she wasn’t about to have an orgasm, and as if she wasn’t about to get another load of cum shot into her pussy. She dug her nails into his desk and he could feel the muscles in her legs tighten, she was about to cum. He spared a quick glance up at the clock. Shit! 11:15. His client would be here any minute for their meeting, and he had to get Krista dressed and presentable. He increased his pace yet again, which sent poor Krista over the edge. He quickly spotted her panties on the edge of the desk, scooped them up, and shoved them into her mouth. She moaned delightedly as she came, her quivering arms no longer strong enough to hold her body still. With her arms spent, the motion of Jack ramming her pussy was enough to slide her tits painfully across the surface of the desk, but she didn’t care. She was lost in bliss. Jack slammed into her a few more time before he finally felt his release.

“Oh shit,” was all he could manage. Then he was resigned to simple grunts as each pulse of his cum shot into the naked teenager on his desk. He held his cock inside her as his sperm rushed up from his balls, he relished the feeling of each jet that shot through his cock, and was immensely satisfied to be depositing it in such a young slut. As his orgasm subsided, he slowly pulled his now hypersensitive cock out of her. A small stream of cum followed his softening dick out, and ran down her thigh. That was almost enough to get him going again, unfortunately, he couldn’t skip this meeting. “Hurry up and get dressed. The amatör porno rep from Indi Steel is probably already here, and probably just heard you cumming on your bosses cock”

Krista gave him a teasing look as she slid back into her panties. “Do you think he’ll be upset, knowing that you were plowing your secretary while he was waiting? Or do you think he’ll take one look at me and forget his own name while he imagines himself in your place?” She smiled seductively and finished dressing, then quickly fixed her hair before heading back to her desk. Jack pulled up his pants and tucked his shirt back in as Krista stepped out, he heard her voice again as the door was closing behind her.

“Oh excellent, you’re right on time. Mr. Smith will see you now…”

* * *

A few minutes after 12, there was a small knock on his office door. The Indi Steel representative had just left, but had given no indication that he’d overhead Jack fucking Krista while he waited. Overall, the meeting had gone very well. “Come in,” he said.

“Excuse me Mr. Smith,” Krista said timidly as his wife followed her into the office, “Your wife is here.” Krista waited at the door, looking shy and intimidated.

“Yes, Krista, I can see that.” Jack responded in an annoyed tone. “Thank you.” He sighed heavily as his wife, Rachel, sat down across from him.

“Jack… do you have to be so rude to the poor girl?” She asked. “She’s trying really hard.”

Jack and Krista had discussed this a couple months ago, when they first began fucking. Jack would pretend to be angry or annoyed with her, and she would pretend to be shy and scared. The idea was that it would keep his wife from noticing what a hot little piece of ass his secretary was. So far, it had been working beautifully. “Yes, yes. I know.” He rubbed his eyes to relieve mock stress. “But I swear she can’t do a single thing right. If she wasn’t the daughter of a friend, she’d be out on her ass right now.” Or I’d be balls deep in her ass, he mused to himself.

Rachel had a thoughtful look on her face. “Whose daughter is she again? I can never remember.”

“You know. Tom. He was at our wedding.” It was a lie. He didn’t know anyone named Tom, but claimed he was a friend from high school. Rachel simply accepted the story and didn’t think much about it.

Rachel, as it turned out, had been a diamond in the rough. She and Jack met working together while they were teenagers. They went to separate schools, but had both ended up working at the same sandwich shop. Rachel had been a plain looking girl. Not ugly, not pretty. She had light brown hair and was attractive enough to date, but hadn’t exactly been fighting off lines of guys. But, she had simply turned out to be a late bloomer. Right after they graduated she lost about 15 pounds naturally, which slimmed her down to a deliciously flat tummy. Her breasts had filled out, reaching D status; and she grew a couple of inches. Whereas before she had been a slightly short, almost chubby plain girl, the loss of weight plus the added height, tits, and long legs had turned her into an absolute hottie. Not having experienced being hot as a teen, she didn’t realize that she could have done much better than Jack. She continued to be shy and unadventurous, and was happy to settle with the first man she loved.

Jack, on the other hand, liked to fuck anything that had tits and a pussy. He managed to score a few hot girls in school, but they left quickly once they came to the conclusion that he was average in every sense of the word. Nothing special or unique to offer, so he was generally stuck with the somewhat-pretty girls. Or, if he was feeling really desperate, he’d hook up with any girl to release his sexual tension.

He had become somewhat annoyed with Rachel early on in their relationship. She hadn’t had much sexual experience prior to meeting him, and didn’t seem interested in trying new things. He could barely get her to suck his dick, even now. And swallow? Forget it. He considered himself anal porno lucky if he got to shoot his load on her tits. Usually, she’d jack him into a tissue, and how erotic that was. With her, it was either missionary or doggy style. Usually missionary, usually him on top, usually him doing all the work while she just lay there and moaned.

So, for the sake of their marriage, he had to cheat. It kept him satisfied sexually and relieved pent up stress so that he didn’t take it out at home. At least, that’s how he justified it to himself. And as long as she never found out, no one got hurt.

The one great thing Rachel did give him was their daughter Sara. It was ironic, he often thought, that she was the same age as Krista, but didn’t show any inclination toward sex. Must take after her mother. Oh, she had boyfriends. But nothing ever really lasted more than a couple of weeks, and he kept a very close eye on what time she came home, especially after a date. Still, there was nothing to indicate she was overly interested in sex, which he was grateful for. After learning about girls like Krista, he was terrified at the thought that it could be his daughter bent over some older-mans desk, letting him plow her pussy bareback, taking his load deep… NO! She isn’t like that.

Jack and Rachel returned to his office after lunch; they’d gone out to a local deli, their usual spot, and had talked about all the random married-couple topics: work, Sara, plans for the weekend et cetera. He walked Rachel to his office door and looked at Krista. “I need to go over some things with you,” he said ominously.

Rachel turned and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before leaving, and whispered into his ear “Don’t be too rough with her, she’s a good girl.”

Jack smiled to himself as Krista stepped past him into the office, “I promise I won’t be rough,” he replied. Well, not too rough. He shut the door behind him as he stepped back into the office and immediately began unclasping his belt. Krista was smiling coyly at him, sitting on the edge of his desk.

“You wanted to see me, sir?” she asked, a wicked grin on her face. “Or did you want to see these?” she taunted and began unbuttoning her blouse. She stood and let her blouse fall to the floor, then unclipped her bright pink bra. As it came off, she slid her hand across her breasts before he could get a peek. Her bra dropped to the floor and she turned her back to him. She wiggled out of her skirt and stood in her thong, looking back over her shoulder. “What was it you wanted to discuss, sir?”

What a tease! He stepped out of his pants and boxers, which were now in a pile at his feet, and approached her, stroking his stiffening cock. Jack ran his hand over her smooth back, then reached up around and cupped her tits, pinching her nipples roughly between his fingers. He kissed her neck and shoulder, and bit gently at her earlobe. He reached down and tugged her panties off, then bent her roughly over the desk and shoved his cock into her tight pussy.

“Oh fuck,” she said at the sudden and rough invasion, then preceded to moan in time with his thrusts. Jack loved the sound of naked flesh slapping together while fucking. Especially if it was his naked flesh slapping against the naked flesh of a hot, young high school student. He grabbed Krista by the hips and slammed his dick home over and over again. She was amazingly wet, as always. It was one of the many things he loved about her, and the fact that she had no interest whatsoever in having him wear a condom.

After a few minutes he pulled out of her and instructed her to lie on her back. She quickly obeyed, even though the hardwood desk wasn’t the most comfortable place to lay. He grabbed her by the hips again and slid her to the edge of the desk, just far enough that her ass was hanging off. He pushed his hard cock back into her and began fucking her again. He loved the way her young tits jiggled and bounced back and forth. He reached forward and squeezed her breasts, his left hand pinching her nipple. anal breakers porno Then he leaned forward to suck on the other. She grabbed his hair and held his face to her tit, moaning delightedly while he simultaneously fucked and sucked. His tongue flicked across her nipple, then he gingerly nibbled at it. Krista giggled and arched her back, saying “Yes. Yes. Yes!”

Jack released her tits and stood up right, he bent her legs up against his chest and held them tightly, then he proceeded to slam his cock into her harder and harder. Krista had her eyes closed and was trying her best to hold on to the desk, fearing he would fuck her right off the other side. As his thrusts grew harder, she couldn’t remain silent. He was pounding her pussy harder than usual and it felt great.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh shit yes fuck me!” she squealed as she rapidly approached her climax. “I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum” She reached around frantically for something to hold on to during her orgasm and succeeded in knocking a lamp, some folders, and papers off the desk. Jack continued pounding his little secretary roughly. “Oh yes, I’m fucking cumming!” Her nails scraped against the desk, leaving tiny grooves in the surface, as her pussy clamped down on his cock. Her tight little hole was like a vice grip on his cock, and in a few seconds, Jack felt his own orgasm approaching. He continued to fuck Krista as she lay moaning pathetically on his desk. He couldn’t take his eyes off her bouncing tits, and he felt his balls tighten.

“Get on your knees!” he commanded, “Swallow my cum.” Krista obeyed as quickly as she could, but her legs were weak after her orgasm. She didn’t have time to position her mouth as his cock released its first geyser of cum, which splashed across her forehead and into her eyes. Jack was rapidly stroking the cum out of his cock, and trying to adjust down to Krista’s now open mouth. The second jet caught her squarely in the nose and dribbled onto her lips. Finally, the third pulse shot directly into her waiting mouth and hit the back of her throat with enough force that it made her jerk her head back for a moment. The next few spurts began losing force and landed on her waiting tongue. She opened her eyes, though her right eyelashes were stuck together with gooey cum. He stroked the last few pulses onto her perky tits, which she quickly pressed together to collect his cum. Then she wrapped her lips around his cockhead to make sure she had it all. Jack stepped back and admired his work. Krista looked gorgeous with gobs of cum on her face and nose. She remained obediently on her knees, mouth open, tongue rolling his cum around her mouth. He stepped up to her again and slapped his softening prick on her face, leaving wet marks on her cheek. “That’s a good girl,” he said, “now swallow.”

She continued to stare up at him and swallowed his entire thick load. She then scooped up the cum from her tits, and the remaining cum on her face and shoveled it into her mouth and swallowed again. Krista smiled up at her boss, the perfect picture of an obedient slut.

Jack glanced up at the clock on the wall, almost 1:30. “I think I’m going to leave early. Run a few errands, then head home. You can take off too, if you’d like.” He began redressing.

“Okay,” she said, “But I think I’ll tidy up your desk first, since I destroyed it.” She laughed.

“Great. I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Jack walked to the door, “Oh, and tomorrow, where those colorful little polka-dot panties you have.” They made her look so young and innocent, and he loved being reminded of how young a girl he was defiling. He closed the door on his still nude secretary as he left.

Krista walked to the bookshelf that he had along the side of his office and frowned. “Oh, I don’t think I’ll be wearing those panties any more, Mr. Smith. Or, if I do, you certainly won’t know about them.” She smiled darkly and pressed the Stop button on her digital camera. “We have to discuss my salary first.” She walked over to his desk and sat down in his chair, still naked. She restarted the digital playback from their last fuck session and began to play with herself as she watched him fuck her again. Her devious thoughts helped bring her to an orgasm more powerful than Jack had ever given her.

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