Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 11

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The next morning I woke as Mom shook my shoulder. “Honey, Honey, wake up!”

I managed to get a sleepy moan out of my mouth as I clawed for full consciousness until I finally said “What’s up Mom?” I immediately saw she was dressed for work and had her make up on and everything as she knelt with one knee on the mattress.

“I’m so sorry Hon! I woke up late and scrambled to get ready for work, I just wanted to let you know. I’m so sorry I couldn’t wake you special” she said with a giggle. “What time are you working till tonight?”

“I should be home around 5:30, I guess” I said a sleepy eyed yawn.

“Check with Beth and see if you guys plan on staying home this evening. If you do, I forgot to take something out of the freezer for dinner. There are some nice chicken breasts in there if you want them. Either that or choose something else to thaw before you leave. If you don’t plan on eating here, don’t worry about it. I’ll be happy with making a sandwich from the deli meats we have.

I grinned squeezed her boob and said “I like yours best!”

“I know you do, but you can’t survive on mine alone!” and then slapped my arm with a big grin.

“But I’d like to try…” I said jokingly… “Ok, I’ll check with Beth”.

“Ok, have a great day Hon!” said Mom and we gave each other a peck on the lips.

“You too, Mom” I said as she quickly walked away and gave me a smile and a wave as she passed through the door.

I was fully awake now and looked at my watch. It was a full hour before I usually got up and thought I’d just roll over and go back to sleep when I realized my phone, thus my alarm, was still in my pants pocket downstairs.

I went downstairs, still naked as a jaybird, collected my clothes and checked my phone for messages. I was glad there were no messages or texts from anyone. This was good since if Beth had tried to text me, I would have felt bad not answering it.

I headed up to my bedroom where I found Beth dead to the world as she laid on the bed fast asleep. She had kicked all of the covers off other than a portion of the sheet which had caught on her foot. Beth was somewhat skewed, half on her side and half on her back because of her body pillow.

She never used it when she slept with me, but last night when I wasn’t there she probably got it from her room to sleep with. Beth’s shoulders were flat on the mattress but the body pillow had become tucked deep under her hip leaving one side angled high. The thigh of the high side of her hip was bent at her knee and rested over onto her other thigh in something like a half cross as if to modestly cover her loins.

I quietly set my clothes down as I looked at her. I love watching Beth sleep, especially when she’s nude like this. Her face was framed by her disheveled hair but it was so relaxed with just a hint of a smile. The natural curves of her shapely breasts and her flat tummy as they rose and fell from her slight breath was extremely erotic to me.

Mom had the body and the looks of a fantastic mature MILF, but Beth was known for being a “looker” to the guys. She was so beautiful and sexy to me. I felt lucky we were back together and promised myself we’d never split again.

I approached the end of the bed and placed a knee on the mattress as I slowly pulled the body pillow out from underneath her hip. Her hip quickly lowered as the pillow slid out and with enough inertia that her leg rolled away from the other with her foot and knee pointing out in the direction of the roll. This caused her legs to spread… Not a lot, but just enough to give a clear view of her pussy, in particular her slit as it lead down to her ass cheeks.

I took a moment as I soaked in the scenery. My eyes took their time appreciating her pussy and then moved up to the shape of her breasts and nipples which were now soft looking and “pillowey” from being in her trance-like sleep. I noticed she took a single deeper breath and then heard it escape her lips like a soft bubble of sound with a “pooooooh”.

I grinned as I knelt there looking and pondered ‘Hmmm, should I wake her or let her sleep?’ I felt my dick suddenly twinge and I looked down below to see it grown considerably… it wasn’t rock hard, but it was stiffer than semi-hard. I guess another part of my anatomy had made up my mind for me.

Beth let out a sleepy, barely perceptible “Mhhhhhhhhhh” as she subconsciously felt me as I slid my arms under her thighs, spreading them further and easing them to my shoulders as my head slid between them towards her sex.

I could smell her day old musk as I lightly kissed and licked her inner thighs close to her pussy before I let my tongue drag over her slit from deep and low then up high and into the pubic hair of her runway. My tongue retracted and I did it all over again but this time letting the tip of my tongue slightly penetrate her slit which resulted in a change in her breathing.

My hands came around her thighs and I spread her lips from the top which exposed the folds of her avcılar grup yapan escort inner lips. I could see the hood of her clit hiding most of her clit like the hood of a Monk and the continued line of her labia as they draped down toward her vaginal opening.

Beth’s pussy wasn’t wet as she was still fast asleep and her lips which are normally engorged and wet were a bit dry looking and shrunken, ha, but I knew that would changes quickly.

I wet my tongue and dragged it up over her labia to the hood of her clit to moisten it, and then as before, I let my wet tongue slip between her inner folds and over her urethra to the bottom of her clit where I ran light circles to tease it to life.

Doing so resulted in a barely perceptual deep inhale from Beth as she dreamt. I then slid my tongue down to her lower slit and let it penetrate at the opening of her vagina. Just a little probing produced the results I was looking for… the fresh warmth and taste of her slick pussy juice as it started to lubricate her opening.

Beth’s consciousness was now definitely surfacing as she responded with a very soft “Mmmmmmm-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and I felt the first pivot of her hips as my tongue sunk deep into her warm vagina.

“Oh god John… I love it when you wake me like this…” exclaimed Beth softly as she pivoted her hips with more authority to accept all of my tongue.

I responded with my own “Mmmmmmmm” as my mouth and tongue now wet with both my saliva and her sweet creaminess as I started making my way back up to her clit roughly flicking each labia causing each to whiplash back and forth.

As I got higher, my fingers adjusted to where I was also holding the hood of her clit back which by now exposed the full hardness of her pearl. My tongue ran circles around it, and flickered over its surface back and forth which resulted in more open moaning from Beth.

Just as my lips surrounded her clit to suck it, my hand moved and my fingers started fondling and teasing her vaginal opening as a prelude to sliding into her when she responded with “Mmmmmm… No. just use your tongue…god…it feels so good… I want your tongue in me too…” she said dreamily.

I was immediately glad I had started doing what I was doing because when I know Beth only wants my tongue, I know for a fact she wants to savor being eaten and not rushed to an orgasm by rough fingers and a manic tongue lashing. I responded with my own muffled “Mmmmmmm” because I loved taking my time eating her pussy and pleasing her.

I softly serviced every millimeter of her inner vulva as I first ran circles around her clit before sucking it lightly. Afterwards I started making my way down teasing the spot between the bottom of her clit and her urethra before taking my time to succor each labia once again as I made my way lower.

My hands moved to the back of her thighs and I pressed them back and apart as my tongue slid deep into the hot wet creaminess of her cunt.

Beth withered and moaned as she felt my tongue probe and flicker deep in her pussy before I started literally tongue fucking her with it. Beth moaned lightly as her hips pivoted up in response to my tongue forcing her pussy harder into my face.

Over minutes, my tongue gradually became wilder as it fucked her and then started running large circles at her vaginal opening before dipping down and giving her bung hole a few laps. My direction then suddenly changed as my tongue started lashing up her slit roughly in a side to side motion with the sounds of my slurping her warm creamy juices ending with my lips surrounding her clit and sucking hard as my tongue attacked it.

Beth gave out a loud whimper and moans as I felt her hands slide into my hair and pull me hard into her pussy as her hips pivoted again forcing her vaginal opening to ride and attempt to fuck my somewhat stubbled chin.


Beth’s hips started pivoting wildly and often raising off the bed but with my grip on her hips and her fingers in my hair, it was easy to stay with her as my tongue continued to service her through multiple waves of her orgasm.

She finally started to settle down and I released my grip on her hips and thighs as I slowly backed my head away feeling her grip on my hair loosen and her fingers slipping away. I let my cheeks drag across each of her inner thighs to help reduce the drenching of my face from her sweet nectar before drawing my knees up into a kneeling position between her legs. Beth looked down just as I did to see my raging hard-on.

Beth smiled and just bit her lip as she raised her knees and spread them wide in an invitation as I started leaning forward steering my hard cock to her now wet and swollen lipped pussy. As I slipped the head in, I gave her one long even thrust to the avcılar masöz escort hilt as I planted my hands into push up style. We looked at each other in the eyes as I gave her it all and started grinding myself against her clit.

Feeling the hard bump of its surface I ground against it harder and Beth responded “Oh that’s perfect!” as she back against me, arching her back for even more contact.

I looked at her and smiled…”Oh, you like that huh?…” as I maneuvered my legs to be outside of hers. I then squeezed hers between them tightly forcing as much friction as I started a medium pace of thrusting my cock in and out. In this position her clit gets a lot of direct stimulation from my shaft in addition to my grinding the base of my shaft against it.

“Oh god! I can’t believe I forgot about doing it this way! … Oh fuck! I love it!… Roll us over, that’s best!…” responded Beth.

I rolled over onto my back as I still trapped her thighs within my own. Her hands went to my shoulders as our lips met as she kissed me passionately, which I returned in kind.

Beth forced her pubic bone down hard on the base of my cock and ground intensely as we kissed. My hands then went to her hips to control them as I started fucking her from below. Each thrust was sharp and ended with her clit slamming against the base of my cock.

Our lips never broke contact as she fucked this way; both of us were lost in our passion. I knew she loved the beating her clit was getting and I loved how tight she felt when we fucked this way.

I could feel my own pressure build signaling my own potential orgasm may be on its way but then I felt a quick shiver run through her and then her lips slid from mine with an “Oh my god John! What are you doing to me? I’m going to cum again!”

The shiver turned into full force tremor as I continued thrusting from below and banging her clit into me. Beth let out a loud whimper as I felt her body shake from her orgasm. Sounds and squeaks came from her as she dealt with its waves of ecstasy as her body continued to tremble.

I finally slowed as she started to calm. Her face was across my chest as I looked down at the top of her head. I could feel her fast heavy breathing as she desperately tried to catch her breath. The orgasm seemed to be more intense than expected.

She remained collapsed on me as we both calmed and my hands slid to her back and I gave her a light hug. Beth’s hands were still at my shoulders and she returned the same. My cock was still hard and I moved my hips just a bit to let it stir in her.

Her head came up and looked at me, a bit of her messed up hair in her eyes but she had a happy grin. She started moving her thighs to straddle me again as she rose to a sitting position on my cock and used her fingers to comb the hair out of her eyes.

“Mmmmmm, your pressing all the right buttons this morning!” she said with a giggle as she started pivoting and gyrating her hips as she started to fuck me cowgirl style with an intention of fucking me until I cum.

She now used the fingers from both hands to comb out her hair as she said it and my eyes locked on her precious breasts as her elbows were high as she did it. Her nipples were nice and erect now and her chest had the light shine of a coating of sweat where our bodies had connected.

She giggled again and said “I take it you and Mom had a really good time last night, didn’t you!”

“Oh yeah!” I said with a chuckle as my hips started pivoting beneath her casually in time with her motions.

Beth gave me a mischievous grin “So did Mom show her slutty side at all?” she asked as she worked her hips a bit higher.

I laughed “Yes, several. It seems she likes the slutty angle, the whore angle, the mommy angle, and the MILF angle, not to mention all the combinations thereof. She sure has a playful sexual mind. We seemed to slide from one spin to another. It was like she had the seven faces of Eve where I had to figure out which character I was dealing with.”

“Was all that ok with you? Because I know she was concerned that you might be a bit turned off with the slutty aspect.”

“Oh hell yes… I love it. She did warn me and needed to hear from me that I wouldn’t mind that but that was a no brainer and I had just the right thing to tell her to prove it too.”

“How so?” asked Beth. Her face had that far away but sultry look in her eyes now as if she was imagining something.

“I confessed about her show also being a setup to take vids of her reactions.”

“No kidding! Really? How did she take it?” Beth asked instantly focusing on what I had just said as she started grinding down on me to get the most of my cock as deep as it could go.

“It didn’t bother her at all since she admitted she likes to be watched but I also tempered it by saying I always considered her a classy lady and when I saw the videos, she seemed so slutty and I confessed that excited me the most and how I loved avcılar otele gelen escort that secret side of her and wanted to see it all. “

“Oh, I bet you made her day!” said Beth with a giggle. “Those vids still turn me on and I still masturbate to them when no one is around. Did she say anything about her and I when we had our day together last Sunday?” as she started rocking on me to match the in and out motion I was producing beneath her.

As she changed her motion my eyes locked on her tits and my hands rose to squeeze them as I said. “Well, she mentioned about how she really loves being with you and how you seem to really like the young girl mommy angle and that she really gets turned on seeing you so turned on… but she wouldn’t give me the details. She said I had to talk to you about that.” I said as I watched my fingers start to roll her nipples, then my eyes rose to hers for her reply but her eyes were closed and her head was leaning back a bit. I’ll never forget the site of her as she rode me from above with my hands playing with her breasts as her hands relaxed on her folded thighs.

“Mmmmmmm, god, this feels so fucking good” she said in a murmur. The she took a sudden deep breath and said “Mmmmmm, yes… I admit it. It really turns me on. I know you probably think it’s childish or strange” she added with a giggle. “Does that turn you off?”

“Fuck nooooo” I said immediately. “Baby, anything that turns you on that much I know I’m going to like. Anyway Mom and I did a bit of mommy and Johnny last night too. It was fun; I just wouldn’t want it all the time.”

“Mmmmmm, good! But most of it would happen when her and I are together alone, unless you want to be involved” she said with a grin.

“I already mentioned one situation that Mom seemed very interested in and that’s you and I as brother and sister possibly doing her together, especially after last Sunday night. She seems to like idea of us being brother and sister in a role-play.”

“Oooooh! I like the sound of that! Yes, she does and I bet all three of us would have fun playing he mommy game that way…” said Beth with a big grin as she settled down hard and gyrated her hips thus stirring my cock deep within her again. “So, were there any other highlights?” she asked with her typical giggle.

“Well, I took her to Beacon Hill and had her on her knees masturbating and sucking my cock on the parking lot side of the SUV like a slutty whore.” I added “I guess that would qualify as a highlight.”

“Oh my god! You mean all exposed but in the shadows?!”

“Yep, even saw your stepmother waking through the parking lot.” I added with a chuckle.

“Wow… I would have loved to see that!”said Beth with a laugh as she leaned forward placing her hands on my shoulder for support. The thought of it must have been a turn on for her because her fucking had become more enthusiastic.

“Mmmmmmm ohhhhh, what else?” asked Beth.

My hands went to her hips and I started to hold them steady and increased the stroke and speed of my cock as I fucked her from below. “The rest of the night was some good oral and fucking playing different rolls but there’s one thing I bet you’d like…” I paused for effect and then said “I also had a hell of a time fucking Mom’s ass” ending my statement with a chuckle.

“Oh my god, you’re shitting me!” exclaimed Beth. Her words sounded desperate because her breathing had become more ragged.

My breathing had also increased as I felt my balls become heavy and the pressure building. I knew I was close to the point of no return. “Oh fuck, Mom was such a hot ass fuck!… And she also said she wanted to see me do the same to you. She thinks you have the most beautiful ass… Ohhh fuck Beth! Just thinking about fucking you both… god, I don’t believe it! I’m going to cum!

“Cum for me Baby! Imagine her and me in 69 with her eating my pussy from below just inches from you fucking my ass doggy style!!”

I remember letting out a fairly loud “OH Fuck!” and then a grunt as my hips lifted from the surface of the mattress thrusting my cock deep into her and my rhythm stalled as I exploded shooting the first spurt deep within her cunt. My thrusts began again in staggered motion as the head of my cock continued to swell with each surge of cum as it blasted from the tip over and over again.

It didn’t take long for me to feel my cock start to deflate and Beth’s movements became gentler as I melted into the mattress and allowed my eyes to close. I could feel her eyes on me as I caught my breath. I know she likes it on the off times when I cum like this so she can watch my reactions.

I stayed that way for a minute or so until I felt Beth lift herself high enough to let my soft but still meaty cock slide out of her and plop onto my lower stomach. Beth sat up and settled back down on me. I could feel my cum starting to drain from her making my already slick semi hard cock even more slicker and I could feel it start to trace down to my scrotum.

I saw her eyes close as if she was focusing on the sensation as she immediately started pivoting and grinding her hot wet sex along my fleshy cock and I could feel the hardness of her clit warm wet slickness of her labia. A moment later, the pivoting of her hips became more desperate as she continued to grind her open pussy over my fleshy softened member.

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