Katie’s Escape Ch. 01

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Katie reluctantly peeled open her eyes and tried to ease the morning sun shining right into them. She shut her eyes, stretched, and yawned. A refreshing wave of peace and relaxation came over her, and she wanted to nestle back into sleep smothered in her blankets. Her eyes opened again, hoping it was pouring rain so she could have an excuse just to lay around all day.

Katie frowned when she turned to look out her window…it was gone. Slowly, she took in the sight of… a room that was not hers. She also took note that she was completely naked. She shot up, trying hard to recollect how she got whatever she was at. Memories crashed into her brain, and she winced.



Making out.

His apartment.


Katie fearfully looked over and sure enough, there laid Lucas resting soundly. At least she hoped because she had to get the hell out of his apartment fast.

Carefully, she got out of his bed and picked up her clothing that was haphazardly thrown about his room. With each step, Katie looked at Lucas, praying he didn’t wake up.

Please, God, just let me get out of here and I swear I will not have sex until I am married! She thought. Okay, that probably wasn’t going to happen, but she promised never to have sex with someone she barely knew. Ideally.

Once dressed, she took a quick glance in the bathroom mirror and gasped. Her lips were bright red, a small hickey throbbed on her shoulder and she could feel scabbed nail marks stinging on her back. Her dark brown hair that she worked so hard on yesterday now looked like she stuck her finger in a light socket. Luckily, her makeup stayed on reasonably well. Kind of. She straightened her clothes and pawed at her hair.

This was as good as it was going to get, she thought.

Once out of his bedroom, Katie had to worry about roommates. She listened for sounds like footsteps, water, breathing, any remote sign of life.

Nothing. Not a sound.

She cautiously tiptoed to the door but not before a loud grunt stopped her in mid-step. She gave a loud gasp and slapped a hand over her mouth. A guy, who she could only guess was his roommate, lay on the couch half-naked and passed out with a gallon of orange juice still in his grasp and Jack in the Box wrappers all over the coffee table. Katie tried not to gag at the sight and bolted out of the door.

Just as her foot reached the last step of Lucas’s apartment complex, with the exit door in sight, a younger guy walked through the front door. His 5 o’clock shadow gave him a sexy, rugged look but the red bags under his eyes and crumpled clothing made one reconsider. He nodded, and Katie gave a quick smile. She thought she might have seen him somewhere, but at the moment, she probably would think that about just anyone. With her luck, that was a pastor that knew her mom and seen pictures of Katie at her parent’s house and just saw Katie Garling strutting the walk of shame. She was by no means religious, and neither was her family, but what if they took a startling turn in the past week? You just never know!

But, that aside, she really just had to work on never seeing Lucas or running into him. Ever again.

Sleeping with a guy in the class you are a TA for wasn’t the best way to accomplish said goal. Jackass! Her moral compass reminded her. Fuck, what the hell were you thinking?? Katie scolded herself.

But flashes of their night came like unwanted lightning. The darkroom with the tinge of blue from his window illuminating them just enough. His heavy breath on her ear, his fingers clutching her hips as she rode him. She could still feel her nails clawing into his shoulders, her teeth sinking into the fleshy part of his neck. It was hard to regret a night of hot and heavy sex with a guy who was charming enough to get Katie in the sack within an 8 hour period.

Coffee, she thought. Get some coffee! Take your mind off of him. Last night is a night better left forgotten. You will carry on like nothing happened and never speak of the event ever again. Ever.

She had to work at the library today, and for the first time, she didn’t want to. Maybe at work she could just stay in the back mending for today. Or forever. The dim lighting worked well with hangovers and the lack of patronage was another strong appeal. Lucas came into the library a lot, even on Saturdays. Maybe she should just call in, which she never had done but, she never did one night stands either, so maybe this weekend will be a long line of firsts.

With a deep breath, she took in Seattle. The early mornings were beautiful, even when the skies were cloudy and overcast.

Katie reached her apartment and made a bee line for the shower. Stripping off her cardigan, she could smell him on her clothes. Unable to resist, Katie buried her face in the cardigan and inhaled. Jesus, he smelled good. REALLY good.

There wasn’t much about him that wasn’t good, she joked.

Fuck, Katie, Stop! She scolded herself.

As she peeled off her clothes, she saw her ass had just the faintest izmir escort bayan pink tinge to it. He wasn’t a full-on spanker, but a few playful slaps were enjoyed throughout the night. She ran her fingers over the red blotches along the column of her throat, still tender from his stubble scraping against her skin. It looked more like an allergic reaction than the work of a mouth.

She wondered what Lucas was doing right now. Maybe waking up with a deep relief that she snaked out and avoided that awkward conversation. Probably just going about his day like everything is totally normal.

Katie just wished it felt that way too.


Lucas slowly crept out of sleep as the sound of pots and pans came blasting from the kitchen. He instinctively rolled over to put an arm around Katie, only to find a cold, crumpled spot where Katie once laid. He bolted up and noticed the trail of clothes gone.

Searching more, he didn’t see a note, number, or any indication she was even here.

She left? He thought, still unable to process the thought. Why would she leave? Did she leave? Maybe she is the one making all the noise in the kitchen.

He stumbled out of bed and clumsily threw on his pajama bottoms. He stalked toward the door until a searing pain in his foot seized him. Hopping away, he bent down to see a long silver chain with a milky white stone on it. Lucas picked it up and instantly remembered it on Katie’s chest when she took off her shirt.

Holding it, he ran his thumb over the smooth yet uneven stone while the delicate chain pooled in his palm.

More noise sounded from the kitchen. Lucas shoved the necklace in his pocket and returned to his original mission; find out who is making all that damn noise.

Lucas’s stomach sank when he saw his roommate, Jake, standing over the stove making eggs while Dean snored on the couch.

“Did you see anyone leave?” Lucas asked

“No. Why?”

He sighed “No reason. Have you seen a note or anything? A number written anywhere?”

“Nope.” His roommate said nonchalantly. “Oh, but dude. I saw the librarian chick you’ve been pining after. She was leaving the building right as I walked in. You think some lucky bastard gave her the walk of shame?”

“No,” Lucas bit out, his voice edgy yet Jake didn’t seem to notice.

“Yeah, you’re right. She looked too put together and actually kind of angry. Maybe she had a disappointing night.” Jake shrugged while focusing on his cooking.

Lucas bit back the urge to punch Jake for that comment.

She did not, in fact, have a disappointing night. That much he knew.

And he had now confirmed she was gone.

Which meant… did he…did Katie used him?

No way, Katie isn’t the type. Right?

But then again, Lucas was no stranger to romancing a girl for a night, getting naked, then not calling.

“You get some action last night?” Jake asked as dished his eggs onto a plate.

“Not enough,” He grumbled, grabbing the silver chain in his packet while walking back to his room.


Katie sat on the edge of her bed, staring at the floor. Why of all people did she decide to sleep with Lucas? A guy she sees regularly on campus. And, judging by his skills in bed, probably has no trouble with getting a girl’s clothes off.

And she was now just one of those many girls. She fell for his goofy, self-deprecating yet charming humor.

He is probably scrubbing his skin off right now telling himself to never drink again at the thought of her naked. Hell, Katie didn’t even like the view of her naked, she didn’t expect anyone else to.

Katie couldn’t help but list off her looks, deciding that she was probably a few points below his usual standards. Her shoulder length brown hair, medium build with just the slightest amount of cushion wasn’t exactly attracting all the fellas on campus. Her boobs weren’t anything impressive and her frame wasn’t super curvy.

Her make-up was light but wore enough to know it was there. She sported cardigans with cotton, solid colored t-shirts and rectangular glasses that she pushed up on a regular basis. If she was feeling fancy, she’d throw on a scarf too.

Near weekly, she’d be at a local bar, drinking and tirelessly debating the best way to organize and catalog almost anything on earth. Still, she and her roommates stayed in most nights, drinking whatever wine Katie picked out and snacking on whatever food Maddy, one of her two roommates, had whipped up.

Somehow she doubted a guy who looked like Lucas went for a Library Science student who spent most nights binging old sitcoms and reading books titled “The Accidental Systems Librarian.”

Seriously, why would a guy like Lucas even think about flirting, let alone sleeping, with someone like her?

The need for indiscriminate ass that accompanies alcohol, no doubt.

At least she left before he could act like she was as disposable as she felt.

But, she couldn’t deny that she’d had the best time in a long time. They laughed escort izmir over stupid things, quoted TV shows, talked about books. And, he wasn’t too bad in bed either.

Okay, he was fucking phenomenal. And yet, a sting in her chest seared at the fact that she fell for his charm. Like a thousand girls before and thousands after her.

One of many, and she hated it.

She hated feeling so good and well rested on only 2 hours, if that, of sleep. She hated reliving last night and still laughing at his jokes. She hated him for making her want him.

She had said things so dirty, she blushed at the recollection. He didn’t keep quiet either. They must have gone at it 4 or 5 times in a 5 hour period. Or was it a 4 hour period? She couldn’t remember. Their stamina was mind-boggling, switching from slow and intimate, to hard and fast.

Although, the foreplay was….okay. It got things started but it didn’t compare to the big show.

The day started off so simple, she recalled. Grabbing a quick latte and chocolate croissant at some hipster cafe in Fremont on a total whim. With so many cafes in Seattle, Katie tried a different one any time the chance arose – which was often.

“Hey, you work in the library at UW, right?” He asked out of nowhere.

Katie nearly jumped out of her skin when he spoke. She was a little too focused on the pastry case offerings. “Uh, yeah. Why?” She said to Lucas, acting like she had no idea who he was.

But, she knew the hot guy who sat in the west stacks. The guy who all of the student workers giggled about whenever he walked in. She also sometimes saw him in Mary Gates Hall, which is where most of her classes were. Katie rolled her eyes when the other student workers chatted about him, but she’d confided in her roommates how attractive she found him.

Lucas wore a plaid, untucked shirt and a pair of jeans that fit him so well, he might as well be modeling them. His frame wasn’t ripped muscles and veiny forearms, but he was fit and a beautiful form of a man. His brown hair was messy yet carelessly stylish. But what Katie loved most was that angular jaw.

“I see you all the time there and in Mary Gates. I’m actually in the MSIM program.” He said after she looked at him like he was speaking Dutch. Mentally, she put together why she sometimes saw Lucas in Mary Gates Hall, he was getting his Masters in Information Management. Which was close to her Masters, Library and Information Science.

“Ah.” She nodded and gave the barista her order. She made no effort to continue the conversation as she walked over to the pick-up counter. She scrolled through her email until her order was ready, then headed toward the bar stools that faced the sidewalk. Settling in, she grabbed her book and started reading.

“Lucas,” he said beside her. The sound of his voice grated on her nerves, annoyed at his obnoxious persistence.

Katie sighed, turning towards him, “excuse me?” She made sure to show her irritation, a near look of death. This was her private time to assess this new cafe before she had to crank out some mind numbing essay. Okay, sometimes essay writing turned into her and her roommates playing Boggle in the living room or smoking weed and getting some sushi. Either way, her day was mapped out and Lucas’s ego wasn’t going to butt in.

“My name is Lucas, not that you asked,” he said, unfazed by her death glare, “I’m a little shocked you don’t recognize me. I’ve seen you in Mary Gates and at the library quite a few times. I’d like to think I’m pretty memorable, or at least that is what my mom tells me.” He said while leaning on the long bar table, looking at Katie with a knowing smile.

“Your mom must really love you a lot,” she said with a dismissive eye roll, turning back to her book.

“That she does, but enough about my mom. She’s not the one who I’m taking out tonight.”

Katie had just about enough of his self-assured presence and contrived charm. His words were like pre packaged donuts that were stale, yet still got eaten because some people don’t know better.

“Me and your mom have that in common,” Katie clipped, flipping another page although there is no way she could read with him yammering on.

He slid onto the stool beside her, and set his drink down.

“Smart, cute and a sense of humor. So rare” She felt his gaze on her, making her blush from sheer annoyance and insecurity.

Again flipping the page, she sighed, “you forgot deeply irritated and terribly busy.”

“That much is clear, but girls who ignore me while reading really turn me on.”

His words rolled around in her head for a moment. With her brow furrowed, she lost count of all the ways that statement didn’t make sense.

“Oh my god,” she snapped her head up, “that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. If that were true, you’d be walking around campus with, like, a raging erection all the time because there are literally thousands of girls sitting around, reading and not paying attention to your existence. Like, do you even hear izmir escort yourself when you say shit like – .”

A moment of awareness rolled over her. She realized she was now facing Lucas, rambling on while he just smiled.

Smiling at her little rant, smiling that he engaged her interest, smiling because he got under her skin.

Lucas, on the other hand, had been completely captivated by Katie’s enthusiastic response to something he hadn’t given much thought to. So much fire.

Quelling yet another emotion, embarrassment, Katie cleared her throat. “That is too ridiculous to be true.” At that simple summation, she snatched her latte and took an angry sip. Frowning, she looked down at the surprisingly noteworthy taste. The complete lack of burnt espresso delighted her, even though they skimped on the foam, which was a strike.

Still, this place might be a regular stop, even if the croissant turns out to be disappointing.

“Okay, you caught me. That was a line.”

“Shocking,” she exhaled and took another sip. “Lucas,” she said with a clear, confident tone, “meeting you has been strange and borderline unwelcomed. That said, you must be a smart guy. Maybe you can take a hint.”

“You’re right, I am smart. And because you asked, I’ll leave you alone once you tell me what you are reading.”

Finally, victory was on the horizon, “The Stubborn Twig.”

“Have you seen the documentary about the Yasui family? It was nominated for an Academy Award. It’s great to watch after you’ve read the book because you can put the stories to the faces.”

And from there, Lucas piqued her interest. They got into their favorite books, which somehow led to wines, which led to a wine bar, which led to drinking, which led to laughing, which led to kissing then making out against the wall outside of the bar.

But, in the throws of a kiss so hot, her skin could melt, she stopped him. “Um, I think I should go home,” she said, trying to catch her breath as he did the same. Her body ached against his and every nerve was screaming not to stop. One hand rested on his chest while the other one traced over her mouth. If she even looked at him, or his mouth, she’d lose control.

“No, um” he cleared his throat, “I mean, we can slow down. We don’t even have to drink, we could go have coffee or whatever.” Jesus, even his voice was turning her on. That last linger in ‘whatever’ was drawn out just enough to make her wonder what “whatever” meant.

Katie smiled, knowing she didn’t want to leave either. Staying out sounded much better than going home alone and regretting leaving so early in the night. And it wasn’t so much that she wanted to leave, it was more that she didn’t quite trust him enough to get naked.

But sweet Jesus, did she want to get to that point.

“Okay,” she sighed and indulged in a wicked thought of dragging him into a dark alley for just a little more kissing. Maybe some groping. Maybe.

“Let’s go to the other wine bar on 34th,” she offered, “they have a Merlot that is amazing with their house-made bruschetta.” A wide smile from him told her the answer. They walked slowly, laughing loudly at each other.

“Wait, you seriously watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I figured you watched smart people stuff, like CSPAN and PBS.” He teased as they walked.

She smiled and forced herself not to look at his stupid, sexy-as-hell grin.

“Screw you! It’s a shameless addiction,” she protested, “I refuse to apologize for my love for female ass kicking paired with fresh, witty dialogue.” She gave him a playful hove and noticed the taught skin over muscle. “At least I don’t devote an entire weekend to watching the director’s cut of Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Do you follow it by masturbating furiously with some vaseline or the uncontrollable tears of loneliness draining from your eyes?”

“Why would I use vaseline when my own tears are the only chance to get my dick wet?” He asked with sarcastic incredulation. When they reached the wine bar, Lucas proudly opened the door for her and gestured with a dramatic bow.

The place was crowded and loud and perfect. They squeezed through and somehow managed to catch a table as people left.

The bar was crowded, and the table was small. They sat close, knees bumping against one another’s.

“This merlot and bruschetta better be mind-blowing after the LOTR comment” he warned, mouth close to her ear. Katie swallowed the chills running down her spine as his breath tickled her ear lobe

“Prepare to be fully blown,” she shot back, making sure to return the linger breath on his ear as well. He choked on his water and coughed. She held her hand over her mouth as she uncontrollably laughed at his reaction.

Katie wasn’t normally so flirtatious or insinuative but with her radiating buzz and his unbearable charm, how could she resist?

Their wine and food came with a waitress that was drooling over Lucas. She was curvy and voluptuous, with blonde hair cascading over her shoulders. Her makeup was flawless, dramatic and colorful. Katie bet she knew next to nothing about wine and only served on weekends for the tips. But somehow her lack of wine knowledge didn’t lessen any of her sex appeal. She knew better than to compete with the likes of those girls.

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