Late Night Sex

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Rachel woke up feeling horny. She looked over at her boyfriend, Matt. He was still sound asleep. Just a motionless lump lying under the blankets. His tousled brown hair covered his eyes, leaving only his mouth and a bit of his nose visible. He was smiling in his sleep.

She smiled while watching him. Then she crossed her legs she was so horny. God, she wanted to have sex. She wanted to fuck.

Rachel poked Matt in the shoulder. He snored. She poked him again. He snored again. She poked him a third time. He finally stirred, the covers fell off of his shoulders revealing his thin, wiry chest.

“You’re finally awake.” Rachel whispered to him.

He blinked the sleep out of his eyes. “Why’d you wake me up?”

“I want to have sex.”

That got his attention. “You want to have sex?”

Rachel didn’t bother answering this, she just reached under the covers and touched him. He shivered at her touch. That just made her even hornier.

He groaned under her touch when she began to stroke him. “Are you sure about this?” he asked.

“Do I look like I’m unsure?” She rolled him over onto his back and straddled him.

The covers fell off of her revealing chest, all she was wearing was the lacy black bra she had gone to sleep in. Rachel could feel Matt’s growing erection illegal bahis underneath her. Just poking into her panties.

She started to hump him gently. “Get that shirt off.” she commanded.

He tugged his shirt off, breathing a bit heavier now that she was humping his dick. Matt reached up and caressed her breasts. Rachel couldn’t help but moan at his touch. It just felt so good. His hands felt so good, the way they played around on her breasts was divine.

She reached behind her and unclasped the bra and tossed it aside, she’d find it in the morning. Matt took the opportunity to feel her breasts in even more detail. His fingers kneading into her soft flesh. He rubbed her nipples with his thumbs and she cried out. She loved it when he played with her tits.

Matt was super hard by now. His dick was poking right into her. Rachel could even see a bit of precum staining his boxers. She pulled his boxers down. And then for good measure she shifted aside her own panties.

The feel of his bare dick rubbing against the skin of her vagina almost set Rachel off. She threw back her head and cried out in ecstasy. She didn’t care if the neighbors could hear that one. Matt was joining in with the humping by now too. He humped back up at her even as she humped down at him. Both illegal bahis siteleri of his hands all the while firmly grasped on her tits.

God, she loved Matt.

She felt the tip of his dick rub against her clit. They stopped like that for a moment, his dick poised right at the entrance to her wet pussy. She could feel his precum dripping off of his head. Rachel wasn’t on birth control. She didn’t care.

Rachel let herself slide down Matt’s shaft until his head penetrated just inside of her. “Holy fuck you feel so good inside me.” She moaned while sliding down the rest of his shaft.

He squirmed under while she just held herself impaled on his dick. It felt good to just be filled up by Matt. Rachel started to gyrate his hips on his dick. The way that his entire length moved around inside her hot pussy felt amazing.

“God, you’re so tight.” he groaned.

“Mmmmm, you like how tight my pussy is?” Rachel clenched her pussy on his dick.

She thought he was going to cum right there for a second but he just barely managed to hold himself back from the brink. Rachel started to bounce on his cock now. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. His dick slid in and out of her wet pussy.

Rachel leaned down close to Matt and gave him a kiss. “Remember baby, you canlı bahis siteleri can’t cum in me. I’m not on the pill.”

He nodded up at her. “Let me go on top.”

They rolled over so that Matt was above her. Rachel spread her legs wide for him. She wanted it. She wanted his dick so bad right now.

Matt lined up his penis with her pussy and then with a thrust he was inside of her. He liked to fuck different than her. Rachel like to be slow and sensual but Matt was all about brute force. He used and abused her just to get off. Rachel loved every second of it.

He pounded her aching pussy. Rachel bit down on a pillow to keep from crying out with her moans. She was so close now. So fucking close.

With one thrust of his cock, Matt fully penetrated her. Rachel instantly came. She thrashed under his grasp. Her pussy clenching and unclenching on his cock. She forgot the pillow for a moment and her cries and moans could be heard throughout the apartment.

“Ughhhh you’re so hot.” Matt groaned as he thrust deep into her a second time.

Rachel felt his hot seed flooding her pussy. Matt just kept fucking her even as he came inside her. At first it was so fucking hot. Feeling his warm cum mix with her own juices while he filled her to the brim. Rachel came all over again. Matt just kept fucking her.

Finally the two of them calmed down. Matt pulled out leaving her pussy white and leaking. She laid back on her pillow, content after a good fucking. All of her worries about the pill forgotten for the moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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