Mother at the Edge

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Janice was a house sitter. What kind of job is house sitter? You sit in a house. Well there was a bit more to it than that, but that was one of the things she did for a living in the winter of 1999. By then, it was only Janice and her son Robert. He had taken a leave after a year and a half at college because she was having trouble making it financially without his help. She felt guilty about it, but hoped it would only be for a short while.

They lived near a community that was well to do, but they were not. Janice cleaned and painted and Robert did some of the electrical and plumbing jobs, draining the water from the large summer homes. The company, with only themselves as employees, was called “Janice Works.” Robert came up with the name because he thought she worked so hard. 1999, that was the winter that, against company, community, and national policy, the two employees became intimately involved.

Most of the work they did took place in the spring and fall and it was unusual to have a mid-winter job, but one of their customers had a home up by the Canadian border and had all kinds of problems in ’98. So they agreed to ‘sit’ the house for the winter because the money would come in handy when Robert went back to school. Did Janice think that being alone with a good-looking man, who happened to be her son, would lead to anything? Did she think that spending every minute of a long winter with a young man whom she wasn’t supposed to find sexy, but did, would lead to both of them in bed together? Good question.

It was bad enough living in the Snow Belt but the weather by the border was even more atrocious. The expensive house was, as advertised, isolated at the top of a hill with woods curtaining them off from the world. For the first week the solitude was exciting. Even though they went into town every few days, whenever they returned, it seemed like living on a deserted island. And she started noticing him. And he looked at her as he had been for a long time.

Robert could hardly remember a time when his fantasies didn’t include his mother. It had been her smile that did it to him. Not that there was anything wrong with her body, it was just that before his eyes wandered across her breasts and belly and legs, they always focused first on her mouth. As soon as he became aware of his sexuality, her smile had done something to him. Of course at that age he wasn’t consciously aware of it, but at some level, when she looked at him, and her full lips widened, he was ignited.

His single strongest youthful fantasy focused on the day he thought he would be old enough. He imagined himself coming home at eighteen to find his mother in see-through nylon. She would smile that smile and her words were always the same. “Robert, mama knows what you’ve been wanting and today she’s going to give it to you.” She’d cover his cock with her hand and smile at its hardness. Then she would get on her knees and take his pants down. His mother would then close her eyes and open her mouth wide in anticipation of his thick meat. He pictured his already stiff cock filling his mother’s mouth and she would suck and suck, and suck, until the cum poured from him to her. He would come in her mouth in torrents and tell her that no other woman could ever make him come that way. And she would smile.

For his eighteenth birthday Robert got from his mother a new camera and a kiss on the cheek. His fantasies changed and for a short time, they turned dark.

In the version that excited him most, Janice sits on the edge of the tub where he had put her. Her arms are raised over her head. Her wrists begin to ache as the rope around them pulls tighter. The towel bar that the rope went around gives a little as she pulls down when he touches her. She doesn’t say a word as he roughly pulls on her tits. She dares not look up at him. He orders her, “Get in the tub.”

His mother throws one of her legs over and manages to stand. She faces the wall and clutches the bar with one hand over and one hand under it. He pulls her hips back so that her ass comes towards him. When he taps the inside of her ankle with his foot, she spreads her legs. She feels the knob of his well-greased cock against the smaller of her openings. He pushes, she yells, and he’s in her ass. She begs him, promising to do anything if he’ll only stop. He can’t stop; it feels too good. He continues driving his cock into his mother’s ass as she pleads, and he comes.

The aggressive feeling didn’t last. Spending time with her softened him to her again. He wanted to caress her and gently run his hands over the soft skin, over the curves, and into her secret places. He had a lot of time to think about it as he watched her during the slow moving days.

They did talk more than they ever had and barriers dropped after weeks with each other as mainstays. Janice admitted to her son that she was unhappy because she hadn’t found someone with whom to share her life. He told her that he was interested in someone beylikdüzü ucuz escort but never mentioned a name. And Robert was thinking about Janice.

The third week in, the TV broke and the repairman said it would be at least two weeks before he could get the parts and get it fixed. Instead of going into one of the smaller rooms, They played cards and games for diversion and then, most nights, ultimately settled for staring at the fire while music played. And Janice liked being with Robert.

One night after their weekly top to bottom cleaning, they were tired, and sitting in front of the fire. Janice was falling asleep on her son’s chest and feeling very tender towards him. He kissed her forehead a few times and stroked her hair. More asleep than awake, she stirred and tilted her head up to kiss him. Their lips met for two short kisses and then they fell asleep.

When Janice awoke an hour later, she was still resting on him and his hand was on her breast. She thought it had just naturally fallen there. She was amused and stirred when she noticed his hard-on. She smiled at her son and whispered, “Hi sleepy.” She kissed his lips once. He didn’t take his hand off her breast. And it felt good.

He said, “Hi sleepy yourself; why are we whispering, we’re all alone?”

Janice laughed and whispered again, “I don’t know why, it just seems like the thing to do in front of the fire, in the dark…” Before she could finish he kissed her, this time, fully on the lips, this time, while fondling the breast he held.

The heat of his hand warmed the whole of her and she could feel her nipple stiffening as the material slid across the tip. Janice pulled back and said, “Whoa Bobby, I think this romantic setting is getting to us.” She moved his hand gently from her breast and said, “You’re not forgetting I’m your mom are you?”

He said, “No mom I’m not forgetting, it just feels so good to be close to you like and I want to show you – one more kiss?” She answered by leaning in and during the long kiss he again fondled her soft breast. It filled his hand and he must have been feeling its weight as he gently lifted it. He no longer had to wonder what it would be like to be touch his mother.

“Oh boy” she said, “I’m getting tingly.” She noticed the bulge in her son’s pants getting bigger and said; “I think you’ve had enough too young man.” she got up and went into the kitchen. He heard her say “Wow…” as she went to get something to drink.

It could have gone either way. Sometimes when people spends lots of time together they get on each other’s nerves or bored, sometimes it works the other way; a connection is formed that makes them want to spend even more time together. He told her he missed her when she went into town; when she read, he came to sit next to her. They looked for each other. And there was his hand on her thigh as they sat in front of the fire, and there was his hand on her breast.

Around the house, in the following weeks, it was business as usual, except for the kissing. It started with a kiss ‘Good morning’ and progressed to a kiss ‘let’s have lunch’ and a kiss ‘passing in the hall.’ Now these were more like pecks on the lips than kisses most of the time, and they often laughed as they did it, but some of the time they were more like kisses than pecks and then, they didn’t laugh.

Janice didn’t laugh when her son came up behind her as she was dusting, and put his arms around her, and his hardness on her. He was breathing hard and she was as alarmed as she was stimulated when he whispered in her ear, “Mom I want to have sex with you.”

Janice pulled away and managed to stammer out, “Robert, what are you saying? No Robert, no, how can you even say such a thing? Oh Jesus, I shouldn’t have let that kissing go on…it was just playing Bobby.”

He said, “I wasn’t playing mom; I thought you loved me.”

She momentarily flashed at him, “I love you very much and you know it; it’s not fair for you to say it like that. This has nothing to do with my loving you.”

“I’m sorry mom, okay, I know you love me but I just want to show you sometimes; is it so wrong?”

“Bobby listen, It was nice kissing and cuddling with you and maybe it was a little more than playing, I don’t know, maybe it’s okay for some people, but I guess it’s too much for me to change the way I’ve thought all my life. I just can’t imagine a mother having intercourse with her son – even if she wanted too.”

“Do you want to Mom?”

She was stuck and the truth just came out, “Oh God, you are going to make me nuts; I can’t believe we’re talking about this. All right, I’ll tell you something.” she took a deep breath. “Look, I have feelings and thoughts sometimes, you know, and that’s why I let you touch me, but sex…”

“Mom, I’m not saying that is has to be intercourse; I would never force you to do something that would make you uncomfortable, but I’m going crazy. I want to show beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort you how much I love you. I love spending all this time together but I’m so frustrated. When we touch, doesn’t it feel good? Should I not find you attractive because you’re my mother?”

“Of course it feels good honey and I’m glad you like the way I look, but how could we…I…I don’t mean to frustrate you baby…you know that I want you to be happy and I want to make you feel good…maybe, I don’t know, something else.”

He said, “What do you mean mom?”

She didn’t answer but bent down and kissed his belly and then began kissing his cock over his pants. He couldn’t believe it. She was kissing her son’s cock as it hardened and even then Janice wasn’t sure what it was leading to. Was she going to take it in her mouth? He tried not to display his excitement but she could feel it under her lips. He said, “I guess that would help mom, but could we go into the bedroom?”

Janice was excited enough to be resigned at that point and said, “All right” and got up. They made their way into the bedroom and she went to close the vertical blinds and turn out the lights. By the time she turned around, her son was on the bed with his pants off and his cock was reaching for the ceiling.

There was enough late afternoon light streaming in for her to get a good clear look. “My God” she said. She approached and tentatively wrapped her fingers around the shaft. She said the first thing that came into her head, “It’s a pretty thing Robert.”

Before the warm fog in her head cleared, Janice bent over and covered the top of her son’s cock with her mouth. The sweet sounds and sucking noises his mother was making combined with what her lips and tongue were doing to his cock, made Robert realize that he would explode in ten seconds if he didn’t stop her. He said, “Mom, it feels too good being in your mouth.” He took her face in his hands and lifted her off his cock. She was flushed and obviously stimulated. “Mom, I always wanted to see you naked; would you take off your clothes so I can see how beautiful you are?”

Janice didn’t say anything and he watched silently as she unclothed herself. After she finished, he was staring; she became uncomfortable. She thought that perhaps her body wasn’t as attractive as the young girls he was used to. She said, “What are seeing Robert? Are you disappointed?”

“Disappointed? Mom, I can’t believe how good you look. When your blouse and bra came off, I thought I would come right then.” He fondled his mother’s bare breasts and she felt better. He massaged her tits through his fingers. They were long rather than round and he liked their shape. They were soft and cottony and he liked their feel. “Mom, it feels so good to touch you, you’re beautiful.” His words warmed her.

She had been right though; he had been staring. It was her pussy that surprised him. It was trimmed. With only a small thatch of hair above, the young man had a full view of his mother’s pussy, and he found it entrancing. It was the lips of his mother’s vagina that struck him because they seemed unusually large and swollen and he immediately imagined sucking on them. He put his hand on her and gently rubbed up and down. He slid one finger into her as far as it would go and it made her want more. It scared her how much she wanted more.

Janice got on the bed with one of Robert’s legs between her two and she bent over. He held his cock for her and she placed the flat of her tongue on his shaft; he felt the softness of his mother’s breast against his balls. With her mouth in control of his cock, he let it go as he watched her lips spread tightly around the shaft and begin to journey up and down. He didn’t close his eyes and she became self-conscious. She said, “Close your eyes baby.”

He said, “No mom, I don’t want to miss a second of the sight of my beautiful mother making love to me.” She returned his cock to her mouth and worked her tongue and lips feverishly. The young man’s cock throbbed in his mother’s mouth. “Ohhh Janice,” he said, almost moaning, “You’re doing things to me you never did even my fantasies.”

Calling her Janice and learning of his previous sexual feelings and fantasies about her, sent a tingle through her. She had a hundred questions for him about how it had started and for how long it had been going on, but she knew the questions would have to wait as she sucked on the thick meat that filled her mouth. His sounds gratified her.

Robert watched as his mother’s full lips worked their way up and down his shaft. He listened to her soft sounds of pleasure as she pleasured him. Janice took his cock out of her mouth and ran her lips sideways along the shaft. She teased the head with her tongue, circling above and below the helmet. She licked into the hole and felt some cream ooze out. She tasted her son’s pre-come that was meant to lubricate a woman’s pussy. She made beyoğlu escort a soft moan and then the teasing was over, Janice engulfed her son’s cock with her mouth.

Robert took hold of his mother’s hanging tit and massaged it between his fingers, feeling the nipple in his palm. Janice became aware of her own lack of inhibition as she reached behind herself. She was masturbating as she sucked her son. She liked his meat in her mouth. She liked that he was big. She liked that he was hers.

She could sense the froth building in his balls, waiting to be released, into the warm haven of her mouth. He seemed to settle back to enjoy the pleasures of his mother’s attentions when she cupped his sack. Janice closed her eyes and all the sensations of the warm wetness of his hard cock in her mouth, and on her tongue, reached down to her pussy.

It seemed as if no time passed. In the space it takes a lightening bolt to strike, her son was coming in her mouth. For a second she couldn’t stay on him. She realized later that she must have opened her mouth after the first cord struck because there was cum all over him, but she returned, and took the rest, sucking, and bobbing, and swallowing.

Her son was calling out to her, “Suck me mom, suck me,” as he came with a young man’s force and volume. It was more than Janice expected. With his last spurts in her mouth, the realization of what she had just done sent a flush over her body. She had just blown her son and swallowed his cum. She wasn’t sure which one of them was more surprised.

Robert was still in his mother’s mouth when he heard her muffled noises as she continued to furiously move her hand on her pussy. She opened her mouth and let out short piercing cries followed by a long sigh as she came. When she finally collapsed on him she was mumbling. She curled up and he stroked her back and kept repeating, “I love you mom.”

Janice was overcome by what had happened and started berating herself, “I must be crazy…what have I done…?”

It went on like that until Robert finally got her attention. “Mom, mom, I love you.”

“Oh Robert I love you too but this…being cooped up here together, it must have made us both crazy.”

“Mom, I don’t feel crazy. All you did was love me, and if you’ll let me, I want to love you too.”

He reached under her and began massaging his mother’s vaginal lips. She didn’t know if he was going to try and fuck her or soothe her, but she pushed back and said, “No more Robert, no more.” She kept saying “No” as she gathered up her clothes and bolted towards the bathroom.

After a few quiet minutes she heard him come to the door and say, “Mom?” she didn’t answer and he said it again louder, “Mom? Are you Okay?”

“Yes Robert, I’m all right. I’m upset at myself, not at you.”

“Mom, I know you may never want to talk to me about this again but I want you to know something now. I never loved you more and I never felt like that in my life. You were the best I ever had.”

“Oh Robert, a mother isn’t supposed to be the best her son ever had, his wife is.” Her voice got softer and trailed off as she said, “A mother isn’t supposed to make her son come in her mouth.”

“Mom, please don’t be upset…open the door mom…please.” The lock clicked. He walked in and Janice was sitting on the closed john. He came up to her and cradled her head into his chest.

He put his arms around his mother and stoked her hair and said, “You didn’t do anything wrong mom, you showed me how much you love me; that can’t be wrong.” He bent down and kissed her and licked his lips as if he could taste a hint of himself. He said, “I’m glad you’re my mother.”

Janice was moved; she hugged him hard around the waist and said, “Thank you baby; I’m ashamed of me, but I couldn’t stand it if you were too.”

“I could never be; there’s nothing you could ever do that would make me ashamed of you.”

Janice was sniffling and motioned him out of the bathroom with a wave of her hand. He said, “Okay, but you get yourself together. I don’t care if it’s freezing and snowing; two hours from now, I’m taking a beautiful lady to dinner, and you’d better be ready.” Janice managed a smile, nodding a ‘yes.’

It took twice as long to make the usual twenty-minute ride to town in the heavy snow and wind. The restaurant was almost empty but a few of the ‘regulars’ from town were there. Mother and son sat across from each other and told each other the truth.

The first thing he said was, “Mom, if it’s okay with you, I want to talk to you about some things and I want you to give me word that you’ll listen without making up your mind before we’re through. Here’s the deal, in return, I promise never to bring any of this up again if you don’t want me too.”

Janice said, “Okay Robert.” She smiled and added, “But can I have a drink first?” He gave her a look and she laughed, “Just one, I promise I’ll stay sober.”

When the drinks came he said, “I want you to know that I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. These three months with you has changed my mind about a lot of things. I know what I want. Mom, I want you; I want to be with you. I’m not talking just about sex; I’m talking about how we are with each other, how much fun we have together and how good it feels knowing you’re there. Do you feel it too mom?”

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