Closer to Home

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It’s been five weeks since my humiliating 41-0 wrestling defeat to Team Slade. A handicap tag match that my girlfriend Sam so kindly set-up, as she enjoys watching me dominated on the wrestling mats.

The match came with a forfeit, I have to give Sam an orgasm, whenever, wherever, however she chooses for every point I lost by, and until I’m done I have to fully abstain.

And after five weeks she still hasn’t reached the end of her prize, as she has dragged it out, enjoying my ordeal nearly as much as her reward. But despite having reached 40, it’s unlikely that I’ll get to the magic 41 tonight, as we have my sister, Lina, coming over to visit and staying the night, which will cramp my style somewhat…which I think was Sam’s plan when she invited her!

Before she arrives let me describe Lina. Unsurprisingly, we have some physical similarity, although she’s very slightly shorter than me about 5′ 4″ tall, a little slimmer weighing around 118 pounds, but whereas I have brown hair and eyes, Lina is blond (albeit dyed) with blue eyes. And at 26 years old there is a 10 year age gap between us, but there is a definite family resemblance, looking at her is like looking at me a decade ago.

Lina has arrived, she is dressed and ready to go. She looks great, wearing a black, fitted jumper, tight fit jeans and black, low heeled ankle boots. At the same time that I let in Lina, Sam comes down the stairs also dressed for a night out, wow she looks so hot. But then again after weeks of deprivation she could wear a hemp sack and I’d still but turned on by her. However, she is actually wearing a white buttoned shirt, a short, dark-green pleated skirt, sheer black pantyhose and black heels. It’s so not fair how this girl knows how to turn me on and that I am not able to jump her right here and right now, hehe.

“Ok Becky, we’re ready, so go and get changed and we’ll hit the bar.” Sam directs. The as I walk by she whispers “skirt and hose, please.”

As Sam as requested, I dress in a grey long sleeve t-shirt, a short denim skirt, sheer grey pantyhose and flat loafers. I make my way back downstairs, where Lina and Sam are waiting to go out.

We leave the house and make the relatively short walk to the local bar, Sam looks like an Athenian goddess, being the tallest anyway and in high heels she stands around 6 inches taller than Lina and me, which I had in mind when I chose my flats.

We reach the bar and head to the table Sam had reserved, the booth we had sat at on our first date and several times since, as it’s Sam’s favourite spot.

“I’ll get the drinks in.” Lina offers “But uggh, look at the queue at the bar; I may be some time!”

As Lina makes her way across the rooms, Sam watches her go and then speaks.

“Okay, it’s payback time.” Sam purrs quietly “I want you to do for me what I did for you the first time we came here.”

“I’m not giving you a footjob in public, especially when my sister could come back at any moment.” I protest.

“Becky, you know the rules, whenever, wherever and however I want it until you have paid off your forfeit. Well you still owe me one, and for the last one, this is what I want.” Sam asserts “Anyway, Lina will be a while, so if you hurry up you have nothing to worry about.”

I know she’s right, that was the agreement, so I should just get on with it. I slip off my right shoe and trail my foot up Sam’s leg. I can see the look of excitement on Sam’s face already, she’s like a kid on Christmas morning. With the ball of my foot I find her crotch, and start to massage her pussy. Sam’s face looks so sexy, I mean she’s a beautiful young woman anyway. But with the look of growing contentment and suppressed bliss, as she tries to hide her increasing euphoria, she looks stunning.

It’s been a few minutes that my attentions have been focussed between Sam’s legs and I can sense she is in the midst of a muted but still obviously gratifying orgasm. When I feel the climax has subsided, I relax my ministrations but keep my foot pressed against her throbbing mound, allowing my toes to brush against her clit.

“Finally. I thought that was going to take forever.” An exasperated Lina pronounces, as she returns to the table and deposits the drinks.

Startled I quickly attempt to pull my foot away from between Sam’s legs. But Sam is having none of it, clamping her thighs shut, trapping my foot in position.

“Long wait to get served?” I ask, trying to sound innocent, in faux sympathy for her long absence.

“No, I was served a few minutes ago.” Lina responds “I’m talking about waiting for you pervs.” illegal bahis She adds, giggling and adding a wink.

Sam and I both immediately blush a bright and burning hot shade of red.

“Was it that obvious?” Sam asked, through the shattered belief that she had delivered an Oscar worthy performance as ‘woman not getting a footjob’.

“Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone else saw. Is that something you girls do often?” Lina presses, showing her curiosity.

“Not really no.” Sam replies “But your sister owed me, so we decided to be a bit naughty.”

WE??? Cheeky madam, making it sound like I was involved in the decision making!

“What do you mean, owed?” Lina continues.

“Sam, don’t.” I say sternly, stopping my girlfriend exposing my sex life to my little sister.

“No, please go on Sam, don’t listen to Becky, I want to hear about it.” Lina presses further.

With that Sam starts, she tells the story of how we first wrestled, the sexual outcomes. Our first date at this very table, and how I’d been the one getting a footjob that night. She then went on to tell the story of my defeat and humiliation against the Slade sisters, and how she’s been teasing me for weeks, keeping me sex starved and how tonight was her final little plan for payback.

The stories and Lina’s interruptions to ask question after question have taken nearly two hours and two bottles of wine, but finally Sam and Lina have finished the dialogue on the subject of wrestling, sex, pantyhose and my aptitude for getting women off. And all of this time Sam has maintained her hold on my foot, slyly working her crotch against it for hours.

“Ok, can we go back to your house now?” Lina asks.

“It’s still early, don’t you want to get another drink and we can talk about something other than how many women have sat on my face.” I respond quietly but bluntly through my shame.

“No, I want to go back to your place. And I want to see you and Sam wrestle!” Lina asserts.

“Well Becky will win. But I’m up for it if Becky is.” Sam answers.

I can’t believe this, but hey, how much more mortifying can this evening get. So what the hell, if this quenches Lina’s fascination, I’ll do it.

“Alright, let’s go. But if we are going to do it, we need to do it properly. Time limit, rules, submissions and scores.” I declare.

“Of course.” Sam retorts, rolling her eyes towards Lina.

Lina has already stood up, and waiting for us to leave. She marches us all the way home, driving the pace in her excitement. We arrive home in around half the time it took us to make the outbound walk at the start of the evening.

“Ok, let’s just wrestle in the living room. There’s enough floor space and we don’t need mats.” Sam volunteers.

“Fine by me.” I reply.

“Ok, let’s go then.” Lina encourages. “A 20 minute time limit, submission only match. Go.” She adds, clicking the timer on her iPhone.

Sam and I are not even ready, we haven’t even kicked off our shoes, let alone changed for the match but we walk towards each other, she is looming above me still in her heels, as we lock up and kick our shoes away as we tumble to the rug.

As predicted, I take control, rolling Sam into a body scissor, full nelson combo. Showing off slightly for my sister, I torture Sam in the hold more than I would if it was just a private match between us. So it doesn’t take long for Sam to give her first submission. I release the holds and rolling away, I relocate myself into a kneeling position, ready to restart. A few seconds later a slightly breathless Sam manages to hoist herself onto her knees too and Lina calls ‘go’ again.

I move quickly to regain my control of my girlfriend, and keen to give an exhibition of my wrestling skill to Lina, I grab Sam’s legs and roll her into a Boston crab. Pulling the hold on tight, displaying my victim to my audience of one. Sam’s skirt has ridden right up, showing off the full length of her gorgeous nylon clad legs and even more, revealing to our guest that she had nothing else on beneath them to maintain her modesty.

“Haha, Sam, you’re looking a bit moist down there.” Lina mocks candidly, as she’s seeing Sam’s soaking crotch for the first time.

“Submit.” Sam retorts, obviously as much through embarrassment as pain.

Taking a little pity on Sam, my next assault is less fierce, I simply roll her onto her back and sit astride her in a schoolgirl pin, sitting down on her belly. Obviously this doesn’t hurt like the other holds, but it is nonetheless demeaning to be held, powerless under another woman, without the ability illegal bahis siteleri to escape, at her mercy until either you give up through shame or she decides to do something else with you. I can feel Sam’s shame growing and her will sapping, after all I have been perched on top of her for over 2 minutes now. Honestly, it’s taken a super human will power on my part too, not to move forward to ride her pretty, reddened face, here and now, given my ever growing, hyper aroused state!

“Sam. Tag me.” Lina offers, holding out her hand to Sam as she does.

“What the fuck?” I counter, at this unexpected turn of events.

But neither Sam nor Lina say anything in response, they simply touch and in a second Lina attacks me.

“Hey, not fair.” I say as Lina knocks me off Sam, flattening me.

“The match seemed a bit one-sided, so I think this is fair.” Lina responds. Jumping on top of me as she speaks.

I am now trapped in a similar position beneath Lina that I had just had Sam held in, with Lina maybe slightly higher up my torso, practically sitting on my breasts, as she leans forward grabbing my wrists, she secures my arms above my head, pinned to the carpet.

I acquiesce for a moment, lying still as I’m restrained beneath my new opponent. Looking up I see her firm breasts, pretty face and piercing blue eyes. Now I realise quite how uncontrollably horny I am. I swear if Lina wasn’t wearing jeans, I would be trying to force her up higher onto my face, so I could bury it in her crotch… and this is my sister for heaven’s sake!

I need to do something about this, before I do something that I can’t ‘walk back’ tomorrow. With that I summon up all the resistance I can, bucking and twisting. Taking advantage of Lina’s inexperience and lack of technique, I am able to free myself and I can now go on the offensive. Seizing my opportunity I snatch Lina from behind and pull her down into a headscissor hold. I don’t apply much power from the off, as I need a moment to get my composure back. But after a few seconds, I start to build the pressure.

“Ahhh shit. I submit.” Lina squeals.

“Regretting getting on the mats with me yet?” I taunt.

“Yes, I’m done.” Lina answers, whilst still lying on her back.

“Oh no. you tagged in and the clock’s still running, so you’re in!” I reply forcefully.

With that, I re-engage with Lina. This time twisting her into a Boston Crab, as I had done earlier to Sam.

“I think you should get a taste of what Sam was willing to go through to entertain you. Just be grateful you’re not wearing a skirt, so you don’t have the indignity of having your legs out and lady parts on display.” I expound.

I apply the hold firmly but not spitefully, not as hard as I had applied it to Sam before. Although I do aim to force a submission, so with that in mind I very slowly build the pressure.

“Do you want to submit?” I ask. This must be hurting now, I reason.

“No. I’m fine.” Lina responds quickly.

Ok, seems like time to turn up the power and force the submission. But before I get chance to do so, pow, I’m hit from behind by I don’t know what. I am launched forward, involuntarily releasing Lina, I am face first on the rug.

Looking back to see what had happened I see Sam hurling herself in my direction, landing on top of me on the floor. She yanks me backwards, wrapping her legs around my head, and pulling me into a figure 4 head scissor, which she applies full on.

“What the hell?” I question.

“We tagged!” Sam explains, as matter of fact.

“I didn’t agree to a tag match.” I protest.

“You had the chance to stop the match when you pinned my partner, but you chose to continue.” Sam retorts.

Whilst we ‘debate’ the rights and wrongs of what’s going on, my head in still firmly wedged between Sam’s thighs, as she constricts around me. This is pretty painful and almost inescapable, although the feeling of soft pantyhose and warm flesh is not entirely unpleasant.

“OK, OK, you win. I submit.” I yelp.

Sam releases her hold on me, I roll over so I’m face down, just allowing myself a moment to recover. But before my senses return she just goes again. This time she attacks my arm, rolling me into an arm bar. Oh shit, this hurts, I may have to submit again, that’s twice in 30 seconds, so much for showing off to my sister. But before I submit, Sam eases up on the hold.

“Can I tag in?” I hear Lina ask. Her approach explaining why Sam’s reduced the pressure on my arm.

“No, I want to keep going. But you can join in if you want and we’ll go 2 on 1.” Sam canlı bahis siteleri replies.

“Whaaaat?” I scream, although I know my objection is almost certainly in vain.

Oh shit, to make matters worse I have just caught sight of Lina. She has removed both her boots and jeans, so she is now just wearing sheer black pantyhose (with underwear, thankfully) and a tight jumper, through which it is evident how much she’s enjoying all of this, if you know what I mean.

Before I can protest further, Lina has sat down across my abdomen, pinning me hard to the floor. I move my free hand off Sam’s leg, which I had been pawing on hopelessly, down to rest on Lina’s thigh. It all looks natural enough, as she presses on my belly but really I am crossing a line, just trying to cop a furtive feel of my sister’s firm, young, nylon covered legs. And wow it feels great. Right I need to stop this now!

“OK, let’s end this. I quit. You girls win, it’s your match.” I almost plead.

“But it’s not time, and me and Sam are enjoying this.” Lina responds.

“I’m sure you are but I’m really done now. So please let me up.” I implore.

“Well from what I understand from the stories that Sam told me, if you quit a match early, you have a forfeit to pay.” Lina counters.

“What?” I ask, with real panic in my voice. Is she implying what I think she is?

“Ewww no, I didn’t mean me.” Lina reassures me, bringing a little giggle from Sam. “I think you owe Sam again. Isn’t that right Sam?”

“I like the idea, what about you Becky?” Sam adds.

With that, and before I can say another word, Sam applies full force to the arm bar she still has locked on me… fucking ouch.

“Yes, yes. I submit, I’m all yours Sam.” I cry.

Sam giggles again and releases me, leaving me lying beneath my sister on the floor.

“Ok, well I think that’s my cue to leave you ladies to it.” Lina says.

“No way, we won as a team. So if you can’t enjoy the prize, I think you should stay right there and watch me claim it.” Sam says suggestively.

“No way, just go Lina.” I demand. Lina pauses and looks at me for a few seconds.

“No, Sam’s right. I think I should be here to ensure that everything is above board.” Lina titters a devious little laugh.

“But…” I start to say, before Sam drops down burying my face, grabbing my hair firmly and pulling me into her waiting crotch.

I go to work, albeit a little self-consciously with my little sis watching from ‘ringside’. My awkwardness subsides pretty quickly though, as my instincts takeover. But as I proceed I am suddenly aware of something unexpected, two things actually. Firstly I have only just realised that when Sam had released me, I had put my other hand on Lina’s thighs and I hadn’t since move them away. And it was this which made me aware of the second thing, which is Lina’s slight and slow writhing movement, as she is obviously getting turned on by what she’s seeing. Right now it’s all I can do to resist the urge to give her a hand, literally. But I don’t, I continue to focus on Sam.

I think Sam is enjoying this too, I think between the wrestling and the taboo-twisting nature of the audience we’re ‘performing’ to, she is more turned on that ever. I can see the ecstasy in Sam’s face, as she holds eye contact with me, but she’s grinding and gyrating more than normal and she’s getting more vocal. Sam isn’t normally exactly timid when she cums, but today she is particularly animated and vociferous. As she reaches her final climax, she dramatically collapses forward, falling away from me.

“Oh hell Lina. Thank you for that suggestion. Becky you are fucking awesome.” Sam croaks breathlessly.

I look at my sister, her face reddened, her chest rising and falling as she tries to get her breath. We make eye contact and Lina quickly looks away, then hurriedly gets to her feet.

“I’m going to bed, I’ll leave you alone.” Lina squeaks, as she runs out of the room, grabbing her jeans as she leaves.

“Good night Lina.” Sam calls, as Lina leaves. “Is she OK? Did we freak her out?”

“No, it’s OK Sam. I think Lina will be alright once she’s had a couple of minutes of alone time.” I reply, stressing the end of my sentence with a wink.

“Oh really?” Sam says laughing “Are you ready for bed too? Although I don’t know what we’re going to do now you’ve repaid your forfeit in full.”

“I have a few things in mind.” I answer, pulling Sam by the arm, almost removing it from its socket as I lead her upstairs.

As we pass the spare bedroom that Lina is occupying, we hear tell-tale noises that bring another laugh from Sam, I’m too focused on what comes next, or should I say who cums next, as I drag Sam all the way to the bedroom, flinging her on the bed…

…well I’ll leave you here, as I have lost time to make up for. Goodnight.

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I Finally Did It…

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I am married to a very hot, petite, and beautiful wife. We have been married for 14 years and have two kids. As usually happens, we also have not had sex for about a month and before that it has few and far between for the last two years. That is not the reason, however, for my decision to fulfill an ongoing desire to get together with another man. It was not the first time, but the last time it happened I was in college and it occurred twice. Both times I met someone who I did not know and gave them a blowjob, although the first had me bent over the hood of my car with the head of his cock pressed against my asshole. He pushed and I pushed but I was a total virgin as far as sex with another guy and he was unable to penetrate me before the flash of car lights scared both of us and we separated.

For years, even after my marriage, I have fantasized about sex with another guy and often masturbated to pictures of well-hung guys or guys having bareback sex. I even bought a dildo with a suction cup with which to practice while stroking my own cock to orgasm. For the most part, however, I still considered myself straight.

As I turned 40, I found myself looking at gay porn online and pictures of big hard cocks. I loved the pictures of a well-hung guy standing, naked, his semi-hard cock hanging straight out from his body. As I stroked my own cock, I could easily envision myself on my knees, his cock in my mouth…inevitably, I would fantasize about being on all four, his cock head illegal bahis against my hole just like years ago during college. In my fantasy, however, his cock would penetrate me and he would fuck me with slow deep strokes until pulling out and either shooting his come on my back or my chest, or me begging him to come in my mouth; I could feel my own cock swelling as I was on the verge, thinking about him pulling put and me quickly turning around, grabbing his stiff cock and wrapping my lips around the swollen, hot, head…I would pump his cock as his come shot into my mouth. After swallowing everything he gave me, I would lick the length of his spent member, continuing to stroke it as it twitched and grew soft…

I was nervous as I drive over to his house and I wanted to turn around, but I knew my desire would not go away and I was determined to have his cock in me. After parking, I ran up to the apartment building, took the elevator to the third floor, and knocked. I was nervous and I could not believe I was actually going to do it. I was really going through with it…my heart raced and I was anxious, like I was a kid waiting for Christmas…it could not happen fast enough, and I knew I wanted to simply walk in, and without saying a word make it happen without thinking about it. I had done all the thinking I needed to do and now I just wanted it to happen.

A man opened the door and pointed to a bedroom down a short hall. I am sure he said something but I was not listening, illegal bahis siteleri just doing what my body wanted, as if on autopilot. I opened the door and saw him standing there in the middle of the room, no shirt, and only a pair of underwear. Without a word, I walked in, got on my knees in front of him as he revealed his cock. It was soft, but thick, and I knew what to do, pulling it into my mouth, wrapping my lips midway down his shaft and using my tongue to swirl around the smooth head as it was in my mouth. Oh my God, I loved having his cock in my mouth and I sucked and stroked it, encouraging it to become stiff and reveal itself in its full masculine beauty. It was long, around 7 1/2¨ to 8¨ and took my time, making sure he knew how much I wanted him to feel good, how much I loved his cock, and how much I had completely given myself to its pleasure. Everything centered around this cock and I felt so excited, so hot, so good as I licked the length of his shaft, sucked the head, and went down as far as I could without gagging…he was not forceful, and did not push my head down on his cock, which I appreciated…

Continuing to suck on his cock, I unbuttoned my short, taking it and my t-shirt off, before standing up…this is it, I thought, my complete surrender to his cock and my desire. I quickly unzipped my pants, pushed both them and my underwear down to my ankles, and pulled them off. I stood briefly, completely naked and exposed, allowing myself to be vulnerable canlı bahis siteleri before indicating my submission to his beautiful thick cock by once again dropping to my knees and grabbing it, stroking it, and telling him I wanted him to fuck me.

I almost wanted to laugh…I was finally and actually living out my fantasy…I was completely naked in a room with another naked man, his cock stiff…I was finally doing it and I found myself swept up in the excitement of my submission. I absolutely loved it…

He told me to turn around and get ready…asking me if I was ready to have him put his big cock inside of me…Without hesitation I did as he asked and what I wanted for so long. Resting on my forearms, I turned around as he knelt behind me. I then placed my head on the floor, took both hands and spread my ass open for him, arching my back. I opened myself as much as I could, letting him know of my total surrender. I felt the cool air on my exposed asshole before he placed the thick swollen head of his cock against my hole. Oh my God, I am actually doing it…I wanted his cock in me so badly and I pushed backward toward him, “Fuck me…,” I said, “Give me that big cock.” He grabbed my hips, pulling me toward him as I continued to push. The pressure against my hole was building and I felt it slowly spread open, slowly…I was flushed, excited, and the only thought in my mind was how much I wanted that big cock inside me…and then…my asshole suddenly popped open, allowing his head to enter me…”Oh, fuck yeah…” He did it…he broke the seal and I was no longer a virgin.

His well lubed cock began its long slow slide into me…the heat from the pain only excited me and it felt so good. (to be continued)

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Him, Her, and Me

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I’m in my late twenties, now, and I’m married, for the second time. But when my wife isn’t around, I still like to masturbate. I think my masturbation habit developed after my divorce, when I didn’t get to fuck as regularly as I like.

When I play with my cock I usually think about having sex with women. As I stroke and fondle my penis I think about sucking erect nipples and licking wet pussies and about having my cock sucked by horny nude sluts. I make myself have an orgasm by thinking about sticking my penis into wet, ready vaginas, fucking like a goat until I made my imaginary nasty naked girls cum.

But a funny thing happened to me after that divorce. Ever since then, when I jack off I find myself thinking about having sex with men. While I fantasize about sliding my penis into a warm, slippery cunt, suddenly the thought of sucking a hard cock at the same time comes up, and I get really, really aroused. Sometimes I work my finger up into my anus while I masturbate. I imagine myself fucking a guy in the asshole, playing with his erect, throbbing cock. In my fantasy a naked girl watches us and plays with her clit and gives me her pussy to lick. Masturbation daydreams like this make me so horny that I often orgasm right then and there, squirting hot, thick, white cum all over my bed or the shower.

And a while ago, shortly after the divorce, I met a couple who made these dreams come true.

I met them running in the park. I just happened to be running behind this couple on the trail, and they really caught my eye. They were obviously experienced runners. It showed; her butt was tight and sweet under her cute little shorts. I slowed down to run behind them so I could watch her ass crack switch back and forth under the tight, smooth cloth. The cheeks of her round, hard little butt pumped and flexed as she ran. There was just enough fat on her ass that her ass cheeks jiggled a little with each step. My ex-wife had an ass like that. I thought about my ex-wife’s ass. I wondered if this girl’s ass, naked, looked like my ex-wife’s ass, naked. I started getting an erection as I ran.

Then those new tendencies popped up. I started to notice that the guy’s butt was nice, too. I found myself thinking nasty thoughts about his asshole and penis. I wondered if he was wearing a jock strap or if his cock was bouncing as he ran. My erection stirred as I watched the two of them move.

I ran up alongside them. She had blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing little blue running shorts and a tight white sleeveless T-shirt over a sports bra. Her round, full breasts bounced just deliciously when she ran. She had bigger tits than my ex-wife. I couldn’t help but stare. She smiled at me. She seemed to like having her tits looked at.

I struck up a conversation, which continued throughout the run. She kept smiling over at me as we talked. She had big brown eyes. A friend of mine once called the look a girl gives you when she wants you “the Fuck Look”. All through the run she kept giving me the Fuck Look.

He was a nice looking guy, very smiley and buff. They told me right away that they were married, but with as she kept looking at me with those hot eyes, I started to wonder what their relationship really was. When we got to the end of the run they invited me over to their place for dinner.

When I got to their apartment she answered the door in a bathrobe. Her hair was wet. She told me she had just showered. I pictured her naked in the shower, and my cock throbbed a little. Her husband came in, and we shook hands and said “hi”.

Dinner was delicious: some kind of chicken with rice, with a sort of chocolate mousse pie for desert. They had a great red wine, and we all drank a lot of it.. During dinner she kept giving me the Fuck Look. Her robe was open enough that I could see the full swell of her beautiful breasts. I couldn’t help but stare. Every time she caught me looking at her tits, she smiled. With the Fuck Smile. Her eyes smoldered with lust. I kept looking at her husband, but he didn’t notice or didn’t care.

After dinner we went into their living room. We sat around and drank wine and talked. She was still in her bathrobe. The way she sat curled up on the sofa made the robe ride up off her legs, and I could see a little sliver of her ass. Then she moved in a way that caused the robe to fall open in the front. I could see most of one breast, soft and full and round. I even saw the edge of her pinkish brown nipple. She was obviously completely naked under the robe. My cock was stiff in my pants.

We were all getting a little drunk. The conversation turned to sex. She told a dirty joke about King Kong’s penis. I told another penis joke, then her husband did too. We all began joking and talking about fucking and sucking and tits and pussies and cocks and assholes.

She told me they had a porn collection, and she asked me if I liked porn. I said “yes”, of course. She asked me if I wanted to see some of it. “Yes, please.” What else? I couldn’t wait.

Her husband brought out some DVDs bahis firmaları and put one in. It was an orgy movie, with about twenty naked men and women fingering and licking and sucking and fucking each other in every way possible. Girls were eating each other’s cunts and sucking each other’s tits and getting fucked in every hole by multiple men. Men were wildly fucking the girls’ pussies and mouths and asses and sucking each other’s cocks and licking and fingering and fucking each other’s assholes. Naked, writhing men and women were fucking and sucking and masturbating each other to orgasm all over the place.

I was sitting next to her on the couch while we watched the porn. Her husband was on the her other side. I could feel the heat of her body through our clothes. Her breathing was getting harder and harder. She put her hand on my thigh and began softly stroking my leg as we watched.

A scene came up in the movie where a girl was getting fucked in the asshole. She was on her knees, masturbating herself as some guys took turns sodomizing her. Her fingers were rubbing and penetrating her wet pussy while stiff, bulging penises plunged in and out of her red, stretched anus. She was squirming and bucking with pleasure, wildly humping the hard cocks that went up her ass. Her naked body was glistening with the sweat of sexual excitement.

“Do you guys ever do that?” I asked, jokingly. “Every day,” she said, giggling. “Usually three or four times,” he said. We all laughed.

Then the camera in the video panned to two men making love to each other. They were sixty-nining, sucking each other’s hard dicks. Then one guy climbed on top of the other and lowered his asshole down over the other guy’s stiff prick. First his erect penis was waving around as he humped his asshole on the other guy’s cock, then the other guy began to masturbate him, stroking his penis as they fucked.

“Do you ever do that?” she asked. “I’d like to,” I said. “I would too.” he said. “I’d like to watch,” she murmered. My heart was beating hard.

She was panting softly now, her body moving against me in a steady, sensual rhythm. As we watched the people fuck, she began stroking my leg, higher and higher, until she was softly bumping her hand against the tip of my erection through my pants. I glanced over at them. Her husband had his hand under her robe between her legs. It looked like he was rubbing her there in rhythm with the movements of her pelvis. He was finger-fucking her pussy right there in front of me. And she was enjoying it. Her hand was stroking right across the head of my penis by this time. She masturbated me through my pants with one hand. Then she slipped her other hand into her robe and began playing with her breast and nipple under the soft cloth.

Her husband slid her bathrobe off her other breast. He leaned over and started sucking it, squeezing it and kissing her nipple. She was moaning softly. She leaned up to me and kissed me hard on the mouth. Her tongue slid deep into my mouth, and mine into hers. We licked each other’s tongues. She slid the rest of her bathrobe off her tit and put my hand against her big, soft, full breast. As I caressed and squeezed her nipple she leaned back and a shudder of ecstasy ran through her. Her husband’s hand was working her under the bathrobe, stroking and fondling her vagina.

She suddenly got up and shifted her position, lowering herself onto her husband’s lap. “Oh, oh, oh my God!” she moaned. I hadn’t noticed until now that his pants were around his ankles. His penis was naked. She had just sat on his cock. She began fucking herself on him, moving her body up and down on his penis, gasping and moaning. His hand was between her legs, stroking her clitoris as they fucked. Her robe had fallen off both of her tits. They were gloriously naked, round and soft and full. Her nipples were stiff with excitement. She was caressing herself, squeezing her breasts and pulling on her nipples.

I got up and slid off my pants. My erect dick was throbbing with excitement. I moved over and brushed the tip of my cock against her face. She immediately took my penis in her hand, opened her mouth wide, and slid her warm, moist lips over the head of my dick. She stroked my dick head with her tongue and lips, looking up at me, her eyes half closed with sexual excitement.. She took my penis out of her mouth for a moment and said, with a soft smile, Yum.”

She wiggled her bathrobe all the way off. Totally naked, her body glistening with the sweat of her sexual heat, she began to stroke and suck my erect dick in rhythm with her fucking.

Her husband was masturbating her steadily as she worked her pussy up and down on his cock. She moaned and panted harder and harder. She was sucking my penis so hard it almost hurt. Then she took my prick out of her mouth again and looked up at me pleadingly.

“Lick me, please,” she said softly, her voice thick and heavy with sex.

I got down on my knees in front of them and looked at his big, throbbing cock sliding in and out of her wet, naked pussy. His kaçak iddaa penis was dripping with her vaginal secretions. Her cunt was quivering and spasming with pleasure as he fucked it. It looked so delicious! I had to taste it. I buried my face in her wet crotch and rubbed my lips and tongue against their genitals. I licked her pussy lips and his hard penis shaft and her swollen, excited clitoris. Her vagina was hot and fragrant and dripping. Her clitoris felt electric against my tongue. His penis and her cunt lips and her hot, erect, clit throbbed and pulsed against my lips and mouth and face. I rubbed my hard cock against her leg as I licked and kissed and tasted their sex organs.

Suddenly she shouted and writhed. “Oh fuck! Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh my God!” She jerked and spasmed as orgasm after orgasm shook her body. Her pussy suddenly became very wet against my face. I licked harder and she shrieked with pleasure, then pulled my face away. Then, a moment later, she pushed my mouth back into her crotch. Her husband was still fucking her steadily. I licked her to another orgasm and she moaned and spasmed again and pulled me away. When she pushed my face back into her crotch I began licking her again, but her husband’s penis slipped out of her quivering vagina and right into my mouth. I loved it! I moved my lips over the hot head of his penis, then took his cock deep into my mouth. She was moving her hips feverishly, gasping and whining with excitement, trying to find his penis as I sucked it. I slipped his cock out of my mouth and pushed it back into her vagina with my lips. She let out a little cry of pleasure and began fucking again.

Together we worked her clit and pussy to several more orgasms. Every now and then, as he fucked her and I licked her, he’d let his penis slip out into my mouth and I’d suck his cock for a little while before putting it back into her vagina.

Her orgasms were getting softer and softer. Then he grunted and moaned. I felt his testicles tighten against my face. I felt his penis throb hard and his hips quivered under my hands. His cock and her pussy became very wet against my mouth, and I smelled and tasted the unmistakeable yeasty, saltiness of sperm. His cum ran out of her orgasming pussy, down his cock and onto my face and mouth and tongue. And as I licked up his orgasm, she came again, harder than she had all night. She screamed with pleasure. Her pussy clenched and spasmed and her sex juice oozed out of her vagina to mingle with his sperm in my mouth.

They humped and squirmed against each other for a little while as I licked them. Then his cock got softer and softer, and their movements got gentler and gentler until finally they lay still together and his wet, limp penis slipped out of her. I wasn’t licking them now. I just watched them. Snuggled naked against each other, they kind of sank down in a heap on the couch and fell sound asleep.

I looked at them and softly fondled my dick. They looked so pretty, so cute, somehow, tangled naked together asleep like. The only problem was, I hadn’t had an orgasm yet. My penis was hard as rock and I was horny as hell. I went into the kitchen and got some chicken and pie and a glass of wine. I liked walking around their apartment naked, with an erection.

The TV was still on. The DVD player had been on all this time, but the porn movie had long since run out, and the movie intro was playing and re-playing on the screen. I found the remote by the couch, turned the sound down, and searched the scenes until I found the one we had been watching when we started to fuck. I sat down in front of the couch, pushed play, and as I watched the people fuck I ate and masturbated. After I finished the food and wine I just masturbated.

After a while I heard the couple stir. She stretched and got up to go to the bathroom. She stroked my shoulders as she walked by me, and looked down at my cock. “Nice.” she said.

I heard her take a shower. When she came back she sat down beside me. She smelled good. Her hair was up in a towel, but the rest of her was naked.

“It seems like a waste,” she said, “A nice, hard penis like that, all alone.” She leaned into my lap and took my cock in her mouth. Her stiff, tingling nipples brushed against my leg as she sucked me.

She played with my dick. I heard him get up and go to the bathroom. He took a shower too. Then he came back, naked also, his cock very erect. She was kneeling on all fours, sucking my dick. He knelt down behind her and slid his penis up into her pussy from behind.

He fucked her for a while. It was distracting her from sucking my cock. She kept stopping to have little sex spasms. Finally she turned around to him and said, “Bring that thing over here.” He pulled his prick out of her. He came and straddled my legs. I was laying down by this time. He rubbed the tip of his penis against the head of my cock. Then he took both of our penises in his hands and masurbated himself against my dick, squeezing and caressing our erections together. His penis was dripping wet with her sex juice. Mine kaçak bahis was wet with her spit. Our slippery cocks rubbed against each other deliciously as he jacked us off. She licked and kissed our dick heads as he fondled them. Then she lifted her ass up over us and lowered her wet cunt onto our penises. She tried to get both of them into her pussy at once, but her vagina was too small, and she finally satisfied herself with rubbing her clit and pussy lips against the heads of our cocks. Every now and then the head of one of our penises would pop into her cunt and she would cry out with pleasure and we would all laugh.

Finally she stopped. “I want to watch you fuck.” she whispered, looking back and forth from her husband to me. She looked at me, then at her husband. “He really does love sex with men sometimes,” she said. My heart leapt, and my cock got suddenly even stiffer.

We all stood up. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. He walked in behind us. He stroked my butt as he followed, squeezing my butt cheek and running his fingers up and down the crack of my ass.

They had a big king sized double bed. She by the bed and stood facing us, so sweetly naked. She stroked her body up and down, caressing her big breasts and pressing her fingers into her wet slit. Her tits were so tasty looking; full and round; her big, stiff nipples were sticking out with excitement.

I glanced at his cock. It was was standing up stiff. Mine was throbbing, it was so hard. I couldn’t resist her nipples. I reached out and gently took them between my fingers and played with them, squeezing and pinching and pulling them. She smiled and kissed me, rubbing and pressing my erect dick.

Then she turned to him. She took his penis in her hand and pressed it. He kissed her, squeezing and caressing her naked breasts and ass, and she kissed him back. It was so delicious to see their nude bodies together. Then she kissed down his body, rubbing her tits against him, until she got to his cock. She nuzzled his erect penis for a minute, then took the head of it in her mouth. She knelt in front of him. Her hand was between her legs. She masturbated as she sucked his cock. Then she reached up between his legs and stroked his testicles and ass. At one point he gasped, as she slid her finger in and out of his asshole while she sucked him. I was masturbating too.

She stood up, took his hand, and put it against her pussy. As he stroked her wet cunt, she leaned over and whispered something to him. He laid down on the bed, smiling, and opened his legs. His cock was completely erect; red and throbbing. The veins were standing out on the sides of his penis, and his dick head was swollen and shiny with erection. She climbed on top of him and lowered her vagina onto his face. She laid down on his body and worked her cunt against his mouth. As she rubbed her nipples against his belly, she took the head of his penis in her mouth, reached around his ass, and pulled his butt cheeks apart. She had moistened his asshole with her her sex juice, and it was wrinkled and shiny and open and wet.

Suddenly she sat up and looked at me with a smile. “You need to be lubricated,” she said. She turned and bent over and pressed her ass against my hard cock. Her cunt lips pushed out between her butt cheeks. She worked her wet vagina against my penis until my cock slid up into her. She moaned with delight. Her pussy was warm and soft and slippery. She twitched and gasped, and her cunt contracted in spasms around my dick.

She gasped. “OK,” she said, “That’s enough. Your turn.” She scrambled back onto the bed beside her husband and began playing with herself.

I knew what she wanted me to do. I lowered myself over his naked body and pressed the head of my cock against his anus. He moaned and pushed himself against me. I pressed gently, then harder, until the head of my penis slid slowly up into his ass. His rectum was warm and soft and wet and very tight against my excited penis. I penetrated all the way into his rectum, then drew my penis out, then in again, building up a steady fucking rhythm. He was squirming and moaning with delight. She was kneeling on beside us on the bed, rubbing her clit as she watched us. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it as I fucked. I pumped his hot asshole harder and harder, until his body was shaking and twitching with excitement.

Suddenly she jumped up and pushed my hand away and sat on him. She slid her vagina down over his penis and began working herself up and down on his cock. She was masturbating herself as she fucked. I could feel her fingers working against her clitoris while I pushed my dick into his hot, tasty little ass over and over again.

Then he moaned: “Oh, shit! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum right now!” Suddenly his asshole contracted and spasmed against my cock. I felt his testicles move and his penis stiffen as he squirted his orgasm into her. She screamed out, “Oh God! Oh God!”, and her body shook and twisted. She cried out again and again as she wildly pressed and stroked and masturbated her clit. I felt my orgasm gathering in my testicles, then my balls and cock and ass filled with the sweetest sexual pleasure and I squirted stream after stream of sperm deep up into his hot rectum.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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The windshield wipers beat a steady staccato as they labored to clear the glass in the driving rain. It was dusk and she gripped the wheel tight as she drove along the slick empty highway, the dim light of dusk, and the long day of driving having taken their toll on her senses.

As she rounded a curve she saw the solitary figure in the distance, standing alone, back pack propped against the steel no post that guarded the narrow shoulder of the road. His arm rose as he saw her approach, thumb out, soliciting a ride and some shelter from the cold and wet.

Her first thought was to speed up, pass him by and get on with her journey. Instead her foot lifted from the accelerator and the car slowed, allowing her to get a good look at him as she passed.

She noted the khaki jacket, blue jeans, the lean body and long hair, but most of all she was drawn to the dark piercing eyes that locked on hers as she passed.

Her heart skipped and her body tensed as she felt the nearness of danger, yet she continued to slow and her grey blue eyes moved to the rear view mirror.

She saw him turn his head, his eyes following her. Her foot moved across, hovering uncertain for a moment, before pressing down on the brake pedal. She saw the red glow of the brake lights illuminate his form, she saw him turn and snatch up the pack sack from the roadside and begin jogging toward her car. The car was still moving, she still had time to change her mind, but her actions seemed to be out of her control.

“What am I doing?” she thought, her mind racing, aware of the dangers of stopping for this young stranger. The car was stopped now and her heart was pounding, her mind racing. “This is crazy,” she thought, “I’m in my forties, probably old enough to be his mother, yet I’m excited about having him with me!”

She knew she should press the automatic locks and put the car in gear and flee, but instead she turned to smile at him as he opened the door. His heavy pack seemed light in his hands as he tossed it over the seat into the back of the car and then slid his tall frame into the plush leather of the front seat beside her.

For a moment she averted her eyes, her body shuddering as she felt the blast of cold damp air enter the car.

“Thank you” she heard him say in a deep yet almost gentle voice, “I’ve been out there for quite awhile.”

She turned then to look at him, and her eyes widened as she saw his smile and the sparkle in his dark eyes. His long wet hair clung this neck, and trickles of water dripped down onto the tattered khaki jacket. She smiled back as she put the car in gear and started down the road again. He couldn’t be more than nineteen or twenty she thought, her initial fear subsiding.

“How far are you going” he asked.

“To the coast” she replied again turning to smile at him.

As she did, she caught his eyes traveling over her body and immediately felt the redness come to her skin. She was an attractive woman, everyone told her that, yet she was always self conscious about her body. She was still dressed as she had been when she left the meeting at her office just before noon, white blouse, and a dark skirt that clung casino siteleri tightly to the curve of her hips. She knew her skirt had hiked up from being too long in the driver’s seat, exposing the dark upper hem of her stockings. She felt a warmth in her body as he continued to look her up and down, seemingly unafraid of being scolded for being so bold.

“You’re a beautiful woman,” she heard him say in that soft sexy voice.

She stammered something, but was unsure what, as she tried to concentrate on the driving and the road ahead. The gloomy light of dusk had turned to darkness as they sped along, remaining silent for several miles.

She was conscious of his eyes on her, flattered by the obvious attention of this young man, yet apprehensive about him being in the car and perhaps afraid of her own dark thoughts. She was startled when she heard the sound of his seat belt being undone and turned to see him pulling off his wet coat, tossing it into the back with his pack. Even in the dim light, she could see his muscular upper body encased in one very tight t shirt.

My god, he’s gorgeous, she thought, hoping that he wouldn’t catch her checking him out as she drove.

He settled back into the seat, stretching his lean body, then turning slightly so that his knee touched hers. It was as if an electric shock had jolted through her and she gripped the wheel tightly trying not to glance in his direction.

“I usually don’t pick up strangers” she blurted, not knowing why she had said it.

“We don’t have to remain strangers” he replied as he boldly reached out and trailed his fingertips along her leg from the hem of her skirt down to her knee.

She shivered at the touch, knowing she should put an end to this right that instant. She should have lifted his hand away; this was the time to stop him. Instead, all she could think about was his beautiful features and that lean muscular body as she stammered, “What’s your name?”

“David” was the soft reply as his fingertips now caressed her inner leg, just above the knee.

“I’m, I’m Kathy” she said, feeling flushed and wondering where this was going.

Her eyes scanned the road ahead; they had not passed any cars for miles on this dark mountain road. She saw a turnoff on the right and not knowing why just slowed and maneuvered the car off the highway into the tree lined narrow road. She drove for about a mile, until she found a pull off under by a creek, coming to a stop and turning off the engine and lights.

The stillness was deafening, she could almost hear the blood pumping through the veins in her temple. She felt his hand slide higher, caressing the bare flesh of her inner thigh above her stocking top. She heard the sounds of the seat belts being unclasped and felt the pressure of the shoulder strap lift from between her full breasts. She wanted to pinch herself to make sure this wasn’t just a dream, another of her fantasies, yet it was real, and she wanted him so badly.

Then she felt his body against hers, leaning across the seat, his soft lips brushing hers, his fingertips touching the crotch of her silky panties. She felt the heat rise on her face again, knowing slot oyna that his fingertips would have found wetness there, leaving him little doubt of her need.

She leaned back as she felt his tongue gently probing her already yielding mouth. Her fingers slid down the side of the seat, to the electronic seat controls, and she felt its movement as it slid back allowing them more room behind the steering wheel.

There was no fear in her now, only sexual desire flowed through her body as she responded to the touches and caresses of this beautiful young man.

Her lips responded to his, and she sensually drew his tongue into her mouth. Her own hands now caressed him, her fingertips running over the muscles of his shoulders and arms. She moved to his touches, lifting and adjusting her body as he began to remove her clothing. A strong hand cupped one full breast, squeezing it and making her moan with desire.

Her blouse was completely open now, and his lips slid down to caress the top of her breasts above the sheer bra. She felt his fingers unclasp it, then his hand lifting her as he slid the blouse and bra from her body. His lips were on her again, devouring her full bosom, caressing the thick taut nipples. Her fingers found his hair, fingertips stroking it, guiding him from one sensitive nipple to the other. She moaned in pleasure as his teeth lightly nipped the hard tip and then drew it into his mouth.

Her body was on fire now, an inferno of smoldering need. She slipped her hand down over his hip, felt him lift slightly as she moved it between them, finding the hardness of him, squeezing it, gasping slightly as she felt its length and girth. Not only was this man child beautiful, but he was equipped like no one she had been with in her life.

As he continued to suckle her she moaned, “I want your cock!”

He lifted up then, his eyes locking on hers as he deftly undid her skirt and slipped it and her panties down her legs, leaving her naked save for her dark frilly topped stockings. He said nothing, just smiled and let his eyes move up and down her flesh in the dim light, the sound of the rain beating against the car the only noise to invade the beautiful stillness of this moment of anticipation.

He rolled back then, quickly stripping off his t shirt, baring that magnificent muscular upper body. She saw his hands move, heard the sound of his zipper and saw him raise his hips to slide off his jeans. He did not move back to her, but leaned back invitingly and she did not hesitate.

She slid towards him, her fingers finding his swollen manhood, her lips finding his chest and showering it with soft kisses. She caressed each nipple with her lips, feeling him quiver as she did so. She was taking control now, she thought, yet was she really or was he controlling her by his subtle and sensual movements. She did not care, she knew what she wanted.

She kissed slowly downward as her fingers circled the thick shaft, kissing his belly, tracing her tongue into the soft silky pubic hair above his cock. And then she found him with her lips, her mouth opening wide to cover the fat spongy head. She teased it with the tip of her tongue, finding canlı casino siteleri an ooze of stick precum and savoring the sweet taste of it. His cock was so big and so beautiful.

She feathered her lips slowly up and down the hard shaft, wanting to explore every bit of the succulent flesh. Her fingers found his heavy sac, gently rolling the glands as her mouth engulfed him and she slid her lips as far down the shaft as she could. She felt his fingertips stroking her hair as she sucked him, never before having felt the need to please as she did that instant. Her mouth drooled and soft sucking sounds filled the air as she teased this young hard cock with her lips.

She felt his strong hands move down her body, circling her waist and lifting her up. They adjusted their positions as he moved her and then lowered her down, her sopping wet cunt replacing her lips over his shaft. His hips lifted as she sank down on him, the full length of his enormous shaft filling her, making her groan with as twinge of pain that mixed with the extreme pleasure of the moment.

She began to move, riding him, feeling his cock press against her cervix with each beautiful thrust. Her big breasts bounced and jiggled as she fucked him, his strong hands moving to them, capturing them so he could feast upon them with his lips. Never before had she felt so aroused, every nerve ending in her body tingling with each movement. She rode him hard and fast, clenching her muscles around him, then slowing, moving slowly up and down and savoring every inch of his beautiful cock as she did.

They fucked and fucked, her body quivering as waves of pleasure broke over her and she cried out with exclamations of delight.

She felt his urgency then, his face nuzzling her bosom, his strong hands at her waist controlling the rhythm, until she felt him tense and felt his ejaculation flood her as loud grunt of pleasure came from deep in his throat. He moved her slowly, letting her clench him with her cunt, and milk the spurts of thick creamy cum from his loins.

Finally, both of them spent, she collapsed on him, her head on his broad shoulder, holding him and enjoying the sensations, until his cock softened and slipped from her. They lay there for awhile, and he lightly stroked her with his gently touch.

Then, without any words being spoken, she moved from him, finding her clothes and dressing as he did the same. She started the car and maneuvered around, returning to the highway and continuing her journey.

They drove in silence for almost two hours, for nothing needed to be said. They drove until the lights of the small coastal town came into view. It was almost midnight and the rain had stopped when she heard his voice.

“You can drop me here” he said in almost a whisper.

She pulled the car to the curb, turning to look at him, but not knowing what to say. He leaned across and brushed her lips with his and then he was out of the car, opening the back door, extracting his jacket and back pack and then disappearing into the quiet of the night.

She put the car in gear, slowly driving away, a smile on her lips and a single tear of joy rolling down her cheek. Her thoughts turned to her destination and the man who awaited her. Her body was alive as it hadn’t been in years, and the beautiful stranger had awakened her sexual being with this unexpected encounter.

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Growing a Beard Again

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All characters engaged in sex are older than 18 years. Quite older, in fact.

My second marriage did not end with a bang, but with a whimper. After several years of suffering my wife’s unconscious gaslighting, it was time to move on.

As a husband, I always tried to maintain a respectful distance of my female friends. My wife never required it from me, I just thought that it was the proper thing to do. One of my newly learned lessons: I will not do this again. I am quite fortunate in having great friends, both male and female, and I know that I am a better man because of them.

This was not a rebound. I was not interested in going back to the dating game yet. As far as I knew (and I rarely asked), several of my friends were happy with their significant others, or had given up entirely on the whole relationship deal.

But I was always a flirt. My ex-wife did not appreciate it, and I was delighted to once again engage in playful, light flirting with my friends. Raine was one of my preferred targets.

I had first met Raine when she was 15. She transferred to our school, and I was smitten. I was already quite interested in girls; Raine had a beautiful smile, luminous blue eyes, and was always very friendly. Don’t ask me whether she had large or small breasts, or any other body characteristic. I knew she had a beautiful body, but I could never take my eyes off her eyes or off her smile when she was nearby.

Teenager shyness never allowed me to take a step towards her, and our lives drifted apart after school. Years later, I found out that we were both working at the same government office, and we met a few times there. But I was married, and I did not try to further our relationship.

After my first divorce, I rather awkwardly tried to date her, to no avail. She was sweet as always, but she also let me know that she was illegal bahis not interested. We kept in touch afterwards, even after I moved to another city. We even met a few times, when I went back to meet my children.

In the past few years, we connected through a few social networks. Raine loves to post selfies and other photos, and I love to see her. Her eyes and smile are still quite captivating, and she is still a very beautiful woman. She does not seem to mind my flirting remarks about her photos. Sometimes I send her one of my photos.

Some time ago, I found an old photo, requested by a friend. It was taken during a brief period in which I wore a beard, several years ago. My daughter was born at this time, and I used to brush her feet with my beard, tickling her and making her laugh. I sent Raine a copy of the photo, together with this titbit of family history. I was quite surprised when she replied “I like it! You were quite the charmer with this beard.” I teased her a bit, saying that this endorsement was almost enough for me to grow my beard back, and we dropped the subject.

Now, after my second divorce, I had moved again, to a new city and a new university. I managed to rent a flat at the beach front, and walking alongside the beach has become a favourite pastime. My friends have standing invitations to come over, but so far no one had come.

Up until last month, that is. Raine texted me, saying that she would be coming to my city during her vacation, and that she would love to see me. Of course I leaped at the prospect, and she sent me her travel schedule.

Well… this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to grow a beard again.

* * *

Raine called me the day she arrived, and she accepted my invitation to walk a bit on the beachside, and go to a café afterwards. I arrived at her hotel a few minutes early. When illegal bahis siteleri she came down from her room, I went to greet her, and I noticed a slight bemused look on her face when she saw my beard. I lightly kissed the tips of her fingers, never taking my eyes from her lovely blue eyes… but I could see that she was as beautiful as ever.

There were a few tumbling steps on the beach walk, and I always held my hand to steady her. After one of these steps, we held hands for a few minutes, walking and talking. Raine was as delightful as ever, and we were quite happy to get each other up to date on our respective lives.

We sat at the café, under the awning, enjoying the sea breeze. We sipped one coffee each, but I was drinking in her smile and her eyes. And then, she brought her hand to my beard, lightly touching it with her fingers, and asked softly “Why did you let it grow again?”.

“Because you said you liked it.” She blushed a little.

“That’s what I thought. You were always a charmer, but this beard becomes you.”

I took her hand and kissed her fingertips. She closed her eyes, and slightly opened her mouth when I brushed her fingers on my beard again.

The kiss was all that I had ever imagined, and much more. I had waited years for that kiss… and now it was its moment, the perfect moment.

I don’t remember leaving the café, or even walking over to my flat. But I distinctly remember what happened after I closed and locked the door. She put her arms around my neck, and proceeded to show me that the perfect kiss from the café had been just a warm-up.

I held her and kissed back. She then pulled my head to the side of her head, and breathed in my ear that she could feel my cock. I put my hands on her butt and pulled her to me, while brushing my beard on her ear. I felt her tense a bit when I did that, especially canlı bahis siteleri when it was my turn to breath on her ear.

Even after all these years, I was in no hurry. I was enjoying each minute. We took each other’s clothes off, until I felt her smooth skin, shivering a bit in my arms. I took her hand, just as I had done in the beach walk, and guided her to lie on my bed, with her legs to the side, and her head on a pillow.

I kneeled on the floor, between her legs, watching her tits heave, the nipples quite hard. Her womanly, clean scent was heady, and I was anxious to savour her… but, first, I brushed my beard on her.

Blessed beard! She left out a small moan, and pulled my head against her pussy. I dived on her with my tongue and lips, and kept licking, sucking and brushing for a long time. I have no idea how many times she came, or even if she did come; but it was obvious that she was enjoying herself.

Once, when I came up for air, she held my head in her hands, pulled me over her, and kissed me, hard. Then she pulled my lips over her tit, grasped my cock and put it against her pussy.

I did not enter her yet. Rather, I put the head of my cock between her labia, teasing, and held up her ankles.

Then I started tickling the soles of her feet against my beard.

She was startled at first, but soon she was giggling, and moving her dainty feet over my beard, while I caressed her calves. I was drinking in her perfect smile when I entered her. She shuddered, eyes closed and mouth open, gasping, but she did not stop brushing her feet on my beard.

I would like to say that I took my time, but at that point I was frantic with years of pent-up desire for her. Soon we were both moaning, and when she screamed I came inside her. My arms could not support me any more, but I managed to not crush her when I kissed her, before rolling to the side.

It was a while before we regained our breaths. Raine put her leg over mine, her arm over my chest, and rested her face against my beard. I could feel her nipples against me.

I think I’ll let this beard on for now.

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My Waiting Fantasies

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I walked up the steps, glad to be out of the train station. A hot, humid train mixed with a large crowd is not exactly “the perfect atmosphere”. I hate the subway. Men and even women took the opportunity to ogle you and even get a passing touch as they passed you to exit the train car. But back to my story, it was a hot day so I was glad to be in my blue jean skirt, grey t-shirt and silver sandals. I looked fairly cute that day.

See, I won’t say that I’m the prettiest girl in the world but I like to think that I’m sexy. My light skin is smooth and clear, covering my athletic 5’2 frame. I have brown eyes that change to light brown at times. My hair is brown with natural dark blonde highlights. It’s layered and stops beneath my chin. So all in all, I’m a fairly good-looking package. The people seemed to agree with me as men and even some women took a few lingering glances at me as I walked down the street but I paid it no mind because I was focusing on other things. Like trying to find out how to get to the movie theatre to meet a friend of mine. We’ve been planning to see each other for quite some time but never got the chance because of our busy schedules. Now that the day was here I didn’t want to be late.

I pulled out my cell phone and pulled up the email that my friend sent to me. In it were directions to the theatre. A long bus ride and a few cheesey pick up lines later, I was finally walking to the theatre. It was a big building with crowds of people stretching outside. I looked for my friend and when I didn’t find her I stepped inside to look.

Cool air and the smell of popcorn and candy greeted me at the door. I looked around and when my eyes landed on the concession stand, my mouth watered. Not because of the food but because of the girl standing at the counter. She was chatting with someone at the register and eating some popcorn that they were sharing. Though the food looked good, it was she who sparked my hunger. I stood back and watched her. I started at her dark cornrows that stopped at her shoulders in a zig zag design. Her black t-shirt hugged her chest tightly, showing off small, pert breasts. Her loose baggy jeans hung low on her hips and crumpled past her black sneakers. The diamond stud in her ear added an edge to her. She was light-skinned like me. My tongue shot out and I licked my lips as the image of me tasting every inch of her flew into my mind.

She was sexy as hell and a shot of pleasure flew throughout my body straight to my pussy. I felt myself getting wet and I had to bite back a moan when she turned and spotted me. Everything around me disappeared as her kissable lips turned up into a sexy lopsided smirk that I had to answer with a shy smile. I didn’t know what to do with myself so I stood still as she walked toward me, her brown eyes holding mine the whole time. When she got close enough, I smelled the cologne she wore and it was intoxicating. I instantly stepped closer and she did the same until she was so close that I could feel the heat from her body. She leaned in and kissed my cheek softly. Then she wrapped her arms around my waist, pulling me close and I gasped silently when our bodies touched. Breast to breast, thigh to thigh. I put my arms around her neck and pulled her closer still. Her nose was in the crook of my neck, right at a sensitive casino siteleri spot and I felt her inhale deeply. She spoke softly in my ear and my breath caught.

“Damn, you smell good.”

“Thanks.”, I answered breathily.

“What’s it called?”

I hesistated before answering. “Pleasure.”

She moaned softly in my ear, squeezed me tightly before letting me go. She looked me over slowly and bit her lip. I got wetter from the sight and I itched to clench my legs together just to apply some kind of pressure to my clit. But by doing that, I’d give away my arousal and I didn’t want that.

She grabbed my hand and started walking. I followed close behind like some kind of lackey until I finally came out of her spell. Everything going on around us rushed back into my head and I welcomed the distraction because this girl was going to be the death of me.

“Our movie isn’t scheduled to play until 2:30”, she said, her husky voice waking me out of my reverie.

I checked my watch and noticed that it was only 1:50pm so we had quite some time before the movie started. I suggested that we go play around in the arcade and she agreed. 30 minutes later we were still there, laughing just like all the other little kids around us. She cracked jokes with me and the atmosphere was care free. I mean hey, who says that 18 year olds couldn’t have fun in a kiddy arcade. Anyway, it was time to leave and we went back to the concession stand to buy popcorn and soda before proceeding to our proper theatre. We sat high up in the empty back rows (that’s where every teen sits) and the lights went dark. I instantly became aware of our closeness but I ignored it, reminding myself that we were in public and we were just friends.

Even knowing that fact, I still wanted her. I’ve wanted her for some time now, ever since we met online a few months ago. None of us know how she got my screen name but after she messaged me one day asking me who I was, we instantly hit it off. I found out that her name is Lena. And although she lives in the bronx and I live in brooklyn, we’re close. We talked practically everyday, all day. When I finally saw a picture of her, I was definitely hooked. My sexual interest was sparked as was hers when she saw a picture of me. We spoke of our fantasies from time to time and she vowed to fulfill each and every one of them when the time was right. My body was hoping that the time was now.

I shifted in my chair and a tingle shot to my clit. I sighed softly and pressed my thighs together. I kept clenching and unclenching my thigh, sending bolts of pleasure to my pussy. The light from the big screen was the only thing that illuminated the room so I felt secure knowing that she possibly didn’t know what I was doing. The movie began and I was wrapped up in it. It was an action flick, something about assassins. A lot of gun and fighting scenes, my kind of movie.

Some time during the movie, my head ended up on her shoulder and her hand landed on my bare thigh, absently tracing little designs on my sensitive skin. A jolt of electricity shot through me. The sexual tension between us was high and she squeezed my thigh, letting me know that she felt it too. As the movie progressed, her hand continued tracing little patterns higher and higher up my thigh until she stopped slot oyna at the seam of my skirt. My hands itched to grab hers and press them into the wet crotch of my panties but I held back.

My throat suddenly went dry under her ministrations so I lifted my head to drink from my soda, then placed it back in the holder. It provided an instant coolness to my overheated body. Lena did the same and then put her soda down. So wrapped up in the movie, I didn’t notice her leaning toward me until she placed her lips on my neck. I jumped slightly but she placed a firm hand on my thigh to calm me. Her touch was cold and I gasped as I realized that she had a small piece of ice on her tongue. It slowly melted as she pressed it into me. Small droplets rolled down my neck, the cold sensation sending a chill down my spine before she licked them up. Her raspy tongue caused me to moan and shift in my chair. My nipples hardened beneath shirt, pressing into the silky material of my bra. My eyes closed and I forgot all about the movie. I could only focus on her tongue on my neck and her hand that continued to trace patterns on my thigh. She bit into me softly and when I didn’t reject her she did it harder. I arched my back and moaned, gripping the arms of the chair. Though she was just touching my neck, it was still pleasurable as my neck was always sensitive.

Her hand travelled higher up my thigh, under my skirt until she was tracing the outline of my pussy lips through my silk panties. I spread my legs and bit my lip to hold back any sounds that I knew I would make. I thrust my hips against her hand, letting her know what I wanted but she ignored it and continued tracing my pussy through my panties. She pressed her finger into my slit, pushing the material into my clit. I moaned her name softly and pressed my pussy into her hand. She felt the wet heat travel over her finger and she bit me harder. A small whimper escaped from between my lips and she brought her other hand up to cover my mouth. Her finger retreated and I whimpered in desperation.

She gathered the material of my panties and pushed them to the side. The cool air in the theatre caressed my hot lips sweetly. Soon her finger was back on me, dipping into my wetness. She traced a long line up my slit a few times, always stopping before my clit, never touching it.

The sweet torture of her mouth on my neck, and finger on my pussy was becoming too much for me and I trembled before moaning, “Please.”

Her hand was on my mouth so my word was muffled but she chuckled softly knowing what I wanted. Finally she obliged, she pushed a finger up into me, dipping in and out before spreading the juices around my hardening clit. I gasped and moaned under her hand. Her finger was relentless, flicking my clit then circling it before flicking it again. This pattern continued until finally she thrusted two fingers hard into me. She fucked me slowly and as deeply as possible, my hips thrusting against her. Her hand hid the soft screams I was making.

Her mouth moved from my neck and she licked my earlobe before whispering, “Open your eyes, baby.”

When I did, they immediately focused on the screen and I gasped at what I saw. The two main characters were naked, kissing each other, the man laying on top of the woman in a large bed. The woman canlı casino siteleri gasped as the man entered her roughly and they began to fuck at a fevered pace. (Obviously this wasn’t a kids movie). I started to close my eyes but Lena told me to keep them open and so I did. The scene playing out before me was so potent and so erotic that I slid my hand up my leg and brushed it against Lena’s hand as she pumped in and out of me. I continued going up until I found my clit. I flicked it slowly, then rubbed it before flicking again.

Lena raised my skirt so that both my hand and hers was exposed. I continued manuevering my clit while she watched, her brown eyes clouded over with passion. She looked into my eyes and when I saw the raw hunger there, I flicked my clit faster and harder, occassionally pinching it for added stimulation. I began to feel a tingling start low in my tummy. I shivered and Lena must have felt it because she began finger-fucking me in time to the man’s hard thrusts on the screen. My head fell back and her mouth found my neck again. She bit me and sucked my skin hard between her teeth. Trembles racked my body and slowly built. I bucked beneath her hand and lifted my hips, her fingers sank deeper as she thrust in, brushing against my g-spot. A warm feeling wrapped around me and I closed my eyes. She sucked and fucked me harder, roughly banging her palm against my pussy lips. The mix of pleasure and pain felt so good that I eventually exploded in a shocking orgasm. I moaned hard and she quickly removed her hand from my mouth and replaced it with her lips. I turned my head to give her better access and she thrust her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it as my pussy sucked her fingers deeper into me. She continued to fuck me, dragging my orgasm out. Even after it was over, soft trembles shook through my body.

I kissed her deeply as she removed her hand from between my legs. She straightened out my panties and skirt, then, breaking the kiss, she looked me in my eyes and brought her fingers to her mouth, licking off my cum with a soft moan. I watched her with a growing passion then, I took her hand and brought it to my mouth and licked and sucked on her fingers, tasting myself there. She gasped and I sucked harder, cleaning off every drop of my pussy juice before letting her fingers go and kissing her hard again. Our tongues intermingled in a heated dance of passion and lust. Breathlessly, I pulled away, smiling against her lips. She smiled back and we settled in to watch the rest of the movie.

Before I knew it the movie was over and the lights came back on. I blushed under the realization that now I was exposed. When the lights were off, it felt magical but with them on Lena could see everything. I hastily grabbed my soda and hers too, giving myself a reason not to look her in the eyes because of the look I knew would be there. My cup was almost emty but hers was practically full.

When I asked her about it she shrugged and said, “I didn’t want to wash away the taste of you just yet.”

I blushed and walked away with her close behind. We threw our garbage in the trash bins and she grabbed my hand. Pulling me close she kissed me softly on the lips. Everyone around us saw, but I didn’t care and I know she didn’t either.

Whispering against my mouth she said, “I think it’s time for me to take you home and fulfill your fantasies.”

And with that she wrapped her arm around my waist and exited the building, directing us towards her home and my waiting fantasies.

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My First

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The early morning sun came beaming through my window, calling me to greet the day. I stretched, then drew my knees up and let the fall opening up my already wet center. My fingers slipped past the waistband on my creamy baby yellow pajamas. Time to start my morning.


A few days earlier I had been at a doctor’s office just for a check-up so I could try out for cheerleading and while watching everyone else read the magazines decided I should find something to do as well. I walked over to the magazine and pamphlet rack. I noticed tucked down in amongst them was a small almost book-like pamphlet. I picked up and saw that it was about safe sex. Our school didn’t cover sex at all let alone sex. I picked it up and went to the bathroom. I tucked it in my pocket, came out, and grabbed a Reader’s Digest as I walked back by the rack to my seat.

Late that night I pulled out the book and devoured it. It talked about condoms and dental dams and being gay or bi or straight the stuff that my friends and I had already whispered over late at night at sleepovers. The very last thing it covered was masturbation. It even had pictures. I read and reread that book in a course of about two days I think I read it close to 40 times. Before bed on the 2 day I decided I was going to try it.

I locked my door and grabbed some lotion. Oddly enough I read the ingredients on the bottle and noticed that alcohol was one of the top five in that lotion and I thought that it might burn and instead grabbed some baby oil. I slicked up a finger and began circling my clit. I teased my nipples with the other hand. I spent about 15 minutes rubbing my clit before becoming frustrated and giving up. I spent the next two days being annoyed and horny as hell.

A few days later I was back in my room with the baby oil. This time the time seemed to fly by. I knew what was coming this time. The heat low in my belly, the coiling and tightening in my belly. After a little while I didn’t need the baby oil I simply collected the moisture pooling at my center. I plucked casino oyna at my nipples and slipped a finger deep inside me center. I moaned softly mentally reminding myself to be keep quiet.

It wasn’t long before my pussy began the rhythmic squeezing I have come to love. I cupped myself hoping to contain the bliss of my first orgasm.


I pulled at my dusty rose colored nipples. Softly at first and then stretching my hard puffy pebbles. I circled my clit and plunged my fingers inside, circle and dip, circle and dip. I was teasing myself, drawing out my orgasm. I let it sneak up on me, it rolled through my body making my toes curl and my eyes roll back into my head. I loved having my mornings to myself.

I climbed out of bed and jumped in the shower. I took a quick since it had taken me so long this morning. I drove to school for an early morning Marching Band rehearsal, a typical Friday. We had a brief pep talk about having a good show and then our band teacher introduced a new girl, Abby. She would join the percussion section and be in the pit for the show as our line was already full and our show blocked out.

We gathered our stuff and started to walk down to the practice field. Abby caught up with us and proceeded to introduce herself. She was thin with short dark hair, and bright blue eyes. Her smile was quick and she had infectious laugh. She circled around to walk and talk with me, as during marching season I was one of two girls on the line and Tiff was tuning her quads. We joked for a bit, and got general information from each other. She was in my grade and pretty pissed about moving during her senior year. We talked about our classes and found out we had a lot of the same classes including our next hour.

We walked to class together and over the next few weeks became un-separable. It wasn’t long before our conversations drifted to sex.

“What do you mean you’ve never been kissed,” Abby said.

We were in the middle of gym class, “Not so loud, ” I said, “It’s not that hard slot oyna to understand. Look at the guys here. ”

We laughed about that and went back to walking in circles for what our coach was calling a track session. Later as we changed out of our clothes and Abby and I slipped into the bathroom and did our make-up we discussed my virgin status. She kept tossing my sideways glances. After school we loaded up into my car.

“So are you a lesbian,” Abby asked.

I was shocked. I looked over at her and laughed. I started to drive before I actually answered. “No I’m pretty sure I’m not.”

She looked momentarily crushed before we were back to our joking selves. There was an out of town game so we had the weekend to ourselves. Abby was staying over and we goofing off in the basement. We started talking and that’s when she revealed that she had transferred because she was a lesbian and she and her girlfriend had had a fight and she had told everyone about Abby who immediately became the target of general high school stupidity. She’d left to start over and when I had said the comment about the guys at our school she’d gotten excited.

“High school is so stupid,” I said, ” but you shouldn’t have to hide who you are because of it. I’m not gay but I can’t say the thought of kissing a girl hasn’t crossed my mind. I would be proud to call you my girlfriend.”

We hugged and got ready for bed. We were in sitting on my bed when Abby leaned in to kiss me. She had on mint flavored lipgloss, her lips were soft and teasing. She parted mine with slow strokes of her tongue. I smiled into the kiss and started kissing her back. She reached up and stroked my cheek before her fingers pushed up and threaded through my hair. She pulled me closer and I felt myself getting nervous. She must have felt it too because she slowly started to pull away. Our tongues tangled and tasted each other before finally pulling apart.

“Now,” Abby said, “You’ve been kissed.”

“I’m glad you were my first,” I whispered back.

Later that night I was awakened by Abby’s hands canlı casino siteleri brushing over my body. Her hands cupped by breast. I smiled and arched into her palms. I was rewarded with her pinching my nipples. She kissed me along the nape of my neck and towards my ear where she nibbled softly.

“I want you so bad,” she whispered as one hand drifted down toward my pajama bottoms. Her fingers teased along the line of skin just above them before sinking beneath the elastic tie, “you don’t wear panties?”

I shook my head, “Not at night.” Abby responded with “Such a naughty girl…I’ve dreamed about tasting you.” At that her fingers sank into my heated sex. I moaned. She pulled her fingers back, and used one to tease my lower lip and then she licked the other clean.

She rolled me on to my back and we started kissing. Her hands were everywhere and I tentatively began exploring her. She moaned and gasped as I played with her nipples and so I repeated the action several times. We somehow managed to remove our clothes, and were pressing our naked flesh against each other. We giggled and then she started kissing me.

This time I kissed back long and hard pulling her towards me hungry for the taste of her mouth. I she pulled back and started kissing her way towards my right breast she circled the nipple before drawing the nipple deep into her mouth. As her mouth teased my nipples her fingers worked slowly over wet pussy.

“Your so wet,” she said. All I could do was nod. Her fingers worked slowly in and out of me for a while before her tongue left a burning trail towards my heated center. She licked me slowly teasing in and out of me as my hips wiggled and danced. It wasn’t long before I was cumming all over her tongue my fingers laced in her hair.

After I had calmed down I told her I wanted to do the same for her.

She decided she wanted to 69 because she wanted to taste me again. Her pussy was neatly trimmed her dark hair standing out against her pale flesh and making her pink center pop. I licked her taste clinging to my tongue. She was salty, and sweet. I smiled and breathed in her musky scent. I felt clumsy as I tasted her and then remembered the things that had made me feel so good and tried to imitate her. Soon we were both cumming. We tangled ourselves in each others arms.

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My Second Penis

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I actually held onto my virginity past Christmas my freshman year in college, which is more than I can say about most of my roommates. That thing with Robby I spoke about in my last story was fun, but he was a friend, nothing more, and he remains a friend to this day. He is married, like me, and has two children, like me, and never told his spouse I was the first to give him a hand job, like me.

We still see each other, but again, platonically.

My first real sexual relationship—let me be frank, blow job—came under an entirely different set of circumstances. Penis

, if you’re looking for a succession of events, belonged neither to Robby, a high school football star, or even a first love at college.

It belonged, rather, to my college roommate’s father, a man thirty years older than me. I was 19. He was—50?

My dear friend Kathy. We are still friends to this day, much like me and Robby. I love Kathy. I loved her then. She was the sister I never had, and I was the sister she never had. It’s just the way it was between us. We became close very quickly, and told each other secrets. We still do to this day. We were best friends almost immediately.

She has long chestnut hair and lives an hour from me with her husband Tom. She lost her mom many years ago, and when I was first invited to her house that cold wintry Christmas vacation, it was just me, Kathy and her dad. For purposes of this story, I’ll call him Stan. And when I met Stan, he was widowed, since the young age of 45. Kath and I were to spend the holidays between my house and hers, and we chose her house first. Her dad was lonely, after the loss of his wife. Never picked himself up again, and was having a rough time.

Stan, old enough to be my own father, was remarkably handsome. He was in shape with wisps of gray I found simply intoxicating. In one way, he was so much like dad. And in another, he was a very handsome and sexy man. Older, yes, but with that came many charms, like kindness, maturity, and self confidence—so many virtues I find missing in younger men. I admit, I was only 19, but casino siteleri was smitten almost immediately.

My chance encounter with him happened night two of my three day stay there. Now, I do admit, as a petite little blonde, it probably wasn’t the best thing that I find myself at two in the morning in a teddy in front of their living room, reading a magazine in front of the fire. Yes, that was a mistake. The teddy was pink, and my legs were curled up on the couch, with just my little painted toe nails sticking out. True: I really was having trouble sleeping.

So when I heard the “Oh, excuse me!” behind me, I wasn’t sure who startled who more. Kathy—well, she was sound asleep. And Stan mosied downstairs in his less than forgiving pajamas.

“I thought I left the light on,” he said.

I looked up and smiled. “I’m sorry. Just reading a bit. Had trouble sleeping.”

The fire crackled and sparks went up the chimney. It was so cozy warm, and it took the chill out of the room. Stan stood there in those stupid pj’s, not moving, frozen in time. I knew he wanted to talk, but was embarrassed.

“You can sit down and join me,” I said, tapping the couch next to me. I closed my magazine and put down my glasses, so he wouldn’t think he was being a bother.


“Absolutely,” I said.

And he stepped around the couch and sat next to me, and kicked his legs up.

We made small talk about college and Kathy and how we feel like we’ve known each other forever. I’m not that stupid. I now he was looking at my exposed leg tucked under me. And then his arm just slid around me, and he froze.

“I’m so sorry, Sierra” he said.

The light flickered. “It’s okay,” I said.

“It really was an accident—”

“It’s okay,” I repeated, and I did something I never thought I’d do—I leaned over and kissed him, right on the lips. He kissed me back! I picked his hand up, and placed in on my breast, and he turned to let his other hand rub my thigh. I was still a virgin, but somehow this all felt so natural.

Then, I saw it—by accident or not, a slot oyna large, brown-skinned erection poking through the hole in his pajamas. I leaned over and grabbed it. It felt so strong.

“Sierra-I never–.”

“Shhhh”, I said, looking at the stairs, to make sure Kathy wasn’t waltzing down.

And I went down on my knees and knew what I wanted to do. What I really, really wanted to do.

I peeled his pajama bottoms off, while he adjusted himself and leaned back. His cock was pointing in the air, straight up, like a tower in the night. His balls were beautiful. They were so perfectly shaped. His scrotum was a brown with wisps of light gray hair, such a contrast to my thin hand holding it.

I wanted this man more than anything. I wanted to feel him in my mouth, to make him come, to take a part of him in me. In a very odd way—maybe you understand this, maybe you don’t—I equated his penis with my best friend, the sister I never had. She came from this penis. It gave her life. And without these balls, she wouldn’t be. And it was with this in mind, I bent over and began to suckle the smooth tip into my mouth.

At first, I didn’t know what to do. His cock hardened in my mouth, and the large tube on the bottom flexed. My nose was almost planted in his stomach hair, my elbows propped on his muscular thighs. It was a little hard to breath and took awhile to get used to. Out of awkwardness, I began to use my hand, jerking him off in my mouth, until I remember that stupid Cosmo article—”Bob your head, you fool!”

I slid down father, suddenly aware of me and him and a lit fireplace, and I pulled my head up, then down again.

Stan moaned, so I figured I was doing something right. Keep those teeth hidden.

But Stan was a man of control, and most older men are. They know what they want and how to get it, and he took control. This was a welcome change for me. He gently stroked my hair and my cheeks, and I just held still. He would pump a few times, then back off. Then slide it in a little to the left and a little to the right, and then back off again. He cupped canlı casino siteleri my chin, and gave slow rotations in my mouth. In hindsight, I’m not sure if he was being slightly dominant or just enjoying himself. This, I suppose, was a nice, slow mouth fuck.

Stan was working up to his orgasm. And not just any orgasm. He wanted to give it to me good.

I grabbed his balls, and massaged them gently. They were tight and cool to the touch. Stan touched my temples and stroked my hair, and said, “I’m going to come soon. You can pull away.”

But that was not on my agenda. I wanted him bad. As he gently stroked my cheeks with the palm of his hand, I went down as far as I could, smelling his scent, when I felt the head of his penis swell—yes, it really swells! And this penis that was so pliable moments ago got stiff, his balls tightened, and he started to ejaculate in my mouth while stroking my cheeks. Now I know what he was working up to.

He was gently sobbing as he squirted. The roof of my mouth got plastered pretty good, and then it pooled on my tongue. I swallowed and my mouth filled up again. Then I swallowed a second time. Then a third. He continued romantically stroking my face as he fed me. I held his penis in my mouth and let it finish the job. I wanted him to relax, to remember me, to remember this orgasm of his. There was so much stress in his life, I wanted to drain him of it, to take his offering completely. For me, this was almost spiritual.

I suckled on his cock until he started to soften. And when I looked up, Stan was sobbing quietly. My mouth was sticky and dry from the semen. I figured he wouldn’t dare kiss me. But I also didn’t insult him by asking for a glass of water. Besides, it tasted pretty good.

But I had a belly of his sperm, and he was sobbing. A nice sob. A muffled sob.

I took his penis out of my mouth, and it lay soft in the light of the fire over his large brown scrotum. I gave the head one last kiss for the evening.

He sobbed because he had sadness in his life.

He sobbed because that was one of the biggest orgasms he’s had in years.

He sobbed because I swallowed him, his sperm, and wanted to.

He sobbed because I made him feel young again.

With one last kiss on his thigh, I snuck back upstairs.

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Cock and Cum

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I had just graduated from college. I had a new position lined up. It would be a few weeks until I started working. I went home to visit my parents. There seemed to be something going on between them. My mother barely talked to my father. Dad decided to take some days off to spend with me. My Mom didn’t seem to care that I was home.

The first day that my Dad and I were alone, there seemed to be this intense feeling going on between us. Dad was behind me and he placed his hands on my shoulders. For some reason, this sent a shock throughout my body. I actually felt a shiver of excitement. My sex life at school was almost nonexistent. I felt horny all the time lately.

I felt sure my Dad wasn’t trying to turn me on. Dad was still quite handsome at age forty-seven. I know I shouldn’t have sexual thoughts about my Dad but I couldn’t help it.

“Are you getting excited about your new job?” He asked me.

“Just anxious,” I said.

“You won’t be around here much longer,” he told me.

I said that I would be missing him and Mom when I finally moved away. Dad was standing right in front of me. I felt this urge so I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him. My tits were pressed right into his chest. I could feel my nipples getting hard. Maybe Dad felt that as well. We pulled apart and looked at each other. Dad moved in and kissed me on the mouth. I didn’t stop him.

We fell into this lip lock. Our tongues touched. I have to admit I wanted my Dad right that instant. Maybe he felt the same way. My Dad acted first. He began tugging up on my shirt. He casino oyna pulled it up over my head. I saved him the trouble and I removed my bra. My large tits came free. It all got crazy from there. My Dad removed his clothing. I finally got to see his cock.

My Dad was average in length but his cock was so thick. It was sending shivers up and down my body. I did the same thing. I stripped out of my remaining clothes. Dad and I made it back to my bed. I got onto my back. Dad spread my legs as far as he could. I felt him slip two fingers into my pussy. I started to moan like I was in heat.

Dad licked all around my gash. I was getting so wet right then. Dad flicked his tongue across my clit. It felt like an electric current went through my body. Dad didn’t do this for very long. He pulled his hand away. He took hold of his dick and guided it to my opening. I was panting like crazy when my Dad entered me. I know I let out this scream. His cock was stretching my tight pussy.

Dad placed his hands on each side of my body and he fed me his shaft. I pulled my legs back and let my Dad take me completely. I never wanted a cock so badly as I wanted my Dad’s shaft.

“You’re mine now Amy. I don’t want you with anyone else.”

There was no way I would give myself to another man. My Dad had me so worked up right then. I only wanted his fat cock in me. Dad plowed me deep with his cock. I could feel him stirring his shaft inside me. He was stretching my tight hole. Eventually I wrapped my legs around my Dad’s back. My hands went to his hips and I held on.

Dad slot oyna had me close to exploding. I wanted him to give me his load of cum. I had to have it.

“Cum in me Daddy, don’t pull out!” I pleaded with him.

My Dad went hard a few minutes more and then he grunted loudly. I suddenly felt his hot seed come rushing into my belly. I clamped down hard and squeezed all his love cream out. Dad must have given me six or seven huge loads of his white cum. My body shook as he pushed me over the edge. I was panting, trying to catch my breath.

A few minutes later Dad was resting his cock inside me. My pussy actually hurt some from all his hard stroking. Dad finally pulled out of me. We had a few intense kisses afterwards. I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. I tried to empty out most of his seed from my aching pussy. I returned to find my Dad on his back.

“I don’t regret any of what we did,” he told me.

I told him that I loved him and that he could have me anytime he wanted. It ended up we did it again. I sucked my Dad’s cock to make him hard once more. I mounted my father and he slid past my gash to enter me. Maybe it was more intense the second time around. I was still well lubed from my Dad’s cum. He gave it to me hard and deep.

This time around he squeezed my big melons. I have always loved having my tits fondled. Dad pinched my nipples and massaged my big boobs. I had a few orgasms from that alone. Dad said he was pretty empty. It didn’t matter to me. I had one orgasm after another as I rode my Dad’s fat prick. It ended canlı casino siteleri up that I collapsed onto his body as he finished me off.

It was getting late so we were done for the day. We both got cleaned up before my mother got home. She didn’t even asked what we did that day. The next day was more of the same. Mom left for work and we fucked in my bed. We were on our sides. Dad lifted my one leg and he slipped inside me. He went slow and methodically, fucking me and using me however he wanted.

I did end up on my belly. Dad pulled my ass up and he took me from behind. He pulled on my hair as he drilled my pussy. I ended up begging him to use me like some whore. I got more cum from my Dad. He told me he was going to seed my eggs. I was on the pill but it still sent chills throughout my body.

I actually wanted my Dad to take me and impregnate me right there if he could have. The time I was home went so quickly. The morning I was to leave, Dad took me one final time. I was on all fours when Dad took my anal cherry. I never let any guy have me back there. Dad lubed up his dick and slowly entered me. It hurt like hell, to be honest.

After some minutes, Dad reached down and played with my clit. I had one giant orgasm after another that way. My Dad ended our session by dumping a load into my bowels. I squeezed every drop out. It was time to finally go and I wanted to stay. I was almost crying. When would I see my Dad again? Dad said that once I got settled in at my new location he would try and steal away for a few days.

I even said I would have a hard time living without my Dad’s cock inside me. We left it there. I am on the road and I can still feel my Dad’s cum in my pussy and ass. Maybe sometime in the future we can be together permanently. I know I need my Dad’s cock in me for good.

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How I Became a Slut-Girlfriend Ch. 01

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When I got divorced from my husband of ten years, I was pretty naive and inexperienced when it came to sex. Well, I had had a lot of sex, but I had no idea what sex could truly be like. Over the next ten years or so, I experienced some crazy, awesome sex and some crazy, boring sex. I had men with large cocks but barely knew how to use it, and I had men who weren’t all that big but knew how to use it. I’ve had men who could do things with their tongues and their fingers and various toys and props, and it was clear their priority was to get me off…a lot!

Often, I’d start out feeling a little nervous, slightly restrictive even, but it wouldn’t take long for me to lose all inhibitions and completely let go and give in. About five years ago I started living with a man, I’ll call him Joe. We always had great sex (or so I thought). It was sometimes passionate, sometimes hot and heavy, sometimes we’d make love and for the first time in my life, I would have major orgasms by simply sucking his cock.

At first he’d talk a little dirty, telling me how hot I looked with my lips wrapped around him, and then his dirty talk and single proclamations turned into him describing his fantasies. The fantasy (or what I thought was just a fantasy, but I would soon learn it was more), that really got me off was him telling me how hot he thought it would be to watch me suck another guy. He’d tell me how he’d love to sit behind me and watch my pussy drip as the other guy fed his cock into my throat. Each time we had sex his stories got a little longer, filled with a few more details.

He soon moved onto how he’d like to feel my mouth on his cock as another guy fucked me, he said it would be hot to hear my moans from another’s large cock fucking me hard and shoving my mouth further onto his cock. He began to ask me if I was turned on by the idea of a threesome, and before I knew it, he had me talking dirty poker oyna and telling mine own stories of him being cuckold and/or me getting gang-banged by two or three guys.

He eventually introduced porn into our sex activities, and often times he chose MFM or MMFM, sometimes cuckold, sometimes the husband was sharing with another guy or two. I don’t know why, probably because I had become so into Joe’s stories, I now need a story or a plot that tells me why the people in the video are fucking…I can’t just have three people start fucking and enjoy it. Well, Joe knew this and he would always pick just the right movies. And if the video didn’t come with its own plot, Joe would narrate. He would break out my toys and have me masturbate while watching porn and listening to his stories.

We really got into mutual masturbation, and depending on the night, we could do it for hours. We’d switch it up and he’d fuck me with a dildo or I’d suck his cock for a while and then one day he busted out a camera. He started filming me playing with myself using my various toys. He always picked out sexy lingerie and high heels for me to wear and he’d direct me on what to do for the camera.

Do you remember earlier in this story I said I thought these were just his fantasies? Well, I soon learned that he was well experienced in the lifestyle. Since he was a teenager Joe shared his girlfriends with other guys, and it was the details of these stories that really turned me on.

Oh, he had so many, you’d think it would turn me off to hear about his sex life before me, but it had the opposite effect. He told me how one friend, I’ll call him Brad (he’s in a lot of Joe’s stories) would come over and instantly Joe’s gf would drop to her knees and suck Brad off while Joe watched. Sometimes the GF would do things she wouldn’t normally do or allow but because Joe would be so turned on watching certain things happen canlı poker oyna to her, she gave in. Joe told me stories of how this same friend, Brad would go out with Joe and his gf to a bar or club, and Joe would tell me how Brad would “handle” Joe’s gf. He would grab her ass, play with her tits, follow her to the bathroom or outside to smoke and bend her over and fuck her. It didn’t matter if other people saw him, in fact, Brad and Joe got off on making Joe’s GF a slut, they both loved knowing other guys wanted her and that she would do whatever and whomever they told her to.

Joe told me how he looked forward to Brad fucking her because Joe liked sloppy seconds, thirds, or fourths. He would interlace his stories of the past with his fantasies for me and how he really got into it when Brad took complete control. His favorite stories were of Brad and another guy sharing Joe’s GF, he said it was like porn and live porn is awesome. He then began to tell me how Brad and a friend or two would come over in the middle of the night while Joe was sleeping, and he’d wake up to find two or three guys fucking his GF. He said he’d try to stop them and every time he ended up being tied to a chair so he couldn’t stop them. They’d place the chair real close to where they were fucking her so he couldn’t help but watch as multiple men stuck their cocks in every hole she had. Here’s the part of the story that gets me wet every time I hear it, and I’ll tell you why in just a little bit…when Brad and his friends were done fucking Joe’s GF, they would just get dressed and leave.

Now, even though this a slut story, and Brad is in control when the three of them are together, there were rules that had to be followed. Brad wasn’t into pain, nor did he want to degrade or hurt anyone, all sexual interactions had to be safe, pain-free and hot; and although both Brad and Joe liked her sloppy, only Brad was allowed to internet casino come in her, everyone else had to come on her. I’m not big on most bodily fluids, and I don’t like to swallow, but the idea of my man watching me get fucked hard by a couple of strangers is beyond orgasm. But that’s not the end of that scenario, and I’ll tell you later how my boyfriend and I really got into it, but for now Joe would tell me how he fantasizes that the guys finish by tying me up so I can’t move, or shower or get dressed. They leave me with my legs spread open, my pussy right in front of Joe, so he could see Brads come dripping out of my used pussy…did I mention they would not untie Joe before they left? They just leave him there, me just out of reach, forcing him to look at my face and tits covered in jizz from guys we don’t know. They would leave him his cell which allowed him to call for help.

Joe would go on to tell me how he would call one other guy for help and how once the guy arrives he sees me too, not just Joe. He’d go onto tell me how he’d tell the other guy to fuck me as payment for coming to help, he’d say things like “do you like my girlfriends pussy? And, “she’s a slut, she just fucked five guys in front of me, do you like sluts?” He’d continue talking smut and telling the guy how to fuck me until I was wiggling all over the bed, begging for the new stranger to stick his cock in me. The guys cock would get so hard, and I’d beg for him to first put it in my mouth. I love sucking off another guy while Joe watches because it makes Joe so hot, he always tells me how pretty my mouth looks wrapped around a hard cock, and even though I was fantasizing about the story as If it was me, and my pussy was throbbing from the intense story, I became incredibly wet again, and I told Joe that I would totally be begging the guy to fuck me, and before I knew it, I was telling the story. I’d tell Joe how hot it would be if we had a friend like Brad to fuck me or who would make me fuck strangers while Joe watched. I really started getting into these fantasies and Joe knew it, so we began to look for a regular fuck buddy.

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