Joining The Mile High Club

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Stan and Chase could not believe it! It would be their first flight together as well as their fist plane experience period. Several weeks ago, they had planned a nice getaway vacation for just the two of them to the Bahamas. They had only been married one year, but they had been dating for the previous four years. Having a very wholesome and satisfying marriage so far, they had no idea the pleasure they were about to partake in on the plane ride down south.

As the couple neared the gate to board the plane, Stan stumbled a little behind his wife. He took a long look of her backside and could not help feeling a stirring sensation in his pants. Chase stood about 5 foot 8 with a slim gorgeous body complete with long brown hair and blonde highlights and tight firm ass. Her front was even better, from the large playful brown eyes to her cute little pointy chin. Her breasts were a great compliment, not overly large or small, but just the right size with large, dark, pointy nipples. And her personality was the best of all. Always willing to do anything for him. He could honestly say that she was his best friend.

“Hurry up silly or we’re going to miss the plane,” she said smiling as he rushed to catch up.

“Who cares as long as you miss it with me,” he replied back, giving a hug to her waist.

As they boarded the large jumbo jet, they noticed the large plush seats with very high backs in first class as well as the whole comforting privacy feel that the plane had. It was not cramped or tight, but very spacious and accommodating.

Before the two knew it, they teen porno had taken off and risen way up into the sky. Many of the people on board had already feel asleep since it was an 11:00 p.m. flight. However, Stan and Chase were very much awake. Pulling out a large green, blue, and white golf blanket, they both cuddled comfortably in their seats.

“I love you,” Chase whispered into Stan’s ear as she slyly gave him a luscious lick on the earlobe.

“I love you, too,” he replied back with a light brush across her lips with his tongue. He quickly glanced beside of him and noticed that no one had taken the seats directly across from them, nor directly in the front or back of those two seats.

As he turned back, he could feel Chase’s hot breath on his neck. He turned all the way back to her and gave her a deep inviting kiss. His tongue massaged hers as they lapsed into a long, wet kiss.

Stan traced his hands down towards her lap and began to hike up her already very short skirt. She parted her thighs slightly so that he could have easier access to her pussy. Stan was surprised, but nevertheless pleased that she had removed her panties. He pushed his hands deeper until he found the nice warm folds of her lips. As he continued to kiss her lips and tongue, his hand continued to probe between her now very wet “other” lips. Slowly, he worked his fingers in and out as he begin to finger her.

Chase silently moaned into his mouth as he continued to finger her. She let her hands creep closer and closer to his now bulging pants. She quickly undid the button travesti pornp and zipper of his jeans and softly pulled out his hard 8 inch cock. Already dripping with precum, she ran her hands over the head, soaking them with his cum. Chase broke the kiss long enough to taste his cum.

“It tastes sweet,” she whispered, as she gave her cum coated fingers sloppy licks. Stan grinned back at her as he brought his soaked fingers up to her lips. Chase looked up and smiled as she licked her own pussy juice from his hand, and then she quickly gave him another sloppy kiss. He can smell and taste her pussy on her breath as he hungrily licked away. Right then, he knew immediately what he had to do. He quickly dived under the blanket and sank down between her legs in the floor of the plane. Chase slowly slid forward and reclined her seat just a tad so she could give her husband more access to her soaking pussy.

Stan quickly started giving her fat licks right up the slit. He would start all the way at her ass, tonguing it slightly, and then slide it all the way to her clit. She reached under and clenched his hair and she wriggled in her seat. Stan continued to lick and tongue her pussy, lightly brushing her clit and sending her wave after wave of pleasure. Finally, he rapidly flicked his tongue across her clit over and over as he fingered her. She immediately went into an immense orgasm that lasted for what felt like ten minutes. He quietly slid back into his seat and happily licked his fingers, tasting her juices.

“That’s not enough,” Chase looked at him sexily. tricky masseur “I want your cock inside of me! I want you to fill me up with cock, and then I want your cum deep inside of me!!”

Chase turned away towards the window, pressing her ass into Stan’s hard cock. She immediately raised her ass slightly and plunged her pussy down all the way onto his throbbing dick. She started fucking him slowly and steadily as he enjoyed the feeling of his wife’s wet pussy surrounding his cock. He reached underneath her shirt and softly massaged her tits, feeling her nipples hard as a rock.

Chase continued to fuck him as he slowly bucked back to her, pushing his cock all the way into her pussy. Chase looked at him, giving him the same look she always gives him when she’s about to come. Stan could feel her pick up the rhythm as she moved faster and faster. She let out a small moan as she came again, this time on her husband’s cock. He could feel it get wetter and wetter and she came. Finally, he felt the urge that he could go no longer. Stan leaned in and asked Chase where he should come. Chase quickly assured him that she wanted all of it deep inside her. Stan quickly obliged as he started pumping harder into her wet, hot cunt. Finally, Chase felt that warm gush as he exploded inside her. She could always tell if he came a lot or not. She knew that her pussy would be filled to the max with Stan’s hot fresh cum since she purposely avoided sex with him for that past three days just for this encounter.

Stan left his cock inside his wife for a few minutes to keep the cum from leaking out. The continued to comfortably lay there as they recuperated from the lovemaking they just shared.

“Thank you,” Chase looked into Stan’s eyes.

“You’re welcome,” he replied back. “We are now members of the mile high club!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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