Mom Needs a Favor

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The boss leaned back in his seat. “Claire, what can I say? Hiring you was one of the best decisions of my career. And I’ve been in this business for a very long time.”

She blushed, “Thank you. That’s very sweet of you to say.”

“I mean it. You’ve been a valuable asset.”

The charm offensive during their private meeting was in full swing. A promotion, perhaps? She wished.

“Well, this company has done so many great things,” Claire replied. “It’s a pleasure to be involved with these endeavors. That’s what motivates me.”

He gave a slow nod. “I’m glad you feel that way. The reason I’ve asked you to come to my office is because we’re having a small corporate retreat this weekend. It’s right by a phenomenal lake. Beautiful. Are you available?”

“I’m always available for my job” she replied, containing her excitement.

“That’s the spirit. I apologize for the late notice, but I’ve done some thinking, and I’ve concluded that you’d fit in nicely. There will be shareholders, execs, that sort of thing. It’s a real step up the ladder for you. And since I’m retiring soon, I want you to… well, nevermind… we’re not exactly there yet.”

The boss’s retirement? Was she being groomed as a replacement? Her ears perked and all the years of hard work was paying off.

Claire sat up straighter and smiled. “Thank you, sir.”

“I want to see how you’ll do. There will be other leaders in the tech industry there. Not just from our company, but from all around Silicon Valley. It’s your chance to rub shoulders with the best.”

“That sounds like an amazing opportunity,” she said.

“I’m confident you can handle larger responsibilities when the time comes.”

The joy was bubbling inside of her and adrenaline flowed through her veins. She wanted to scream with joy. But she couldn’t. She had to maintain her dignified and lady-like appearance. There would be plenty of time for celebration later.

“That certainly sounds wonderful,” she said in a measured tone. “I’ll be there this weekend.”

“One more thing,” he added.


“It’s a family retreat. There will be plenty of boats, water activities, campfires, you name it. But the emphasis is that it’s a family event. So you’ll need to bring someone with you. Is your son still away at college?”

“He attends a nearby University. He still lives at home with me.”

They both knew that Claire had divorced several years ago, and that she had a string of unsuccessful relationships ever since. It was the sacrifice of having such a grueling work schedule.

And they both knew that Claire was the mother of an 18-year old college freshman, who was a fairly outgoing young man.

“Lucky guy,” the boss said. “I promise he’ll have a great time there.”

She nodded. “I’ll make sure he does.”


It was 5:13 by the time Claire arrived home. The most comforting part of her day was removing her shoes and being able to walk barefoot around the house. As always, the first thing she did was head to the refrigerator for a cup of juice.

Heading up the stairs, she heard music coming from her son’s room. Even though his door was closed, she still heard her son playing a Nick Cave album on the stereo.

She knocked a few times and gently opened the door. Jeff turned the music off and paused his video game.

“Sorry about that,” he said, putting the controller down because he knew mom needed something.

They made some small talk before Claire sat on the bed next to him to ask for a favor.

“There’s going to be a lot of important people there,” she explained. “And if everything goes well, I’ll be the happiest woman in the world.”

“That’s so cool. It’s just Saturday morning and afternoon, right? Then we’ll come back before evening?”

“Well, no. It’s an overnight thing. We’ll be there the whole weekend.”

Jeff’s jaw nearly dropped. “Can you go without me? I have that fraternity party, remember?”

“Yes, I do remember. This is much more important than some college party.”

“Mom, it’s not just any college party. It’s a big thing between the fraternity and sorority.”

“I’m sure there will be others,” she replied dismissively. “Parties come and go.”

“You don’t understand.”

“Jeff, you’re talking about a party. This is my career.”

He sighed. “You don’t need me at the retreat. I’d rather go to the party.”

“What’s so important about this party?” she asked inquisitively. “You were never interested in parties before.”

“I know, but…”

“But what?” she questioned.

“There’s this girl. Her name is Rebecca. She’s a freshman in the sorority, and well, I really like her.”

“Does she like you too? Is it a date?”

“It’s complicated,” he said with his head held down for a moment. “She’s really pretty and a lot of other guys are interested in her too. I’ve talked to her a little bit and I think I have a chance. We really get along.”

“And you think that if you miss this party, she’ll end up dating someone else?”

He nodded. “Basically.”

This illegal bahis was something Claire understood. Although her son was handsome and talented, he was always a bit shy and awkward around girls. Now that he was a young man, he was blossoming out of that phase, and this appeared to be his first attempt of having success with young women.

But at the same time, a potentially big promotion meant everything to her. Nabbing a top spot at a tech company is tough, especially as a woman. She had to be at this event, and she had to be there with her son.

It was time for desperate measures.

She knew, based on accidentally seeing her son’s internet history, that he liked older women. He also had a thing for racy lingerie, it seemed. Perhaps she could use that to her advantage. A year ago, when she was in the gym sauna, she had overheard another single mother discussing the use of a certain tactic. It was lewd and totally inappropriate, but apparently it worked.

More importantly, this strategy may work on her own son. She knew that Jeff liked to peek at her sometimes as discreetly as he could. She thought it was weird, but normal. Men are curious at this age.

If this idea was the only way to get Jeff to come to the retreat, with a big smile on his face and upbeat attitude, then it would be worth a try.

“What do you like about her?” Claire asked. “What was her name? Rebecca?”

“Yeah, that’s her name. I mean, she’s great. She’s smart and she’s really funny.”

“So it has nothing to do with her appearance?” she asked with an eyebrow raised.

Jeff blushed. “She has a great body. She runs track.”

“I ran cross-country in college and I used to swim too. I still love going to the gym when I can, and I run on the weekends.”

“Of course I know that. Why are you telling me?”

Claire took a deep breath. “I’ll make you a deal. I want you to forget about the silly college party and instead come to the corporate retreat. I’ll expect you to be on your very best behavior. I mean it.”

“In exchange for what?”

“I know what you like,” she said with full confidence. “At the retreat, we’ll a share a lodge together. If you’re willing to be the perfect son, I’m willing to be your perfect mom.”

“You already are ‘the perfect mom’ in my opinion,” he chuckled. “What are you talking about?”

“In our lodge, I’ll dress up for you. Lingerie, all kinds.”

His eyes widened. “Mom, I…”

“Let me finish. Tomorrow after work, I’ll go to the mall and buy a new set of lingerie and swimwear for the trip. In our room, I’ll only wear those tiny outfits for your viewing pleasure. I may even let you have a preview of it tomorrow night.”

Jeff was stunned and speechless. It was better that way. Claire patted his shoulder as an acceptance of the offer.

“Dinner will be ready in an hour,” she said in a motherly way. “I’ll make your favorite.”


The shelves of the lingerie shop were neatly arranged with an assortment of scantily clad outfits. Everything was on the classy and sensual side.

The owner of the place introduced herself to Claire. Her name was Meredith, a woman in her mid-50’s, who was dressed like some sort of modern age madam.

“How may I help you today?” Meredith asked, getting to the point after their brief small talk.

Claire gestured to the left side of the room. “I’m looking for swimwear. A two-piece bikini, mainly. And I also need a few pairs of undergarments. Price isn’t an issue. I need something nice.”

Meredith looked her up and down. “I see. Well, you’re a very attractive lady. Dressing you shouldn’t be difficult. Follow me.”

They went to the swimwear section and Meredith quickly sifted through the different outfits on the display rack. This woman, as it turned out, was a real pro. It took mere seconds for Meredith to figure out Claire’s size, and a few more seconds to find the best bikinis for Claire. It took the same amount of time to find the right lingerie items too.

“Try these,” Meredith said, holding a neat stack of items. “They’re the right size. And the colors match your skin tone and hair. You’ll look ravishing.”

Claire thanked the woman and went to the changing room. She quickly undressed and tried on the undergarments first. Meredith was right, each item was the right color to match her figure.

The bikini was fine but the undergarments were embarrassingly skimpy. Her breasts were firmly hugged in the bra and her crotch was barely covered in the panties. When she turned to check her backside, she saw that her butt was practically on full display.

On the flipside, the high-quality material felt sensational against her skin and it enhanced her sex appeal. She fully understood why these sets are so expensive. They were worth it.

“Is everything okay?” Meredith called out. “I can provide a second opinion if needed.”

Claire agreed. “Sure. Why not?”

The curtain was pulled aside and Meredith entered.

“Beautiful,” the owner said.

“Thanks,” Claire blushed.

“Are there any issues with illegal bahis siteleri this particular set up? You’ve been in here for a while.”

Claire gestured to her chest. “Well, it’s obviously quite revealing.”

“I can see that,” Meredith nodded.

“Do you have anything more appropriate for my age?”

“Why would you want that?”

“I’m 44,” Claire replied. “This is a young woman’s outfit.”

“Who is the outfit for?”

Claire was slightly peeved. “A partner.”

“Hmmm…” Meredith’s eyes did a deep scan. “You’re straight laced, prim and proper, clearly very intelligent. You’re obviously career oriented. There’s no wedding ring on your finger. You don’t have the glow of someone in love, yet you want to buy sexy undergarments. But not too sexy, it seems.”

“What’s the problem with that?” Claire asked defensively.

“I’m trying to figure you out. I’ve been in this business for decades and I think I know why you have these conflicted feelings. You’re using your body for something important.”

Claire fumed. “Please leave so I can get dressed. It was a mistake coming here.”

“You’re seducing someone, aren’t you?”

“Excuse me?”

Meredith took a step forward so they were face-to-face.

“I suspect that you’re using your body,” the owner said firmly. “Let me guess, you have an arrangement with someone, or a fling. Perhaps just for pleasure. Maybe because you want something in return. Either way, you’re going to put on a show.”

“How dare you speak to me like that,” Claire said.

Meredith gave a carefree shrug. “Am I wrong?”

“That’s none of your business.”

Meredith put her hand on Claire’s shoulder. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, my dear. You’re a woman with needs. Just like all of my clients.”

For a moment, Claire stood dumbfounded in the skimpy undergarments she was wearing, unable to find the words to say.

“I’ll give you a great deal,” Meredith added. “I think you’re worth it. In fact, I’d like to give you some advice as well, if you’re interested.”

Meredith made sure the curtains were closed as she gave a series of brief demonstrations.


It was the inevitable moment which Claire had been waiting for. It needed to be done. And it needed to be done by her. It’s the least she could do for Jeff’s sacrifice. They’d be even with this. If she were honest with herself, feeling her pulse rise, the idea kind of excited her in a bizarre way.

She went to her son’s room that night, not long after dinner.

“Can you come to my bedroom please?” she asked.

He looked confused. “Do you need anything?”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about. I went shopping today.”

“Oh,” he gasped. “You were serious about that? Mom, you don’t have to.”

“I want to make sure you’re properly motivated. At your age, I know how bummed you must be to miss your chance with Rebecca, so this is my way of making things up to you. I insist.”

Jeff hesitantly agreed and Claire suspected that he was secretly excited by this, though neither of them would discuss it in detail.

They went to her room down the hall and she asked him to sit on the bed.

“I’ll be back in a second,” she said. “I’ll change in the bathroom and wear my bikini. You can tell me if it’s age appropriate for a corporate retreat.”

“Do you think that… nevermind…”

“Tell me. What were you going to say?”

“Can you wear the lingerie instead?” he asked shyly. “Assuming you actually bought them.”

The look in Jeff’s eyes was sincere and he was definitely a young man who knew what he enjoyed.

She thought for a moment. “I can do that.”

While he waited patiently, Claire went to the bathroom, closed the door and undressed. She looked at her reflection in the mirror as she got naked, wondering if she was making a huge mistake by spoiling her son. She also thought about the advice which Meredith had given her regarding horny sons.

It was time to look the part. Claire wore the bra. Then the panties. She had shaved her pubic hairs a moment ago so everything would be smooth. She carefully inspected her appearance in the mirror, front and back.

After a deep breath, it was the moment of truth.

Claire opened the door and stepped into the bedroom. She felt vulnerable being so scantily clad in front of her son.

She watched as Jeff’s eyes widened, and his mouth slightly opened, with no shame for lusting after his own mother. It was a feeling which made Claire’s heart beat even faster.

The room was silent. She stood in the center of the room, in front of Jeff, and struck a few poses. Nothing professional or artful. Just whatever she could think of. Something tame. She guessed what her son would like and tried her best to accommodate him. That meant highlighting her legs and ass.

“I’m clearly not as young as Rebecca,” she said. “But I’m here for you, right here, right now.”

“You’re better than Rebecca,” he said softly.

“Am I?”

His eyes were glued to her body. “Yes, really.”

The gazing canlı bahis siteleri was starting to make her feel uncomfortable and she decided to end this for the day.

“I think that’s enough,” she said, then noting the look of disappointment on her son’s face. “Was there anything else?”

Jeff hesitated. “I don’t want to cross the line or anything, but can I see your breasts?”

“Would you have seen Rebecca’s breasts if you had gone to the fraternity party?”


“Just a peek, okay?” she said reluctantly. “It’s only to make up for missing the party.”

He quickly nodded. “You’re the best.”

A strange tension lingered in the air. She bent forward and pulled the front of her bra down, exposing both of her large brown nipples, which were stiff. It was the first time Jeff had ever seen them as a young adult. And by the look on his face, it was a sight he’d always remember.

“See something you like?” she asked teasingly.

He gulped, “They’re nice.”

“Goodnight,” she said, tucking her nipples away. “Thanks again for coming to the corporate event.”

There was a smile on Jeff’s face. “Nite mom.”

As Jeff stood and went to his room, there was an undeniable bulge in his shorts. He was erect. He was stiff from his own mother and he did his best to hide it.

When he left, Claire sat on the bed and wondered if she was making a huge mistake by playing to her son’s taboo desires.

As her heart raced and she became moist between the legs, she feared that the taboo desires would become hers too.


Early the next morning. Claire drove while Jeff slept in the passenger’s seat. Neither of them had mentioned the previous night’s lingerie show, but it felt like it was still in the air.

Jeff awoke when the sun hit his face. He turned in his seat and gave a few sleepy grunts.

“Are we almost there?” he said with a morning groan.

“Half an hour.”

He stretched his legs the best he could. “Okay.”

Through the corner of her eye, Claire noticed a bulge in her son’s shorts while he adjusted his legs. She thought it was cute. She couldn’t blame the guy for having a morning erection. It was typical for men, especially at that age.

She wondered if she should tease him or just let it go. Her naughty side was still worked up from yesterday’s exhibitionist show.

She decided to ignore the erection, but when Jeff adjusted his legs once again, Claire couldn’t help herself.

“I want to thank you again,” she said. “I looked at the fraternity information online and the party you’re skipping seems like a lot of fun.”

“That’s for sure.”

“I looked at the sorority website too. Rebecca is gorgeous.”

“Now you’re just rubbing it in,” he replied. “I probably missed my chance to ever date her.”

“I appreciate your sacrifice. I really do. And I need you at your very best in front of the people we’re meeting today. So maybe we can take care of both of those things at the same time?”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I can reward you and make you presentable.”


“By helping with your erection,” she said bluntly while driving. “It’s the perfect reward, isn’t it? Won’t it make up for missing your chance with Rebecca? Won’t it help you be more presentable? I can’t allow you to show up to the retreat with an erection in your shorts. It wouldn’t be appropriate.”

He gulped. “How would that work?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it. It’s just an idea, assuming you want it.”

“Are you going to touch it?” he asked nervously. “Or give me something to look at?”

“I think it would be best to provide visual stimulation. I saw how frustrated you were last night. Let me pull over.”

“Now?” he gulped.

“Yes, now. There will be people in the parking lot, so we better handle this before we get there.”

Claire pulled over on the side of the highway. The road was practically empty. She turned the car off and looked at her son.

“So you want me to take care of it, here?” he asked.

“Yes, I don’t mind. I don’t want to readjust my bra either. Would you be fine seeing my panties? They’re a new pair and very thin. I’m sure you’ll like them.”

Jeff smiled, “That’s perfect.”

He awkwardly unbuckled his seatbelt. Then he pulled down his shorts and underwear down to his ankles, revealing his hard cock. As he sat back on his seat, his cock slightly waved back and forth from his recent body movement. It was stiff and pointed straight up in the air.

It was Claire’s first time seeing his penis in many years. She couldn’t get past how inappropriate it was. But it was part of the deal.

“Well?” he asked.

She nodded. “Right. A deal is a deal.”

“You bet it is.”

Claire unbuckled her seatbelt, then she undid her khaki shorts. She pulled her shorts down slightly, just enough to reveal her white panties. It was a thin cut and her thighs and crotch were visible.

“Do you think maybe… I can see a little more?” he asked, disappointed.

After a deep breath, Claire used her fingers to pull her panties to the side, revealing her brown labia. She kept her eyes forward and she leaned her head back against the headrest.

“Holy shit,” he gasped, seeing his mom’s pussy for the first time ever.

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