Mom’s New Maid

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Author’s note: This was originally published elsewhere before being heavily reedited and uncensored to reach its full potential.


Two scoops of whey protein. A single egg white. A dash of cocoa and a cup of whole milk. Harry gave the concoction a swirl with his spoon before capping the mason jar. He shook it vigorously, considering whether he should have gone with two egg whites instead of just one.

“I could have made you breakfast, you know.”

He’d been too focused on his morning mix to hear his mother come down the stairs. Harry turned around, smiling and trying to keep his eyes from wandering. Julia wore a white cotton robe and nothing else. Her long, chestnut brown hair spilled over her shoulders, and she had a somewhat amused look in her jade green eyes.

“I don’t like to have a full meal before working out,” said Harry. “Besides, don’t you have things to do this morning?”

Unlike him. He’d pretty much spent the first month of his gap year working out and reading.

His mother shrugged. She crossed her arms underneath her large, shapely breasts, inadvertently pushing them up against the fabric of the robe and showing off her cleavage. Harry was almost tempted to say something about it, but he was only wearing a t-shirt and boxers, and felt like it would be more than a little hypocritical.

“My interview with the nature blog isn’t until later in the afternoon, and I could always skip morning yoga,” she said. “Besides, I like doing things like this for you, sometimes.”

She glanced away from him, a small flush spreading across her cheeks.

Doing ‘things like this’. It was her way of mothering him. He alternated between enjoying it and enduring it. She liked to smother him with attention. He’d chafed at it when he was younger, and still did in many ways. But he was nineteen now, and it felt… different, in a way he couldn’t quite place.

“Mom, please,” said Harry. “I can feed myself. I appreciate you cooking when you can, but really… I don’t want to be any more of a burden on you than I already am.”

Julia smiled and stepped toward him, shaking her head.

“You silly boy.” She reached out and ruffled his hair. “How often have we had this exact conversation before?”

Harry sighed.

“More often than we probably need to,” he said. “Sorry. I just feel a little guilty about everything you do for me. I’m not exactly pulling my own weight at the moment.”

Julia was a tall woman, but still an inch or two shorter than he was. She stepped in closer to him, pulling him into a soft hug. A shiver ran through every inch of Harry’s body as his body made contact against his mother. He could feel her against him, her soft breasts and body. He could smell the remnants of her perfume from the night before.

Breathe, he thought to himself. Relax. Don’t think about things like that.

“I already told you,” said Julia. “I’m fine with you taking a year off before college, or whatever you decide to do next. It gives me more time with you before you run away and I never get to see you again.”

Harry snorted. He shifted against her, trying to put some distance between his crotch and hers. She felt dangerously good, and he hated himself for being so aware of her attractiveness.

“Oh, please, Mom. I’d at least come back each week to do laundry.” He rubbed his hand across her back. “Besides, I’ll need a good photographer once I start making a name for myself. It’s convenient having you so close.”

His mother squeezed her arms, inadvertently grinding herself into him more tightly. Harry focused on his breathing. He could feel himself getting hard and did everything in his power to keep his thoughts in safe territory.

The problem with his mom being beautiful, intelligent, athletic, basically perfect, was that Harry couldn’t keep himself from noticing her. All men noticed her. She was 39 and looked a decade younger, young enough to make her occasionally be mistaken for his sister by strangers.

The two of them had a strong, loving, and at least for him, emotionally murky relationship. He loved his mother, and she loved him, and in general, Harry was content to pretend it was that simple.

“You’re so dead set on following the same path as your father,” said Julia, with a sigh. The hug continued, and one of her hands began to play with his hair.

“And that’s a bad thing?” Harry asked, quietly.

“Not a bad thing. You already look so much like him. It’s kind of spooky, sometimes.”

She giggled and gave him an affectionate smile. Her robe slid open a little more as she shifted forward. Harry’s cock hardened the rest of the way, impressively hard, though his mom made no sign of feeling it.

“I never got to share in any of it,” said Harry. “The mountains he climbed. The deserts he crossed. I just… need to do it. To go the full distance.”

His mother looked at him. Harry felt the exact instant when the moment turned tense, almost pressurized. His erection was poking into her. He was still rubbing his hand on her avcılar rus escort back, and the two of them were breathing almost in rhythm.

Julia cleared her throat and stepped away from him, deftly closing her robe and glancing at the sink. She smiled and nodded to his protein shake.

“Well, then you should try to eat a full breakfast every morning,” she said. “Your dad never trusted those shakes.”

Harry rolled his eyes. Everybody compared him to his dad, and he often fell into the trap of doing it, too. For some reason, it always frustrated him to hear it come from her. His father had been dead for almost ten years, and yet he still cast such a long shadow.

“Of course he didn’t,” said Harry. “By the time he was nineteen, he’d already been up Mount Everest twice.”

He couldn’t stop an edge of resentment from entering his voice, but if his mother noticed, she didn’t let it show. She walked over to the other side of the spacious kitchen, grabbing a granola bar and a fresh orange for herself. A light beam from the window illuminated her from the side, which combined with her clean, white robe made her look like borderline angelic.

“Harry, we’re going to have a new maid moving in tonight. She’ll be here in the evening, after I get home.”

“Bethany isn’t coming back to work?”

Their old maid, Bethany, had done a respectable job cleaning and maintaining their upscale and orderly house, even though it bordered on being a mansion. Bethany had been 67 and extremely passive aggressive toward Harry over the condition he usually left his room in.

“She’s taking care of family,” said Julia. “The new maid is… your cousin.”

“My… cousin?” asked Harry. “Wait, I have a cousin?”

“My brother had a child with his high school girlfriend. The relationship was brief, and he was never involved in his daughter’s life. I’ve never met her before, to tell you the truth, but I stayed in touch with her mother.”

“This is kind of a lot to take in,” he said.

“I know. Just do your best, honey. There’s… something else you should know upfront.”

She frowned. Harry could tell that his mother had more to say, and he stepped up behind her, almost a little too close. He couldn’t help himself sometimes. There was something magnetic about her, and she never seemed to mind when he invaded her personal space.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Your cousin…” She hesitated, turning to face him and leaning back against the counter. “She’s a teenager. Close to your age. And she has… issues.”

Harry shrugged.

“Okay,” he said. “You sound worried?”

Julia shook her head slightly.

“I am worried,” she said. “She’s going to be staying in the guest room while she’s here, but honey, it’s like I said. Her situation is complicated and she’s a little wild. From what her mother told me, she’s also manipulative, moody, and impulsive.”

Harry waited, expecting her to say more.

“And you’re worried about how I might react to her?” he asked.

He was almost tempted to ask outright if she was worried that he might hit on her, or vice versa.

“Just treat her like you treated Bethany,” said Julia. “Your cousin will be staying with us, but this will also be a job for her. Her mother insisted on it. Don’t do or say anything that she might interpret in the wrong way, and just… be prepared.”

“Got it,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“Good.” Julia gave him a quick peck on the cheek, her lips hot where they made contact. “I’m going to take a shower, and then I’m heading straight out. Have a nice day, sweetie.”

Harry groaned. He hated when she used her pet names for him. Well, some of the time.


Harry carried his breakfast shake with him as he headed downstairs, trying to decide whether he liked the taste as he sipped at it. His thoughts lingered on the conversation, and his own concerns related to it.

Though he still enjoyed living at home with his mom, he was nineteen. It was impossible for him to not occasionally consider the appeal of getting a job and moving out. The basement was one of the primary reasons why he hadn’t.

Spanning several rooms, it was close to what someone might expect to find at a high-class fitness center. Harry walked into the gym area, scanning his eyes over the workout equipment, the heavy bags, and the treadmill.

The other half of the basement was composed of a small, locker room style area that included a massage table, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna chamber, though Harry and Julia rarely used any of them.

He set his shake down and started his morning workout routine. It was the only thing that had been a constant feature of his life for the past few months. After graduating high school, everyone had expected Harry to head off to college; his friends and his mother included.

Instead he’d stayed behind, taking a “gap year” to clear his head, or at least that’s what he’d told everyone. His mother had been the first to guess the truth, noticing avcılar türbanlı escort how much time he’d spent training his body, and doing research into different exotic locations on his computer. Harry was fully intent on following in his father’s footsteps, as hard as they would be for him to fill.

He was glad that his mom had accepted it so easily. Harry had spent most of his life being compared to his dad. His mother’s respect meant the world to him and knowing that she was behind him in his decision buoyed his confidence. Even if he was still a long way off from knowing how and where he was going to try to make his name in the world.

Harry’s focus was on his workout. An hour or so went by, his body slowly warming up and getting sweaty, his workout playlist booming from the basement’s overhead speaker. He was in the middle of throwing punch combinations at the heavy bag when he heard someone clear their throat.

“I take it that you’re the man of the house?”

Harry was in mid-punch and ended up shifting his momentum in a way that threw him off balance, and then off his feet. He heard someone giggling as he pulled himself up, his eyes widening in surprise as he turned around.

Standing behind was a petite young woman around the same age as him. She wore jeans, a white t-shirt, and a pink apron. She was attractive, though not especially well endowed in either her chest or butt. Her eyes were a deep blue, and her hair was shoulder length, blonde with faint pink highlights.

“You’re… the maid?” asked Harry.

He felt stupid for asking. For some reason, he’d been expecting her to show up wearing a typical black and white, French maid outfit.

“What, were you expecting me to be wearing a French maid outfit?” she asked.

He glanced away, scratching his head.

“Uh, no, of course not,” he said.

“You’re apparently my cousin,” she said, with an edge of challenge. “Your mother is my deadbeat dad’s sister.”

“Apparently,” said Harry. “I didn’t even know my mom had a brother, and it feels a little late to be finding out.”

Neither of them said anything for a second or two.

“Harry.” He reached out, shaking her hand.

“Vivian,” she said, shaking his hand. “So, you’re Aunt Julia’s son. I suppose I see the resemblance, but I’m surprised that she’s old enough to have a kid your age. She must have been horny as a teenager.”

“Hey!” he snapped. “That’s not funny.”

“Jeez, I didn’t realize it was a sensitive topic for you,” said Vivian. “Anyway… what are you doing down here? Shouldn’t you be in school, or something?”

Harry folded his arms.

“I could say the same about you,” he said.

“Touché,” said Vivian. She smiled at him. There was something lively about the look in her eyes, as though she was incredibly amused or stimulated by the situation. She just stood there, no more than a foot or two away, letting the tension slowly ratchet up to near unbearable levels.

“I’m in the middle of my workout,” said Harry. “I should probably get back to it.”

“So that’s what you were doing?” asked Vivian. “Working out?”

Harry nodded. “I like to keep in shape.”

“You were working that bag pretty seriously,” she said. “Do you want to show me some of it?”

He raised an eyebrow. “What do you want to see?”

“Just come at me,” she said. “I’m stronger than I look. Wrestle me. Use me as your training partner.”

She said the last few words softly, holding eye contact as they left her lips. Harry felt as though the room was ten degrees hotter than it had been before she arrived. Vivian was toying with the strings of her apron, all of her attention on him.

He remembered what his mom had said and forced himself and take the advice seriously. She was his cousin, but he didn’t know the first thing about her.

“No,” said Harry. “Sorry, maybe some other time. I should let you get to cleaning, anyway.”

“Are you sure?” asked Vivian. “I’m going to be staying here. The sooner we start getting to know each other, the better.”

She stepped closer to Harry, pushing her chest out slightly and licking her lips.

“Uh…” Harry took a step back, and Vivian finally seemed to let it drop, looking back over to the stairs.

“Well, I’ll be cleaning,” she said. “Every day. I can’t really go anywhere, so if you need me, just come get me. I’ll help you out with anything I can.”

She looked so incredibly pleased with herself that it actually made Harry a little angry, though he didn’t really know why. She left the basement with slow, hip swaying steps, showing off the way her butt moved in her skintight jeans.

Harry was rock hard. And he still had another hour of his workout to get through.


Harry finished his workout a few minutes early and headed upstairs. He was excited at the prospect of talking to Vivian again, though still wary. His mom had sounded so concerned about the girl, and he was starting to get a sense of why.

Their avcılar ucuz escort house consisted of two main floors, along with the basement and a small, spacious attic the Harry knew she liked to use for yoga. His room was on the second floor, next to his mother’s.

It was normal enough, a twin bed, a computer, a desk, a small wardrobe. He started picking out some clean clothes to change into, and then noticed that made him stop in his tracks.

He’d left some dirty socks on the floor from the night before. They were gone. In fact, several little messes that Harry had been meaning to take care of had been cleaned up. Harry frowned a little, knowing that it meant Vivian had picked his room as one of the first to start her cleaning.

“Did I do a good job?” Vivian appeared in the doorway, catching him by surprise. “Your room has… such a nice smell to it.”

Harry frowned at her.

“Uh… thanks, I guess,” he said. “But you should give me a heads-up next time. Let me know when you’re going to clean in here before you actually do it.”

Vivian flashed a smile that reached all the way to her jade green eyes. She ran a hand through her hair and then pursed her pouty lips, bringing a single finger to rest on them.

“Are you afraid that I might find something secret?” asked Vivian. “Because you should know, I already have.”

It was only then that Harry noticed the folder in her hand. His heart lurched in his chest as he recognized it. It was a plain manila folder with nothing written on the outside. It was something that nobody was supposed to know about, let alone find.

“You…” Harry shook his head slowly. “You didn’t open it, did you? Please tell me you didn’t open it!”

Vivian winked at him and walked over to the bed. She set the folder down and flicked it open, spreading the photos inside out across his sheets. Harry swore under his breath, not wanting to look at the evidence of his illicit attraction.

He’d found the folder in a box of old things that had been stored upstairs. His mother had either not known or forgotten that they’d been there, as she’d tasked Harry with the job of cleaning out the attic back when she’d first converted it into her yoga space.

It was a folder filled with photos of his mom from her modeling days, spanning at least a decade. In a couple of them, she was fully dressed, but most had her in either underwear, or lingerie.

They were provocative photos, and though none of them were strictly nude, they were titillating, and far from the type of thing any red-blooded young man could justify having for artistic value.

Even now, Harry felt himself getting excited as he looked at them. His mother was amazing. She was beautiful, intelligent, athletic, everything a woman could aspire to be. He was ashamed to admit that the photos had intrigued him when he’d first found them.

He’d left them alone at first, stuffing them back into the box after moving it into the basement. The photos had occupied his thoughts to a disgusting degree. It had been like trying to resist the allure buried treasure, buried secrets, a buried history.

Lewd photos of her mother when she was barely older than he was now. Harry remembered how hard and excited he’d been when he’d finally broken down and brought them into his room.

“You look so funny right now!” laughed Vivian. “I get it, really, I do. Your hot mother is my hot aunt.

“What are you even saying?” he said, voice angry.

“Nothing I’m sure you haven’t heard before. Oh jeez, this is too good. She’s your mother, and you… you’ve probably been touching yourself to these, haven’t you?”

Harry felt his face flush hot with embarrassment. He tried to reach for the folder. Vivian pulled it out of his reach.

“Shut up,” he said. “I was just… keeping those safe. They aren’t something we should have out.”

Vivian raised an eyebrow at him.

“They aren’t something that you should have at all,” she said. “Imagine how Julia would react if she knew her sweet, loving son was interested in giving it to her. Giving it to her, hard.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Harry scowled and tried to grab the folder again, to no avail. “God, this is so stupid. Why would you think it was okay to search my room?”

“Watch your tone,” said Vivian. “I documented my finding of the photos. I have video evidence of the spot where you’d hidden them. It would be a real shame if I had to tell my wonderful, newly discovered aunt about her son perving on her on my first at her house.”

“You…” Harry stared at her, his mouth agape. “You wouldn’t…”

Would she? He didn’t know a single thing about his cousin.

“As long as you’re nice to me, I won’t,” said Vivian. “I’ll even let you keep them.”

She stepped in closer to him, coming within only a couple inches. She bit her lip, and Harry felt himself getting aroused. All his other emotions concerning the situation seemed to feed into his excitement, sending blood rushing straight down to his cock.

She was his cousin, but she was a total stranger. A wicked stranger.

“In case you were wondering, yes, this is blackmail,” whispered Vivian. “You have to do what I say.”

Harry wanted to grab her and throw her down on the bed. The situation practically called for it. But he didn’t. He couldn’t. Everything was a complete fucking mess.

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