Mother and Daughter

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Mother and Daughter SweetSudha 26

It is around 7 in the morning. Rajani is anxiously waiting for her daughter’s arrival. ‘she is about to be at home by now, what happened?’ she thought. Her daughter Sumita is returning back after 6 years. Yes after 6 long years. Now she is returning home as Pharmacy graduate and a matured lady.

Rajani is a lady of 42 and her daughter Sumita is 22. Rajani was a cute girl during her youth. Even today she is a beautiful woman. Men always turn their heads to have a second look at her.

As usual she awake at 5 am but didn’t go for her regular walk. Spent time with tension thinking how her daughter would be.. how she behaves..though they were talking on phone yet ….

She prepared her daughter’s favorite breakfast kheema paratha made everything ready for mutton biryani and fish fry for afternoon lunch, had bath took a cup of coffee and sat waiting for her daughter.

Ah! At last at 8 am Sumita, her daughter arrived calling “maa”

Rajini ran towards her daughter and hugged her tightly in her arms. Taking her hands in hers she led Sumi to sofa and made her sit and affectionately looking at her. “Mom… I missed you” Sumta said garlanding her arms around her mother and gave a kiss on her cheeks.

“I too dear…” and Rajini hugging her again kissed her daughter’s forehead. Then they sat there had a lot of enquiry about each other for about 20 minutes. “Sumi.. go have your bath and freshen up, I have prepared your favorite breakfast” Rajini said to her daughter.

After having bath, they had breakfast and again for 5 minutes they talked, then Sumi said “Maa I am tired I’ll have nap” and went to her room. That afternoon both mom and daughter had meals and relaxed in the hall. Mama is holding daughter’s hand and had a general talk. While talking she took the name of her husband who had deserted her when Sumi was 5 years.

“Oh maa don’t take that bastard’s name in front of me.” Sumi said harshly. Rajini looked at her daughter for a while and slowly said.

“Sumi.. my sweet darling don’t develop hatred towards others, though they may be bad or done harm to you.

“But maa.. don’t forget how much of harm he had done to you, you have suffered all your life. You have lost your youth, your wishes, your desires, and apart from that all you missed your married life.” Sumi said hugging her mother again.

“But dear, look at the other side of it.”

“What other side you have tell me.. tell me what better you got because he left you on your own” Sumita was fuming with anger.

Rajini sweetly smiled at her daughter. Sumita was angrier for her mother’s smile and said “Why are smiling at me ma; just tell me one good thing that happened to you after he left you”.

“Not one dear there are many…”

“OK tell me one…” she challenged her mother.

My dear — Rajini continued — when I was married I was just 18 and completed Inter, don’t know what is life, I got married. I was a beautiful girl then and I got married without dowry. My parents were happy that they got a Son-In-Law without dowry. Of course he was charming and had convincing ability.

He was working in a Small Scale unit for a mere 500 rs. I wanted to support the house and I asked him that I also will work. No he said that he don’t want me to work. At that time I don’t know but later I came to know for his objection. He had a fear that I may fall for someone.

As an obedient wife I stayed at home. Then you were born. When you were 5 years he left me for another Muslim girl, married her and went to Arab countries by changing his religion. Gauze fell on me. I was alone, you were a young child and I was just 23. No support from parents as they themselves was poor. I have to survive, so I went to the firm where he worked halkalı bdsm escort and told them the situation and they gave me a job.

I never lost hope on life, and I want to grow. While working I joined B.Com in Open University and completed the degree in first division. Not only first division I scored 88% which was a great achievement those days. I consider myself lucky that I was only 26 when I got a degree in my hand. Seeing the advt. of a reputed firm for accounts assistant job, I applied, attended written and viva and got selected.

Today I am a senior accounts officer. Job guarantee, good pay and perks. Applied for loan from the bank and purchased this plot and then constructed the house. I could send you to a good school and then good college. I was in a position to pay your tuition fee + hostel charges etc. she stopped telling.

“Now tell me all these are not positive of the incident. If not what would be the situation. I would have been a normal house wife leading a normal life and I don’t know what your studies would have been…” there was a tremor in her body.

Listening all those things, even Sumi’s body shuddered thinking of her future.


The thing that Rajini didn’t tell her daughter is how she got the job. She just recollected that incident.

When she got a message to attend the office, she went there.

There were 5 people in total. 3 females and two males. She had been asked to attend a personnel interview with senior manager. Her number was 3rd. when she went in and sat in front of the manager. He was examining the original testimonials she had produced during her viva a week back. After 5 mts of tension he asked some questions, and she gave answers. He scribbled something and returned her originals saying “here are your originals.”

She took it and saw what he had written on a white paper stapled to her certificates. Her heart thumped and looked at him. He was smiling at her. She observed that he is around 45 — 50 charming and pleasing personality. Sported trimmed beard.

“Is there anything you have to ask?” he asked.

“No… no.. sir..” she mumbled. “Then you can leave.” He pointed to the door. She came out and without looking here and there she went home. She again looked at what he had written. “please meet me at…” and he had given the place and time.

Next day at the scheduled time she reached there. It is a restaurant in remote area of the city. He offered her seat and ordered for tea. When they are sipping tea he directly started telling “Ms. Rajini, I won’t mince words. If you wanted this job you have spend a night with me.”

She expected this when she saw the address and time.

This job is very important for her. Her total future and her daughter’s future depend on this job. So she said “I accept sir, but after I got the appointment order” she too said without mincing.

“What if, if you don’t accept after that?”

“Sir, you are Sr. Manager, and I am a clerk under you whatever the section I may be posted. Apart from that I’ll be under probation for 6 months during which period for any of my misconduct, without any notice management can dismiss me. Another thing why one night I am ready to serve you whenever you need my services’ she said.

He was satisfied particularly for the last words. Next day itself she got the appointment orders and she joined the firm. As promised she entertained him. So that is how she got the job.


That night after having dinner Sumi asked her mother “Maa it had been a long time I didn’t sleep with you, today I wanted to sleep with you. Can I?”

“Sumi beta… I too feel the same. It had been a long time that I cuddled you.. yes, you are halkalı elit escort welcome”.

“Thank you maa.. I’ll change and come” and sumi went to her room. After 15 minutes she entered her mother’s room wearing a silk pajama suit. She saw her mother is in her silk front open night gown. She tied the silk belt at the waist. Though there were two big buttons above her waist she didn’t fasten them.

Rajini stretched her arms for her daughter. Sumi fell in her mom’s arms and put her left hand around her neck. Rajini put her left hand around Sumi’s shoulder and dragged her closer to her and kissed her forehead. Daughter’s head is rested on mother’s shoulder and they were talking and talking as if they wanted to fill the gap of six years.

“Mom you have scarified so much for me. I love you maa” Sumita said to her mother. “No dear, not sacrifice, a parent’s responsibility..You are my darling” mother said.

While talking daughter’s hand fell on Rajini’s stomach through the opening of the gown. While talking Sumi soothing her mother’s soft belly and stomach. She is feeling funny to run her hands there on mom’s belly and she continued.

Her daughter’s hand tingled Rajini and she giglled. “What happened maa?” Sumi asked. “Nothing dear, your palm is tickling” “Are you feeling good maa?” Rajini didn’t give any answer and daughter continued her work.

Rajini is feeling funny and she is enjoying daughter’s palm there. She felt a tickling sensation and tendrils stood on her skin. Goose bumps formed on her body.

She slowly removed her daughter’s hand from there and put it aside. Sumi looked at her mother. She found her mother’s eyes are shining. “You are a sweet mother…” she gave a light kiss on her mother’s lips.

Mother was soothing her palm on daughter’s back. After a while Sumi put her hand on mom’s thighs and started soothing there over the cloth. Rajini was in delirium and allowed her daughter to sooth there.

Continuing her job Sumi again gave a kiss on mother’s lips this time a bit hard and ran her tongue tip all along the lips. Mom returned the kiss and touched her tongue with her daughter’s.

When mom kissed her on lips Sumi got courage and she removed the gown aside and her hand fell on her mom’s naked unblemished thigh.

“Oh Sumi dear what are you doing?” mom asked stopping her.

“Maa you have such smooth skim texture…smooth as satin” and Sumi didn’t stopped and continued and also sucked mom’s lips with hers. Sumi, her daughter’s this kiss tickled Rajini’s body and involuntarily she opened her lips for Sumi to probe in side. Sumi pushed her lips in mom’s mouth, ran it all inside her mouth.

There was a shudder in Rajini’s body and she cooperated with her daughter to do whatever she likes. Sumi said “Poor maa, how did you controlled your emotions.. Particularly your…’ she stopped and looked at her mother.

“What Sumi what are you asking…”

“Nothing maa.. how did you controlled your sexual emotions..poor maa how you have suffered…” and she pushed maa’s bra over her firm tits “mom what a pair of lovely tits you have.. and sumi took mom’s perky nipple in her mouth and pinching the other with the other hand.

“It is totally new experience for Rajini. Though she had sexual experience she didn’t had this type of experience. She doesn’t know why her body is responding to her daughter’s administrations and she moaned sweetly “Aaaahhhaasss…”

Now Sumi took maa’s ample boob in her and started sucking. Rajini is squirming under daughter, pressed Sumi’s head to her boob. This encouraged Sumi more and she is running her fingers on mother’s naked thigh. Mom felt daughter’s touch is like a feather touch.

For Rajini it is feeling soooooo goooood…That halkalı escort she didn’t stop Sumi. Emboldened, Sumi ran her fingers over mom’s thighs, inner thighs. Unknowingly Rajini widened her thighs. Now Sumi has got more access of her thighs and now her one finger is running all along mom’s panty edge touching the pussy lips.

“Mmmm… su..mi…” mother moaned slowly. Hearing mom’s moan, She ran her finger directly on mom’s vaginal entry. It is becoming unbearable for Rajini now. It had been a long time she involved in such activity. Daughter’s finger on her cunt is causing tickling and an itch had started deep on her cunt. While there is a twitch in her firm boobs.

Rajini removed her bra up revealing her full tits and started pressing one with her own hands. By this time Sumita pushed her middle finger in mom’s oozing slit and slowly moving in and out.

It is beyond control for Rajini now and she pulled her daughter on her and put her lips on daughter and sucked. Sumita opened the knot of the belt and put aside the flaps and pulled mom’s panty down. Involuntarily Rajini raised her hips up to remove her panty.

“Maa…” she called her mother.


“May I …” she stopped. Rajini didn’t understand what daughter wants and asked What Sumi dear?”

“May I f..fu..fuck.. you…?”

“Voon’ was the only sound that came out her mouth.

Hearing this Sumi got up pulled her pajama and shirt,, them mom’s panty. The she took rajini’s legs over her hands and playing with mom’s choochi she gave a shot of her crotch on mom’s crotch like a man fucking a lady.

Rajini didn’t’ expected such a shot from her daughter and almost whimpered, yet she felt joy in her. ‘Are you alright maa..?’ Sumi asked her mother.

Rajini lifted her ass up as an answer. Then Sumi stated fucking her .. I mean crotch hitting crotch. Their pouted pussy lips were rubbing each other. As Sumi hitting her pussy to mom’s pussy, kissing and playing with mom’s boobs. There were groans, moans and hot breath in the room.

On the other side Rajini wa not quite. Water lolled in her mouth by seeing her daughter’s perfect round orbs. Putting her both hands on Sumi’s buttocks she pulled her up and took one of her daughter’s tit in her.

“Oh Maaa… uff…” daughter said.

“What a lovely tits you have dear” mom whispered in Sumi’s ears.

“”Did you like it maa?” she pushing her tit still in maa’s mouth asked. Mom didn’t answer and continued sucking daughter’s choochi. Sumi raised her waist up and gave a forward thrust on mom’s pussy. Both mom and daughter’s pussies rubbed each other. This continued for 4 or 5 minutes and mom said “sumi beta… you have lovely lotus buds let mom see your rose flower also” she said pinching the chocolate nipple.

Sumi moved further up and put her fresh pussy in front of mom’s eyes. Mom saw daughter’s fresh swollen pussy with a week’s black shiny moss on it, “What a lovely flower you have dear, like just bloomed fresh flower, mom want to eat it”

“I am all yours maa and she came further up, put her pussy on mom’s watering mouth. Mom took the whole in her lips and sucked it. “mmmMaaa…” daughter squirmed over her. Rajini’s tongue is moving in and out of the young cunt savoring the nectar released from within.

“Maa I too want to eat yours” Sumi said. “Turn around sweety… ” and daughter turned around giving hers to mom and she herself took maa’s honey pot.

Oh God… Sumi do it.. still in maa’s choot… put your tongue deep in..mmmm… finger me..deep in it ..yes still deep… now put one more.. ahhaaa…” and daughter obliging maa finger fucking maa’s pussy.

Mom too started finger fucking daughter till they both reached their climax.

After fifteen minutes of such frenzy activity they exhausted. Both mom and daughter fell on each other with satisfaction.

So that morning Sumi was Rajini’s daughter, and at the same night they became lovers. There is still more to come.. wait for the next episode.

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