Mom Through the Telescope

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I moved to a small town of about 5000 people, about two years ago, because of work. I bought a small house on a somewhat quiet residential street just a few blocks from the main drag of the town. An interesting woman lived across the street from me, but I never would have guessed the impact that she would have on me and my mother. Tracey was about 28 years old, a moderately attractive bottle blonde who worked at a local restaurant. To say that she was the town slut was a bit of an understatement. Never married, she had four kids by three different men, and was a regular attraction at the two dance bars on the main drag. Two or three nights a week, Tracey would drag home a young buck or two (or sometimes three) from the local Army base, or from the nearby oilfields, and bang him senseless, presumably while her children slept unknowingly. Who knew?

Anyhow, I had developed a neat little hobby because of Tracy. Due to the luck of my house being a raised bungalow while hers was pretty low to the ground, and due to the cheap horizontal blinds that she had put on her windows, I was regularly treated to shows of Tracy making out with her stud-of-the-night in her living room, and depending on which room she used to fuck the guy, I could every now and again watch her in action, her floppy boobs bouncing madly as some kid nailed her to the bed. Of course, my high-powered telescope played a big role in letting me in on the action!!!

One summer my Mother came to visit for a couple weeks. Mom’s 53 now, but still a looker. She had dark black, straight hair that fell just above her shoulders, a sort of round, dimpled face, a cute nose, full lips on a generously large mouth, large very dark brown eyes, and classic grey eyebrows which gave her a very fine appearance. She was about 5 feet 7 and weighed maybe 130. Her body was very shapely, just a little large in the hips and thighs maybe, with the enticing pads of fat on the backs of her thighs and on her hips that come with age, but her belly was still flat. But that’s the way I like women; it makes them really look like women. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were big enough and drooped nicely, as you would expect a 53 year old woman’s tits to sag, after all. Her legs were perfectly formed, with trim ankles, beautifully shaped calves, and pleasingly full thighs. To me she was the very picture of feminine beauty.

I took some time off work and escorted Mom around the local tourist haunts, and on little shopping days in the small downtown core. We ate out nearly every night and she seemed to be enjoying her time away from home and from bubba. Sadly, I had to hide my telescope and put my voyeuristic pastime on hold while mother was visiting, so I wasn’t able to keep tabs on Tracey’s adventures. Good thing I could dream about my beloved mother walking around town in skirts, shorts, and tank tops; it kept me entertained at night!!

One night I had a work-related social function that I just couldn’t get out of. I invited my mother to come with me, but after all the activities of the week, she wanted a quiet night in, watching TV, so I was leaving her alone for the night.

As I was heading out the door to get into my car early in the evening, my slutty neighbor Tracy was walking up the steps to my house. She was baking some cookies for her kids and needed to borrow some sugar.

As I was running late as it was, I told her to head on into the house and my mother would help her out. I hopped in the car and took off, thinking nothing ataköy anal yapan escort of the matter as I headed off to dinner.

It was a little after midnight when I got home, and the lights were all out in my house. My mom’s bedroom door was shut, so I figured she had gone to bed already, and I tiptoed around, as quietly as I could, as I washed up and got ready to go to bed myself. Just as I was about to hop under the covers, I heard a car pull up across the street. Tracy must have gone out tonight, and she was dragging some young buck home to fuck her. It had been a few days since I’d spied on her, so I was pretty excited as I dug my telescope out from the closet and set it up in the dark. I locked my door, to prevent mom from walking in on me, in case I made some noise and woke her up. I needn’t have worried!!!

There was an old car parked in Tracy’s driveway, and as I focused my telescope, I saw lights starting to come on in her house. In her living room, I saw two fit young men standing and talking to each other. Tracy walked in and started necking with one of them, obviously picking up where they had left off at the bar, while the other stood and watched. I figured I was going to get to watch Tracy in a double-team, but then I got the shock of my life.

As I stood there in my darkened bedroom, watching through the telescope, I saw my pretty mother walk into Tracy’s living room with two drinks in her hand. She gave the other guy a quick kiss on the ear and handed him the drink. After I had left for dinner, Tracy must have convinced my mom to go out with her, and the two of them got picked up at the dance club and were about to get fucked, while I watched!! I couldn’t believe it. I just assumed mom was at home because her bedroom door was closed. How wrong I was.

My mother looked so hot. She was wearing hip hugging jeans that really showed to advantage the swell of her hips and her heavy ass, and a white tank top that showed her flat tummy underneath those creamy, full breasts of hers. Her skin glistened in the reflected light of Tracy’s living room; mom must have been all sweaty from dancing with this guy at the club.

As I stood there in shock, the guy put his arm around my mother’s waist and they started necking too. They put down their drinks and soon I was watching this guy’s hands roaming all over my mother’s voluptuous 53-year old frame. The kid didn’t care how old she was, he just wanted to spew his hot come into something warm and moist, and for tonight that was my mother’s pussy.

The kid worked his hands under my mom’s top and she raised her arms over her head as he lifted it off her, revealing her hot white bra and the shiny cleavage of her heavy tits. He worked them over hard, feeling her through her bra and putting his hands inside it too, burying his face in her warm bosom then squeezing and needing my mother’s tits as she ground her hips against his leg.

For her part, mom was right into it, feeling the guy’s muscles and ass all over, her hands slowly finding their way to his crotch and undoing his belt, their lips locked together in a sloppy kiss the whole time. He ripped off his own shirt then picked up my mother in his arms and carried her off into the back of the house. I had to see more.

I quickly put on some dark clothes and snuck out the back door of my house, and made my way across the street into Tracy’s back yard. I peeked into a couple windows before I found the ataköy bdsm escort room where my mother was about to get fucked. There were some shrubs in front of the window, so I had good cover, and although the bedroom light was off (I guess this guy didn’t want to see while he was fucking a 53 year old), the spill-over light from the hallway illuminated their bodies good enough for me to see the action.

I watched, hard as a rock, as this guy was on top of my mother. She was flat on her back on the bed, her knees in the air and her feet planted flat on the bed as her hands groped his bare back and his ass. He had stripped down to his underwear, and her jeans lay on the floor at the foot of the bed, so they were lying there belly to belly, thigh to thigh, making out passionately. I had never thought of my mother as a fuck toy before, so this was amazing and shocking for me to see. The slut was right into this.

The guy worked his way down to her feet and sucked on my mom’s toes, as she writhed in pleasure, her broad hips squirming in anticipation of the hard pounding her pussy was soon going to receive. She arched her back and unsnapped her bra as the kid took her left leg in his hands and kissed and licked his way up to her loose, creamy thighs. Even in the pale light, I could see a damp patch on the crotch of her panties, her body preparing itself for sex.

He licked up her inner thighs, across to the other leg, but teased her by skipping over her panties to her flat belly, swirling his tongue into her belly button before starting his attack on her glorious tits. He kissed them, licked them, bit them, swirled his tongue around and around her nipples, her body racking in delight.

Then I noticed his right hand was down the front of her panties, his fingers furiously pumping her sloppy pussy lips, getting her moistened up for penetration and driving her insane with ecstasy at the same time. Mom arched her back and I could clearly hear her whore-moan as she shook and shuddered through her first orgasm of the night.

This was all the guy needed; he sat up and ripped her panties from off her hips, as she lifted her wide ass to help him slide them down her legs, and he flung them over his shoulder. There she was, my demure and sweet 53-year old mother, the woman who gave me life, naked and sweaty on her back in some slut’s dirty basement bedroom, with a rock hard 20-year old kid on top of her, about to penetrate her sacred womanhood. And I got to watch the whole thing!!!

Mom held her pussy lips apart with one hand and used her other hand to guide his still lengthening shaft inside her. He buried his face in her soft shoulder as he pushed his hips forward and down onto her. With a couple short thrusts, he was up her, the tip of his long, thick spear violating that holy womb from which I sprung. Mom wrapped her legs around his waist as he started to pump her, slowly at first then soon they locked into a steady fucking rhythm. Her thighs flattened and squeezed against his muscular frame as he pounded it into her, mercilessly ripping her old pussy apart, reaming her with all his strength as she grit her teeth and screamed in delight, like some cheap slut.

He locked his mouth over hers to muffle her moans, and their tongues danced together as their pelvises ground violently against one another, their dark pubic hair intertwining as his slick, purple shaft pulled her labia out then stuffed them back into her clit with 1 each pump. They kissed lovingly as they fucked slowly.

I was in heaven watching this unholy coupling. Her heavy tits rocked back and forth each time he bottomed out on her, her tiny hands pulling his ass hard into her crotch each time he raised up into her. I could just imagine the muscles on her loose womb straining to grasp this kid’s cock, excited to have a rock hard visitor after so many years of neglect. Her juices coated his pistoning shaft as he sawed my mother in half, ruthlessly drilling her married pussy into oblivion.

This went on for about 20 minutes, her moans drifting through the window and sending shivers down my spine, as she bucked and bucked, screaming for mercy then begging him to pound her even harder, to pump her cunt full of his potent sperm, to flood her womb with his baby-making seed, until it sloshed out from her red pussy lips and dripped down her heavy thighs. Soon, the guy was up on his hands, his back deeply arched as he came, his semen spitting deep into her belly, driving home towards her sacred inner sanctum.

He roared as he dumped load after load of white hot come into my delicate mother, her hips desperately humping and squeezing, trying to drain every last drop of his precious seed into her womb. What a sight.

Soon his orgasm was over, and he sort of rocked back and forth inside of her for a couple minutes, enjoying the last vestiges of his hard on. Her face was still scrunched up in pain and delight as this kid, his fun now finished, started getting ready to pull out of her sloppy cunt and abandon her to guilt and loneliness. He didn’t care; any night when he got drunk and got laid was a good one, and now he could brag to his buddy’s how he bagged some old hag at Tracy’s house one night. Only thing is that old hag is my mother!!

His cock plopped out of her pussy, then he stood up and got dressed, not even bothering to kiss her goodbye. Mom watched him leave, a wistful look on her face, her ego deflated as she realized the guy didn’t give a shit about her, he just wanted to use her pussy for a while.

I got up and went home, jerked off twice with the images of the sex show that I had just witnessed, then went to bed. I heard my mom creep back into the house at about 3:30; she quickly washed up then went to bed herself. The next morning, I was surprised to see Tracy sitting at my kitchen table, having coffee with my mom.

“Hi hon”, my mother said, “Tracy and I are going shopping today, then after supper she says she’s going to show me the town. Hope you don’t mind.”

“No that’s great that you have a new friend mom. Have fun”, I replied.

“Oh we will” they both said in unison, looking at each other and giggling.

I pretended not to notice. What a sight, my 53 year old mother and the town slut, chatting away like best friends, the sperm of last night’s young studs still squishing around in their wombs. I had to jerk off yet again!!

Mom stayed in town a week and a half longer than she had planned, spending most of that time with Tracy. Some nights she never even bothered coming home, and once she stayed away for two nights straight. I guess she caught the cock-bug, and was willing to put up with the after-sex loneliness when the guys left her, flat on her back, sweaty and used, her old pussy wet and sore and some strangers sperm dribbling down her thighs.

Soon, people around town started whispering behind my back. I knew they were joking about what a slut my mother was, and how she fucked all kinds of young guys. I didn’t mind, because it gave me all kinds of materiel for spanking. My mother started visiting me and her new best friend Tracy every couple of months now, and I live for those nights when my mom tells me not to wait up for her.

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