Mom Seduced Me Slowly

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Hello friends , this is my story of how my mom seduced me for sex.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Rohan and my mom is Sushmita. My father Jacob had died in an accident when I was just about 10 years old . Now I am a young stud of 19 years and my mom is 40 years old. We are very conservative and orthodox family of Roman Catholic Christians and we live in Mumbai.

My mom was quite young when my father died of an accident, and she could have easily got remarried to someone as she is very beautiful.

Now let me describe my mom. She is very fare in color and is 5′-4″ in height. Her greatest assets are her butt and her breasts. She must be about 36

DD size and her butt size must not be less than 40inches. She has a very slender waist line and that makes her most attractive lady on the earth.

As far as I know, since my father’s demise, she had not been having any affair with any one and I think she has never been fucked by anyone since father died. She regularly goes to Church and prays regularly. She is very poise and religious lady. I love her very much as she had done a lot to raise me well.

I am 6 feet tall with an athletic body and I regularly go to gym. I have broader shoulders and chest with great biceps and long and thick legs. I am proud of my body and lots of girls love me in college. Many girls want to befriend me, but I don’t like them and keep away from them.

The reason that I don’t indulge with the girls of my age , is not that I am a gay or I don’t have interest in girls, but I don’t know why but I like old ladies . I think the ripe and old ladies are sexier than the so called younger ones. Today’s girls love to be slim and in their passion for the same, they try to go to extreme. I think there is difference between slim and thin.

In my opinion.a lady/ girl should be slim but should have at least some flesh on the body so that when I caress her or move my hand on her body, I should feel at least some flesh and not the bones.

So in this parameter, the college girls were not attractive but the older ladies, as they tend to gain weight with passage of time, become more attractive and sexier. Hence I was not having any serious affair with any girl in college. Though I was not a virgin and had already fucked a couple of girls but my inclination towards older and plump ladies was intact.

Lately I had started observing my own mother in this way. Though I was ashamed of myself for having lewd thoughts about my own mother, but I could not hold myself from admiring her. With the years she had gained weight and was quite plump with a very fair color. She was the only lady near to me and was quite up to my standards of being attractive and sexier.

She was always near to me so I could see her juicy body often. She had no thought that her own son was having such lewd thoughts for her.

Though I desperately wanted to fuck her and to put my fat cock in her, but still it was all fantasy for me and I had no courage to do anything. /Further I didn’t know her thoughts and as she was a very religious and orthodox church going lady , I think even if she come to know of my views for her, surely she will be totally pissed off and angry with me. So I kept just masturbating while fantasying about her plump and lusty body.

But as they say that all dogs has their day, I also had my day when something accidentally happened, which started changing the relations between us.

One day, as usual I was lying on my bed and was masturbating while thinking of my plump mother. I was wearing a lungi ( An Indian cloth, which we people just wrap around our butt), and I had taken out my 7 inches cock out of it and I was pumping it with full speed. My cock was fully tight and like a flagpole it was standing pointing toward the ceiling.

My orgasm was nearing and I increased my speed. It was then that my mother called me from kitchen for something. I was lost in my lust and as I was thinking about my mother only, so in my fantasy I thought as if in my dreams my mother is calling to fuck her. So I just increased my speed and so my cock was quite tight and standing in its full glory .

Perhaps my mother had called my name many times and as I did not answered her , so she got apprehensive and came to see me. I was lost in my lust , but when I heard her , calling my name and coming near to my room. I got horrified and frightened. By the time I could do anything, my mom neared my room and suddenly its door started opening.

I was in the middle of my masturbation and due to her sudden appearance , I just could not do any thing or even cover my cock in lungi.

So horrified, I did , what came to my mind in that moment and just pulled one edge of my lungi on my erect cock and turned my face to one side and closed my eyes as if I was sleeping.

By then my mom had opened the door of my room and had entered it calling my name. Suddenly she kept standing there only, as she saw me lying on the bed and in sound sleep. She thought that I was sleeping sound as I had bahis firmaları not answered her calls and also here I was lying on bed with eyes closed. She again called my name but this time in a bit slow volume.

Now it was my turn to pretend sleep, as I had not answered her earlier calls, so I decided to feign that I was sleeping. So I did not answer her. She again called my name but I kept mum. She thought I was sleeping as I had not answered her earlier calls even. So she turned to go back.

Suddenly she noticed something and turned again to face me. I had kept my eyes a bit open , so as just to have a peep , what my mom was doing. I saw that her eyes had glued to my cock standing under my lungi like a rod.

As I was in the middle of my masturbation and had yet to complete it, so my cock was fully tight and erect and was standing facing upwards in my lungi. She remained standing there for some time and kept her eyes on my cock, which was still covered under my lungi.

About 2-3 minutes passed like this, she did not budge and kept standing there looking towards my erect cock. As it was for the first time in my life that my fantasy lady was standing near me and looking intently on my erect cock. My cock gained its strength and now it grew more tight and increased its length.

Mom kept looking my lungi covered cock for some time and then she again called my name. Perhaps she wanted to confirm , if I was sleeping sound or in a shallow sleep?. But I was frightened and kept lying as before. This gave mom an idea that I was in deep sleep and for the same reason I had not answered her earlier also. She thought something for some time and then she moved near to my bed.

I was watching her movements from the cores of my eyes and was still pretending as if I was sleeping. My heart was thumping rapidly as if I had run a 100 meter race.

She kept standing near my bed for some time. Her eyes were glued to the tent in my lungi. She was watching intently my lungi covered cock. It was already very erect and standing like a flagpole. After sometime she looked towards me and in low voice called my name, but I kept mum. She thought that I must be sleeping and perhaps I was having a dream and so my cock was so erect. My heart was thumping fast , as the outline of my cock was clearly visible through my lungi as I was not wearing an underwear, and my cock was just before her eyes. I didn’t know what to do , so I just kept lying pretending sleep.

After some time , mom came near to my bed and bent near my waist . She must be trying to watch my erect cock by near. Slowly she put her hand on the cloth of my lungi and shifted its one side away. As soon as my cock freed from the confinements of lungi, it gave a jerk and came out in open . It was standing tall in its tall glory of 7 inches, my cock is already very thick and as now for the first time in my adult life, it was lying naked before my mom ( who was these days the object of my porn fantasies), it grew more in length and girth.

Mom gave a sigh of surprise and retreaded 2 steps backward. She again looked towards my face and found me to be sleeping sound, she again came near to my bed and sat near my legs. Now my erect cock was just before her eyes and she was watching this magnificent rod of flesh . There was lust in her eyes. Slowly she put her hand on my cock and as soon as she touched it, it gave a jerk and a slight moan came out of my lips . She got frightened and pulled her hand back. She again looked my face and again finding me sleeping, she again hold my cock in her hand. I was in pure heaven. Slowly she started moving her hand up and down on the entire length on my cock, as if she was giving me a hand job.

My heart was beating on the fastest pace ever. Only I know how I was keeping my moans in my lips and stopping myself to put my hands on my mom. She was like in some form of trance, and looking like a mesmerized person , she put all her attention on the erect cock in hand and kept moving her hand up and down. She had closed her hand in a fist and was caressing my cock.

My orgasm was nearing up , and I wanted to stop her or to tell her that as I was already masturbating , when she came in my room, so my orgasm was already near. Further as I was already lusting her for a long time and it was for the first time that she was putting her hand on my cock, I was very near to shooting my load.

As I was feigning sleep, I could not speak to her. Suddenly as if some volcano erupted somewhere inside me and a hot torrent of my cum , shoot out of the tip of my cock. The first glob of cum was so big and fast that it rose to about 2 feet in height and before that my mom could do anything or even pull her face back, the glob of cum hit her face on her forehead.

She was also surprised with this accident and she immediately withdrew her face back, so the other shots of cum could not hit her face . But still 3 or 4 shots of cum landed on her gown she was wearing and then the other shots, as they could not go up in sky, landed on her fist and kaçak iddaa covered her hand completely in my cum.

She must be fascinated and looked towards my face, where I still kept the pretense of sleep. She fisted my cum covered cock and milked me completely out. Now her face , her gown and specially her hand were all mess and completely drenched with my cum.

There was a surprised look on her face and a glowing tingling in her eyes. Certainly she must have not even dreamt of this incident. This was a surprise for her also , as she had come to call me for some errand and had ended up giving me a hand job.

I watched in fascination, as she put her cum drenched fingers in her mouth and licked my cum off them. After completely cleaning her hand off my cum , by licking it, she cleaned her face and gown with her hand and again put that in her mouth. Certainly she liked the taste of her son’s cum , and was enjoying this surprise feast.

By now my cock had shrunk to a small size. She put the cloth on lungi again on it and covered it under it. Then she rose from my bed and turned towards the door.

But before moving out, she again turned towards me and bend near my bed. Slowly she again took hold of my lungi and uncovered my shrunk cock. Then she bent her body and neared her face to my cock. She took hold of my cock and pulled its cover flesh backward. Uncovering its mushroom shaped head out, she gave a small kiss on its tip, then she took her tongue out and licked the head of my cock. This was becoming unbearable for me.

Before it that I could do anything, She again put my cock under lungi and slowly went outside of my room. After going out , she went to kitchen and from there she shouted my name loudly and called me. I finished my acting of sleep and after 2-3 calls , I opened my eyes and came out of my room and replied her.

She asked me if I was sleeping and I said ” Oh mom! I was so tired that I slept like a dead man”. She smiled and said that she was calling my name for a long time and was about to come up to see, why I was not answering her calls. She must be acting safe and trying to show as if nothing untoward had happened.

I also kept her show and went to do my normal chores.

Now 2- 3 days had passed since this incident. This had changed the relationship between us. Though I had pretended to be sleeping, and mom thought that I knew nothing as I was in sleep, but her behavior towards me had changed a lot. Before that I was a little boy for her and she had never taken me a man, but now she had tasted my cum and had seen my cock hence she knew how big I had grown. I am proud of my big cock, as I had mentioned that it is 7 inches long and very thick , so when erect it is enormous.

Now I was feeling that mom many a times used to look towards my crouch area. Some times when she bent before me to do something, then I had noticed that her boobs were more clearly visible and her cleavage was more prominent. She had certainly started wearing more low cut blouse and sometimes I had noticed that her one button in-between the buttons was open.

She seldom wore bra now, and due to this I had a very clear view of her big melons. I had noticed that many a times she used to bend before me for not so necessary reason and now whenever she bent , she was taking more time than before and certainly more time than needed.

Was she trying to give me some hints or she was trying to seduce me?. I didn’t do anything on my own. Though I was lustingafter my mom for a long time now and had very lewd thoughts about her and I always wanted to bed and fuck her, but I was not certain, about the possible reaction of my mom. She was the only one in world who had done so much for me and just for my horny hormones I did not want to ruin our mother son relationship.

But it was clear that after that incident, mom’s behavior had certainly changed. When I thought of the little incidents of her flashing her boobs or naval to me, and her behavior when she found me looking towards her boobs, I was becoming certain to me that not only I was lusting her but she was also in the same boat and she also perhaps was lusting me.

She was devoid of any sex for a long time and as she was also a lady and had physical necessities, and I was only man around and also if any sex or physical relationship arises between us, then there was no chance of anybody coming to know or even to doubt our relations. Hence I think mom was also thinking on the same lines, and finding me to be a safe and best option, was trying to seduce me for sex.

But I feared and had no courage to do anything on my own.

On one day in morning , it was Sunday and I woke up late. Mom called me to have a cup of tea with her . I had slept a long and my cock was erect and full of pee. So I decided to go to the bathroom first and to pee and let my morning erection subside so that I may come out in the dining hall in decent way.

When I was about to enter the bathroom, something struck my mind and instead of peeing I came back and went kaçak bahis to dining hall, where my mom was sitting with a cup of tea and waiting for me.

My cock was standing erect and as I had not peed , so it was more erect. In my night time, I don’t wear any undergarments , so I was just wearing a lungi around my waist and nothing on the upper body. My chest was bare and my erect cock was clearly visible in lungi. Out of my lust and with an intention to seduce my mom by flashing her my lungi covered cock, I entered the hall.

As soon as , I entered the hall, my mom’s eyes went straight to my cock. It was long and erect and as I was walking towards her, it was facing her as if my cock was leading me to her. Her eyes widened a bit and her gaze was glued to my erect cock.

I tried to pretend as if I did not noticed her gaze and came near her. In all this time, she had not even once looked towards me and was just watching my cock , which was moving and dangling between my legs, when I walked towards her.

I came near her and sat on the table and said, ” Oh mom! Please allow me to sleep more on Sundays at least. I had just woken up and was going to bathroom , but I thought that the tea may go cold, so instead of going for a loo, I first came to have tea.”

Mom spoke mischievously ” YesRohan! I can clearly see that you badly wanted to go for a pee, but you had not gone. And she flushed like a teenage girl.

This was clearly a double meaning talk. So I decided to play around and tease her. I spoke ” Yes mom this is the problem with the men folk that all world can see if he needs to pee but if a lady had to go piss , how badly she may need it, even GOD can not judge it from appearance.”

I was sitting near her and as my cock was erect and I was not wearing any underwear, so my cock was trying to stand out in its all glory. I was trying to push it between my legs and to bury it in the legs. Mom was also wearing only a petticoat and blouse this time and she without a bra. Her blouse was very low cut and her cleavage was clearly visible. I could see the gap of her melons and about half of her boobs were out for feast for my eyes.

As she was not wearing a bra, so I could even make out the outlines of her boobs clearly and her nipples were also prominently visible through her thin blouse. Perhaps she was also not wearing a panty even, but as she was sitting so there was no way I could find it out.

I was keenly looking towards her and watching her boobs. Mom also saw me watching her, but she just gave a naughty smile and did not say anything or even seemed to notice that I was watching her boobs.

Watching my mom in this semi nudeattire , made my cock stir with lust and it grew more rigid. It was trying to come out of my legs and I was trying desperately to keep it wedged in my legs.

Mom saw me squirming like this and struggling to keep my cock down. She gave a naughty smile and said ” Rohan! I see that you had not gone for loo, and you desperately want to go there. So first clear your this problem and only then you may enjoy the tea. Don’t struggle like this , and do something .”

I also smiled back naughtily and replied back ” Mom it is not just the pee. Even if I go for pee and as soon as I come back here, this problem will again arise.” ” Why? ” mom enquired .

I smiled and before I could find a suitable answer, I spoke ” Mom you are looking so beautiful and radiant today. This pink color of your blouse and white petticoat suits you. In these cloths you look so beautiful.”

I froze to my own words. I frightened as I had spoken about my mom’s beauty and about her revealing cloths. I thought mom will get mad at me for speaking about her almost half nude clothing. But mom blushed . She was also a lady and as every lady on the earth , she also liked some man speaking about her beauty. As she was not angry , so it gave me a strength.

Perhaps mom was also looking for male companion and I was the only man in the house, who was readily available and also safe.

But to my demise, mom asked me ” O.K. enough now. Get up and go to bathroom, fresh up , bath and get ready, and in the meantime I prepare for breakfast.”

Reluctantly I got up and after giving a lewd and lustful look to mom’s boobs and moved towards my room. Mom didn’t notice my ogling of her revealing boob show as she was also watching my erect pole , which was standing facing upward in my lungi. She was quite horny I think as she was openly ogling my cock, which was erect and tight.

I went in my room and was about to take off my lungi and to go to bathroom, when I thought of once again peeping my mom’s body , till she get up and after gathering the cups go to kitchen. I made a small crack in the door and looked in the dining hall. Mom was still sitting there and was lost in some thoughts. Her cleavage from her low cut blouse was clearly visible so I kept ogling her beauty and boobs.

She thought something for some time and then nodded her head as if she had made some decision. Then she rose from the chair. And spilled water from the glass on the floor and took 2 steel glasses in her hands. I was wandering as to what she was up to, but as I was peeping from the crack of my room, so I kept mum and kept watching.

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