Love Comes When You Least Expect It Ch. 02

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Hi all

The sequel to “Love Comes When You Least Expect It” is finally here. Sorry this took so long — you know what it’s like, with work and all that! But I finally finished, so here it is. Just to warn you, there isn’t a lot of sex in this one. The next one will have a little more, I promise!




“Okay, this is the final set of questions. Whoever gets the most correct wins. Capisce?”

“Err, yeah… capisce…” Maddie looked confused. “That means “I understand,” right?”

“Yeah,” Issy replied, with a smile. She crawled over and straddled Maddie’s stomach, so that she was looking down at the girl, a mischievous smile on her face. The girl was once again tied to Issy’s bed — her hands tied together with the same scarf that had been used on her the other day, and a rope attaching her bound wrists to the headboard. Unlike Issy, who was wearing a long summer dress, Maddie was completely naked.

“First question…” she leaned down and kissed Maddie on the lips. “What’s my favourite colour?”


“That’s correct. Question two…” Issy kissed her again. “My favourite band?”

“Nine Inch Nails.”

“Correct. Question three… *kiss* What’s my favourite food?”

“You want me to say that it’s seafood risotto, but I happen to know that it’s actually your mother’s lasagne.”

“Wow, that’s correct. Question four…”

It had been about a week since the girls had first met, and six days since the intense afternoon of sex they had shared. They had spent almost every one of those days together, learning everything there was to know about each other. Both girls were admittedly inexperienced in relationships, and many would argue that what they were doing was not going to change the fact that they were moving way too fast. But they didn’t care. Even in the short time they’d known each other, being together was all they wanted to do. And it wasn’t just about sex, although they’d shared a few subsequent, hugely passionate sessions together. They wanted to explore everything about each other, from how their minds worked, to how their tastes in food, art and culture meshed, to what their various idiosyncrasies and quirky interests were.

Though this quiz was merely intended to be light-hearted, it was also a strategy for them — they wanted to make sure they were absolutely sure that their hearts and their heads were on the same page. And to establish a degree of trust.

And so far, Maddie was getting all of Issy’s questions right.

“Question eight… *kiss* Who’s my best friend from Bedales?”

“Jessica Burrowes?” Maddie asked.

Issy was silent for a moment, and an smile broke out over her face.

“Close, but wrong — it was actually Molly Wilson.”

“Bollocks,” Maddie muttered.

Issy smiled at her.

“What’s my religion?”

“Trick question — you’re an atheist!”

Issy nodded.

“Last question…” Issy paused to push Maddie’s lips apart, stick her tongue right into her mouth and noisily snog her. “Name three subjects that we will never, ever agree on?”

“Hmm…” Maddie thought about this very, very carefully. “The Arab-Israeli conflict?” Issy nodded. “Whether Taylor Swift’s music could actually be classified as “music” and not “mopey bullshit?”” Issy nodded again, more excitedly. “And dogs versus cats?”

Issy planted a huge kiss on each of Maddie’s cheeks.

“You got a score of nine,” she said, still smiling. “Looks like I need to get all ten correct to beat you.”

“You scared?” Maddie asked provocatively.

“Never,” Issy retorted, simply.

“Right. Question one — what’s my middle name?”


“Wrong — it’s Charlotte. Come on, Issy! I told you that yesterday!”

Issy looked crestfallen, but Maddie gave her a reassuring smile.

“A tie goes to sudden death, so don’t worry — you’re still in with a chance! Anyway, question two — when did my parents take over the pub from my grandparents?”

“When you were three years old.”

“Question three — where were we living before?”


“Both correct,” Maddie smiled. “Question four — what’s my favourite movie?”

“Trick question — you have two. Your favourite Oscar-winning movie is The Hurt Locker, and your favourite non-Oscar nominated movie is Deadpool.”

“That’s right! Question five…”

Issy knew Maddie as well as Maddie knew her. She answered the next few questions correctly.

“Question nine…” Maddie thought long and hard. She needed something that would really test the girl. “What was my most embarrassing moment?”

“Erm…” Issy paused. She had two that Maddie had shared with her. She tried to remember which one Maddie had been more embarrassed about.

“…Was it the time you found out that a certain word was actually a racial slur the hard way?”

Maddie nodded, her own face reddening.

“Right. Last one.” She paused for dramatic effect. “What is the edgiest thing I want casino siteleri you to do to me?”

“Erm…” this one completely stumped Issy. She and Maddie had spent well over an hour and a half talking about their fantasies in more detail. But Maddie hadn’t really specified anything that she preferred, that she could remember. She racked her brains hard, trying to think through that conversation.

“Tick tock, tick tock,” Maddie teased.

“Hold on a second, I’m thinking,” Issy retorted. Then an idea came to her mind. “You spoke a lot about your guilt at how you felt reading certain stories on the internet and being sexually turned on despite their being very egregious. And we did talk briefly about some of the porn we both watched…”

“Yeeeeessss?” Maddie said, cautiously.

“You want to experiment with consensual non-consent, don’t you?”

Maddie’s face became red again. She looked like she was very scared of answering. This hadn’t been the answer she expected, but now that Issy had brought it up, she had to admit that she wasn’t far from wrong.

“I… um… I,” she stammered.

She was cut off when Issy kissed her.

“Maddie, it’s okay,” she said, in a plain, neutral tone. “You can tell me. Who would I be to judge, anyway?”

“Well… I suppose… Yes,” Maddie finally confirmed. “It is something I want to experiment with. But I want it to be realistic. Like, instead of us agreeing everything and getting started, you take me by surprise, catch me off guard. You understand what I mean?”

“Of course,” Issy replied. Then her tone became very serious. “Well, if that’s really what you want, we’ll talk about it properly a bit later. But just understand that we would have to have a proper conversation about it, understand the risks of what we would be doing, set some clear parameters for the activity — what cannot be done even in the context of a rape scene, what the safeword — or signal, assuming you want to be gagged in the activity — is to bring it to an end, and a clear process of aftercare to ensure that, at the end, you aren’t scarred by the activity. And we absolutely have to be clear on whether we still consent to it happening. Does that make sense?”

“It does,” Maddie said.

“Good,” Issy’s face brightened up, and her serious demeanour faded. “Because I believe our scores are tied!”

“They are,” Maddie had a coy smile on her face as she looked up at Issy. “Tie breaker?”

“Nah, fuck that,” Issy began to undo Maddie’s bonds. “How about we just have sex?”

“I like that idea.”

As Issy moved down the bed towards Maddie’s pussy, Maddie asked a question that made her stop.

“Hey, uh, do you think I could lick yours this time?”

Up until this point, the sex between them had been very one-sided — Issy had always made Maddie cum, and only ever came herself when they were tribbing. She had always taken care to avoid it getting into Maddie’s head to return the favour. And, if truth be told, she had hoped that Maddie was just sexually selfish enough that she wouldn’t want to.

Issy put as much confidence as she could muster into her voice, and said —

“Oh yeah, sure. Just let me untie you.”

Despite her best efforts, Maddie picked up the tone in her voice right away. She didn’t say anything, but pondered it in her head. This was definitely not the reaction she had expected.

Once she’d untied Maddie, Issy pulled her dress up over her head and unhooked her bra. She lay back and allowed Maddie to remove her thong, which was thrown on top of the dress.

With her face pressed right up against Issy’s pink, clean-shaven labia, she closed her eyes for a moment and took the time to inhale, to savour the intoxicating musk of her lover’s forbidden fruit. She was finally here, where she wanted to be. For a moment, she forgot about the way Issy had just reacted to the request to do so. Using her fingers, Maddie parted the lips in front of her, and got a good view of Issy’s clitoris. It was unusually big, and quite prominent up close.

When Maddie stuck out her tongue and ran it along the exposed lips, Issy immediately shivered quite vigorously, letting out a very loud “Ohhhhhohoho” sound. This was vastly disproportionate to the reaction Maddie had expected from just a single lick.

Well, this was very interesting, Maddie thought. She experimentally ran her tongue along Issy’s labia again, and got the same reaction. Then she licked the clitoris, and felt Issy physically jerk her entire body and let out an even louder, moaning sound.

Now Maddie understood what was going on — the reason Issy had hesitated to let her go down on her, and what was causing her to react like this.

Her pussy was sensitive. VERY sensitive.

So her new girlfriend had a weakness.

Feeling an unexpected rush of dominance, Maddie pounced on Issy, grabbed her hands and held them above her head. With her other hand, she fumbled around for the scarf.

“Maddie… what — what’re you -!?” She gasped, nervously. slot oyna

“Ssshhh…” Maddie whispered reassuringly, as she began to tie Issy’s hands together, above her head.

“Maddie, please…” Issy gasped. “I’ve never fantasised about being tied up before. I… I’m not sure about this.”

“I can assure you, it’s not as scary as you think,” Maddie said. Instead of tying her bound hands to the headboard, she looked down at the American, and they made eye contact. The confident, authoritative façade had faded, and she looked very meek, nervous and bashful, all of a sudden. Maddie tried to put on her warmest, most disarming voice. “Look, I understand if you don’t want me to do this. If you say to stop, I’ll stop. What does ‘not sure’ mean?”

“I dunno. I just…” Issy seemed to struggle with her mind. “I wasn’t expecting you to suddenly leap on me like this. And I’ve never felt the urge or desire to be the bottom in the past, with you or in my fantasies… But…”


“But… now I’m in this position, I just… part of me wants you to carry on.”

“Do you trust me?” Maddie asked.

“I trust you with all my heart, Maddie,” was the soft, quiet reply.

Maddie’s own heart melted with those words. There was a silence between them, a silence that neither wanted to end. The energy between them as they looked into each other’s eyes was more powerful than any drug they could ever take. Eventually, Maddie picked up the rope and began to tie Issy’s bound wrists to the bedpost. With that done, she worked her way down to Issy’s pussy.

Looking up, she made eye contact with the suddenly very submissive girl, and raised her eyebrows. Issy nodded her head.

Maddie brought her face down to Issy’s pussy, parted her lips once more, and exposed her clit as much as possible.

She gently blew on it. The small gust of air brushing against it made Issy whimper, “Ahhhh” softly.

“You ready?” Maddie asked.

Again, a timid head nod.

Then Maddie took the entire, enlarged clit into her mouth and sucked it past her teeth, her tongue licking it like a lollipop.

Immediately, Issy began shrieking.

“Ahhh! Oh my God!”

She began to thrash her legs wildly, and Maddie had to wrap her arms around her thighs and hold on tight to keep a grip of the extremely sensitive clitoris in her mouth.

“Oh my God, oh my God! What — Whoooaaaahhhhh! Aaahhhhh!”

Still, Maddie kept going, suckling and licking at that clit. At this point, all of her attention was focused on keeping a hold of it.

“Madd — ohh… Mad… I th… Ahhh… I think I… I’m… Oh fuck! I’m…” Issy struggled to gasp out between her shrieks and wails.

Maddie kept up her assault for two full minutes, during which time Issy’s thrashing became faster and more aggressive, and her shrieks became louder and more shrill. Eventually, she blurted out.

“Okay stop! Stop stop stop stop stop!”

Without needing any further prompting, Maddie released Issy’s clit. The lower part of her face and her chin were coated in juices, but she didn’t even bother to wipe it off. She just rested her head on Issy’s thigh, while Issy herself closed her eyes, her breathing soft and gentle, both of them exhausted — Maddie by the physical exertion of keeping herself in place, and Issy from the intensity of what she had just experienced.

Needless to say, the two drifted off, if only for about fifteen minutes. It was just a short sleep, but when they woke up, they couldn’t help feeling a little worse for wear. So once she had been untied, Issy went into the bathroom, drew a nice, warm bath, and the two climbed in together.

As they settled down, Maddie dreamily asked the question that was now playing on her mind.

“How was that?”

“Oh… my… God,” Issy breathed. “I seriously don’t know what just happened to me. That was just… that was the most intense experience of my entire life. I really can’t describe it. I couldn’t tell you if I was orgasming repeatedly, if I was having one long, intense orgasm, or if I wasn’t actually orgasming and you were doing something that was on a completely different level. But I have never felt like this before. I feel almost drunk.”

“That’s quite the compliment,” Maddie said. “You mean you’ve never had anything like that happen to you before?”

“Well… every time I masturbate, it doesn’t take much for me to get off. I used a vibrator once, and had to turn it off the moment it touched me. That’s probably as close as I’ve ever come to this. I don’t know why. I guess I was too scared about the intensity of the… um… the… sensations I would get to try for a little longer.” Issy paused for a moment. She reached out across the bath and took Maddie’s hand in her own. “You know, Maddie, I don’t think I would’ve ever been able to experience something like that if you hadn’t taken control and dominated me like that. Thank you.”

Maddie’s eyes welled up.

“So… you’d do it again?”

This caused Issy to pause and think canlı casino siteleri a little further. “Hmm… I think yes, but only if the moment was right. The reason I let you do it then was because I was in a vulnerable space — I’d just exposed one of my weaknesses to you. You took control and used it to make me experience something amazing. So maybe if I was ever in another situation like that, I would definitely want it to happen again. Does that make sense?”

Maddie’s voice wavered as she answered.

“It makes total sense.”

Parting was always the hard part of their time together, and it was showing no sign of getting easier when Issy’s car pulled up outside Maddie’s family pub. So the two spent five minutes saying their goodbyes, kissing and squeezing hands. Eventually, though, Maddie insisted she absolutely had to get inside, or her parents would start to wonder what the fuck they were doing out there.

“Okay. But before you go, you mind if I ask something?” Issy asked.


“Are your parents still on for tomorrow?” she asked.

“Oh yeah. They said they could come, and they wouldn’t change their minds for something like this.”

“Perfect,” Issy smiled. “You still don’t think we’re introducing our parents a little too early? Not saying I think that, of course, but still…”

“Of course not!” Maddie said quickly. “I… erm… I think it feels right.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Oh hold on — one final thing,” Issy’s hand shot out and grabbed Maddie by the nose. Her other hand reached into her jeans. As Maddie’s mouth flew open — both in surprise and in order to breathe, Issy withdrew her hand — her fingers coated in hot, sticky juices from her pussy — and pushed them into her mouth. She released Maddie’s nose and carefully withdrew her fingers.

“Okay, I’m done.”

Maddie threw the car door open and turned to give Issy a mock-glare, though the twinkle in her eyes told a different story.

“Oh, I’m gonna make sure to get you back for that. One of these days, just a moment when your guard is down, that’s all I’d need. I know your weakness!”

“I look forward to it, bitch!” Issy shot back, playfully. “See you tomorrow!”

Laughing, Maddie went straight into the side entrance which led to the house above the pub. Once she went in, she saw her parents were sitting, watching the World Cup on the television. It was a random game, and England were not playing. But her father, Joe seemed really into it. Her mother, Miriam, not so much.

“Maddie!” her father said when he saw her. “Where ye been?

“Just out,” Maddie replied.

“Out with that new hinny you’ve just picked up?”

“Dad!” Maddie said. “She has a name, you know!”

“Obviously, would be weird if she didn’t. Divvent remember it!”

“It’s Issy, babe, I told you yesterday,” Miriam said to him.

“Issy! That’s the one. So, ye been out with her then?

“Yes, I have. We went swimming in her pool.”

“Ooh, a swimming pool? They sound posh!”

“Please don’t lead with that tomorrow,” Maddie retorted.

“Oh aye, we have dinner with them tomorrow night, don’t we? I completely forgot about that!”

“Probably because you’re starting to lose your memory again, Joe,” Maddie’s mother said.

“Oy shut your gob, woman! Am only sixty. I’m not a Gadgie just yet.”

“Seriously dad, cut it with the Tyne and Wear slang,” Maddie said. “You saw what happened when Cheryl Cole tried to make it in America.”

“Alreet, I’ll be on me best behaviour. You’ll hear nowt but the Queen’s English from me all night, lassie!” her father winked.

Maddie grabbed the magazine on the kitchen table, threw it at him and headed to her room.

Miriam looked at her husband. “In all seriousness, Joe, please tone it down a little bit tomorrow night.”

“Didn’t ye hear what I just said, Miri? Nowt but the Queen’s English!”

“That’s not what I’m talking about. I mean the stereotypical ‘dad’ act. You’ve seen how her face lights up when she talks about that girl. We don’t want to embarrass her in front of them.”

“Isn’t that what dads are for, darling?” Joe replied cheekily. Then, in a more serious tone, he added “Alreet, I’ll keep that in mind…”

Suddenly, on the screen, the ball flew into the back of the net. Joe leapt to his feet and, in the almost royal style of the popular radio alert, yelled


“Erm, Joe, he was offside.”


“What time did you say they’d be coming, Mads?” Miriam asked as she carefully worked on her eyelashes in the mirror.

“I think we agreed half six. They should be here in ten minutes.”

“Good. I’m almost done!”

Satisfied, Maddie finished applying her own makeup and left the bathroom. As she headed towards her bedroom, she passed her father, who making his way back to the kitchen.

“How’s the food doing, Dad?” she asked.

“Beef’s just about to come out. And according to my timer…” he checked, “… It will stand for fifteen minutes. The potatoes will come out around then.”

“Perfect! Are the snacks out?”

“They’re there…”

The doorbell rang.

“And it looks like they’re here, too!” Joe finished.

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