Mom was No Quitter

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Tony stood on the walkway of his mother’s small house talking with the social worker. It was the house he had grown up in.

“She needs to be in a home where she can be looked after.” The social worker told him again, having spoke on the subject numerous times before. “Have you talked to your mother about Grandby House?”

“I have tried. She refuses to discuss the subject. I don’t want to do something like that against her wishes. It just wouldn’t be fair.” Tony replied, with desperation in his tone. “She is still of sound mind and gets around pretty good. She’s promised to use the walker.”

“You just have to lay down the law, Mr. Reid. I’ll see her again in three months.”

Tony watched the social worker until she returned to her car and drove away. ‘pretty black woman’ He thought. He turned and climbed the four steps and entered the house. His mother was sitting watching TV, her jaw, her lips pressed tight, staring blankly at the screen.

“I suppose y’all were talking about putting me in a damn home again?” She accused.

“She was. I was just listening.” Tony replied. “I can’t very well tell her to shut up, now can I? She has your best interest at heart and she makes some very good points. You’re falling more often and she said soon the fire department is probably going to start charging you for picking you up.”

“She is blowing smoke up your ass. Those fire-boys are very fond of me. They flirt with me all the time. If I need to start paying them, I would not mind that at all. I know just the ticket, especially the younger one, Gary, I think is his name.”

Tony shook his head at the notion of his 55-year-old crippled mother exchanging sex for having her ass picked up off the floor. She had a rare form of muscular dystrophy and she was fortunate that she had been walking as long as she had. She was losing muscle mass in arms and legs and had beat the odds having been told 30 years ago she had only 5-10 years before she would be confined to a wheelchair. When his father had passed away 2 years earlier, it had devastated them both, but his mother had seemed to lose ground physically.

“Are you ready for a nap? I would feel a lot better if you were safe in bed for a while. I’ll cover you up.”

“Why don’t you take yourself a little nap too. I could tuck you in and…”

“STOP IT, mom! You’re talking nonsense!” Tony admonished, knowing her meaning.

“So, you don’t want me screwing the fire-boys. I’m a cripple, but I’ve got to be a nun too!” She retaliated.

Gertrude struggled to liver herself up out of the chair to a standing position. Tony knew better than to help. As she took a few unsteady steps, making no effort to use the close by walker, he moved in behind her and lightly placed his hands on her arms, ready to prevent any fall.

Clad only in a thigh-length, sleeping gown, wearing panties underneath, one could clearly see the deterioration of her arms and legs. They were extremely thin and meaty. The rest of her body being normal gave her an odd appearance, scantly clad as she was, but when dressed for an outing she still retained her eye-catching attractiveness, though the sway in her walk had disappeared years ago. Her shoulder length, natural dark-red hair, other than daily washing, received little attention nowadays.

Slowly they made their way to her bedroom, Tony balancing her as she turned and sat down on the bed, near the pillows. “1-2-3.” She laid back as Tony lifted her legs onto the bed. He reached for the light quilt to cover her, but she brushed it aside. “I’m hot!” He leaned in to kiss her forehead. She reached to wrap her arms around her neck.

“I said I was hot!” She directed. “Climb on top of me.”

“No. Let me go, mom. You’re acting crazy again. Do you want me to put you somewhere you will be safe? You keep acting like this and that’s exactly what you’re going to force me to do.”

“I just want you to give me a decent hug. A hug like you love me. What harm can a little hug do.”

Relenting, Tony maneuvered atop her, cradling and embracing her lightly.

“Now, this is what I’m talking about.” She sighed, making a failed effort to lift her legs to wrap around him. “Now, whisper, you love me, in my ear. And like you mean it.”

“I love you. You know I do, mom.” Tony whispered lovingly.

Gertrude, with renewed desire, struggled to reach behind her knees to lift her legs, knowing it would displace her gown., making her still abundant, matching cuff, discernible beneath her panties. Tony was making it impossible, resisting her efforts to envelop him. She tightened her arms around his neck.

“Dammit! I don’t want to do this again!” Tony exclaimed.

“Who else do I have. It will only take a few minutes. You can give your mother a few minutes, can’t you? Lift my legs. Look at it.” She pleaded, giving up.

Tony remained still for a long minute. He was upset with his mother and upset with himself for allowing himself to be so gullible, or, was he becoming ataköy masöz escort a willing accomplice in her incestuous web. He managed to push his emotions aside, lifting her legs, looking down at her fur buffeted mound, appearing dark beneath er the white panties. He began to lightly and slowly dry hump her, reaching repeatedly to help support and position her legs.

“Yes! Yes! Right there. Thank you, my dearest. It won’t take long.”

Tony’s erection was evident. He placed its bulging length against the middle of her crotch, confident in the knowledge that her panties would protect her vagina from the rough material of his jeans. He could feel her efforts to rotate her hips against him. Her soft moans filled his right ear. Soon, her moans were continuous and quite loud. He could tell his mother was climbing the ladder in her lustful quest for orgasm. It was no surprise when she let out a bellowing gasp as the orgasm gripped her, shaking her violently. He realized he was pushing harder against her than intended, but continued to do so until he felt her body relax. Her labored breathing took a long minute to return to normal.

Gertrude’s state of arousal should have subsided with her orgasm, but it had not. Her mind was one tracked and the station not reached yet. She began to weakly fumble with the snap on the jeans, then, the zipper. Tony tried to interfere with his mother’s efforts.

“Stick it in me, Tony!” She begged. “You want to. I know you do. I want you to.”

“No! I gave you what you wanted.” He retorted. “We have to stop. I am late as it is. We need to stop doing this!”

“Tonya is no longer there to take care of you.” She reminded him. “You are not going to leave here until you are taken care of. If nothing else, let me hold it like before?”

Tony hesitated only a moment. He wasted little time to finish unzipping his jeans, pushing them and his underpants off his hips as he maneuvered to his mother’s right side. She instinctively reached with her left hand to take hold of his stiff cock as he moved his crotch tight against her muscle-less thigh and began to hump. Gertrude squeezed and pulled his cock in rhythm with his thrusting.

“You’re so hard. It must feel so good. Think about it being inside me. Inside my pussy.”

In a few short minutes, he groaned as he ejaculated onto her thigh and panties. He was breathing heavily against her neck.


After making a few stops for his work, Tony arrived at his trailer. He entered the darkened confines feeling depressed, having fornicated once again with his mother. And lonely. Tonya, had left him three month earlier and had just served him with divorce papers. He had not told his mother yet. He poured himself a stiff drink, sitting the half full bottle of Jack Daniels on the coffee table, and sat down on the sofa. He pondered his five-year marriage to Tonya. She had wanted children. It was his fault she could not become pregnant. He had recently found out she was fucking her boss, as he had gotten her pregnant. He had accepted the loss and bid her farewell.

The bottle was another 3 inches lower as he pondered the incestuous relationship that had begun between him and his mother 3 weeks earlier. He had been half drunk the first time – the night she had seduced him. Always having thought of her as attractive and sensuous, envious of his father, she had hugged, and kissed him on the lips, as they sat watching TV, then urged him to touch her inappropriately. He had been seduced by his loneliness and his mother’s lament of her sad predicament, losing her man, having a dire muscle disease, her sexual needs, and the lack of, that could only be satisfied by someone she trusted and loved.

The second time he had been sober. He had resisted her efforts – her reasoning and rationalizations – but she had persisted. She had asked him to only finger her as he put her to bed and he had done as she asked. In the darkness, he had loss his resolve, letting her jerk him off. The days after were a living hell as he convicted himself – damning himself to hell.


“That was incredible!” Tony praised his mother’s cooking, pushing himself back from the table.

“My pleasure!” She replied. “Could you help me up please. You go watch TV while I clean up.”

“Please, mom, you did the cooking, let me clean up and you just sat there and talk to me.”

As he washed the dishes and tidied up the kitchen, he took the opportunity to tell his mother he had signed the divorce papers. They chit-chatted about her latest doctor visit , she saying, she was healthy as a horse except for her deteriorating muscles. He told her all the reasons for the end of his marriage. He admitted being sterile. He noted her brief smile.

“Why don’t you sell the trailer and move back home with me?” She casually suggested. “It will allow me to stay in my home longer. You will have peace of mind and not worried about me so much. It will make me feel ataköy otele gelen escort like I have something to live for – staying busy. And… we could take care of each other.”

Tony heard the tone and suggestive nature of those last words. He had already given the first part much thought, but had thrown the positive ideas out when faced with her last proposal. He knew, if living in the same confines, he would not be able to resist his mother.

“I thought about it, mom. Really I have. But if I was to do that we would eventually do something we might regret.”

“Something you might regret – only briefly! But I’m beyond that. If you do not take care of my sexual desires, who will? Do you detest my body that much? My pussy is still strong and tight which I will gladly show you, if you want. I can’t move like I used to, but you know that, don’t you?”

“Don’t talk like that! And your body does not bother me in the least. It’s us screwing, committing incest, that bothers me.”

“All right! We don’t have to screw. If that will make you feel better, then I would just have to accept that.”

Tony stood at the opposite end of the kitchen table, his left hand holding the washcloth, resting on the table, his right hand covering his mouth as he stared at his mother, thinking – she was a manipulating, wanton bitch. But, the thought of her spreading her legs for any other man was just as unthinkable. He knew any woman on earth could fine a man to screw her in 15 minutes, if she was determined to do so.

“If you’re finished, I would like very much to take a shower, but I’m very weak this evening and I’m scared to be in the shower by myself. Do you think you could resist me long enough to scrub my back?”

“Yelp. I suppose I could do that.” He answer.

Her usual attire – thigh-length gown and panties – still required Tony to steady her as she removed them. She stood naked, her nudeness consciously ignored by Tony, by the bathroom counter, steadying herself, as Tony removed his clothing. He had a partial erection that hung down. Gertrude could not refrain from smiling and lifting her eyebrows as she studied it. He saw her expression.

“Behave yourself, mother dear.”

“You’re controlling yourself well.”

Inside the large plastic, walk-in shower, Gertrude adjusted the water temperature which was warm enough to steam up the area. She held on to him as he soaped the washrag. He began to scrub her back, roaming over her body as she moaned pleasurably. He would save her pussy till last.

“This is marvelous!” She praised. “I think I still have a great ass. What do you think?”

“Well, I am mostly an ass-man, so I would give yours a 10. Your breast aren’t bad either – definitely a hand full – with tall nipples when hard – a mouth full. I always envied dad.”

“REALLY. Thank you! If I may compliment you, I have only had my hand on it, but your cock is quite impressive. It’s thicker than your dad’s and might be a tad longer. I would really appreciate it if you get rid of that rough rag and scrub “it” with your hand.”

The “it” was her vagina. He moved the rag to his left hand which he placed on her ass, supporting her, as his right hand began to roam over her mound, soap in hand. Lathered and covered with suds, he reached lower to her pussy, as she spread her legs, as best she could, to give him access. He scrubbed “it” in a tender fashion. His cock was now rock hard.

“If you are trying to get me aroused, it’s working.” She told him, with lustful breathing, wrapping her right arm around his neck. “You man up, you won’t have to envy your dad any more.”

There was much lather as his hand returned to her mound to collect more, scrubbing her ample bush again. He extended his middle finger and stroked it between her thin-lipped labia. He could feel her body tense. He continued to tease.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to come. Is that what you want? You have got the damn thing clean enough to eat. You haven’t done that yet. That’s what I want!”

The idea had been planted and, reluctantly, he would have to admit that is what he now wanted too. He loved eating a woman’s pussy! He maneuvered and placed her against the wall and began scrubbing himself quickly. She grabbed for his cock repeatedly but had to let it go as he turned. He helped her from the shower and towel her off, supporting her as she turned. She supported herself by the counter as he quickly toweled himself off.

Tony guided his unsteady mother out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Her queen-size bed had been there for years. He liked the largeness, height and firmness. The same bed she where had fucked his father. He helped her stretch out, placing situating her in the middle of the bed. He moved to the foot as she struggled to lift her knees, spreading her legs wide. He crabbed onto the bed. Realizing he had never got a good look at her pussy, he stopped 6 or 8 inches away and studied ataköy rus escort it a long minute.

“What do you think?” She questioned.

“It’s very youthful looking. And you bush is magnificent. I know you’re not able to shave it. It’s naturally hairless around your petite labia. Very neat looking.”

“Makes for good viewing too, if you’re so inclined.” She teased.

Shaking his head, he put his face to her crotch and began to explore her simple and delicate looking pussy. There were not many nooks and crannies to explore as he slid his tongue up through the crack, feeling her clit and stopping there. He could tell she was trying to lift her ass but she didn’t have the strength. Only her moans told him of the pleasurable feeling she was experiencing. Long minutes passed as he pleased her orally.

“I want to suck your cock!” She moaned.

“You don’t have to do that, mom.” He said, briefly replacing his tongue with his right thumb.

“I sucked your dad’s cock! I enjoy it, dammit!”

Tony was uncomfortable and slow to comply, returning his tongue to her clit, but he had never had his cock sucked. Desire won out as he maneuvered to reverse himself and tenderly roll his mother to her right side. He positioned himself to put his cock near her face and lifted her left leg to give him access to her pussy. They proceeded to please each other orally. She was soon taking more than half of his cock into her mouth playing with his balls and buttocks as he was palming hers.

Being mid-summer, there was still plenty of illumination, the late, setting sun filtering through the two bedroom window blinds as mother and son indulged in incestuous oral lust in the middle of the still made bed. To him, the feeling, was new and amazing. He wanted to show his appreciation. It just seemed the natural thing to do. He searched for her hole – found it – and pushed his tongue into her pussy. Her surprised gasp was immediate. Her suction increased. He could feel her faint effort to hump his face. He alternated from her clit to tongue-fucking her, pushing his tongue deep. He would be told later his father had never fucked her in such a fashion.

Gertrude was the first to reach orgasm. To her, it felt like she was squeezing her son’s head tightly between her legs. Tony felt no pressure at all, keeping his tongue glued to her clit as her body shuddered with the strong orgasm. She gagged, trying to take his entire length. As the orgasm faded, she began bobbing her head on his stiff shaft, stroking the exposed root, with determination. Tony was dizzy with lust. He fingers toyed with her pussy and soon felt concern.

“Mom, I’m close! I’m going to come. Mom! Move! AAHhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck!”

Gertrude did not heed the warning. She never intended to remove her mouth from his cock. Ejaculating into her mouth did not cause her to gag. Her husband had come in her mouth many times. She had learned to deal with it, swallowing it all. Then, She sucked and licked his shaft clean.

“Come here and hug me, sugar.”

Again, Tony was slow to respond. But after reversing, mother and son embraced each other. When she moved to kiss him, he hesitated slightly and hoped it went unnoticed. He accepted her tongue as she kissed him passionately. The kiss tasted salty. He kissed her more passionately.

“You said you liked my breast?” She queried.

“Of course.”

“You have not paid them any attention at all. My nipples are quite sensitive.”

Tony scooted down a bit and took her left nipple into his mouth. She growled pleasurably and her body trembled. He pretended to be crazed with hunger, sucking, nibbling lightly and manhandling her tits, making her giggle and squirm. He soon maneuvered down, turning her to her chest, and attacked her buttocks with the same zeal, kissing, biting and massaging her ass. A few minutes more of squirming and giggling. He rolled her to her back and reached to lift her legs, spreading them, moving between them, cradling her in his arms, attacking her neck and shoulders. But keeping his cock from touching her.

“You’re hard again. Stick it in me. You know you want to.” She said with a pleading tone.

Her words only made him withdraw from her. He moved off the side of the bed and picked her up, his arms under her knees and back, and carried her back to the shower. He sat her on the molded seat in a corner. Without any word of warning, he turned the cold water on briefly before adding hot water.

“Don’t be cruel to me. I only suggested that we fuck.” She exclaimed.

After scrubbing his cock, he proceeded to scrub his mother, tenderly cleansing her pussy once again.

“I didn’t know you and dad still fucked? I thought that had ceased years ago. I thought your cond…”

“Well, it’s not something a son would be privy to. I don’t have any muscles but the feelings in my body have not changed. The only thing that has changed is your dad is no longer with us. I have not had a cock inside of me since he died and I miss it. I miss it desperately! The Lord will understand if you – if we…”

Tony retrieved a towel and toweled his mother off as she sat in the shower. He then lifted her again and carried her back to her bedroom, placing her sitting on the edge of the bed. He searched her dresser drawer to retrieve clean panties and another gown.

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