Karina is a Prostitute

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“Khai, you must marry me and rescue me from this life! I am fed up of clubs,” Karina pleaded with me.

I was awestruck and speechless. I thought, ‘Have I fucked her in a way she has never experienced before? But no, she is the expert. She has been in the sex trade for many years.’

I have no idea, to this day, why I gave a date to a woman I had met at F2, the night club on Moi Avenue. It should have been enough that I went there to listen to disco music, watch people dancing and have a drink. I suppose it went off the rails when the beautiful light-skinned woman greeted me in good English even before I found a seat. I thought she, like me, was here to pass the time.

As soon as I sat down, before I had ordered a Smirnoff Ice from the waiter, she came and sat next to me.

She asked me, “You look like a decent sort of man, not a the clubbing type. How come you are here?”

I looked at her thinking, ‘I should be the one to ask you that!’

Instead I laughed and said, “What do clubbing types look like?”

“Trust me I have seen many sorts of men in my time here. I have been picked up by lots of them, and can read them like a book.”

“So what do you read in me? By the way, I am Frank.” Even though I now knew I was mistaken about her being a casual visitor to the club for her pleasure, I was not dismayed to find she was a prostitute of the common type. Yet not thoroughly common. Her manner was very direct, which may be because she had decades of experience. However, her face and body were not those of an old hag, who had been in the trade since I was in school! She seemed to be only in her late twenties, in fact. I was intrigued. Something at the back of my mind told me to be cautious in the face of a professional. My conscious mind replied that one yet so young could not be so sophisticated as to overwhelm me.

“You should not be here. If these prostitutes get hold of you, you may never get out of their clutches.”

The use of the word ‘may never’ mollified me as I was getting irritated that she took me for such a novice in life.

Instead, I laughed. I have no intention of speaking to any!” If she could be ironical so could I.

If her intention was to market herself as a different sort of girl she was succeeding famously. “Do you want a drink as well?” I asked her.

“What a gentleman! Yes, I would love one.” The common whore would have been asking for it before ever her ass had touched the seat.

We set to introductions. She told me of her childhood in the eastern suburbs of the city, which ordinarily would have been a red flag to me. To my considerable surprise she went to school at the Loreto Convent. This, to my mind, explained her whole manner, which marked her out from others in the ‘world’s oldest profession’.

“But why did you end up selling your body?” I asked.

She had screwed up her face. I thought she was going to protest the form of my question.

Instead she said, “My parents died in a horrific road accident near Kikuyu town. Maybe you heard of it?” I vaguely remembered a bus that had a head-on collision with a lorry not far from my home, killing scores of people.

I hung my head in sadness, that these many years later I was meeting one who was directly affected by that accident, where I had felt removed from it. I had even forgotten all about it until that moment.

Her uncle had always looked up to his elder sister, Karina’s mother, she said, and her father’s relatives did the traditional thing. During the preparations for the funerals they took everything that belonged to their dead relative, down to the last chicken. Left destitute only a few months after her eighteenth birthday, she had two siblings to take care of. Begging from the neighbours only took her so far, before men gave her conditions: if she sleeps with them, she would get some money to buy food. Despairing, she tried a different neighbour. That one too made similar demands after the first few days of giving her foodstuffs or a little money. Eventually, with nowhere else to turn to, she gave in.

Soon enough there was nobody she could appeal to without the same demands being made of her. Her young, barely legal cunt was fucked all over the neighbourhood by men who had known her parents in her attempt to feed herself and her siblings. Woman began to get uncomfortable about her, probably fearing that she being younger and more appealing, would snatch their husbands away.

“That is how I found my way to a club in the city, hoping to get more money than neighbours could give, as now I needed to find school fees for my charges”. Her own school career had been cruelly truncated. Thus she was well-spoken, but had not obtained a school certificate to enable her find employment.

I told her we had better decamp to a quieter place. I booked a room at Midtown Hotel, after a meal in a restaurant owned by the same hotel. She looked wide-eyed at me. Maybe none of her customers came to such places, stranded teens porno preferring cheap lodgings since they had no other purpose but to fuck her and quickly go their way. But she kept her counsel.

I did still want to see if a whore was any better at sex than the ordinary girl. I grabbed her and kissed her tenderly. Her hands went to my back, caressing me lovingly. She kissed me back hungrily. I spared a thought to wonder if she did that with regular customers. I fondled her tummy area and heard her moan. Was that the genuine article or just how she kept her men interested?

I climbed higher and arrived at her teats. She had an intriguing pair, largish but encased in padded bra, I could not get their measure beyond that. Suddenly I was filled with curiosity; I wanted to see, and touch them skin to skin. It was time to open her dress’ zipper, which my fingers lost no time attacking. But the dress had to be taken off either by lifting it up from the hem, or else taking the arms off the sleeves and drawing it down her body. I chose the latter approach. She stood in her underwear, seeming a bit shamefaced. Her skin was so light-toned, she could have been a halfcaste between an Indian and an African. I hurriedly unclasped the bra and confronted those boobs. How sweet they looked. They stood forth in their glory, topped by light brown nipples. I held one in each of my hands, with the thumb along the bottom. When I squeezed them the nipples stood out like soldiers at a parade.

I brought my mouth to them. I lapped the full flesh of her teats, grazing the aureoles. They gathered themselves together in arousal. Her hand held the back of my head, like a mother nursing her infant. I told her so.

“You are making me fall more in love with you!’ she whispered. I licked the nipple up and then down. My other hand was squeezing the free breast. She moaned. I was being taken in by her response, making me believe she had gone beyond what she did with regular customers. She had let herself relax and was enjoying herself like a regular woman.

“Don’t try too hard being a guild woman for my sake, Karina!”

She laughed. “I have never met one. My parents’ neighbours were not that type.” She was caressing my head and ears so gently that I had a hard time believing I was with a sex worker.

I pulled the nipple that was in my mouth and suddenly released it. She screamed. “Eeeee! What is that?”

I stroked her thighs, tantalising her vagina. Then I lay my palm squarely on her mons. She squirmed in ecstasy. I was beginning to think I had taken her beyond what her customers would have done in their hurry to satisfy their raging lust. She was enjoying all this.

When I ran my finger along her slit through her panty she breathed a sigh. I let her down onto the bed, pulling her panties off. Quickly I threw off my shirt, trousers and stood in my underwear.

“I am going to lick your pussy for your pleasure. Would you like that?”

“Yes, thank you! Where have you been all my life?”

I licked her teats, chest and tummy on my way to her close-cropped forest. She moaned as I neared her cunt and opened her legs invitingly. I sank my mouth between her thighs, blowing warm air onto her skin. She jumped suddenly. Her hand went back behind my head stroking lovingly. I sucked her labia majora then ran my tongue along her slit. She had such a long one! Pushing a little harder I opened the lips to expose her wet channel. I licked these juices into my mouth, swallowing their sweet flavour.

“Aaaiiiie!” escaped her lips. My tongue kept dancing around her clit, while her hips danced on the bed as if encouraging my tongue to make contact with it. I drew a long stroke from the bottom of her cunt right to the top of her long slit, but avoiding the clit.

“Stop torturing me like this, you sweet man!” she complained. At that precise moment the tip of my tongue prodded her swollen and eager clit. Her legs jerked violently.

Then I did another pass over the demanding love button. She nearly fell off the bed in sheer ecstasy. I flattened my tongue, pulled it all the way up her slit, this time taking in the clitoris. Then all the way down. Her fingers were scratching all through my head, driving me yet higher. I stopped halfway through my drive and sucked the clitoris in between my lips, then pushed it outwards. I felt it slip through my lips. Next I sucked the whole thing into my mouth. The warmth was too much for her.

She gripped my head with animal strength, her legs clamped around my ears, and I felt a pulsing against my lips. From far away I heard a high-pitched scream as Karina came. I blew a little air between my lips and her cunt, causing a whole new series of movements in her thighs, hands and the insides of her cunt. She must have come another time. I slowed my mouth’s activities. Her thigh muscles slowly relaxed, releasing my head from their grip.

“How unselfish my man is! student sex parties porno You have given me all the pleasure of the evening yet have received nothing from me!”

I rewarded her with another long lick up her exposed cunt.

“Aaah, don’t start!”

I lay my head against the side of her thigh, relaxing.

“Never, ever I swear!” she ejaculated.


“Reached orgasm with a customer. And what an orgasm! I have never had one like that, I swear!”

I was about to ask if a woman in her trade ever has sex for her own pleasure rather than for money but decided to keep that discussion for later.

I slid my body to lie against hers and looked into her eyes. I could not detect any pretense. It seemed to be completely genuine that she had had a different experience with me than with anyone else. I kissed her tenderly. She reached down and found my semi-hard cock.

“You have placed my pleasure before yours and I will now put my whole expertise to work for yours.”

She sat up so that she could use both hands on my cock. She gripped the stem with one hand, and rubbed the helmet in circular motions. Unsatisfied, she reached for her handbag and withdrew a jar of Vaseline therein. She coated my cock with a thin layer and resumed her ministrations. Immediately I knew I was in the hands of a true professional. Her assault on the helmet of my cock quickly caused me to stiffen like a broomstick. I lifted my hips of the bed in ecstasy, moaning like a patient in the ICU.

Having brought me to that point, she lowered her mouth and sucked the whole head into her warm mouth. I had to scream from the excess of pleasure she was giving me. She loosened her lips and ran her teeth lightly along the nut dividing the head from the stem. This drove me yet higher. She then opened her mouth and slid the whole of my cock, stem and all into her mouth. I could swear I felt my member twitch violently. The feelings coursing through me were off the scale; I could not remember having been taken so high by any woman, ever. She began sucking motions as she yet drew my cock fully into her mouth and out again, just like I was fucking a cunt.

She let my cock impinge on the back of her throat. It felt like I had reached her cervix. Pausing momentarily, she sucked two or three times before I felt myself go past and into her throat. The whole of me was now swallowed into her mouth. I took a moment to wonder at this: when the evening began we did not know each other, yet here I now was, allowing her to place her teeth so near my most secret part. Could she bite it off? But, no, she had not betrayed any malice so far. Besides, what was to be gained? She lifted and lowered her head mimicking the fucking motions with her mouth. It took a mere half-minute for me to erupt like Mt Krakatoa. Hot lava was ejected into the atmosphere only to be captured by her greedy mouth. I could hear her striving to swallow it all as fast as it came.

“Aaah, my God! Sweetest, you are awesome!” came from my throat. My hips were two feet off the bed, if I could but see them, my thigh muscles as tight as a bowstring ready to shoot an arrow. Finally my orgasm released me from its cruel grip, and my buttocks slumped back onto the bed. She pulled me out of her throat but continued licking me until she had cleaned all the semen off my cock. I felt as if I was already in heaven. If there was another heaven I could not imagine what it would be, but its pleasure would surely be too much for me, and would probably kill me outright!

Karina slithered along me until her boobs were poking into my chest giving me another flavour of pleasure. She kissed me voraciously, coating my tongue with the taste of my semen. It tasted wonderful. Rubbing her nipples over mine began to bring new life into my cock. As if to perform an audit, her hand gripped my stem again. I felt the slipperiness of the remnants of Vaseline on her hand. This speeded up my erection til I could feel it standing tall like a Safaricom mast. She threw a leg over my body and this increased coverage excited me yet further.

“Do you mind a woman on top?” she asked me in a timid voice.

I slapped her rump. “Ride me cowgirl!” With that she slid smoothly, almost as if she were a snake, onto my body, with her legs straddling me. I volunteered to hold my cock so that she could impale herself onto it. It slid into her so smoothly it was like cock and cunt were designed in the same factory for each other. A moment of fright overtook me when I remembered that this cunt very likely had a different cock pumping away inside it last night. If I were a sensible man, I thought, I would surely have remembered to wear a condom. But I was too far gone now to stop proceedings. Like a donkey driver I slapped her rump again. “Giddyup! Faster!”

She placed her hands on my shoulders to better support herself and increased her tempo. She fucked me like she had no concerns about submissive cuckolds porno my survival. I met her in her strokes so that we became a single fucking machine in that moment. So in tune were we that I felt her thighs tighten around my hips, as she screamed as if she were dying. I continued the movements but I felt that red-hot fire consume me from my groin to envelope my whole body. I, too, came in torrents. I had to wonder where such copious amounts of juice could have been stored. Her arms could no longer support her and she collapsed onto my chest, bringing those luscious boobs onto my chest again. We subsided slowly, kissing languidly, all spent.

“My love, I thought I was the sexpert, but you fuck like a lion! I want you in my life from now on.” If ever I heard a marriage proposal that was it. Strangely it did not induce fear and hesitation, but instead a curiosity grew in my breast.

She was convinced I was not the typical man she expected, much the same way I did not see her as the run-of-the-mill whore. It would be difficult to tell you who woke the other as dawn neared, but we must have still been half asleep when we manouvred our bodies lying sideways so that our genitals approached each other and I entered her. She threw her leg over my torso and used it to pull me closer as our fuck gathered steam. This was more leisurely than previous ones and lasted an hour and a half of such deep sensuous pleasure that we did not want to come, but I managed to bring her to three bombastic orgasms before I fired my own. We were not in any hurry as we had breakfast in the same restaurant we had had supper. In fact we felt very reluctant to part. She wanted me to come back to the club that evening to continue our affair. I promised to try.

As we parted I gave her some cash, which uncharacteristically she took reluctantly.

“If you had not been with me, you would have taken a customer, wouldn’t you? Take me as one.” I said.

“For the first time I have made a friend in the course of my work. I have no stomach for the kind of men who come to pick us up.”

“Well, you have been picked today as well!” I grinned.

“No, never!” she responded vehemently. “I hate this world I now inhabit. When I meet someone who lives in that other world I should be in myself, it fills me with both revulsion at my current situation, and longing for the quality of life that I should be living.”

I became speechless for a time unable to find words to offer this dear creature.

“How have you envisaged that exit happening?”

“Khai, you must marry me and rescue me from this life! I am fed up of clubs,” Karina pleaded with me.

I was nonplussed. “What if I took her to wife, then a year from now, the urge to be fucked by strange men visited her? What would I say to friends and family when it came out that my wife goes to night clubs to find men? I would die of shame!” I thought.

“There have been nights when I made more money than this.” She still had not put it into her handbag; it was still lying in the table by her elbow. “But I will not return to the club tonight. I will wait for your call.” Instead of feeling intimidated by this I was beginning to feel eager to see where what we had started will take us. I felt she really was serious about abandoning the night life, and escape being pawed by many different men.

I did call her that evening as I was about to leave work at about 6pm. “Come to the Midtown,” I ordered her.

“I will be there,” she obediently replied. I had barely taken my seat before she swung in, wearing a dress that came down past her knees. She looked so good, I could not resist standing up to enfold her in a bear hug.

“You deserve a wife, my darling, she said. “I will try my best to be everything that I remember my mother being to my father.”

A hot pleasurable feeling crept along the lower part of my tummy. “No doubt you miss having completed your schooling,” I said, looking deep into her brown eyes. I thought they were made of a precious stone, one beyond price.

“Yes,” she whispered, a wistful look crossing her face.

“But I want you to make some honest money, without lying on your back.”

Her eyes misted as if tears were forming behind those lovely eyelids. “How can a wasted woman like me do that?”

“With your mobile phone, WiFi and your fingertips.” I held her upper arm gently. She had seemed doubtful, but that gesture caused her to lift her eyes up to mine.

“Oh?” was all she could manage.

I explained to her that some months ago I had started trading in forex, but had not gone far with it. The account still existed, holding some $300. She would start training in online forex using a resource called Babypips.com while practicing on a demo account. As soon as she can report making a steady profit, no matter it was $5 or 10 a day, we would move to the live account. If she was good, she need never part her thighs for money again.

She fell silent for a whole minute. Then she held my hand tightly, still wordlessly. She seemed moved beyond telling. I continued looking at her, gauging. She seemed willing to start on a new enterprise with a stranger, and to throw her future completely into my hands.

After our meal, we went up to the room and fucked each others brains silly. We parted at 10pm.

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