Julie Wants to be a Good Girl Pt. 03

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You should probably read the first two parts to get a feel for the characters and plot. The stories each build on the previous ones. As always, please vote and send a comment. We write these stories for your enjoyment (as well as ours) and any suggestions that make them better benefits us all.


Julie was afternoons the next eight days and due to a fire in a downtown hotel my company had a lot of smoke and water damage to clean up. Good for the pocketbook not so much for my neglected privates.

Julie confessed to being horny and thinking about sex for the first time in her life. After being apart five days I explained about phone sex and she agreed to try it after work that night. She got in a warm bath to relax and make cleanup easy.

She had never masturbated in all her 24 years and was hesitant but excited at the same time. I let her relax and we just chit chatted until she was comfortable. Then I started talking about how great she smelled, especially when I could smell her aroused pussy. I told her about how I had enjoyed being on the receiving end of her first ever blow job. How I loved shooting in her mouth and watching her swallow my load.

This got me her first moan. I told her that I liked our slightly cummy kiss afterward. That got a groan. I told her to put her hand on her pussy and rub up and down. I heard the water splashing and her breath caught in her throat. I told her to take her middle finger and put it on her clit and slide her finger from side to side. I knew she had done it by the gasp I heard. I let her carry on until I was sure she was leaking pussy juice into the tub.

I told her it was time to come and to pinch her clit and one of her nipples at the same time. It got the reaction I was hoping for from her loud yells. Suddenly there was no sound and after ten seconds the call was dropped.

I tried a few times to get her back then a caller ID I didn’t know came up.

“It’s a good thing I still have a land line,” she stated with no preliminaries, “When I came I bumped my phone and it dropped off the rim and into the tub.”

I starting laughing and she said angrily, “It’s not funny, now I have to buy a new phone I can’t afford.”

I was still laughing and said, “Hey 2010 called and they want their phone back. That phone was no great loss and seeing it was mostly my fault I’ll buy you a new one.”

“I can’t let you buy me a new phone you clown.”

“I have over 30 phones for the company,” I explained, “there are five new Apple 11’s in a drawer at the office right now. OK?”

“Well you probably buy them a lot cheaper than I can,” she conceded, “but I insist on paying for it.”

“How about if I take payment by playing with certain of your body parts instead?” I suggested.

“Hmm, I think we have room to negotiate here,” she giggled.

“OK, I’ll stop at the office in the morning, get a phone activated with your number and drop it off at work,” I said, “you start at three right?”

“Yup, see you then,” she said, “oh jeez, in all the phone dropping I forgot to thank you for a very memorable first time.”

“I love taking your virginity’s,” I quipped, “only a few more to go.”

“A few more, what does that mean?” she asked.

“Oh nothing really,” I said casually, “you’ll see later. Bye.”

“Bye, see you tomorrow,” she said a little dubiously.

Seeing as it was one am by this time I went to sleep thinking about how great it was going to be taking her virgin pussy. Then I gave some thought about where to do it.

The next morning I got Julie’s new phone sorted out and headed to the C store. My ex sis in law Mary was stocking shelves and I stopped and talked to her first.

“Hey kiddo, what’s up?” was my greeting to her.

“Not much new,” she replied, “you’re disgustingly chipper for this gloomy day.”

“Yeah supposed to rain all day,” I said, “at least it’s not snow yet. Hey, do you know if Julie has any time off coming?”

“I just went over vacations, days off, sick days,” she said, “so yes I do know.” She stopped there and didn’t say anything else.

“So smart ass,” I asked, “you going to tell me?”

“No I am not,” she stated flatly, “you have absolutely no right to know private information about any employees.”

I was taken by surprise a little bit then said, “You are absolutely right I should not be privy to that information. How about I tell you why I want to know and you see if you can answer in a general sort of way?”

“Let’s try it and see what happens,” she said thoughtfully.”

“OK, in two days I know she has three days off before she rotates her shift to nights correct?”

“Yup, that’s the way it works and…”

“If she had like 2,3,4 days she could take off I want to take her down to Playa,” was my answer.

“Oh she’d like that I think,” she said excitedly, “I know Joe and the kids and I are looking forward to Christmas down there. So yes, in general terms Julie has enough time accumulated to go with you.”

“You can cover her shifts on such short notice” brazzers porno I asked.

“Sure, it’s the night shift and I always have college kids that will take a shift then.”

“Thanks,” I said giving her a peck on the cheek, “you’re the best. At least you’re better than your sister.”

She laughed and punched my arm “So go ask her. Wait, I’ll tell her to take her break now.”

I grabbed a fountain drink and waved to Julie. I pointed out toward the picnic tables and hit the door. Julie came out and gave me a quick kiss before sitting down.

I handed her the new phone and said, “I got them to activate it in your number but you are a part of our plan now. In other words, you won’t get a bill for service.”

“You can’t keep doing things like this for me all the time,” she complained, “it’s not fair to you, I feel like a mooch.”

“I think each line is like five bucks a month and it’s unlimited data. Don’t worry about it. It’s company money.”

“Yeah, but you are the company you know,” she pointed out.

I waved my hand to say it didn’t matter then said, “As long as I got you to agree to the phone how about agreeing to take a week off and come to Playa del Carmen with me?”

“What in the world are you talking about, I can’t afford something like that,” she protested, “I’m not even sure where Player whatever you said even is. Mexico right?”

“That’s more than most people know. It’s Playa del Carmen, just 50 miles south of Cancun,” I explained.

“If you know that you have obviously been there,” she said, “why do you want to go there. Why do you want to go there with me?”

“Well here’s the deal,” I explained, “my folks vacationed in Cancun years ago. They rented a car and drove down the coast to a small town called Playa del Carmen. They fell in love with the place and bought several lots, over 20 in fact. They went down, actually the family went down, every year and they decided which lot to develop and how. They did one a year until they had had them all developed.”

“Your folks have 20 houses in Mexico?” she asked.

“No, I said they had 20 property’s there. It’s actually seven apartment buildings with 160 total apartments they rent to well to do locals. Then there are 6 condos with a total of 48 units in a private community called Playacar. These are rented by the day, week, or month to foreigners. Then there is their share of four high rise hotels on the beach. The last three are six bedroom beach houses for the private use of the family. My folks have one, I have one and my brother John has the other. My sister Bonnie hates it down here and has a penthouse on Central Park West.”

“I’m stunned,” she said in awe, “four hotels? I thought you were rich because you have a large successful business here.”

“The hotels were a large project so they had to get partners,” I explained, “they only own 51% of the hotels. I think there are about 2000 rooms total. Everything is ran as one corporation with different divisions. Mom and dad have been very generous. Each of us kids own 20% leaving them with 40%. The total gross is seven million a year with about four million a year profit so my share every year is around $800,000.”

She just looked at me and then started fidgeting with her hands and pretty soon she was crying quietly. I lifted her onto my lap and shushed her until she stopped.

“What’s the matter, why are you crying?” I asked, confused by her reaction.

“Why do you want to be with me,” she asked, “you’re rich and good looking you can have any woman you wanted.”

“You are absolutely right,” I said hugging her, “and I am with the one I want.”

“You are an idiot or delusional or something,” she claimed, “maybe crazy even.”

“Hah, the only thing I’m crazy about is you,” I leered at her as if I were crazy.

“Go home, don’t call me,” she said softly, “I have to think about this.”

She hopped off my lap and walked to the door without looking back. I sat there wondering what there was to think about. What the hell was wrong with having money? I certainly never thought of it as a curse.

About 11:30 that night I got a call. I rushed to answer thinking it was probably Julie. It was Mary instead.

“Hey,” she said, “I had a long talk with Julie. I explained that your family thought about money differently than most folks do. About how generous you all are. I told her that even though I was your ex sister in law my family still spends Christmas break at the house in Playa.”

“So what was the upshot of this?”

“She’ll come around,” she said confidently, “I’m so sure of it I took her off the schedule for the next week.”

“You are a pal Mary,” I said, “thank you.”

Now I was so confident I called the airline and got seats for two days from now. I went to bed feeling much better about things.

Julie didn’t call me until after her shift the next night. “So what do I need to pack for this soiree,” was how she opened the conversation.

I laughed and said, “Well hello to clip4sale porno you too.”

“Asshole,” was her reply, “in case you haven’t figured it out I’m a little nervous so be gentle.”

“OK,” I chuckled, “pretty simple really. A swim suit, couple pair of shorts and tops, sandals, and maybe a sun dress for going out. Everything I take fits in the overhead, no checked luggage.”

“OK, I can manage that,” she sounded relieved, “when do we leave?”

“I will pick you up at noon,” I informed her, “the flight is at 2:30. I am TSA prechecked so no security line waiting.”

“Noon tomorrow, as in 12 hours from now, that noon?” she asked in a panic.

“You got this,” I said calmly, “no big deal. Throw some stuff in a bag. If you forget something they actually have stores there. Now get going and I’ll see you at noon.”

I picked her up and we got to the airport in plenty of time. We had a pleasant flight but then first class is usually pleasant. We were met by Pedro Flores, he’s one of our property managers who over the years has also become a friend. He bundled us into his Yukon and got us to the house in under an hour.

We were met at the door by Gris (short for Griselda) the housekeeper. She took our bags from Pedro looked at me and asked, “So Garito, one bedroom or two?” I looked at Julie and she held up one finger. I nodded and Gris went down the hallway to the master suite.

I shook Pedro’s hand and thanked him for the ride. He told me he had had a maintenance man come over and make sure the golf cart and the Subaru Outback were in perfect running order. Then he said he had something to show me in the garage. I excused myself with Julie and followed him to the garage.

As soon as we were in the garage he hugged me and said, “My friend I think you have finally met the right one.”

I said, “Yeah but you said that about my ex also.”

He laughed and said, “Si, but then I was only being polite. This time I mean it.”

He turned to go then turned back at the door, “Call me amigo if you need anything, anything at all.”

“Gracias my friend, vaya con dios.” With that I went back in the house.

Gris must have decided Julie was OK because they were seated at the wet bar and sipping some fruity looking concoction. They both smiled at me and waved me over. Julie handed me one of whatever they were drinking and put an arm around me. Gris finished her drink and said unless we wanted her to fix supper she was leaving for the night. But she said heuvos rancheros and chorizo for breakfast.

“Not to early OK? Maybe around 9 or 10?” I begged.

“Oh I see, you want your breakfast at lunch time,” she wisecracked. She came over and pecked me on the cheek and hugged Julie, which caught her by surprise, and she was gone.

“So what do you think of the dump,” I asked, “you be OK here for a few days?”

“Gris showed me around when you were in the garage. Pretty nice digs. I measured the master bath, it is larger than my apartment. And the kitchen! Restaurant quality appliances and enough room for a square dance,” she gushed.

“She show you the view?” I asked. She shook her head no and I walked to the floor to ceiling windows and pulled the drapes open. We slid open the door and walked out onto the deck. The ocean was 100 meters away and we could hear the surf.

“I hadn’t realized we were on the second floor,” Julie observed.

“Yeah we’re on one of the few hills in Playa. The street side is high so the beach side is one floor lower.”

“That’s why I only saw two bedrooms,” she said, “the others are on the lower floor. This place is even bigger than I thought. The best part though is that swimming pool.”

I pointed to the spiral staircase in the corner and said, “The hot tub, sauna and massage room are right below us. The remote for them is on the wall there. The phone is a direct line to a masseuse we have access to. Just pickup the phone and tell them what type of massage you want and when.”

Julie shook her head and said, “F. Scott Fitzgerald was right, the rich are different. My god, pickup the phone for a massage.”

“Yeah, we have more money,” I quipped, “now what about food.”

“Is there any food in the fridge?” she asked walking that way. “There are eggs, milk, bread, and cheese. How about a cheese omelet and some toast?”

I opened the pantry and said, “We have a can of mushrooms here. There are onions, tomatoes and potatoes on the counter.”

“How about a veggie omelet and fried potatoes?” said proposed.

“I don’t know,” I said sadly, “us rich people like a little better than that.”

“You don’t watch it buddy and all you’ll get is a frying pan upside the head,” she said as she picked up a skillet.

“Tell you what,” I suggested, “how about I make the potatoes and you do the omelet?”

We worked well together and enjoyed the making, eating and cleaning up after.

“What now?” I asked. Without hesitation Julie said, “Pool.”

“OK, pool it is.” I said and started toward the colette porno stairs down to the pool.

“Ah, aren’t you forgetting something?” asked Julie.

Puzzled I said, “No I don’t think so.”

“How about a swim suit and a towel?” she asked.

“Oh, I understand. The wall around the pool is high enough that no one can see in. I usually don’t wear a suit. There is a cabinet full of towels downstairs in the massage room. Robes you can wear after so you don’t have to get dressed.”

“Going swimming naked,” she said, “well the thought of that got me a little excited so I better get these clothes off.”

I grinned at her and started to strip. We finished at the same time and she followed me down to the pool. We had a great time floating around chatting, just relaxing. Julie was hanging on to the side of the pool and I swam up behind her and ran my hand between her legs and slowly inserted my thumb in her pussy.

“Oh god, that feels good,” Julie sighed, “and before you ask what feels good it’s your thumb going in and out of my tight pussy. OH Myyy, about 10 more strokes will do it. 1 2 3 nope, that’s it. Oh, I’m coming all over your hand. It feels so good. Oh, it feels so strange, I know I’m squirting but it’s just going out into the water. God hold me up Gary, don’t let me drown.”

I assured her I had her and held her above water until she quit shaking and grabbed the side of the pool.

“How about we get out and soak in the hot tub?” I asked. She just nodded and I scooped her up and carried her out the steps and gently lowered her into the hot tub.

“This feels so good,” she groaned, “If I died and went to heaven right now it would be a disappointment.”

“You can’t die yet,” I said, “you’re still a virgin.”

“Not really, but speaking of that,” she said nervously, “how are you going to go about doing that I’m still not sure you will fit.”

“Well,” I said, “I’m going to get you relaxed in here then carry you in to the massage room, give you a massage inside and out then you’re going to climb on top of me and just slide down the pole.”

“Oh god that sounds wonderful but I don’t think it will be that easy.”

“Relax and don’t over think it,” I said, “in fact don’t think about it at all, just float away.”

“Good advice,” she grinned, “now shut it so I can.”

I climbed out and grabbed a beer from the nearby bar. I eased back into the pool and sipped on my beer while I watched Julie, her eyes closed, just relax in the hot bubbling water.

After about 20 minutes Julie mumbled, “You better get me out of here and fuck me before I fall asleep. And yes, I did use the word fuck.”

I quickly gathered her in my arms and with difficulty got out of the tub. I carried her into the massage room and laid her on the table. I turned the lights down low and turned the sound system on to some slow jazz.

I poured some oil on my hands and was just about to apply it to Julies back when she said, “Put that between my legs and the rest of it on your cock. I’m to horny for a back rub.”

I did as she asked and got us both lubed up. She slid to the side of the table and I climbed in on my back. She giggled as she slid over our slippery bodies to stop on top of me.

“Well, she said, “you certainly seem ‘up’ for the task.” She reached under herself and stroked my already hard cock.

She got up on her knees on either side of my hips but she wasn’t high enough to clear my cock. She climbed up onto my stomach and reached back and grabbed my cock. She rubbed it back and forth on her wet oily pussy a few times and then centered it. She slowly sat down until all her weight was propped up by my cockhead. I don’t know if it was hurting her but 95 pounds on the head of your dick is not that much fun.

I reached between us and felt that her pussy lips were spread wide. There was plenty of oil for lube so I said the only thing I could think of, “Bounce on it.”

She raised herself up a little, I grabbed her hips and nodded. She came down wuith my hands on her hips pulling and my hips heaved up at he same time.

She let out with a strangled cry and we discovered that the entire head of my cock was in her pussy.

“Don’t move, don’t you move. Oh that fucker is big. You have a big cock in my pussy you mean man.”

I chuckled, “Mean?”

“OH yes, mean,” she groaned, “why are you torturing my poor pussy like this. Maybe if you moved it in and out a little it would feel better.”

I gently tried to pull out a little and found her pussy was locked tight around the head of my cock. So I raised my hips and gained a half inch and then got it to pull out. Gradually I got 3 inches of my cock working in and out. It was easy but my cock wasn’t getting strangled as much. The entire time Julie tried to help by rocking her hips. And moaning, groaning and the occasional gasp.

Finally she said, “Why aren’t you going deeper? Are you hitting the end of my pussy? Is this all the cock I can take?”

I puffed and panted a little and said, “You remember what I said about taking your virginity?”

“Yes,” she said, “I was confused, I wondered what you meant.”

“Well,” I explained, “you said you never put anything inside you, not even a tampon right?” She nodded and I continued, “And Danny’s cock was only 2 inches right?” Another nod.

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