Mommy On My Lap Ch. 03

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© 2012

My sister Shelly sprawled on the couch, one leg hanging over the armrest the other on lay out straight along the couch. She was wearing her favourite Venosan Ultima Lycra-Nylon Leggings. The sheer fabric moulded to her cunt and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing panties underneath. Her feet were bare and she wore a loose fitting vest, which was slack enough for me to see her satin bra through the armhole. My cock was hard and despite my best efforts I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

We were both pretending to watch TV but we were very aware of each other. Her perfume wafted across the room. I could hear mom rummaging around in the kitchen.

“So is this view as good as the view I gave you down at the gazebo last night?” she smiled.

She slid a red painted fingernail along the juncture of her thighs and gently rubbed the pad of her finger along the seam of her tights.

I blushed and said nothing.

“Which did you enjoy more; watching me fuck that boy or watching me rub my cunt for you?” she grinned and rubbed her silken-shrouded mound, just like she had last night.

“Jesus Shelly, shut the fuck up will ya!” I hissed.

She just smirked and opened her legs wider and began to rub her pussy through the diaphanous fabric.

“I’m going out with Tim tonight, but a quick rub before I go isn’t going to hurt,” she stared at me with her hazel eyes.

She was already wearing her makeup and her eyes were smoky; sexy, and her lips were ruby-red. She licked her lips and contemplated the erection pushing at the front of my shorts.

Shelly pushed a finger into her pussy; the lycra tights would only allow it to enter a little, but god it looked so sexy. I stroked my cock through my shorts and Shelly grinned.

“Mom!” she shouted, and I quickly took my hand from my cock.

Shelly smirked at me.

“Yes Hon?” mom replied from the kitchen, then I heard the click-clack of her heels.

Mom was wearing a two piece suit, jewellery and makeup; she too was going out, and I was jealous. We had fucked most of the night away and I wanted to fuck her again tonight but mom said she had to go out as she had already made the date. She didn’t want either of us behaving differently now that we were lovers; she didn’t want to raise anyone’s suspicions.

Mom stood beside me and I wondered if she did it on purpose. Her skirt was very short and I could just see the dark band of her control-top pantyhose. I sneaked a finger out and stroked her leg but mom pushed it away and gave me a scowl. Even though Shelly couldn’t see me do it I knew it was dangerous.

“What’s up Shelly?” mom asked.

“Nothing really, just wondered if you wanted Tim and I to give you a lift?”

“No Hon, Steve is picking me up in his car,” she replied and I felt a pang of jealousy.

“You better get ready Shelly; Tim will be here soon and you can’t go out dressed like that,” she admonished.

“I bet Tim would like it though; make it easier for him to get at me,” Shelly goaded my mother.

“Apparently some boys find that pantyhose are no encumbrance to gaining entry to a girl’s treasures,” Shelly eyed me, and both mom and I blushed a deep red.

Did Shelly know I had fucked mom in the car while she sat on my lap during the ride home?

“Shelly go and get changed; Mike, dinner is in the fridge just microwave it,” she smiled at me.

“I’ll be home about ten so if you are still awake we can share dessert,” mom winked at me.

I looked across at Shelly and saw a knowing smirk on her face. Fuck! She must know what mom and I had been up to in the back of her car!

A horn hooted from outside and mom gave me a ‘don’t worry; nothing will happen’ look and kissed me primly on the cheek and wiped away the lipstick she left there with her thumb. She smiled at Shelly.

“Have a good time Shelly; see you both later,” she walked over to the front door, her magnificent ass waggling in her tight skirt.

Shelly stuck out her tongue at me and got up from the couch and went upstairs to change.

I raced upstairs with my raging hardon and locked myself in the bathroom. I freed my erection from my shorts and bought a pair of mom’s soiled panties to my face; I wrapped my cock in a pair of Shelley’s panties and frantically masturbated. I filled my sister’s panties with creamy sperm in about thirty seconds and cleaned up the mess; burying the soiled panties at the bottom of the laundry basket.

I went to my room and ankara escort surfed the net for about an hour or so, trying not to look too often at the time. Ten o’clock couldn’t come around fast enough. I wanted to fuck my mother again!

I went down stairs about an hour later to get my dinner and was surprised to see that my sister was still here. She was lounging on the couch again, in the same position as before. I was wearing a pair of shorts and was barefoot and shirt-less. I took her in. Her bottle-blonde hair had been teased out and framed her pretty face which was heavily made up; black mascara and eyeliner, mauve eyeshadow, rouged cheeks and ruby-red lipstick glistened her lips. She was wearing a blue mini-dress, the long sleeves and shoulders were made of semi-transparent black nylon material; the dress itself was a blue spandex blend and clung to her body like a glove.

The hem rested at the top of her thighs; her legs were swathed in expensive 15 denier flesh-toned pantyhose and they glistened in the dull lamplight. Her feet were shod in four-inch black patent leather ‘fuck-me’ pumps. She looked hot and my cock began to engorge, seeing her dressed that way sprawled on the couch, legs akimbo.

She had been drinking; a half-empty bottle of Shiraz rested on the coffee table and she was gulping a glass of the dark red liquor. Her eyes drifted across the room and met mine as she sensed my presence.

“Before you ask, Tim stood me up. Bastard! He stood ME up!” she roared.

I smiled to myself. My prick teasing, sanctimonious, self-centred sister had been stood up! It was poetic justice.

Shelly gulped down the last of her wine and poured herself another glass, as she sat up to pour the wine her legs parted and I could see up her skirt; her slim thighs, encased in the sheer taupe nylons led my eyes to her crotch. She was wearing red satin panties; clearly visible through her sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose, her ample breasts clung to the translucent material of her dress, the matching bra just visible. My cock twinged.

“Here; have a drink with me,” she offered me the bottle and as she did, her gaze caught mine and she saw where I was looking.

“Fucking men! They only have one thing on their fucking mind! I’m your fucking sister for god sake!” a single tear ran down her cheek, streaking her mascara.

“Here Mike have a good look!”

She opened her legs wide exposing the V of her panties; the red satin clung to her mound, her cleft clearly delineated by the shiny red satin and gossamer pantyhose gusset.

I stared for a beat and then looked away, a little ashamed.

“I don’t know why you looked away like that; guilt I expect. Guilty because you watched me fuck that guy at the wedding last night; guilty because you watched me masturbate while you hid in the bougainvillea. But probably mostly guilty because you are fucking our mother!” she smirked up at me.

She closed her legs and sipped her wine.

I was speechless; I just stared at her; my mouth agape.

“I know you fucked her in the back of my car on the way home; you think I’m stupid! And then you went to her room and rutted all night; I came to the bedroom door and listened,” she sneered.

“I wonder what to make of that? An attractive woman in her forties, fucking her grown up son. Her own son for fuck sake!” she gulped more wine

“You are either a great fuck, or she was drunk and desperate, and I’m pretty sure I know which,” she taunted.

I began to tremble with anger.

“So what do I do now? Expose you both? Blackmail mom? Blackmail you?” she sneered.

“Waste of time that would be; blackmailing a dweeb who spends most his time locked in his room surfing for porn or locked in the bathroom wanking into my underwear.”

“You’re both pathetic!” she was crying but she was also angry.

I was quivering with rage and guilt; clenching my fists.

“I might as well go upstairs and get changed; now that Tim’s not coming. When you wank into my pantyhose later, which you are sure to do, please don’t put a runner in them; they’re expensive,” she jeered.

“Fuck you Shelly; you cock teasing slut!” I hissed.

“I don’t think so brother. You’ll have to wait for our mother to come home,” she giggled, obviously drunk.

“You cunt!” I seethed

That was the last straw; I leapt on her.

My sister struggled as I lay on top of her but she had been drinking and anyway she was no match for my strength. I managed escort ankara to get my legs between hers and pried them open and thrust forward so my hard cock was rubbing against her groin. Her skirt had ridden up and my cock, still trapped in my shorts, rubbed against her panty and pantyhose clad mound. I groaned and inhaled her perfume.

“Get off me you sick fuck!” she pounded my chest with her fists.

I pushed myself harder against her and grabbed her wrists. I lowered my face to hers and she turned away from me. I squeezed her wrists and her head sprang back. I lowered my face to hers and crushed my lips against hers. Her legs writhed in the air and she tried to buck me off her, her fists hammering my back. I slid my tongue into her mouth and she gave a muffled groan.

I realised that if she actually wanted to, she could really hurt me. She could rake me with her nails as I was only wearing shorts, she could bite my tongue, and she could knee me in the balls. She was putting up a sham struggle and we both knew it.

I reached down and freed my cock; it sprang out of my shorts and rubbed on Shelley’s sleek, hosed thighs; I could feel my pre-seminal fluid soaking into the sheer nylon.

“Oh you bastard!” she whined, wriggling under me, but I could tell she was faking it.

I lowered my face again and this time as my tongue slid into her mouth she met it with her own and reciprocated the kiss. Her legs were now wrapped around my torso; rubbing on my sensitive skin, spurning me on. The hem of her dress was up around her hips; the sheer bodice slid against my chest; this was the most intense feeling I had ever felt. Her hot, wine-laden breath panted into my mouth, her perfume pervaded my nostrils. I growled; the sound resonating from the back of my throat.

Shelley rose to meet my thrusts.

“I knew you wanted to fuck me, you naughty boy,” she giggled and pulled and tugged at my shorts until they were free of my body.

I was kneeling naked on lounge and I looked down at my fully clothed sister; her dress was hiked up and her legs spread invitingly, her red satin panties clung to her mound. Her makeup was smeared; her eyes black and smoky where her mascara and eyeliner had run; she looked like a whore. She looked hot! I lowered myself onto her again.

The wine she had drunk was obviously effecting her; but I didn’t care. I wanted her. My cock was rampant, rubbing on her pantyhosed thighs, which although delightful, would soon bring me to orgasm and I didn’t want that yet. I moved my cock so it rested in the V of her crotch; it now rubbed on the front panel of her slippery satin panties. Shelly put a hand down there and adjusted me so that my cock slid inside her panties and rested in the folds of her labia; only the diaphanous material of her pantyhose gusset prevented it from entering her.

She groaned and writhed under me and I felt her cunt lubricating; her sweet juices lubricated the head of my cock as her pantyhose gusset became saturated; the musky smell of cunt wafted from her. Her tongue was wriggling and thrusting in my mouth and she kept squirming to keep my cock in the folds of her pussy lips.

“Oh Jesus fucking Christ Mike!” she sounded exasperated.

“Put the fucking thing in me!”

She once again reached between our bodies and this time she raked at the gusset of her hose with a fingernail. I heard the gossamer material tear and then my sister’s hand wrapped around my shaft. She guided the head of my penis into the hole she torn out of her pantyhose gusset. My glans snuggled in the sweet, slick folds of my sister’s cunt. She raised her derriere and I thrust forward.

I slid into my sister’s sweet buttery cunt; impaling her on my cock. Shelley pushed back against me and began to buck. I couldn’t believe it! I was fucking my beautiful, cock-teasing sister. I grasped her hips and began to grind myself against her so that her nylon-clad thighs rubbed against the delicate skin my own thighs.

My sister lifted her buttocks up off the lounge and wriggled her crotch; her sopping vagina squeezed my shaft, it was devine. She was much tighter than my mother.

With reluctance I pulled my cock all the way out of her velvety tunnel. I was close to coming and I wanted to do a little teasing of my own. I rubbed my glans on her hard clitty and she yelped and wriggled. She was gasping with lust. She reached up for me.

“Come on Mike; finish what you started. Fuck your sister Mike!” Shelley moaned.

I ankara escort bayan fell forward onto my sister’s body and she wriggled her hips until she had my cock positioned at the entrance to her sopping vagina. She wrapped her arms around me and lifted her legs and wrapped them around my lower back. She kissed me and let her tongue slide inside my mouth. She broke the kiss and bit my earlobe and then she drove her tongue into my ear.

“Fuck me brother,” she panted.

She lifted her hips and drew my body to hers with her legs and I slowly slid inside her. My cock filled her tight snatch and then my groin ground against hers; the base of my thick cock stimulated her clitoris and she ground her crotch against mine and began to fuck me. She controlled the rhythm, gradually increasing the pace until our bodies were slamming together making ‘schlock-schlock-schlock’ sounds as our bodies slammed into each other. She made sure that I kept stimulating her clitty, wriggling her sexy ass to keep the pressure of the base of my cock on her sensitive bud.

I was close to coming; my senses were overloaded; my cock was throbbing inside my sister’s tight tunnel; the feel of her body against mine, the taste of her mouth, the smell of her sex mingled with her perfume, the sensation of her pantyhose-clad legs sliding along my flanks and back, the scratching of her high-heels as she encouraged me to fuck her faster. Shelley dug her heels into me, using them like spurs.

I felt my cock begin to spasm and Shelley knew that I was about to come; she pulled my face to hers and kissed me and lifted her crotch up off the lounge and ground her pubis against mine; she writhed shamelessly underneath me and I felt her release approaching. I groaned and my cock exploded; hot streams of semen spurted from my spasming cock and I went into an orgasmic paroxysm.

“Oh Sis; it feels so good!” I moaned.

Shelley’s orgasm enveloped her and as it radiated through her cunt and then surged through her whole body, she kissed me hard, driving her tongue deep into my mouth. She gripped my buttocks and squeezed, digging in her nails and pulling my groin hard against hers; her pulsating vagina milked me of my seed.

I ran my hands along my sister’s legs enjoying the feel of her silken-hosed legs on my body. She responded to my kisses, entwining my tongue with hers; my scrotum contracted, propelling the last of my issue deep inside her. Shelley writhed and wriggled underneath me; she raked my back with her fingernails and grazed my flanks and lower back with her heels.

Gradually the intensity of both our orgasms receded. I lay on top of my sister and lovingly kissed her lips, her nose, her cheeks and her eyelids and lazily stroked her thigh. My semi-erect cock was still buried inside her and every now and then it would spasm; Shelley’s vagina would also occasionally contract and clasp at my cock. Her cunt was hot, wet, and sticky and our pubic hair was matted with our juices; small rivulets of semen seeped from Shelley’s slit.

Shelley kissed me back; and smiled up at me, her makeup smeared and her hair mussed; wet with perspiration.

“So am I as good as mom?” she grinned.

“You are a cock teasing bitch Shelley, but you are no doubt the best fuck I have ever had,” I grinned down at her.

“So what de we tell mom?” she looked up me quizzically.

“Why do we have to tell her anything?” I looked down at her, lowered my head and kissed her.

She pushed my face away after a while.

“She’ll know Mike! Mothers always know!”

“God! I knew you and mom were fucking in the car and I knew that you wanted to fuck her long before that. I saw the way you looked at her.”

“And I saw the way you looked at me too,” she smiled up at me.

“So what about the performance at the wedding and all the cock teasing before and after?” I asked.

“Just to get you jealous and to get you to want me more. I was always going to let you fuck me one day,” she grinned.

“You are a fucking bitch Shelly!” I grinned back at her and slapped her thigh.

“I have a great idea,” a look of absolute depravity crossed her face.

“What about if she just found us fucking? She can either join in or condone it. It’s not like she can complain is it?” she sniggered.

“You are one conniving bitch Shelley!” my face fell to hers and I felt my cock begin to engorge.

Fifteen minutes later we heard the front door open and the click of our mother’s high heels on the floor. I was fucking my sister doggy style when my mother walked in on us. At first she looked shocked; then her expression changed to one of pure lust. She dropped her bag and began to remove her jacket.

The End

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