Katy and the Girl

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Mrs. Black called and told me to come back to her house, pick up the girl and drive her home. It was already 11:30 but she asked me to come inside because she had another little job for me. I did her bidding and collected the girl.

“What did you do in there? I asked as I opened the car door for her.

“My ‘daddy’ gives good dick in the ass,” she said laughing.

“You played the little girl game! Like you did with her?”

“Yes and it really turned me on to see her watching the whole time he dicked his ‘baby girl’. Tell me, Katy, did you fuck her when I left? I saw the label on the bag you held.”

“In a way. She only let me suck her pussy when I called her ma’am like you did.”

“Aha! I could tell she got off on that. She was good and she did all kinds of wonderful things to me, Katy. She trailed my hair in her pussy, if you can believe that. Her mouth was on every square inch of me.”

“She sent me out to buy a double-headed dick after Mr. Black arrived. I wanted her to fuck me with it when you were gone. She said you wore her out.”

“That I did. She feasted on me and I just let her have her way,” the girl said. “Ma’am said I was her first pussy and that I inspired her. Do you still have the dick, Katy?”

“Right here,” I patted the brown package next to me.

“Why don’t you come to my apartment tomorrow around noon. You don’t work on Saturdays, do you? We can play with it,” she said rubbing my thigh. “I’m grateful for your help tonight.”

“You want to fuck me?” I ask.

“Of course, Katy. Haven’t you ever looked into a mirror? You are gorgeous and very fuckable. She should have eaten you, too. I’ll do you however you want it. I’ll be whomever you want me to be.”

“Oh wow,” I said as I began to get wet when the girl’s hand rubbed my pussy through my panties.

“What would you like, Katy?” she whispered as she rubbed me harder.

“Be my cheerleader friend. Do you have a uniform? I was almost fucked by a girl who was a cheerleader. I’ve never forgotten that.”

“Of course, Katy. I’m always prepared,” she crooned as her hand casino oyna slipped inside my wet panties. “I’ll be hot and cheering for this pussy.”

“Can you be in uniform when I knock on your door? Be ready to eat me right away. I want you to have the dick already in your pussy tucked inside the cheerleader panties. I want to see the dick spring out when I remove them.”

“Shit, Katy, you are a nasty little thing,” she said as a finger slid into my pussy and she nipped at my bottom lip, “You are one hot chick. I can hardly wait to fuck you.”

I drove on toward her apartment. I had to stop intermittently as she was making me cum. Her hand was at my pussy the whole time.

Sweet little, Katy with her short dark hair and grey eyes was only slightly older than me, but she was a little naive. I will give her the fantasy fuck she needs. But I need a few favors from her. She is in the perfect position to help me.

I arrived the next day promptly at noon. My fantasy girl opened the door. I felt under her skirt for the dick. It was there. She pulled me in and said, “Katy, this dick in me has me so horny.”

As I began to undress, she said, “I can’t wait for that, Katy. Let me eat your pussy now!” She pushed me roughly onto her sofa and raised my skirt. She fingered my pussy and found me already wet for her. She began licking my pussy and sucking on my clit. I was cumming in no time. It has been a long time since someone did this to me. She pushed her long tongue inside my pussy over and over. I cried as she made me come again.

“Do you want my dick now, Katy?” I asked after I did her. “Let’s go to my bedroom.” She followed me obediently. I took off the uniform skirt and top and lay down on the bed. The dick was bulging. “Undress for me, Katy. That’s it. You have a beautiful body. Now come here and take my panties off. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

“Oh, yes,” Katy said as she moved to me.

The dick sprang forth. The girl’s shaved pussy was wet around it. It was a beautiful sight.

“Suck it, Katy. Good girl. Wet it good.” Katy got into it good as her head slot oyna bobbed up and down on the dick. “Stop, Katy! Put my dick in your pussy and fuck me now!” I thrust my pelvis up to her and screwed her as hard as she was screwing me. Both dicks were lodged deep in our pussies as we fucked endlessly.

Seeing the cheerleader pom poms on the wall and other high school memorabilia around the room helped send me over. My orgasm begin to build in my toes and traveled up my legs to my pussy. I exploded, melding myself to her dick and her pelvis. She was right behind me with her upward thrusts that pushed her dick deeper inside my pussy. She moaned my name as she came.

I collasped on the girl. Our pussies were still joined by our mutual dicks. Juices flowed and mixed. Slowly, the girl rolled me over and pulled the dick from us. She got between my legs and sucked the juice from my pussy. I was in heaven as I held up the red ponytail between my legs. My pussy was sore when she finally stopped fucking me. I slept.

Later the girl pulled a strap-on from her dresser drawer and fucked me in my pussy. Then she took me in the ass repeatedly, taking my virginity there. “I do have a thing for good ass fucking,” she said still pumping into me. “This is how my ‘daddy’ fucked me last night.” She rammed me to the hilt as she came on my ass. The dick vibrated deep inside me causing me to cum again and again. Then I strapped up and did her. Pussy and ass, likewise. This was more sex than I ever had in my whole life.

As we rested, I asked the girl, “Why did you fuck Mrs. Black?”

“Are you jealous, Katy? You want her all to yourself, don’t you? She sure screws a mean pussy. But she treats you horribly.”

“I know. I can’t help wanting her.”

“Katy, I’m going to share something with you because I need your help. I am a college girl and a call girl. I work the four banks of elevators at your building when the university is closed.”

“You’re a prostitute? I thought this apartment was too luxurious for someone so young.”

“Yes, I am. It’s good money for my education and lifestyle. canlı casino siteleri And I love the fucking as you well know. My clientele is very select. I dress up in various provocative ways and enter the elevators. When I am alone with with a man or a woman, I size them up. If they look well cared for and are wearing expensive clothing, they are excellent marks. They’re the ones who have the money to spend on me. Then I unleash my sexuality on them. Just like I did with your boss. I’ve only been turned down by a few. I fuck them in their offices or make dates to go to their homes or hotels.”

“Why are you telling me all this? I thought there might be something between us.”

“But there is, Katy. Couldn’t you tell I enjoyed fucking you? Didn’t I come just like you? I just need you in a professional way as well.”

“What do you want me to do, “Katy asked, almost resigned.

“First, I want you to give my “mom” my phone number when she asks for it. I would have asked for my pay from her today, but she wanted her husband to fuck me too. They will pay me double next time. I’m good and I don’t come cheap. But they’re freaks and they will pay for their fun. And I liked them, too. They both made me cum a lot. Second, I need to know when there are big business meetings or conferences at your building. Out of town business is always good. Third, if you see a woman anywhere in your building eyeing another woman’s ass or breasts, find out who she is. I will do the rest. As I said, I only work when there’s no school, but you can help me make extra money if I can spare the time between classes and the prospects are good.

“You want me to pimp for you?”

“Pimp for me. That’s good, Katy. Really good. Look, you do all kind of favors for your boss and she doesn’t appreciate you. I will. I will fuck you like you deserve to be fucked. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, baby?” I asked as I eased her down and lay on top of her. “You are the only person I have ever fucked in this apartment. You are special, Katy.” I kissed her until she surrendered and said she would help me. Then I gave her my pussy in reward. She was so easy to please.

I was well fucked when I drove away tonight. The girl was as good as she bragged. She said she fucked her ‘mom and dad’ yesterday. It was only natural that she fuck her ‘sister’ today. Cute!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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