Mother Gives in To Her Lust Ch. 2

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Elaine couldn’t believe that only months before she had turned down an opportunity with a desirable young stud for the sake of her marriage vows. Now she was coaxing her own son to join her in defiling her marital bed. “It hasn’t been much of a martial bed,” Elaine smirked to herself, “if these walls could talk they’d yawn.” But Elaine was fed up with trying to protect her sham of a marriage, and this was her way of making a bold statement to that effect. She wanted to do something amoral in there, reveling in her wickedness, accepting the fact that it heightened her pleasure. And so she couldn’t be more excited about taking her son to bed. She wanted him to fuck her brains out; just thinking about it made her juices flow.

Elaine stopped at the entrance to her bedroom and turned around. She leaned seductively against the side of the doorway and crooked her finger at Jason, who had been watching her sexy walk from the other side of the hall. “C’mon Jason honey, don’t be shy,” she said coyly.

Jason practically ran to his mother and embraced her, giving her a burning kiss. He swept her into his arms and Elaine laughed carelessly as he carried her to the large bed. She then spread her legs and huskily said, “I can’t wait any longer baby, I need you now. Fuck me Jason.”

Jason lifted his mother’s silky legs over his shoulders as she anxiously reached down to guide his steel rod into her burning pussy. Elaine gasped when she felt him penetrate her; she had never felt so full, then wailed at the top of her lungs as Jason mercilessly rode her. “Oh my god baby, your cock is so big, I love it. It’s so fucking big. Fuck me Jason, make me come with your big cock!” Elaine bellowed, involuntarily driving her hips back and forth to meet his thrusts. Her pussy was flowing like a river, Elaine’s sweet juices running down her ass and onto the bed.

Jason increased his pace, pumping his sexy mother with all his might. Elaine screamed that she was coming, and soaked Jason’s still pistoning cock with her honey. Jason kept fucking her wildly, and came soon after, filling Elaine with his cream. Neither of them had had enough though and, overcome by their ravenous appetites, made love until the early morning. All night the bedroom was filled with the sounds of their frenzied copulation: the bed squeaked obscenely and the esenyurt anal yapan escort headboard banged rudely against the wall, mixing in with the cries of passion from the two lovers and the loud slapping of their eager thighs. Finally, after frantically making love for several hours like two newlyweds, Elaine and Jason were satisfied, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

* * * * *

“I can’t believe so much has happened,” Elaine sighed as she snuggled closer to her sleeping son. There was nothing like waking up with a lover the morning after sex, and Elaine loved the intimate feeling of nestling her body next to Jason’s masculine frame. When Jason awoke, his mind was still a bit foggy, and he momentarily forgot he was lying in bed with his mother, but when she kissed him good morning, the memories from last night flooded his mind, and he lovingly kissed her back.

Just then Elaine realized that it was already past noon: “Sweetheart, you should have something to eat. Are you hungry?”

“Just for you,” he replied.

“Don’t be silly Jason,” Elaine chuckled. “A young man like you needs to eat. Wait here, I’ll make you something.” Elaine got out of bed, put a fresh pair of panties on, and headed downstairs to the kitchen. She decided to make pancakes, but realized she ought to put on something more if she was going to use the stove. Elaine was about to head back to her bedroom when she giggled, “If I go back there, I probably won’t leave.” As a result, Elaine stayed in the kitchen, able to cover herself up a bit by putting on a short apron.

A few minutes Jason came downstairs, wearing a robe. When he saw his mother he couldn’t believe how sexy she looked. Her apron covered her waist and the tops of her beautiful thighs, leaving her big tits, smooth legs and panty covered ass exposed. It was enough to make Jason’s dick as hard as a steel pipe. He moved behind her and started sensuously tonguing her ear, whispering, “You look so hot.”

“Jason,” Elaine pleaded, getting turned on, “let me finish making breakfast.”

Jason worked a finger into her cunt; it was already wet from her excitement. He crouched behind her and began licking her panty-covered rear.

“Jason,” Elaine laughed, “you horny bastard, cut it out.”

“If esenyurt escort I’m a bastard I’d say that makes you the horny one; besides you’re soaking wet,” Jason countered.

Elaine turned off the stove. Chuckling again she said, “Shut up and lick my pussy.”

Jason pulled Elaine’s panties down. She reached to untie the apron but he stopped her, telling him it turned him on.

Elaine’s pussy was hotter than a furnace, and the room reeked of her scent. It made Jason go wild, and he urgently began lapping her sweet cunt. Elaine bent forward over the kitchen table, pushing her spherical ass upward to give him better access to her steaming box. Jason fingered her and pressed his face against his mother’s sopping pussy and ate her with reckless abandon. Elaine was going crazy now, wantonly humping her ass against Jason’s face, and screaming for him to make her come. Finally, her climax came, and Elaine rested on the table to recover. She felt Jason move away from her, and turned her head to see him take off his robe. Now naked, Jason went to the fridge and came back with the butter dish.

“You wanna fuck me sweetie? I want it too,” Elaine said with a bit of a playful pout. Jason didn’t answer her.

“I’m so wet you’re not going to need that,” Elaine grinned at him.

At last Jason spoke: “Last night you asked me what I fantasized about. Well, my biggest fantasy has been to fuck that gorgeous ass of yours.”

“Jason, please, I don’t know. I’ve never done that, and your cock is too big. Please honey, another time,” Elaine pleaded.

“Don’t worry Mom, I’ve done this before. I know what I’m doing,” he replied. Jason moved behind Elaine, who was still bent over the table, and began eating her pussy again. After a few minutes, he felt her body start to relax, and began to lick towards her anus. Elaine shivered, not believing how great it felt when she felt Jason’s tongue flicking her asshole. He was definitely an expert at this, and Elaine’s trepidation melted away as she let him lick her. As her muscles relaxed, Elaine felt Jason’s tongue push into her, and gently fuck her anus.

“Oh my god Jason, that feels so good. Don’t stop baby,” Elaine said, her excitement growing. “You’re such a naughty boy. How long have you wanted to do this?” she questioned.

Jason esenyurt eve gelen escort removed his tongue and replaced it with his finger. “When I was a teenager I saw a porno at Eddie Franklin’s house. I wanted to try it ever since,” Jason answered.

“But with me, of all people?” Elaine asked breathlessly, as Jason’s finger was starting to work its magic on her.

“I’ve wanted you for as long as I can remember, Mom. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Even my friends think you’re hot,” Jason remarked.

“Really,” Elaine said, wondering who he might be talking about, getting even more energized. After a few minutes she was so aroused that she couldn’t wait any longer, and said, “Fuck me baby, give me that beautiful cock. Fuck me in the ass Jason, I don’t care, just fuck me.”

Jason stepped away from Elaine and greased his erection with the butter. He then moved back to Elaine, and used his finger to lubricate her asshole. Elaine got a bit scared again, but her excitement was greater than her fear. She felt the head of Jason’s penis enter her and shuddered before allowing her asshole to close around it. The feeling was so tight Elaine felt like a virgin again, and told Jason so.

“You are one Mom, and your son’s going to take your virginity,” Jason said, laughing at the irony.

“Take it Jason, take your mother’s virgin ass,” Elaine said, her voice nervously excited.

Jason fucked her slowly, driving her crazy with long, deep strokes. “Oh yeah baby, give it to me, I’ve never felt so good. You’re such a fucking stud. Fuck my ass baby, fuck my ass.”

After some time Jason increased his pace and Elaine responded, reaching back to squeeze his thigh with her hand and begging him to fuck her harder. Jason did just that, jackhammering Elaine with all of his might. It still wasn’t enough for Elaine though, and she turned up the intensity by savagely fucking Jason back with her horny ass. She was about to come and wanted Jason to climax with her, so she decided to coax him over the edge: “Is this what you always wanted baby, to fuck your mommy’s ass? Well I love it honey, I love your horse dick up my ass.” Her voice wavered, “I’m coming Jason, I’m coming. Come with me, come in mommy’s ass,” This was too much for Jason and he exploded inside her, his penis contracting so hard it hurt. Wave after wave of semen pumped into her asshole, Jason had never come so much or so hard in his life. He was exhausted, and slumped down in a chair to rest.

Elaine walked over to him, still naked except for the short apron, a wry smile on her face, and asked, “So what else have you fantasized about doing with me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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