Lisa in London Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Erotic Thoughts and Shopping

Lisa hurried down the crowded streets of Covent Garden. The warmth of the encounter she had glowed on her face. She could swear that people could tell that she had just been “felt up” by another woman. Never having a lesbian experience before, she figured everybody knew and were talking about her. Lisa didn’t care if they were, and they weren’t. She was grinning from ear to ear, loving the memory of sweet Amanda in the hotel pool. The memory of Amanda’s breasts pushed up against her own, Amanda’s hand massaging her breasts. The memories swirled in her mind, bringing that same smile to her face and a warm feeling between her thighs. She was almost giddy.

The heels of her riding boots clicked on the cobblestones as she dashed across the intersection to her favorite bakery. Inside she perused the scones, biscuits and pastries. She smelled the fantastic aromas of strong coffee being poured in heavy ceramic mugs. A couple of English pounds later she emerged with a steaming cup of coffee and a small bag with a couple of fresh scones. Her long black skirt swished over her thighs as she hustled through the Underground station and boarded a waiting train just in time. She found a seat next to a man in a perfectly tailored suit; he was in his mid 60’s and reminded him of her father. He wore the same subtle cologne that her father preferred. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the familiar scent caused her to conjure her favorite memories of her father. He would be so proud of his little girl right now. She was living in London and doing what she loved. That’s all he ever expected from her. He was strict and demanding but never oppressive. He only expected her to do her best and give it her all. She had become a successful designer and scholar, and she gave her parents a great deal of the credit. An understanding Father and equally talented artist Mother had given her an incredible childhood of traveling adventure and love.

A short while later the train stopped at her station and she clamored out with the rest of the rush hour crowd. They spilled out into the loud, busy streets of London. It was another glorious English day. Beginning with a morning chill and fog, later to be burned away by the afternoon sun. She walked up the side steps to the V & A Museum and provided her I D to the security guard. The museum wouldn’t be open to the public for another 3 hours. With a nod and wink from the elderly guard she was allowed in. The old man always flirted with her in the most innocent of ways and Lisa always flirted back, she loved the attention and the old man had treated her so well. “Have a good day Miss” the old guard said with his thick Scottish accent. “You too, Ian.” Lisa replied as she swirled around in her skirt. She knew the man was checking out her fine ass but she didn’t care. She wore her streamlined Armani skirt that defined her body to perfection. It was a long, casino siteleri slender black skirt. Not overtly sexy but to a man with taste and a good eye for woman, it was extremely erotic.

Lisa walked down the dark hallway to the private study rooms provided to students and scholars who were using the V & A’s collection as the basis for their studies or exhibit. The V & A always supported the scholars with unrestricted access to their treasures but to get that permission one had to be recognized as an expert in the field so it was a tremendous opportunity when Lisa’s application had been accepted by the world renowned V & A. She settled into the dark paneled study room. She laid her bag across the table and eased her self into the wonderful leather covered chair that had a great patina from years and years of scholars studying the wonderful objects that filled the archives of the great hall. The hot coffee warmed her intensely as it went down her throat. She devoured the scones and again allowed her mind to wander to that morning when she herself had ventured into another woman’s mouth with her curious tongue. She remembered the bikini that Amanda was wearing and the initial shock of Amanda’s ass being displayed in such a provocative thong. She also remembered how the velvety folds of Amanda’s clitoris felt on her fingertips. Lisa could feel her own pussy begin to become wet with desire. Her nipples hardened and pushed against the delicate lace of her bra. Lisa lingered in her moment of ecstasy until she was satisfied with the level of arousal. She knew she wouldn’t come down from this. To the contrary, she was enjoying the feelings she was experiencing. The tingly feeling one gets when they are just on the verge of lust. When the sexual energy is just crackling through their bodies so intensely that a person almost orgasms just from the thought of sex. Simply, Lisa was HORNY! She couldn’t stop thinking about Amanda and the continued adventures they might share.

Hours went by and Lisa had settled into her studies. An African cupa cloth was displayed out before her on the table. She hastily scribbled notes into her worn notebook and referred to her equally worn textbooks. She removed her “nerd girl” glasses and stood up to stretch. Her arms stretched far above her head her sleek form slowly extended and the tension left her muscles. She bent down to touch her toes, thrusting her round ass high into the air. She smiled because at moments like this is when her lover, Jeff, would show up and begin to grind up against her backside. She loved being taken from behind and always loved a “quickie” fuck from Jeff. Sure he could last forever if need be, but she also liked a “wham, bam, thank you ma’am fuck” every now and then. With that thought she stood back up and grabbed her cell phone. She called back to the hotel to check her messages. She had one message from Jeff, she was glad. She loved his dirty notes. A quick thought slot oyna raced through her head and she asked the Concierge for the number of Amanda in room

37. Lisa called the number and left a message inviting Amanda to dinner that night. Lisa was done for the day. There was no way she could concentrate any longer, and besides, she needed something special to wear tonight at dinner.

With a sultry smile to Ian the security guard, Lisa hustled out into the streets and grabbed a double-decker bus. Minutes later she disembarked from the bus where a couple of school kids in uniforms pressed their faces to the glass to watch her walk down the side street. A block from Harrods was one of her favorite shops. It was the best lingerie boutiques she had ever seen. Inside was a collection of lacy, sheer and erotic barely nothings. Lisa loved to shop for lingerie. The idea of buying something-extra special for her lovers to enjoy excited her. She slowly moved through the exquisite panties and bras, the sheer teddies were especially fine. She, for a second, considered a sheer black body stocking but in the end opted for a beautiful, black bustier that laced up the front with thin, silky string ties. A pair of silk thong panties that had soft lacey edges and a classic garter that matched the bustier. The finishing touch being a pair of silk thigh-high stockings. She also purchased a luxuriant silk robe plus a few pairs of she liked to call their “stripper panties” These were barely panties since they could hardly cover her trimmed pussy but she loved the way they looked and the way they made her feel. With bags in hand she headed back to the hotel to prepare for the evening.

45 minutes later she came through the door of her room. She dropped her bag and books to the floor. She took the newly purchased items out of the wrapping papers that the sales clerk insisted upon. Lisa remembered how the clerk smiled when she neatly wrapped the thong panties, the old woman knew that Lisa was buying these for someone special to enjoy. Each scanty item was wrapped in snow white parchment paper and secured with a lovely seal that bore the logo of the shop. As Lisa unwrapped each item she imagined how Amanda would react and how she would react when she would unwrap her own present for display. She laid the bustier, panties and garter across the bed. It was a beautiful combination. It was gorgeous just lying there on the bed; she could only imagine how good it would look stretched across her supple body.

Lisa slowly undressed out of her daily clothes. The blouse and skirt were tossed aside and soon she was standing before the full-length mirror admiring her bare skin, unobstructed by clothes. Her hand traced the outline of her breasts and slowly slid into the smooth curves of her thighs. She drew a hot bath and gently lowered herself into the steaming water. She leaned back against the marble tub and allowed herself to relax, drifting canlı casino siteleri into a meditative state. The room filled with steam and she reclined back in the tub, gently running a natural sponge across her body, the soap gently washing away the tension that comes with being in the busiest city in the world. The hot water melted her rigid muscles and gave way to waves of pleasure. Her nipples grew hard from the erotic sensations of the water. Lisa’s fingers slid down her firm stomach through the narrow patch of pubic hair that she maintained, to the smooth lips of her pussy. A single finger slid between the satin folds of her warm center. Gentle stroking of the outer edges of her clitoris made her breasts rise and fall with excitement. Slowly she built herself toward a satisfying orgasm, dreaming all the while of Amanda’s soft lips devouring her own, Amanda’s hand exploring where her own was busily working in circular strokes. The orgasm came quickly, she had needed it all day and with a sudden rush, she came with a soft gasp. Lisa sank back into the warmth of the tub, still stroking her pleased pussy and dreaming of Amanda’s sleek form wrapped in her own.

Lisa floated in bliss for nearly an hour and finally stood up in the marble tub that had been so much fun. She wrapped a towel around her body and another around her long, dark hair. She put on an absurd pair of fluffy slippers and stepped out into the dwindling twilight that filled her room. Soft shades of pink, orange and magenta colored the walls. The sunset was beautiful. Lisa noticed a small piece of folded paper near her door and saw her named neatly written across it. The penmanship was beautiful, obviously somebody took great care to write this small note. The paper appeared to have been torn from a sketchbook. In beautiful script the note read, “Lisa, Thank you for your invitation to dinner. I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day. I look forward to spending the evening learning every curve of your body and every desire in your heart. Love, Amanda” A small sketch was in the upper left corner, it was a portrait of Lisa and it made her smile. It had been done with such tenderness and attention to detail; the eyes almost seemed alive. Lisa placed the message into her notebook. Lisa’s notebook was her life; it held all her secrets and so much more. To be given a place in there was truly a great honor.

Lisa dropped her towel and gracefully slid into her new silk panties. The little piece of silk covered her freshly groomed pussy, just barely. She gently pulled up the sides of the panties until they were high on her curved hips. The thong back settled nicely into her ass. These were suddenly her new favorite pair of panties. She ran a hand over the silk fabric and could feel the warmth radiating from her pussy. She knew this was going to be a fantastic evening. She had just met a beautiful woman with whom she had so much in common. She had engaged in her first lesbian experience, and loved it! Now, she was dressing in an exquisite set of lingerie that left no doubts as to what she had in mind that evening. She re-read the note from Amanda and continued to dress…

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