Masturbation Club: The Seminar

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Author’s note:

Though this isn’t a continuation of “The Masturbation Club” series I did quite some time ago, it does include the same characters as first introduced in that series. I hope you still enjoy this stand-alone story.


David and Nancy had been looking forward to the annual workshop for months now. Once a year the official membership of ‘The Masturbation Club’, got together with specific workshops designed for the general public. Notices had been sent out for those who had participated as clients as well as for those who might have heard, but who had not as yet participated in the club. David himself had been asked to serve as an instructor along with Jackie in the oral workshop as he’d already been voted as being the best male expert in that particular area, as had been Jackie his female counterpart.

The schedule of classes and events were designed to allow everyone in attendance to participate in the vast majority of them over a weeklong course. And even though David felt like many of them wouldn’t necessarily help him, or teach him anything new, he like many others still enjoyed the experience if for nothing else than the simple thrill and excitement of participating.

He was also pleased that he’d been on the committee for selecting a site and in helping to make the necessary arrangements and accommodations for what had now been confirmed as well over a hundred active participants. With the help of some well-to-do friends and contacts, David had secured a fairly exclusive lodge a short distance away from Park City Utah, that would ensure their privacy as well as provide everyone with the kind of atmosphere conducive for letting down one’s inhibitions. Especially for those who would be attending for the very first time, and who had no real concept of what they might expect from such an exciting seminar as this one always was.

For the actual members themselves, David had procured each of them a luxurious suite above those available for those who’d be arriving as invited guests. He was also looking forward to the first two days of the seminar, before it actually began when he along with the rest of the designated instructors and members would have a chance to go over last minute details, scheduling, as well as enjoying a first night cocktail party that kicked the week-long festivities off, promising as always to be one wild affair.

Another thing that both David as well as Nancy were looking forward to, was in reestablishing friendships and acquaintances with so many members of the club whom they had not seen in quite some time now.

“You did say that John and Amy would be here?” Nancy had asked him excitedly as she finished unpacking already laying out her elegant evening gown for the formal cocktail party that evening.

David had already seen the ‘confirmations list’ and assured her they would be. Aside for a very few handful of actual members, well over ninety percent would in fact be in attendance. And for those who David actually knew well, all of them would be, making it even more exciting for he and Nancy as they both looked forward to spending some intimate time with their closest of friends.

“Yes, I saw their names on the confirmed list,” he assured her, seeing her smile knowing full-well that Nancy was already reminiscing about John’s humongous prick.

Although the cocktail party would indeed be a formal affair, Nancy knew better than to worry about wearing much beneath her dress, as by the end of the evening, she along with everyone else would be dancing naked together as part of the festivities. Even after that, everyone would wear very little beyond custom made robes designed and created for each of the participants in attendance. And only so to allow them to shuffle back and forth between buildings, or their lodgings for those who felt uncomfortable walking around in the nude all day, though there would still be many who would do so. Even the pool as well as the outside hot-tub were designated as ‘no clothing allowed’ areas, allowing first timers a chance to relax and meet one another in a relatively uninhibited setting designed to purposely put everyone on equal footing. Only during the actual served meals would anyone be expected and required to dress, but even then all were invited to wear clothing that would be as provocative or as sexy as possible in appearance.

“God Nancy, you look incredible!” David commented.

She had chosen a form-fitting, black silk floor-length evening gown that was slit well high upon her thigh, revealing a good deal of her long shapely legs as she seemingly floated across the floor. In addition to that, an intricate lace mesh bodice that was titillatingly see-thru, allowed her magnificent breasts to peek flirtatiously through the material, still without giving everything away. It was all she would be wearing, but it was enough.

“Why thank you,” she said turning giving her husband a more thorough, appreciative look as she caught her own reflection in the mirror, illegal bahis smiling. As she did, she spotted the black gift-wrapped box sitting on the dresser drawer. One of which had been placed in every guest’s room filled with a number of novelty items, as well as a number of things that Nancy herself couldn’t make any sense out of. There was also an instruction sheet explaining when each of the items was to be brought along to a particular function or event, where the reason or purpose of it would be better explained. The first of which had been included just for the arriving members for that evening.

David helped to carefully attach the most elegant baby-pink rose to his wife’s dress, while she in turn attached an equally small delicate white rose to his lapel.

“What are these for?” she asked admiring the beautifully shaped rose.

“It tells you at which table you’ll start out the evening at,” he informed her. “For dinner anyway. After that, as the night progresses, I don’t think it will really matter much where you sit,” he said grinning.

“Like on someone’s face perhaps?” Nancy teased.

“No doubt we’ll see quite a bit of that before the evenings over with,” he agreed.

Nancy glanced at her watch. “I guess we should probably head on down to the main ballroom, everyone should begin arriving soon now,” she suggested excitedly.

David slid into his white dinner jacket escorting Nancy out of their room towards the elevators just as John and Amy stepped out of their own fancy suite joining them. Nancy grinned in relieved welcome upon noting that John was wearing the same colored rose as she was.

“Guess we’ll be dinner partners this evening,” she commented. John smiled back kissing Nancy on the cheek in welcomed greeting.

“And not just that either!” he added with a lusty grin, but most likely partners for another specific activity shortly after dinner,” he told her knowingly.

“Oh? And what’s that?” she asked taking his proffered arm as they approached the elevators together. John merely grinned.

“You’ll see soon enough,” he said still smiling, looking back over his shoulder towards David and Amy who were now walking a short distance behind them also arm in arm with one another.

David had already noticed that Amy wasn’t wearing the same colored rose that he was, and though slightly disappointed to discover that, he still looked forward to enjoying the company of whomever he’d be sharing dinner with.

“Perhaps later you and I will have a chance to get reacquainted with one another,” he told Amy hopefully.

“Oh, I’m sure we will!” Amy responded, reaching down and giving David’s cock an affectionate squeeze just as they stepped into the elevator joining Nancy and John who stood holding the door open for them.

“Going down?” John asked playfully.

“God…I hope so!” Amy teased back all the while looking into David’s eyes. “I certainly do hope so!”

The four of them soon checked in at one of the banquet tables, locating the specific tables they’d been assigned by the color of roses they were all wearing. Interestingly, it was obvious that spouses were seated and situated about as far a part from one another as possible.

“I think that’s so we can all let our hair down a little, and feel a bit freer to interact with our other guests!” Amy stated. “Intimately perhaps,” she added with a sly smile.

“I think you’re right my dear,” John said giving Amy’s breast an affectionate squeeze.

Amy had worn an equally attractive looking evening gown. Bright red with sparkling red sequins that seemed to catch the refracting light from the overhead system causing her to sparkle whenever she moved. Her dress was cut low enough in front to offer up a perfect view of most of her full rounded breasts, which she had purposely dusted with some sort of additional sparkling lotion so that even her chest seemed to radiate an erotic brilliance all its own.

“Well? Shall we?” John stated already beginning to lead Nancy towards their table.

Nancy looked over her shoulder back towards David blowing him a kiss. “Have fun honey, see you a bit later. Oh…and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” she said giggling.

David could only laugh at that as he escorted Amy inside the room towards her own separate table from his.

“See you later too I guess,” he commented helping Amy into her seat.

“Count on it,” she grinned, turning just enough that her left breast peeked brazenly towards him, her nipple smiling with what appeared to be a small diamond piercing that sparkled even more brilliantly beneath the lighting than her entire dress did.

It took everything David had to look away from that inviting nipple. “Go ahead David, give it a kiss, it’s waiting for you,” she told him.

So he did.


David was elated to discover that Emily would be his membership partner for dinner. With each table designed to seat eight, Emily, David and two client-couples would be seated with illegal bahis siteleri them, as would be the case for everyone there. He was quickly introduced to Bob and Susan along with a very young looking couple who he wondered briefly if they were even old enough to be attending. Obviously they must have been as everyone had been screened thoroughly. And though both women were certainly attractive enough, it was Emily herself that David most certainly, and most fondly remembered. David leaned over giving her what he had intended to be a brief “how the hell are you” kiss, stunned when Emily placed her hand behind his head ensuring that he lingered there far longer than had been his original intention. David wasn’t sure if she was putting on some kind of a show for the ‘guests’, but at any rate, he enjoyed the semi-brief, but certainly passionate kiss.

“Hello David, it’s been a while,” she said huskily, weakening his knees as she spoke, which she always seemed to do whenever he heard that sultry southern accent of hers. “I’d also like you to meet Tom and Beverly. They’re newly weds, and believe it or not, have come to join us on what is the second week of their honeymoon!”

“Interesting,” David thought silently as he turned shaking each of their hands in greeting.

Beverly blushed as she took his hand. Young looking as she might have been, her naïveté, made her all the more interesting as they spoke briefly with one another. Not to mention her rather modest, yet form fitting evening attire. Beverly would normally be considered ‘petite’ had it not been for her rather large size breasts, that though perhaps considered normal sized on any other woman’s frame, on her…they looked enormous. An obviousness that was difficult to conceal, though by wearing a high-necked dark blue gown, she was making some attempt at trying to do so.

Susan was a bit of a looker in her own way. Not exactly model material, but she was certainly tall enough standing well over six feet with reddish blonde hair that fell way past her waist. Though she had small breasts, they were round firm and perky. She wore a simple “V” cut gown that took that enticing “V” shape all the way down to her waist. Whenever she turned, one of those perky pink breasts would reveal itself, each capped with an equally pink tipped nipple. She did a lot of turning whenever she spoke to anyone, which told David she was very well aware of the show she was putting on.

“So who’d Nancy end up sitting with?” Emily asked.

“John,” David answered simply though adding a knowing smile. Emily laughed.

“I’m sure she appreciated that. As I recall, the last time I remember seeing Nancy at the members party, she was making an effort to actually try and deep-throat him wasn’t she?”

David nodded his head, barely aware that the couples sitting with them could hear every bit of the conversation that was taking place. He glanced briefly towards Bob, noticing a bemused expression on the man’s face. Susan was listening intently herself, though she appeared to be wiggling around in her seat a bit more than usual. Emily noticed the movement as well and began to laugh.

“I see you’re the lucky one!” she announced.

“What?” Susan asked. David had nearly asked the same thing, not quite understanding until Emily explained.

“They rigged one of the chairs at every table. You just happen to be the one that got one of those very special chairs.”

David still didn’t quite understand what was going on here, throwing Emily a confused look. “Susan is sitting on a vibrating chair,” she explained finally. “It’s very subtle, hardly even noticeable at first. But after a while, it tends to cause one to begin to feel certain little stirrings,” she added with a wide-open smile.

“Ah, that certainly explains it then,” Susan stated settling back a bit more comfortably. “I was starting to think it was just me after all this stimulating conversation!”

Emily had scooted over a bit closer to David. He’d opened his dinner napkin in preparation for placing it in his lap when Emily reached over grabbing it away from him.

“Here, let me do that for you,” she said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. David certainly wasn’t about to object. After all, with Emily he’d learned to expect just about anything. Sure enough, as she placed the napkin he felt her deft fingers reach for, casually unzipping his slacks. Emily had a knack for making any situation erotic and sensual as hell. David couldn’t ever remember his zipper on this particular pair of slacks ever making any noise. But then again, it wasn’t exactly something he had paid any particular attention to either. But as Emily slowly began to run the zipper down, it made an almost too obvious noise, which everyone at the table was easily able to overhear. David glanced up once again, saw poor Beverly’s face blushing beet red, noticing that even Tom seemed a bit shy by what he was hearing. All David could do was sit there grinning like a horny teenager, which canlı bahis siteleri is pretty much what he actually felt like.

“Hmmm, you certainly are nice and hard,” Emily, announced for everyone’s benefit. Poor Tom nearly choked on his glass of wine quickly setting it back down on the table. Bob on the other hand had begun to get into the spirit of things.

“I have to say, I’m finding myself in that same situation as well,” he announced proudly.

“Oh? Let me see!” Emily stated swinging about in her chair quickly facing Bob. In a second, the sound of his zipper being pulled down informed everyone that he too was now receiving the same kind of sensual stimulation her hand had briefly given to David.

“Hmmm, yes you are, now…we need to see what we can do about Tom here!” she licked her lips glancing over towards him. Now he was blushing nearly as furiously as his new wife was.

“Ah, that’s quite all right. I’m just fine here!” he near stammered, swallowing hard before quickly downing most of his wine. Emily gave him a seductive pout.

“Sorry Tom, but do you remember the agreement everyone signed prior to their attending this weekend?”

He looked at her worriedly. Whether he had or hadn’t actually read everything was of no consequence, and frankly, David was a bit curious as to where Emily was going with this.

“Ah sure…yes!” he finally answered, wondering as he did if by not following specific instructions, he would be in fact asked to leave with no refund coming.

“Well, under the terms…” Emily began, “It states specifically that any of the instructors can ask the participants to perform simple tasks in an effort to overcome their inhibitions so that the week can be a more productive one. Do you recall reading that?”

He was thinking. But then again so was David. He didn’t recall reading anything like that, and realized that Emily was bluffing. It was a damn good bluff. Tom was shaking his head yes though still smiling worriedly.

“Good!” she answered him back. “Because one of the things we like to have everyone do is get to know one another intimately without going too overboard. So…since I happen to be sitting too far away from you…”

Emily turned facing towards Susan. “Susan? I’d like you to unzip Tom’s pants and remove his cock if you would please!” Now it was Susan’s turn to grin.

“No problem, as long as it’s ok with you,” she said looking directly towards Beverly who appeared about as speechless and dumbfounded as anyone had ever seen before. At least she nodded her head yes.

“And Beverly?” Emily continued. “Scoot a little closer to David here. His cock’s already been freed, but begging for some attention. I think this would be a nice way for everyone to get a bit more familiar with one another while we’re waiting for our salads to arrive.”

Beverly’s face couldn’t possibly get any redder than it was, but it did. Even so, she scooted her chair closer to David’s, her hand was shaking so badly that when he felt it tentatively wrap itself around his prick, she could have gotten David off without even moving it.

“And ladies?” Emily started in again. “Just before the arrival of dessert, it will be our turn!”

David thought Beverly was going to faint.


Somehow they all managed to make it through dinner with periodic in between cock strokings. David had to secretly admire Emily. Over time, even Beverly seemed to be getting more and more comfortable with the eroticness of the situation. Her face still red, but now more so from the excitement of actually enjoying the periodic fondling of David’s prick between succulent bites of Salmon, Lobster and juicy thick steaks.

By the time they had cleared away the dinner dishes and had begun serving dessert, Susan was literally rocking back and forth within her chair. The subtle vibrations that had been going on not quite so subtle any more, at least for her anyway as she was now enjoying the constant titillating pleasures.

In fact, nearly every table in the room seemed to have some kind of activity taking place. Though the most outlandish, most notable of all was one of the women at a table not too far from where David and everyone else was sitting. This woman had been coaxed into disrobing entirely, which she had done, and was now the centerpiece for dessert as everyone at that particular table had spooned the arrival of their own desserts upon her nude form and were now gleefully devouring them off her.

“No way,” Beverly stated anxiously, though her hand had once again found David’s prick all on its own. She was almost greedily pumping it up and down much to his delight.

“Girls? I think its time for dessert!” Emily announced. By the looks of things, Susan already was. She had tossed her head back in her chair, eyes closed, her tongue running back and forth wildly over her lips. “Ah Tom? I think Susan there would appreciate a little help.”

David watched as Tom glanced very briefly towards his wife, but he knew damn well she was still jacking David’s cock off beneath the table. Sliding his chair over closer towards Susan, she grinned hotly at him, actually lifting one leg, laying it atop the table much to everyone’s amusement, especially Emily’s.

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