Making the Grade

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Asian Student

I could hardly believe it. Here I was, about to start teaching in one of the same lecture halls where I’d found myself as a wide-eyed undergrad about 10 years before. See, I had just finished my Ph.D. in European History the year before, and after a whirlwind job hunt and several interviews, had landed a lectureship at my alma mater. I knew I was at the bottom of the totem pole, and would therefore be stuck teaching all freshman classes – a sea of sleepy, gum-chewing, hair-twirling students each day – but I didn’t care. It was my dream job, or at least a foot in the door towards my dream job, of being a college professor.

What I wasn’t quite prepared for was the face I saw in the front row of my first class – a survey of Western Civ – that is, after he arrived 10 minutes late. Brock was the star senior quarterback of our school’s football team. Even as little as I followed sports, I knew he was a campus hero, carrying the team to one of their best years in recent history.

And here he was, sitting in the front row, obviously paying no attention to my lecture, but instead putting all of his energy into distracting me. Whenever I made eye contact with him, he’d make some lewd gesture, like spreading his legs and grabbing his crotch, or licking his lips in an unmistakably sexual way as he looked at my chest rather than my face. The nerve! I did my best to stay focused, to give a good first lecture to my new students, but I had to admit that he got under my skin. I was irritated that he thought he could get away with treating me this way, but couldn’t deny that I was also, secretly, flattered.

When I was his age, I had always been the shy, bookish type, left to fantasize about the relationship with a hot member of the football team, while some of my friends actually indulged. I guess you’d have to say that I was a bit of a late bloomer, just in the past few years gaining the confidence to wear clothes that actually flattered my shape, and occasionally ask a guy out for a drink. But even with my new-found confidence, I had to admit it was still nice to have the hot young quarterback see me as a sex object.

As the students were making their way out of the lecture hall at the end of class, he paused just long enough to whisper in my ear, “Looking forward to your next lecture, where you tell us about those tits of yours, that launched a thousand ships.”

Dang, this guy was brazen. Blushing and shaking with a combination of lust and anger, I gathered up my papers and headed back to my office. Brazen, and obviously not stupid. He might not put much effort into his classes, but he had more than a few marbles rolling around upstairs. He had picked up on the fact that my name was Helen, that my next lecture would cover ancient Greece, and knew enough to come up with that witty single-entendre.

Before lecture the next day, I stopped in to see my former mentor and current boss, Dr. Anderson. He had been my favorite professor when I was an undergrad, and now, 10 years later, he was the one who had hired me. Knocking on his open door, I said, “Dr. Anderson, do you have a second?”

“Sure, Helen, please come in. And illegal bahis please call me John – remember, we’re colleagues now!”

“Thanks, John, I appreciate it.”

“So, Helen, what can I do for you – I assume your first lecture went well yesterday?”

“Well, yes, but I have a problem I’m hoping you can help me with. Brock…”

“Yes, I should have given you some advance warning that he’d be in your class. See, you must understand the pressure we’re all under to make sure he keeps his eligibility.”

“Well,” I said, already disappointed at the direction this conversation was taking, “but he’s a serious distraction in class, waltzing in late, not paying attention, am I supposed to just let him skate by with that kind of behavior?”

“Let me put it this way, Helen. You can handle it any way you’d like, whether it’s to tell him not to come to class, or to put in the extra hours to figure out how to make it work, but the bottom line is, he needs to pass your class. He’s a bright young man, which unfortunately just makes it worse – he has a fine understanding of the position we’re in.”

I couldn’t claim total naivete in these matters – after all, I’d been around colleges for all of my adult life, and had even experienced pressure as a grad student to round up grades for athletes enrolled in my classes, but nothing quite so blatant as the instructions I’d just received from my department chair.

I decided to make the most of it. After all, I hadn’t been able to get Brock out of my head since he’d whispered sexy nothings in my ear the day before. Last night, I found myself fantasizing about him as I fingered my clit and plunged my vibrator deep into my pussy. If this was how he wanted to play it, I was willing to play along, as long as it didn’t get in the way of teaching the rest of my class.

After enduring another lecture in which every glance at Brock brought another lewd gesture my way, I asked him to come to my office hours that afternoon to discuss his performance in my class. He agreed, leaving me with a brush of his hand against my tit when nobody was looking. My lunch in the cafeteria and the next few hours working in my office were a bit of a blur as I thought about what to do. By the time Brock knocked on my door, I thought I had a plan.

He was dressed differently than he had been this morning, obviously now on his way to practice in sweats. As I welcomed him into my office and he closed the door behind him, I quickly realized how impressive his physique really was – 6’3″, and probably about 200 pounds of solid muscle.

“So, Helen, you wanted to see me?”

I pondered suggesting to him that he shouldn’t call me by my first name until I gave him that permission, but figured I’d let it go – bigger battles to fight with this stubborn young man.

“Yes, and I’ll get right to the point. You know I have no choice but to pass you, so you can get away with anything in my class. But your behavior in class is making me extremely uncomfortable, and making it difficult for me to teach the rest of my students. Plus, I know you’re intelligent enough to do well if you just put in some illegal bahis siteleri effort. Believe it or not, I’d actually like you to learn something.”

“Uh huh,” he said with a smile, obviously pleased at his ability to cause trouble in the classroom.

“So I have a proposal for you.” I slowly unbuttoned my blouse as I spoke. “How about, instead of coming to class, you come to my office for an hour each day for a private tutoring session. I can do my best to teach you a few things, and you can actually follow through on seducing me.”

I had obviously caught him off guard, but he wasn’t shocked enough to miss the opportunity. Stepping closer to me and cupping my breasts in his hands, he replied, “Sounds like a plan to me. Where should we start?”

“Well, I was thinking we could jump ahead to the French Revolution. There’s the interesting controversy over what Marie Antionette really meant when she said, ‘Let them eat cake.’

“I know what I’d like to eat,” Brock replied, thankfully taking the rather obvious bait just as I’d hoped he would.

He grabbed my ass and hoisted me up onto my desk, pushing my skirt up as he did so, and got down on his knees, positioning himself directly in front of my already-wet panties. With a tenderness that surprised me, coming from this young jock, he stroked my inner thighs with his fingertips, gradually working towards, and then pushing aside, my panties. I groaned as his fingers first reached my pussy lips. He quickly spread them apart and attacked my pussy with his tongue.

I arched my back in pleasure as he moved his tongue to my clit, and began pressing two fingers into my pussy. Letting my weight fall back onto the desk, I grabbed his head with both hands and encouraged his motions on my clit. His fingers, meanwhile, were doing just fine without my guidance, jutting quickly in and out of my dripping pussy. As my orgasm approached, I struggled to keep from crying out, and hissed at him, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Don’t stop until I cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

He rode each wave of pleasure, keeping his tongue on my clit as I bucked my hips and fucked his fingers. When I finally recovered, I knew it was time to return the favor, and stood up from the desk just long enough to get down on my knees in front of him. He had stood up and stripped, and his half-hard cock was already large enough to cause me to gasp.

Referring both to the orgasm he had just given me and the impressive size of his cock, I mouthed the word ‘wow’ to him just before sucking the tip into my mouth. After circling it a few times with my tongue, I took a few inches of his length into my mouth, cupping his balls with both hands as I began to move back and forth as much as I could without gagging. He really was huge, and I began to seriously question whether my pussy could handle his cock.

As this thought made me grow wet, he gently grabbed my head and began guiding my motions on his cock, and I let him take control, finding that I could handle more of his length than I realized. I let go of his balls and instead wrapped my hands around his shaft, jacking off that portion of his length that canlı bahis siteleri wasn’t enjoying the touch of my lips and tongue. He responded to my touch by beginning to buck his hips, and this time I couldn’t help but gag for a moment as his cock reached down into my throat. He stopped, holding it there for a moment and groaning in pleasure. He then mercifully pulled out of my mouth entirely, and when I looked up at him with slightly teary eyes, motioned for me to stand up.

Now face to face, he leaned down and traced his tongue along my ear lobe, then down to my neck, and as I arched my back in pleasure, he unfastened my bra, and his strong hands cupped and kneaded my tits. Just as I was beginning to enjoy this, he spun me around, and I found myself facing my desk.

“Lean over,” he whispered in my ear. “I am so fucking turned on and I want to fuck you from behind.”

Still not sure that I could handle his cock, I was nonetheless eager to give it a try, and I followed his direction, leaning over and placing my hands on my desk. He undressed me, pulling off the skirt and panties which were already completely disheveled. As he placed one hand on my inner thigh, no instruction was necessary – I instinctively spread my legs apart, giving him better access.

“Oh, my god, Helen, you are so tight!” he said with genuine surprise as the slowly pressed his cock against the entrance to my pussy. His large size was obvious even now, even before he had entered me. He reached down, brought his strong hands around my torso, and fondled my breasts as he slowly pressed into me.

With just a few inches inside of me, he began stroking in and out, knowing that I needed to adjust to his girth before he could go any further. I now pulled myself back up onto my hands, changing the angle of his penetration slightly, and pressed back against him, encouraging him to go further. He responded with enthusiasm, pushing into me still gradually, but with more force, until I finally felt him bottom out.

I had never felt such fullness, and after a few moments of letting this sensation wash over me, I began to move again, encouraging him to begin fucking me. This eager, athletic young man needed no other encouragement, and before long was thrusting in and out of me with his entire length, giving me the most intense fucking of my life. I came at least twice – maybe more, but I lost count – as he fucked me from behind, the sensations of his huge cock inside of me were so intense.

Just enough of my practical brain was still left to keep me from screaming out – the walls were thin in this building – and I instead turned my head back just enough to find his lips and engage him in a passionate kiss. It was all I could do to keep our lips together, and finally I had to abandon even that, and again let my weight fall against the desk as he fucked my brains out. I bit my lip to keep from crying out as he finally thrust for the last time and shot his load deep inside my pussy.

While I was still in a daze, still bent over my desk, cum still dripping from my pussy, I realized that he had pulled himself together and was ready to leave. “Helen, I have to go to practice now. But don’t worry, if you can suck and fuck that well, I think our little arrangement will work out quite well.”

It would be an interesting semester, I thought to myself with a smile as I went back to work.

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