Mirror Pt. 01

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All characters in sexual situations are over 18 years old.


Chapter 1

Our story begins in a rural community in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. As a boy growing up Josh lived close to the seashore. By the time he was seven he could swim proficiently and for a birthday present that year his parents gave him a small fifteen foot boat that he could row around in.

Josh himself was a thin child growing up and not till his sixteenth birthday did he start to stretch out. By the time he was eighteen he weighed about one hundred-twenty pounds and was six feet tall.

Josh had two beautiful 20 year old sisters to look at with their beautiful blond hair same measurement 36,24,35 and about 5’8″ about 120 pounds. They were identical twins to look at and they seem to like the same things do the same things and their opinions were similar, “Christ” Josh thought “they even think alike.”

Both these girls took martial arts training and for their practice dummy, there was always their younger brother, Josh. Over the years Josh had more bruised ribs, legs and arms. You would swear he was the clumsiest kid on the planet. At least that’s what they told our parents.

They thought it was funny to embarrass Josh daily. In his early teens as he was blond like his sisters he was forced to let his hair grow and they would style it and play dress up with him. Many a weekend when their parents were away on business Josh was dressed as a girl.

Embarrassing enough for them to do it to them but then they would have their friends over to add to the humiliation.

It was common place for them to do some martial art stunt on him. forcing him to say,”Uncle.” It was also a normal thing, for ether of then to slap him across the face and order Josh to do some chore. He knew better than to refuse as it would only lead to more hurt and a stronger punishment later.

Josh’s sisters, Jen and Judy were amongst the most popular in school and other students were always trying to win their favor.

It was an easy for students to get in with the so called, in crowd. You guessed it, pick on the weakling brother. He was the nerd, the geek, and the one person in the school that Jen and Judy did not like. Doing a dirty trick to Josh was a sure way of getting in with Judy and Jen.

These students, both boys and girls would turn around and pick on Josh. Josh knew intimately, almost every garbage can in the school. He was either dumped into it or had it dumped on him. There was hardly a day went by, when he did not have to take a shower when he got home, as he smelt like that trash they would dump him in.

To get away from all this, he was constantly going out rowing his boat. This at least developed his muscles. It was also his paradise. There were many vacant islands out in the bigger bay. These were places where Josh could be the ruler, the king, the pirate or whatever he could dream of, he could be it.

As Josh got older and started doing chores and other things like mowing lawns. His sisters wanting his money and they would gang up on him and force him to hand it over.

He vowed one day he would get the upper hand on these two bitches. He wanted to fuck them, well more like rape them. Many a night he would dream of just that, waking up all sticky as he had cum, through the night.

Josh soon figured out a plan to foil his sisters and be able to keep his hard earned money. He figured his two not so intellectual sisters would not know a library tag, if they seen one.

He would go every Friday and get different mechanical magazines which he enjoyed reading anyway but its main purpose was to find a spot where his money was spent.

These two girls would not be caught dead in such a place as a library because it was not the in thing to do. Therefore they had no idea how the system worked.

When he finished his chores Saturday, sure enough they demanded his money. He told them, “I bought magazines instead,” and showed them.

Judy and Jen were wild. Josh received, a few slaps, was pantsed and a given a few whacks on his bare ass but he had his money.

Josh now was able to save his hard earned money and within a year he had bought the motor for his boat.

Everybody seems to find at least one best friend and Josh was no exception.

Josh’s friend Fred was an only child and very shy. He slipped under the radar at school. He stayed clear of Josh during school hours for fear of being picked on to, just by association.

Fred however, loved the water and exploring same as Josh did. They both enjoyed doing the class projects and learning.

Fred and Josh in the evenings used to practice sparing and some wrestle moves. Many of these moves allowed both boys to accidently on purpose get the feel the others cock and balls. Even though they were did not think they were gay, they also never had a girl and really didn’t see many cocks. This activity was a good way of feeling what the other guy had, so he could compare ankara escort it to his own.

Anyway, all this sparing and wrestling helped in developing their bodies. Josh was confident he could easily take on one of the bitches but still not strong enough for two of them.

Josh was however, now strong enough to hold my own against any one guy that would come up against him. Although he deplored fighting he was sick and tired of being used.

Josh became very introverted, not wanting to get close to anyone because it only hurt, when they turned around and made a fool of him and for no other reason, than to get them in with my hated sisters.

Fred and I used to spend most weekends together. He was so shy, that he was scared of girls and really just was not social person. He didn’t go to parties he really didn’t want to be around a lot of people.

Fred and I used to go out in the boat. One of our favorite past times, was to go out into the big bay. There were lots of small uninhabited islands and we pretty much knew them all off by heart since we have been there so many times since our early teens. If Fred couldn’t go I would go myself, I just found it so peaceful out on the water.

One night in early July, the whole community seems to be awoken by this large bang in the sky. As I stepped outside, you could see lights come one in other houses around our area. We looked up searched the sky with our eyes and saw nothing. I thought, “Maybe the military went through the sound barrier or something because that is the kind of sound that I heard.”

The next day I finished up mowing. Fred and Josh used to work together now. While I was mowing he was doing the trimming and edging. We split what we made a course most of it ends up being paid out again for gas for the boat.

We would go out fishing and sometimes what we caught, like cod or a big haddock was great because we were able to sell it. That would pay for gas for a month. We went out that day after the big bang and the fishing was poor. We never even caught a small fish which was very strange we usually always catch fish or something even if it was just a flounder.

We stopped off at one of the islands, where we knew it had a nice cold freshwater stream. This island had the greatest drinking water and had sandy beaches all around it. We landed on the beach and got our much needed drinks of water. One of our favorite things to do, was walk around the Island, stay on the beach. We would go in opposite directions to see what might’ve washed up on the shore.

The days of us thinking of finding Pirates treasure, have long since gone but we still like to walk the shore, finding different pieces of wood or something of some interest.


This day Fred went to the right Josh went to the left and Josh was almost halfway around the island when He noticed a hole in the sand.

That was strange because we have visited these islands hundreds of time and Josh has never seen a whole like this. Josh looked at this hole, which was probably seven feet across and as he got close to it, was down a good four feet.

Josh thought, “Somebody else might have dug a hole for clams or something” but there was no extra sand on the sides. I thought “This is really weird what could make such a thing and why?” I looked around seeing nothing else, jumped down in the hole. As I step towards the center and felt something hard under my feet.

It was much harder than what the Sand was. I bent down on his knees and scoop the Sand away and here was a foot by foot piece of glass as he cleared it away it was a mirror.

Josh thought,”It was like no mirror he had ever seen,” but that was his best description of it. Cool to look at it gave me a warm feeling all over and then it turned cold. He laid the glass out of the hole and went back searching in the hole and found over a dozen more pieces they were small and each piece could fit in the palm of my hand. Josh felt the warmth as soon as he picked them up and a tingling feeling in his hand as if somehow these pieces belong to him.

Fred was waiting on the other side of the island, as we were supposed to meet in the middle.

Fred got tired of waiting and continued walking around till he seen me in the hole up ahead.

I kept digging and found one more piece. As a matter of fact I was holding it as Fred came up to where I was. I said, “Look what I found,” and he looked into my hand and he couldn’t look away. My hand felt warm and I got that tingling feeling in my head again. Fred had a blank look on his face and was just staring at the piece of mirror in my hand. “What do you think Fred?” Fred said in a monotone voice, “it is beautiful Master.”

I looked at Fred as if he were playing a game. “Ok,” I thought, “If he wants to play I will fix his wagon quick.”

“So Fred, I am your Master, “Josh said. “Yes Master.” Josh said, “Ok strip.” Fred just stands there. Josh said,” see I knew it was a game but Fred just stood there escort ankara looking at the mirror.”

Josh said, “Game over Fred you didn’t strip.” “You did not ask me to master.”

Josh thought and then, “He thinks it’s like Simon says” so he said, “Fred strip”

Fred immediately stripped and his cock and balls exposed for me to see, for the first time in his life. Fred maintains that blank look at the mirror. Josh is beside himself no way would his friend ever strip in front of him. He must be playing a game.

Josh said, “Fred, jerk yourself hard,” “Yes Master, and Fred put his hand around his cock and pumps his cock hard.

A few moments later Fred is hard looks like 7 inches. It was kind of hard to tell with Fred jerking it.

Josh said, “Stop jerking it, and only pump it enough to keep it hard.” Fred keeps jerking and does not respond to Josh’s order. “Fuck” Josh said and he repeats the order with his name, “Fred, stop jerking it, and only pump it enough to keep it hard.””Yes Master,” and drops his hand away.

Josh said, “Drop to your knees,” and Fred don’t move so Josh said, “Fred drop to your knees.” and he does. Josh reaches from the hole he is in and feels Fred’s cock and pumps it a few times. “Fred you like that,” “Yes Master.”

Josh thought to himself, “There is no way this is a game. His friend would never expose himself let alone let me jerk him. What is going on? What is different?”

“Fred, how long are you my slave?” “I am yours for as long as you want me.” “If I say you’re my slave till school starts is that ok Fred?” “Yes Master then I would be your slave till school started.” “Why would you do this Fred?” “Master I would do it because you told me to look at the mirror. Any instructions I am given while looking at the mirror are permanent or as long as you set the parameters like a length of time.”

Josh said, “If I told you to suck my cock would you Fred.” “Yes Master I must do that as your slave.” “Would you Fred, as a slave in your mind, know what you were doing?” “Yes Master” “If you’re unhappy about doing it can you express it, Fred?” “Yes Master but I can only express it if you allow it”.

Josh said, “Fred, can I turn that ability on and off?” “Yes Master you can do whatever you want all instructions are permanent while looking at the mirror.”

Josh said, “If I make you my slave then not looking at the mirror tell you to express your feelings are you compelled to do so and can I stop you at any time” “Yes Master, I would be your slave, you are the Master in all things for the duration, whether it be a day, year or life time.”

“Fred by having you look at the mirror can I lengthen or shorten the time?”

“Yes Master whatever you want and you don’t need the mirror if I am still your slave.” “Fred when and if you are released will you know what happen to you?” “Yes Master if you say to and no sir if you say not to.” “Fred, how about selective things?” “Yes Master, your control is absolute; I can or cannot remember, as you command.”

Josh said, “Fred Can I have you act normal when we are not alone?” “Yes Master and I can be normal not knowing I am a slave or be normal knowing I am a slave but cannot say anything if you say not to.”

“Fred can a slave ever hurt a master?” “Yes Master unless the slave is told not to.”

Chapter 3

Well Josh thought to himself, “I can make him my slave for experimentation, then release him and my friend will never know.” Fred just looked blankly into the mirror.

Josh said, “Fred you are my slave forever until I release you. You can not hurt me drug me or allow anyone else to do it for you. You must warn and protect me; if you know or hear of anything do you understand?”

“Yes master.”

“I always wanted to try this but was scared,” thinking to himself. I moved my lips up and covered Fred’s cock and sucked it and tongued his knob. I did this for about 5 minutes and Fred cum in my mouth. It had quite a salty taste to it but not undesirable and then I swallowed it all. I did my first blow job.

Josh then put the piece of mirror in his pocket. Fred looked up and looked bewildered and said, “Master what happened?”

I said, “Remember Fred.” “I am naked” “Yes you are,” I said.

“You gave me a blow job, are you a queer or what?” Fred tried covering his parts with his hands.

Josh said did I not tell you to keep your cock hard. “Yes master,” and he started pumping his cock, “you bastard you can’t do this to me,” as he keeps jerking his cock making it hard.

“You got a nice size cock I like looking at that so whenever possible you will show me your cock.” I reached over and played with his balls as he jerked himself hard. “Remember what I told you, Fred” “Yes Master” and he took his hand off his cock now hard.

“How long is your cock Fred?” “It is seven and one half inches long Master.” “Now Fred my slave, come down here and pull my pants down and worship my cock kiss and lick every part of it and no hands on my ankara escort bayan cock.” Fred complies and on the way down he said, “I am not gay you prick, you may like sucking cock but I got no interest.”

Fred worked on my cock wow it felt different first blow job and tongue as he tongued the sides of my cock it came hard to its seven inches. Fred put his mouth over my cock and started to suck it he put it all the way to the back of his throat but I had two inches left. I told him, “to take it all. “He shoved harder and he was gagging he backed off. I said, “Fred, you keep doing it till you have it in your throat.” “Mympp mympp,” Fred said.

Fred tried about 20 times then somehow he figured it out and had my cock in his throat I came almost immediately putting two shot down his throat then I pulled almost out give him 2 shots in his mouth then pulled out and give him the rest on his face. I told him, “to hold my nice cum in his mouth.”

I had him stand I took both our cocks in one hand and jerked us both facing each other I had just cum so he was hard quicker.

Fred cum and he shot all over my stomach and my cock so I told Fred, “Swallow my nice cum and to clean up my stomach and cock with your tongue, no hands.” He fell to his knees and now was eating his own cum. When he was finished he said, “You bastard I didn’t like that I am not a faggot.” “Fred Have you ever been with a girl.” He hung his head and said, “No Master.” “See Fred, where this is going,” I said

“Yes Master,” “So Fred, I ask you what are you? Answer or you can suck me off again.” “I am your faggot Master.” “Good and when were alone you will want to suck me off and display your hard cock.”

“Now Fred, leave your clothes here and go find me a piece of cloth to wrap my mirror’s in. I have two sisters that are dying to look at them and believe me you are not going to be a faggot to long you will be bisexual before this week is out.” “Oh Master thank you.”

“Fred, you make sure when you go and come I see that cute little ass and a swinging dick or I will fuck you up the ass today.” Fred was back in about ten minutes with an old piece of nylon tent. He walked toward the hole he made sure to keep his cock swing hitting his legs as he walked. “Master I found this and your cock looks like it needs sucking again.” “Not now we have some work to do.”

I wrapped the mirror up and the broken pieces in the cloth. I had Fred fill in the hole as best that he could, I did not want people getting nosy. It was fun watching his dick swing as he worked and my special cum dried on his face. I put his clothes in the boat and the mirror. I went back to the somewhat filled in creator, he was exhausted. It was a warm day we went and both got drinks.

“I need a piss take my cock out and hold it,” he did not respond. I said, “Fuck this was going to be a pain. “Fred I need a piss take my cock out and hold it.” He did and I pissed with him pointing it he even started shaking it around making my piss make letters in the sand as Fred laughed. I looked it spelled prick I grab his cock and said, “Fred, piss.” He said, “I don’t need to.” “Then drink, Fred,” as I held his balls, “Fred, you well drink till you need to piss,” After five minutes he said, “He could pee,” I took his cock and spelled faggot with his piss. “Fred from now on I don’t have to use your name in a command .” “Yes master.” “Now walk down to the boat,” as I held his cock till he got in he reached for his shorts I told him, “Faggots don’t wear clothes till their Master tells them and the longer you are not in clothes the more you want to suck my cock.” We entered the inner bay and I told him, “Put you’re shorts on.”

Fred said, “I want to suck you off Master.” Fred was supporting a major hard on. We docked the boat and he carried the mirror so he could hide is hard on as we walked up the road. We got to my house went up to my room and I put the mirror in my junk draw. I covered it with some magazines that I cum on so stains were showing that would keep nosy eyes away. I then pulled my cock out and Fred was on it in a second, “thanking me for letting him suck me off.” It did not take me long to cum, just a few minutes. “Man I can get used to this,” I thought.

About that time I heard the front door. It was Jen she was home from tennis practice. I pulled the piece of mirror that I used on Fred. It was finally time to have my revenge. I can’t remember being this excited. It surpassed even the blow jobs I got and gave. I walked up to her as she was heading to the shower I ran over to her said, “look what I found.”

Jen looked at it and said, “So what big deal, get lost twerp and back handed me and said. “Do you want to be pantsed again?” I went back to my room showed Fred he went into a trance, “Fuck,” I said, so I pulled out another piece showed that to Fred. He said, “That is a pretty stone.”

“Got it one piece per person,” Josh thought.

Chapter 4

Jen was now in the shower and I was waiting impatiently for her to immerge. Finally, Josh heard the shower stop and he went to the bathroom door. The bitch the Bane of my existence was opening the door and as she did I held the mirror piece to her face and said, “Look at this Jenifer It is so unique.”

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