Mom’s Muffled Mouth

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I had just paid off the movers and was watching their truck pull out of our driveway when my always playful mom gave me a cheerful pat on the butt.

“Come on, honey. Let’s check out our new house!”

I turned to face my mom.

“Mom, I still can’t believe that you and dad are split up. Why would he dump you for a girl half his age?”

Mom took my hand and led me to our new living room . As she walked in front of me I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she still was, even after all the years of putting up with my dad. I didn’t care if his new girlfriend was a stripper half his and my mom’s age.

My thought flow was interrupted by my mom snapping her fingers in my face.

“Hello, earth to son. I said what did you want to drink?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, mom. I was just thinking about everything that’s happened between you and dad and how you must feel. I’ll just have a soda, please.”

Mom smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Oh, honey. You’re so sweet. But you’ve got to put everything behind you now. All the bad things that happened between dad and me is over. They’re in the past.”

“But, mom, you’re such a wonderful person and you’re so pretty. How could he just walk away from you — from us?”

“It’s just that some men, your dad being one of them, have to go after new women. They aren’t satisfied with just one woman, they have to have more than one.”

Mom brought over a bottle of soda for me and a wine cooler avcılar elit escort for herself and sat next to me on the couch — much closer than she had ever sat before. I watched as my mom drank from the wine cooler. I started to fixate on how her lips surrounded the tip of the bottle. I felt myself becoming slightly aroused.

My mom is in her late 40’s but still very beautiful. She is what some would call “petite” because she only stands about 5 feet and 3 inches tall. She looks like she weighs just over 100 pounds. Her hair is dark red and she keeps it very long, almost to the small of her back. Her breasts are fairly large, maybe 34 to 36 inches, but her waist is tiny, only about 20 to 22 inches. This has the effect of making my mom look even more well endowed than she already is. Her legs are tanned and toned. My mom is tanned all over and toned all over thanks to frequent tanning sessions in the back yard of our old house and regular workouts with our home treadmill and with lifting weights.

Her face is the face of a mature woman. A woman who has seen and done a lot of things. Some might find a face like that a turn off. I was finding my mom’s face a turn on! You could have the bimbos in my school or on tv or in the pages of men’s magazines. I was suddenly being drawn to my own mom and I liked it!

Mom not only was attractive but also showed herself off very well. She was dressed in a pair of tight, short, blue jean cut-offs. avcılar escort She wore a black bikini top. Her feet were covered by a pair of running shoes.

The time flew by as I talked with my sexy mother on our new couch in our new house. Afternoon, became evening. Evening became the wee hours of the morning. Mom drank her fill of wine coolers and then some.

I watched as my mom downed yet another wine cooler. I watched her long, slender throat stretch out as she drank it down. I watched her throat move as she swallowed. I was hard as a rock and all I was doing was just looking at my sexy, short-shorts wearing mother.

Mom leaned towards me and said, “Honey, I’m a one man woman, even if that man is her 22 year old son.” Then she kissed me on the cheek.

“I’m your man, mom. For as long as you want me,” I said back. I could hardly contain myself.

Then, I could contain myself no more. I didn’t think. I just acted. I kissed my mom on her beautiful lips — hard. An unmistakeable moan of pleasure came from deep within her as I probed her mouth with my tongue.

With a skill I didn’t even know that I had until now, I swiftly removed my mom’s bikini top and undid her short-shorts and tossed them aside. Just as skillfully, she removed the sweatpants and tee-shirt that I had been wearing up until now.

Mom’s mouth started to suck the come from my cock just as she had sucked the wine cooler from its bottle just a few avcılar eve gelen escort minutes before. I kept begging her not to stop. She laughed. She knew just what she was doing to me!

“Do you really think I don’t notice you looking at my legs when I wear my little cutoffs?”, Mom asked, with an evil little grin that I had never seen before but really wanted to see again.

“Why do you think I wore them today, honey? I wore them for you!”

I threw mom on her back and forced my cock into her willing pussy! We were each having the best sex of our lives. Right here. Right now. With each other.

An orgasmic scream came from my Mom’s rich, full lips. I clamped my hand over her mouth and muffled her screams. Her fingernails broke the skin on my back. I didn’t care. I let it bleed.

I picked my mom’s bikini top off of the floor and tied her hands tightly behind her back with it. This had the effect of making her breasts stick out. I sucked her breasts hungrily. This time, it was pleasure, not milk, that I was after.

Mom started to scream again as she strained against the bonds that held her hands. Her screams were squelched in her throat as I covered her mouth with my hand. She bit down on my hand and forced me to release my grip on her pretty mouth.

“Promise me, baby. Promise me that you’ll never stop fucking me. Promise me that — MMMPPPHHH!”

I gagged my mom with my hand again and shut her up in mid-sentence.

“I promise, mom. I promise to make you forget every man that you’ve ever been with. I’ll never stop fucking you. NEVER!”

I shoved my cock deeply into my mom’s pussy. She screamed under my hand, as it held her pretty mouth. Her eyes went wide as they looked into mine.

I fucked my bound and gagged mother until the morning came.

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