Mom’s Big Bed Ch. 07

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I grabbed some running pants and a t-shirt and socks from my dresser and then shuffled on my running shoes. I came downstairs as Mom was headed out to the pool courtyard. She was all ready to go with her workout clothes but she was knocking out some pre-run stretches on her yoga mat. I sat down next to her and ran through some stretches of my own next to her. I took a hit off her water bottle and chugged down the coolness. I was really thirsty. As we stretched I noticed the smell of our sex stink was hanging in the air around us like a humid post-fuck fog. The morning was nice and cool but my mom wanted to hit the road before the sun got too high and would then commence to cook both our asses out there on the road.

“C’mon Ian sweetie – let’s go run off a little of last night’s booze and pizza!” With that, she grabbed her bunch of keys and gave me a playful smack on the ass as she dashed across the courtyard and through the wrought iron side gate. I ran after her determined to retaliate and bestow a tit for tat smack on her black leotard clad hiney. As she passed through the gate she threw the keys over her shoulder at me and ordered with a smile, “Lock up!”

I caught the bunch with one hand and locked the gate from outside. Mom already had her ear-pieces in and was shouting over the sound of her shitty hippy tunes. She smiled as she headed down the walk and shot back some trash talk over her shoulder – her freshly tied ponytail bouncing as she went.

“Nice catch! Thought for sure you would catch like a girl! Last night must have been good for you!” She sped up as she said this and I revved up my RPMs to catch her. She was taking some pretty long strides as she went down the flagstone path that turned onto the sidewalk. She was quite a sight, what with her ponytail bouncing, boobies swinging back and forth, black leotard leggings going down to her black running shoes, and her wonderfully fleshy upside down valentine buttocks bouncing with each stride. A little something in the back of my head would have said “Younger than in her forties,” and my buds at school would definitely say “MILF!” or “doable Mom!”

I caught her with some effort and bestowed a nice solid smack on her ass. Her bum cheeks had enough tone that my hand tingled and smarted slightly. She frowned and did a fakey spoiled brat pout like I had been rough on her little money maker.

“Ouch! That hurt! I have you do all those mean things to my pooper and this is how I get treated in return?” She said this with a hint of sadness but she quickly showed her true intentions as she grinned with a sly naughty look and presented me with yet another smack on my ass before taking off down the sidewalk at break neck speed. I caught up with her and we settled into a running pace that would be more comfortable over a long distance. We took a road off to the right that headed up into the canyon behind our home. We ran two miles up to a turnaround point which is a speed limit sign next to an old billboard. Mom tried to run this any day her schedule allowed her and I had run this route when I was getting ready for school sports. By now the sun was warming things up and we had a slick film of sweat on our bodies. Mom stopped for a moment as we hit the speed limit sign.

“Wait Speed-Demon, I gotta pee!”

With that she stepped over to the old billboard motioned me to follow her. She then disappeared behind the faded wood surface. As I came ’round the corner away from the view of the road I paused and surveyed the scene. A burned out circle of charred wood, some soup cans, beer bottles, and cigarette butts indicated somebody had camped here a long while back. The presence of a desiccated shriveled old condom indicated others had used it too. Popular spot!

Mom pulled down her bottoms and squatted over an unspoiled piece of sandy ground and presently produced a sizzling yellow stream of piss. I watched this for a moment and then in a show of solidarity dropped my shorts and peed against the back of the billboard. A truck came down over the hill and passed by us oblivious to our presence before disappearing over the hill. Our urinary activity was completely shielded from view. Mom rose but left her leggings down to her ankles as she stepped behind me, took over steering my cock and allowed me to finish pissing. She then gave my cock a few tugs and strokes until she jerked my wicked willie into something more or less erect before firmly spinning me around and squatting before me and pulling my shorts down to my shoes. She opened her mouth and sucked me in a sweaty funky blowjob.

I ran my hands across her head and grabbed her ponytail as her mouth sucked and sucked. Her hands massaged my sweaty balls as she began to deep-throat me while I enjoyed her wicked mischievous mouth. She continued for a couple of luxuriously filthy minutes until she loudly popped my dong from her kisser, whirled around and half rose, and bent at the waist as she spread her buttocks with both hands. ataköy türbanlı escort I needed no coaching. I placed the head of my cock at the mouth of her steaming pussy and pulled inside her cunt with both hands on her hips. What followed was about five minutes of spirited, sloppy, perspiring, fucking.

“This is one of my favorite naughty kinks honey!” Mom panted and confided to me. “I love doing it outdoors anywhere I might be caught!” I made a mental note. I needed to get out more with my mom. It was not the most public of spots but it wasn’t a secluded motel either. We rutted and fucked until we both let out a series of grunts and moans that finished with Mom convulsing and shaking like an old washing machine with an imbalanced load and me grunting and sending a hot load of dude dressing up her cunt. Then we got our clothes arranged and got back out onto the road. We ran back down the canyon to our street and back to our house. Mom unlocked the side gate and we went inside.

“Okay,” she said, “that was the first half of the workout. Time for some strength!” With that she stepped out of her shoes and clothes and began to apply oil from a bag by her water bottle. I didn’t know what was next but I followed suit. She oiled herself up and then applied a generous amount to my body. Then she put back on her black running shoes and I again followed her lead. A thirty six minute run followed by Last Stand of The 300? WTF? I was a little perplexed but I figured I should just roll with it – hell it had worked out well so far!

We moved over to the corner of the courtyard. Right beside the outdoor gas grill was a ramada I had helped my Dad build years before. Under the ramada I kept my universal set (this had been Dad’s since he got them in the 80’s), and under a garage tarp I kept my weights. The weight training area, grill, and ramada was partially secluded by a stand of organ pipe and prickly pear cactus that mom landscaped in a few years back to “preserve the pool view.” Basically she didn’t want to see the weight gear from the pool or from the other ramada in the center of the courtyard. I pulled back the tarp while mom tossed down a couple of exercise matts from the wall after shooing away a few dime-sized spiders with a squeal (she hates those things).

What followed is now a bit of a montage in my memory. I have worked out with my mom like this many times since that day so it’s a little fuzzy but here goes. We started doing a series of pushups on the matts followed by sit-ups, followed by burpees, crunches, then more pushups, then more sit-ups. During the sit-ups as I held Mom’s feet I had an up-close view of her pierced pussy now all wonderfully nasty and funky. When she held my feet she would cop a feel with my cock and balls as I finished the set. The result was I had a partial equally sweaty funky boner which she would ogle here and there. I caught the drift on the second set of sit-ups and copped a feel of her crotch and touched her clit as we transitioned to something else. Workout flirting – it does a body good!

Next we hit the weights. There is a certain aesthetic to exercising nude at least that was what Mom pointed out to me and after a few minutes I saw what she meant. You can see muscles working and veins popping that normally would be masked by gym wear. It’s all very artistic by itself and, well I’ll let you be the judge but anyhow…

As we started hitting the weights we became a kinetic flurry of motion, huffing ‘n puffing, and sweat. As I clanked dumbbells above my head I was keenly aware mom’s eyes followed my junk ‘n naughty stuff, – she was looking at me up and down. As we switched and I stood in front of her I was looking at her veiny sweaty form and checking her out, her eyes caught mine and we both understood we were checking each other out but we just kept going. I watched her as she put a little weight on her shoulders and she did her squats – when she went all the way down I checked out her moon. Her glutes parted nicely and you could see the meat curtains of her labia and the perky balloon knot of her puckered protruding hemorrhoids. I liked the fact that a little trickle of sweat ran down her back and into her ass cleavage before stopping at that pink little pucker!

As we did curls we played a little game where I would do a set while she absent mindedly tweaked her pierced nipples and fingered her bejeweled clit. Then I would pass the weights to her and she would knock out a set I would give my cock a rub keeping myself semi-hard during the course of things. When she switched out to something else because I needed heavier weight to continue curls, I kept gawking at her sweaty glutes and boobs as I changed out the weights on the bar and stole peeks at her girly junk.

The sexual tension was actually quite a good thing for my workout. I felt like I had this burning desire to just drop the weights, throw her on the ground and fuck her right there and ataköy ucuz escort then but instead we both just kept to the business of pumping iron and sneaking a peek and copping a feel of each other and pumping iron some more. The fact that the tension hung in the air like a good cigar made me lean into the workout harder.

As I was using the Universal bench, I noticed Mom looking down at my junk again as she worked a set of dumbbells. When I finished the last set, she knelt down on the bench and sucked me again for four or five strokes,… just enough to stoke the fire a bit.

“Ok, knock out another set!” she smirked at me as she returned to another set of dumbbells. I got out another ten reps that I didn’t think were there. That was how it all went, pumping and sweating and straining on one of several pieces of weight equipment, the one of us would finish and the other would cop a feel or run their mouth against something,… building and contributing to a wonderful workout frustration with friction that made us want to fuck. Instead, we threw it into the workout.

After about 40 minutes of this we were slathered in sweat and Mom chugged down some water out of her bottle and handed it to me and I chugged a reply of loud gulps. She suggested that we finish up with some stretches on the matt and then some final sit-ups. She held my feet first and I knocked out a set of fifty at which at the end she kneeled down between my legs and drew my flagging cockhead in her mouth and looked up at my panting face while giving me a sly wink before drawing her mouth off it with a loud smack!

“MMMMMM!” she said. “Nice pre-cum on that knob of yours! Okay, now me – hold my feet!” She and I switched out and I held her feet as she commenced her sit-ups huffing and puffing and grunting and groaning. Again, I was able to sneak a peek at her bejeweled sweaty crotch. In the middle of the set she let out a loud fart which got us both laughing and when she finally finished she gave me another sly wink. As I let go of her feet to get up, she spread her legs pulling her exercise shoes up to above her head and licking her lips. I didn’t need any more encouragement.

I dove onto to her and pushed myself into her, furiously pushing and poking myself in. We were both slick with sweat and my cock bobsledded into her fuck hole like it was a burrito dipped in vasesline. As it sloshed into her cunt she let out another loud wet fart and grinned at me! Our mouths found each other and we bit and sucked and nibbled each other’s lips. Our tongues lapped the salt off each other’s faces and Mom chewed gently at my chin as we bumped and fucked in as soupy sweaty heap of aching flesh.

“Oh so my little Greek warrior still has his ardor rising for his Mother! Oh Ian you are like three men in me! What the fuck has gotten into you!” she teased and taunted.

“So you like our little frustration workout? Hunh? …Well your dad and I used to work out like this and get the most stellar burn! We would fuck a little bit just before hitting the weights – we just wouldn’t cum though. We would just use the energy of the sexual frustration to power us through the workout routine! You like that my little Spartan? Hunh? You like sweating away with Mother? You big wonderful sweaty motherfucker! Aaaaghggggghhh!”

I nodded at her and kept charging into the fuck. We rolled over and she was astride me riding me like a thoroughbred! He sweat dripped down off her hair, chin, and breasts, – the drops splashing on me like warm little rain sprinkles. Mom reached back behind herself and cupped my balls, massaging them in her hand and bucking her ass back and forth getting the most out of our fuck. As we were both approaching the edge of the orgasmic cliff- all the time building and building, her grasping hand mischievously found one of the hairs on my balls and gave it a yank. A jolt of pain rose up from my scrotum!

“OOOOWWWWW!” was my shout to the clouds. Mom hopped up to her feet showing the hair to me in her hand held between the two fingers that had done the deed.

“You didn’t think I was going to let you cum so easy did you!?” she scoffed at me, – the bitch! She smirked and looked down like a girl who was teasing somebody on the playground and had just bested a boy at something.

“You are going to have to catch me little boy! I need a shower, you can have this back. Good workout, ta-ta for now!” she said as she flicked the hair playfully at me with a naughty smile. She trotted off half running half hopping for the house with her water bottle in hand.

I cupped my nuts in my hands and let out a groan as I caught my breath. I was covered in sweat, and aching and tired as hell! WHERE THE HELL DID MOM GET ALL THAT ENERGY?- SHIT SHE IS IN HER FORTIES! …SHIT!

Then I looked down at my cock which was raging at me like a boxing coach in the corner of the ring saying, “You gonna take that from her kid?!” …That was ataköy üniversiteli escort it! I was on my feet and running into the house after her!

I ran through the doorway and heard water running in the downstairs shower. I also saw the telltale trail of a dropped water bottle, a pair of running shoes laying askew in the hall, and a pair of socks lying on the floor. The trail of signs for my quarry ended at the bathroom door. I added to the trail to show to any other trackers that a male of the species had joined the female after picking up her presence and I left my socks and shoes along the way. I pushed open the door and walked into the cloud of steam rubbing my cock in preparation for what was to come.

I saw in the stall the shape of my mom behind the curtain moving in the shower spray, her hands soaping herself. She giggled and taunted, “Well,…you found me!”

I pushed the curtain aside, stepped in behind her grabbing her by the hips, and bent her soapy body over at the waist shotgun style.

“And now I’ve caught you!” I said, speaking more as a victorious warrior from antiquity ready to claim his prize then simply a dude whose mother gave him blue-balls and then ran into the shower after yanking a hair from his nutsack as a prank! She shrieked and giggled as my cock slewed its way into the notch between her lathered bum-cheeks that contained her asshole and her yelps and laughter bounced off the walls of the shower. The mushroom head of my cock found her anal pucker and I pushed, it yielded instantly aided by the soapsuds and I slid into Mom’s backside with ease up to the hilt!

“Wwwooohhhooooh!” was all that escaped Mom’s mouth as the shower spray fell on our two conjoined bodies. She reached forward to shut off the water so that the spray wasn’t knocking me in the face and then panting and gasping for air she turned her wet head over her shoulder and smiled wide mouthed with a full set of teeth showing, her locks now wet from the shower hanging partially across her face creating a look that made her look especially slutty. I had her firmly by the hips and was banging away on her pink puckered slippery asshole like it was the best damn masturbatory toy EVER! I was intent on TOTALLY banging her right in her nasty POOP CHUTE after the prank she pulled on my nutsack and as she sneered at me I sneered back and growled at her.

“So…you …figured…out…what it …is that I…like Ian? You figured out that I like being dominated and fucked hard? Huh?…Hunh?”

“Yeah Ma, …and …UUuuurgh!…and …fucked hard,.. and dominated is what I am going to give you! Take it straight up your ass bitch! Just like that!” I responded through clenched teeth as my hands pulled her hips onto my shaft and the front of my hips and pelvis struck her heart-shaped rumpcheeks making a loud wet series of SMACK!SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! -impacts. Each smack was followed by her vocalizing in a delightful and corresponding OH! – creating the effect of OH! OH! OH! OH! -something that pleased me greatly! Every guy wants to fuck a wanton slut at some time in their life, having it be your mom asking you to dominate her and plow her asshole in the shower is something particularly nasty and wonderful!

I now felt a familiar sensation. Mom had snaked her fingers and then finally the majority of her hand into her cunt and was giving herself a good ol’ fisting. I could feel her hand moving inside the walls of her cunt against the tube of her pooper! Her body began to become convulsive and her breathing more ragged as she fist fucked herself into a frenzy, – combining it with the sensation of my cock’s attack to produce the nasty level of penetration her slutty desires demanded.

“Yeah Ian, your …Oooohh! …father used to do this to me in the shower! He used to plug my bottom-hole with that cock of his when I was a naughty girl and give me a… real…good …lesson – just like you are doing! Pick up the torch Ian! Its right in front of you dammit! Pick…up …where your father left off! FUCK MY SHIT PUSSSSY LIKE YOUR FATHER USED TOOOOOOO! OOOOOOHHHHHH! YEAAAAHHHHHHH!”

“TAKE IT UP YOUR ASS MA!” was my roar in agreement as I bucked my cock deep into her turd chute! It was there and then that we sealed our pact with each other. I was now to pick up where Dad left off and be the man of the house and I was to be Mom’s protector, lover, and partner in all things. With the soap running down her back into the crack of her ass it provided me a nice slick lube to plow that nice rubbery pink tunnel and get just the sensation I needed to get my rocks off!

“THAT’S IT IAN! FUCK MOMMIE’S SHIT PUSSY! JUST LIKE THAT. I’M YOUR SLUT NOW MAKE ME YOUR BITCH! FUCK ME MOTHERFUCHAAHHHHH …OOOOOHH!” Mom bawled out to me over her shoulder! Her words combined with the tension from the workout and the blue balls from the hair pulling incident took their toll there and then! I thrust my cock into her turd pipe as deep as it would go- deeper than ever before, deep that my cockhead was able to wave a greeting to last night’s pizza and ask if Gino’s Delivery uses whole wheat flour in their dough! My balls roared sending a seismic eruption of hot salty love lava up into her intestines! The orgasm made me toss my head back and call out like a grizzly that had just marked his territory!

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