Millie Ch. 08

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Monday mornings are a real pain in the ass. I guess if work started on Tuesday’s then Tuesday’s would be a real pain in the ass, but Monday was it for me. I was dead tired and it showed. We were out cutting grass on the job and my ass was dragging all day. It was hot and sweaty work and I just couldn’t get into it. I kept thinking of Mother’s admissions and what I had told her. The entire conversations. Nothing she had said really bothered me, in fact it turned me on!

I had asked her to marry me and I knew she wanted to but just didn’t see a way for that to come true. I had a surprise up my sleeve for that though. One of my good friends in school’s Father was a Justice of the Peace and I had already talked to him about my particular situation. For the license Mom would use her maiden name as required by law and I would use my name. We were both consenting adults in the eyes of the law and so there would be no problem. There would be no children born of this marriage and hence no possible moral violation. The discussion flowed over several meetings but was finally agreed to. So that part was set.

Then there was Sammy and the deal. I worried about that a lot of the day too. It kept popping into my thoughts all day long.

Pamela and George also took a prominent place in some of my thinking as the day wore on.

As it turned out I had to be flagged off to a stop when the rest of the crew was ready to quit for the day. I was busy thinking about everything and didn’t hear the whistle for quitting time. All the guys thought I was just a work horse and laughed it off, but I knew better.

When I got off that afternoon there was a message for me to call my Mother at the cleaners before going home. Kind of strange as she got off just an hour after I did, so I was a little worried as I made the call.

“Hello, Sammy’s One Hour, this is Millie, how may I help you?”

“Hi Mom, It’s me!” I said quickly realizing that something was wrong because Sammy wasn’t there to answer the phone like he always was!

“Oh honey, Sammy’s dad fell in the shower and his caretaker was outside, poor man laid in the running shower for almost an hour before the caretaker found him! He’s in the hospital and their checking him for a broken hip. Scared the living shit out of all of them!”

“Oh crap Mom, I hope everything turns out all right for Sammy’s Dad!”

“Sammy already called me and the old man’s fine, no broken bones. All the caretaker was doing was taking out the trash to burn, but it’s about 200 yards out and he didn’t hear the old man in the shower until he got back up to the house.”

“Man that really sucks and sounds like it wasn’t anyone’s fault.”

“Well Sammy told me to tell you that he was ready to do whatever it takes to make the deal go through, and if at all possible he wants it done so that when the old man gets released from the Hospital he can just move into our house instead of going back out to the ranch.”

“Holly shit, he told you that!”

“Yes and he said he told his lawyer to draw up the agreement just like you told him and he would sign it today, and he also upped the cash to $15,000 for us if we’ll get moved out by Friday as that’s when the doctors told him his dad would be released and able to go home.”

“Damn, Sammy’s serious huh!”

“Serious enough to close the store the rest of the week so I can be off to move!”

“I’ll go straight to the U-Haul place and get us a truck. What about Sammy’s dad and the caretaker?”

Mom actually laughed at my question saying, “Son, you know Sammy… he hired Red Ball Express to go out to the ranch this morning with a semi trailer truck and 6 men and move them out! The damn truck is sitting in front of our house sticking out like a sore thumb right now!”

“Okay Mother, here we go! I’ll meet you at home as soon as I can get the truck, I might need you to give uncle Ed a call and tell him it’s all right to let me have it though.”

Uncle Ed was what we called a really good friend of our family. He had dated one of the aunts early on but it didn’t work out even though they dated off and on for quite a number of years. We just took to calling him uncle Ed and that’s how it was.

“Don’t worry I already did and it’s not a problem with him, he’s letting us have a truck for a couple of days at no charge.”


“Yes, dear.”

“I love you!”

“I love you too dear, please hurry!”


I hung up and went straight out to the bike and fired it up and didn’t wait for Jackie this time! When I got to the station, Ed was there and had everything ready for me. I just signed the papers for insurance and got the keys. It was a new Ford box truck with a lift gate. I lowered the gate and rolled the dike onto it and rode the metal plank up with the bike. I rolled it inside and used three straps to secure the bike in the truck bed and jumped out of the back and lowered the door. In the cab of the new Ford I started it up and noticed the gas gauge read full. ankara escort I was happy about that!

This day was turning out to be much better than it started out to be!

When I got to the house Mom and I had a short running conversation as I maneuvered the bike as far forward in the truck as it would go and strapped it down securely.

“You’re going to leave the bike in there?”

“Yeah, it’s going out to our new house in the first load.”

“Our new house?” Mother asked before she caught on and said, “Oh, our NEW house!” and chuckled at herself.

“Let’s take the bedroom stuff first Mom, because all that stuff will fit up here standing and then the dining room table and chairs next and the couch and easy chair last.”

We got busy tearing down the bed frames and loading them. Hardest were the mattresses but we managed.

“Where are the men that belong with that truck?” I was curious.

“They took off as soon as it got here knowing that we weren’t out yet. I suppose they’ll be back in the morning to unload.”

“Well if we are gonna do this right we should clean the house really good as we empty each room so that there isn’t anything needing to be done before they move stuff in. I’ll bet Sammy will appreciate that don’t you think?”

Mother was already heading for the kitchen to get all the cleaning stuff and we had another chore to do as we emptied the rooms.

The cleaning only added a few more minutes to each room’s vacancy and we were pretty much done by midnight. The truck was packed top to bottom front to back with everything. We had lived pretty modestly so there wasn’t all that much to move really. Most of the dishes and clothes were in Mom’s back seat of her car and what wouldn’t go there was in mine. The cars looked like they were from a traveling carnival or something.

It was late, too late for us to try to go out to the ranch in the dark and try to unload and do anything tonight, and neither one of us had eaten either so we both were starved.

“Get in!” I told Mother indicating the truck.

“Where are we going in this thing?” she asked, her foot on the running board, but she was not making an effort to get in.

“Well either we need to go get a room for the night and find something to eat… or we need to start unloading this stuff so we can get some sleep and if I’m going to unload, I’d just as soon drive our asses out to the ranch and do it there even in the dark!

“Also Mother I want you strip off your pants and the underwear you’re wearing even though I told you not to.”


“Right now and right there!”

We were outside in the driveway of the house and I was in the driver’s seat of the truck, the passenger door was open and Mom was standing there by the opening ready to climb in. She reached down and slipped off her shoes and put them on the seat of the truck. Unbuttoned her slacks and zipped down the zipper, the slacks opened into a wide “V” in front and she just stood there for a second or two letting me stare at her. She slowly hooked her thumbs into each side making sure to hook the underwear too and pushed down smoothly bending at the waist until the pile was at her ankles. She stepped out of the pile and then bent down to retrieve the clothes and holding them in one hand she used the other to climb up into the truck.

Outwardly she looked fine as she still had on her blouse and appeared dressed, but she was totally naked sitting on the seat of that truck. I chuckled.


“Now you need to finger yourself.”


“You need to open those beautiful firm thighs and use your fingers to rub your pussy until you climax.”


“Right now.”

She did as I asked and began but I could tell her heart really wasn’t in it.


She looked over at me questioningly.

“Fold your slacks and put them behind the seats, you won’t need them any more tonight and let me have the panties.”

She again did as I asked.

“Are we going to a drive in?”


She gave me a sharp look saying, “What have you got on your mind Son?”

“What ever it is… isn’t going to start until you do!”

She smiled then and resigned herself to the task at hand. Leaning back in her seat she dug right in so to speak and began using her fingers in earnest on her pussy. It only took just a very short time until the cab of the truck smelled of horny woman!

I started the engine and backed out of the driveway.

“Where are we going this time of night?”

“Well I thought it might be a good idea to pay a return visit to your admirer.”

Mom’s eye’s shot wide and she jolted upright in the seat almost breaking her hand in her sopping wet pussy, “You mean Pam?”

“Yeah… the thought crossed my mind.”

“Are you crazy?”

“Look it’s almost 1 am and if I’m guessing right anything that Pam and her Father were going to do, they’ve already done. He’ll be out like a light as every old man I know escort ankara is at this hour and she will be the one to tend the night desk. Hell you’ll probably have to ring a bell to get her out to the desk anyway, and in that case she won’t know your naked from the waist down until you walk away and you can say or do that anyway you like. Sometimes it’s good to surprise people with nakedness and I think Pamela voyeur is one of those people!”

Mom smiled now and I knew she had made up her mind. When we arrived I pulled in the opposite side and went around the office with the truck so Mom’s side would be hidden from the bar and closer to the door of the office. If Pam gave us a room on this side I could just back the damned truck up to it.

Mom smiled at me again and leaned over to me so she could kiss me solidly, then opened the door and was out. I noticed the soaked panties in her hand as she opened the office door and slipped inside. I tried to look through the window into the office and could just make out my Mother standing there, I could not see her top only the naked bottom pressed up against the desk. It was a tall chest high desk so she was covered easily as long as she kept against it.

She was talking and I could see the wavering of her body from the animated conversation, then her hand holding the wet panties went up and there was more conversation and then the hand dropped open and empty as Mother turned and slowly walked out of the office and back to the truck. I first heard, then saw Pam rushing to the office window for a second look. Mom opened the door and as she climbed in she strained and I knew that was to spread herself for Pam’s benefit as she made the high step into the seat.

“Number 8, straight back.” Mom said, then looking at me she added, “And hurry!”

I already had the truck in reverse and hadn’t killed the motor so I just took my foot off the brake and we were moving backwards. I watched as we went and noticed the bright shiny number plates on each cabin and Mom was right, number 8 was straight back. I backed the truck up beside the room like I had the office and stopped when Mom’s side was within a few feet of the door. I looked at her and asked, “Are you ready to squirt your juices all over Pam’s face Mother?”

“Oh God am I! If we don’t hurry this up I’ll do it out here in the fucking parking lot, you’ve got me so hot!”

I opened my door and put on my act telling Mom loudly that I was going next door to get us a bite to eat and to wait up for me. Then I slammed the truck door and walked to the bar. I knew from past experience exactly which table to go to so that the truck and cabin would be visible.

I ordered a couple of burgers, cokes and fries and sat and waited.

The truck was blocking the cabin but not the light and I could see Pam’s shadow move along the length of the truck and back toward the front of our cabin and I knew she was making the move. I also knew Mother was waiting for her and had already laid out her needs to Pam so Pam certainly knew what Mom wanted from her. No surprises. The to go food came and I paid the check. I was in a hurry to get into position because I knew Mom would go off like a roman candle as soon as Pam’s tongue slide inside her. It wouldn’t take Pam much to set Mom off because she was already primed to the max.

I walked quickly to the truck and then around it to the cabin side and then as quietly as I could on the gravel, up onto the porch of the cabin. I steadied my self and tried to calm down so that I could listen and maybe hear some of what was going on in there. My damned heart was beating like a bass drum in marching band and it was almost all I could hear. Then there were moans, something was said and another louder moan, silence and then there was an unmistakable loud moan as my Mother came.

I stepped back judging the light of the porch so that I would get the best view of Pam as she exited our room. I also began thinking of what I wanted to say to her right at that moment. I sat the bag of food and 2 cokes on the side of the porch out of the way of the step and was ready for Pam.

I heard some voices and knew it was over and then the door opened and just as I thought Pam’s attention was on my Mother’s beautiful body back in the room and she wasn’t thinking of anyone being out here in the night air as she stepped out onto the lighted porch.

She had magnificent breasts, firm and very little sag! They were the size of large oranges. My favorite part though were her very aroused nipples standing out at least a half an inch on each areola. Damn these were really nice tits! I almost reached out to grab one but caught myself at the last minute and held my hand at my side.

“Damn Pamela! Your sure looking good tonight!” I said to her. Because she was sideways to me in the doorway I could see across her entire chest. The breasts were magnificent but her Mom’s juices were all over them and her neck and mouth. She was as soaked in Mom’s cum as I had ever been. Her head ankara escort bayan jerked around to me when she heard my voice and she went totally red faced!

She was momentarily stunned into silence until she saw where my eyes were looking. She followed the gaze to her hardened nipples that were dripping cum juice. She proudly thrust her chest forward to better display her tits and said, “Oh, your Mother was just telling me that she had some nice body cream that would keep my skin soft and didn’t have a bad taste, what do you think?”

I bent down and placed my lips around her left nipple and sucked it hard, very hard, and she jerked at the sudden sensation but did not dislodge my mouth from her hardened flesh. I swirled my tongue around the wrinkled stiffness in my mouth a couple of times and she let out a quiet little moan and her hand came up behind my head and stroked letting me know she approved.

I raised back up and whispered, “Damned if that creme doesn’t taste really good, Pamela, you should use it all the time if you can.”

Her eyes flashed at me in a knowing look as if asking if I actually knew about her situation, and then the bright smile washed over her and she said,”Oh I intend to get some every time your beautiful Mother will allow me to.” Then I smiled broadly at her and said, “Well I sure hope so, and you will let me know if I can help you with that, won’t you?”

She stepped into me then pressing her wonderful tight breasts against me as she brushed past and off the porch saying, “I sure will if I need any help, but I think your Mom’s okay with me doing it already so maybe you can help me out in some other way sometime?” and she was walking briskly away.

I went into the cabin and Mother lay there sprawled out akimbo on the bed, legs up almost in parallel, pussy wide open and her arms were above her head grasping the metal headboard of the bed. She looked like one of those BDSM photos except there weren’t any ropes or restraints holding her. I was already stripping as I went to her. Her eyes fluttered just slightly as my weight shifted the bed and the springs groaned under me.

“Baby, you’re back.” she was still trembling from the tremendous orgasm that Pam had given her. I just slithered up her open body holding my weight off her with elbows and knees, which worked well until my cock made contact with her open vulva. The open labial lips seemed to cling to my cock and pull me in toward her hot wet chasm. I felt every little cell of our skin touch and caress. She moaned loudly at the contact and imminent intrusion but her feet seemed to snap up onto my back and her arms came down around my neck in a loving hug that nearly took my breath away. The moment the crown of my member came to her opening she thrust her pelvis forward and then up enveloping all of me in that one fluid loving motion.

We just lay there together motionless for a few seconds until she stirred again and began a slow rocking. I kissed her and tasted her. Pam had kissed her too and after eating her, but I liked that. It is not often that you get to taste a woman’s sweet nectar from her own lips! I rolled us over slowly and carefully so as not to break the spell we were under here in this bed in this place.

“Was it wonderful Mother?”

“Yes baby, it was just… just… wonderful.” I could tell that she had been searching for another word to describe the encounter with Pam but the one I had used was the best so she just repeated it.

“Does she have a nice hot tongue? And does she know how to use it?”

“Yes… and oh yes!”

Mother was on top of me and grinding her clit into my hard pelvic bone like crazy. Having just cum she could do this as the fight to keep from cumming wasn’t strong yet in her, but I was so close I didn’t know if I could hold off much longer!

“Stop Mother.” I said it simply as a request and not as a demand. She did stop her motions but was looking at me with a hurt expression on her face.

“Turn over Mom.”

She did and her ass was firmly planted on my lower abdomen. I reached down and put my cock at her entrance again and without being told she slid forward a few inches and impaled herself on me.

Now I started a slow steady pumping motion into her.

My hands came up over her legs and I started gently rubbing her inner thighs as I pumped into her.

“Was it nice having Pamela caressing your thighs Mother?” I kissed her neck as she murmured in agreement. My fingers were stroking her thighs on both sides now gently prying them more open as I did.

I stroked higher with my left and brought a finger to her pussy and allowed it to gather the juice that liberally coated my cock sawing in and out of her. I used this finger to rub, circle and tease her little clit as I slowly fucked her from behind.

She moaned in the pleasure of my attention. I wanted her relaxed and open for the last climax of the night, but I also wanted to titillate her senses with the talk.

“Did she use her mouth on your clit and tease it with her tongue at the same time?”

I was lightly circling her clit with my wet fingertip while I asked her this.


“When you came and squirted in her face and on her tits, was she surprised?”

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