Motivating Her Son Ch. 05

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One evening Brenda and her boy were sitting watching television. They had flipped through all the channels and didn’t see anything interesting. So Brenda turned off the TV and looked her son in the eye.

“Darling, you remember we talked about those fitness pageants in Europe. Do you remember those fitness pageants I competed in when you were young?”

“Sure mom. When I was little we travelled all over. I was too young to remember it all but I did remember staring at all those hot women in tiny bikinis! I remember that it was the first time I got a stiffy!”

“Well it seems that they have a pageant every two weeks in a different city. Most of the pageants pay over $100,000 first place.”

“Mom…you mean you really want to go to Europe?”

“Well, I was looking at the list of competitors. Most of them I know, because I blew them away years ago. So yes, I am thinking that just maybe we should go to Europe this summer. How would you like to spend the summer touring Europe with your mom?”

“Shit mom! Hell yes! That sounds really cool! Mom, your body rocks! You would make a shitpot full of money in those pageants.”

“Well darling, it’s not quite that easy. I just can’t show up and expect to win. I haven’t competed in years. I have to start training for those things. I have to start getting my body in tip top shape. Maybe you would like to become my…personal trainer?”

“Me? Personal trainer? Hell yes mom!”

“You know, becoming a personal trainer is a full time job. You have to watch me doing my workouts and make sure I am doing them correctly. Then afterwards you have to give me a full body massage, to get rid of all the toxins. I will pay you union scale plus fringe benefits.”

“Union scale? Fringe benefits?”

“Yes. the really good trainers over there can make megabucks. And, yes…fringe benefits too…”

“Mom, I would become the best personal trainer there is! I’d do it for free too. But tell me more about the fringe benefits.”

“We will have to figure that one out later. Hey, one more thing. You know darling, you are going to graduate next week, and you haven’t mentioned to me what you want for your graduation present.”

“Mom, I guess I’ve thought about it a little. If I have to get something, I really do need a new computer.”

“A new computer? You mean the one you have is all slowed down because of all the porn you’ve downloaded?”

“Well, it really has slowed down a lot, and the new modern ones can do a whole lot more.”

“Baby, you know it was all the porn on that computer, all of the mommy son stuff you have on there…it’s all that porn that actually brought us together like we are now. So I do have a soft spot for your computer!”

Brenda gives him a big smile.

“You know darling, my laptop is slowing down a little lately too. Why don’t we go to the mall and I will get both of us new laptops. Then what we should do is go through all of your videos and stories and we can keep the ones we like. You know by now that I really like that stuff too! Does that sound good to you baby?”

“Mom! I mean, we can watch all of my videos together and decide which ones we like? Sounds good to me!”

“So, a new laptop for my baby boy. Anything else you want?”

Brenda had made up her mind long ago that her baby boy was going to lose his virginity when he graduated.

“Not really mom. I guess all I really want…is just hanging out with you…and maybe someday…”

“So! My baby boy…wants to fuck his mother for his graduation present?”

The teenager looks at his mom.

“Well, yes. I mean…maybe someday?”

The blonde mother decides its finally time to tell her young son the time has finally come! She gets up off the couch and goes to her room and comes back carrying her laptop.

“Darling, I know how hard you worked on your schoolwork this year, making the honor roll and everything. I think its time I rewarded you for all your hard work. I have something here I want to show you.”

She turns on her laptop and clicks on a website called Jocasta Resort. She had first seen the website the day she had rifled through Randy’s computer months ago. Jocasta Resort was an upscale resort in the Caribbean catering to mothers and their sons. The website showed all sorts of happy mothers from all over the world getting fucked by their sons. In fact the resort had a rule that only mothers and their sons could stay there.

“Baby, I saw this on your computer the day I snuck into your room. So I know you know all about it.”

“Shit mom, I mean, a lot of the guys at school…especially the guys in the motherfuckers club…they talk about it all the time. But it’s pretty expensive.”

“Well, I have already filled out the application for us and arranged the air travel. Its over $10,000 for a two week stay but so what? I have the money. All I have to do is click this button here and we are booked. That is, if you want to spend two weeks on a tropical island…fucking your mother.”

“Shit mom! You mean…we are innovia escort finally gonna…fuck?”

“Baby, once I click this button the fee is taken out of my credit card. And its nonrefundable. So once I click this, theres no turning back.”

Brenda gives her son a huge smile and clicks the button.

“Baby, you and I are now booked at Jocasta Resort. You are gonna spend two weeks with your cock inside your mothers horny cunt!”

“Shit mom! I mean…all this talk about traveling Europe with you, and two weeks fucking you…I am so horny right now, just thinking about it!”

“I am too baby! Come here, let your mother suck your big cock.”

Brenda arrived at the graduation ceremony dressed in a sexy flowered summer dress. She saw her friends Michelle and Andrea sitting with a few other single moms. Michelle waved at Brenda.

“Hey Brenda! Over here! Come sit with us!”

Brenda waves back and sits down next to Michelle. She noticed that all of the moms sitting together were wearing their MF chains.

“Its a big day for our boys. Its finally come! Our boys will all be heading in different directions after today. What are Randy’s plans for this summer?”

There’s no way that Brenda is going to tell anyone that their bags are packed and they are headed to the airport right after the ceremony. That they are destined to a tropical resort where they are going to fuck like rabbits!

“No plans really. Just hanging out at home. He’s still looking at colleges and everything but hasn’t made up his mind yet.”

“Well, ten of us mothers and our boys are headed up to the new resort at the Ocean. In fact Sandra Smith told us there was a private beach, so we’ll all be hanging out there. I know they have another room available if you and Randy want to come along. We plan to just have a huge party with our sons before the boys go their seperate ways. I’m sure that all of our sons would like to get you know you a little better.”

Brenda knew that she was sitting with the motherfuckers club. Ten horny single moms and ten horny teenage boys…what could possibly happen there?

“Michelle, thanks. It really sounds like a great time. But in fact Randy and I are headed to the airport in a couple hours, going away for awhile…to visit my sister.”

“Visit your sister? I never knew you even had a sister, but if she’s half as hot as you poor Randy will be walking around with a huge hardon the whole time!”

The ceremony started and the emcee read the names. When each of the boys from the motherfuckers club name was called, the moms all cheered and whistled. Each of the moms had already fucked every boy in the club or were going to at the Ocean.

After the ceremony, she saw a couple of the mothers openly kissing their sons and feeling the front of their slacks. When Randy came over, Brenda gave him a big kiss and grabbed his hand.

“Lets get you out of this cap and gown. We have a flight to catch.”

On the long boring plane ride mother and son rode in the first class section and spent the majority of time getting acclimated to their new laptops. They found a fun way to spend the hours on the plane. Brenda and her son were sending instant messages to each other.

“Mom…you look so fucking hot in that dress! It looks like you aren’t wearing a bra.”

“No bra baby! I just wanted to get you all hot and bothered. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on my tits.”

“Mom, are you wearing panties? Spread your legs a little, pull your dress up for me.”

Brenda give him a big smile and spreads her legs. She pulls her dress up so that her son can look over and see his mothers bare cunt.

“No panties baby! My tight little cunt can’t wait to have your big cock deep inside! I’m gonna squeeze it so hard, I might never let it leave!”

Randy looks at his mothers bare cunt and licks his lips.

“God you are beautiful mom! I’ve wanted to fuck you forever.”

“I know baby! And your mother…she wanted her baby boy to fuck her too. But I have a confession.”

“A confession?”

“Yes, when you were failing in school, and I saw all of the mommy son stuff on your computer, I wanted you to fuck me. But I couldn’t let you fuck me right away, because I wanted to give you an incentive to get your grades up. That whole thing I said about me not okay with incest was a lie. I’ve wanted that big cock since you were a little boy!”

“And now…I’m mothers big boy, right?”

“Yes baby, you really are your mothers big big boy!”

Brenda has one more thing to ask her son.

“Darling, did you hear from your father. He never showed up at the graduation.”

“Mom, he sent me a text, just saying he had a golf trip planned with the guys and couldn’t come.”

“I have something to tell you darling. Your father sent me a text to just get you something from him and send him the bill. So you know what? I changed all of the billing on this trip! He’s gonna get a credit card bill for $10,000!”

“Mom, sounds good istanbul escort to me! What a shit!”

“My baby boy is going to get a real good fucking, and your father is going to get his own fucking!”

Brenda and her horny son made the connecting flight and arrived on the remote Caribbean island where they look a limo to the resort. The resort was behind a high fence. The fairly attractive lady who looked to be in her 40’s greeted them at the front gate.

“Welcome to Jocasta resort! Is this your first time here with us?”

“Yes it is!”

“Great! My son and I are actually full time residents here. I hope you two have a great time.”

“Oh, we plan to!”

The limo took them to the main building. The building was looked like a palace. It was huge and very modern. When they went inside to register Brenda noticed that all of the employees were either older women or young boys. They walked up to the registration desk where a blonde greeted them. She looked to be in her late 40s or early 50’s.

“Welcome to our paradise! I am Helen Jensen. My son and I are from Copenhagen and decided to build this resort a few years ago. You must be Brenda Morris and son Randy. How was your flight?”

“Well, the flight was long, especially from California.”

“I’m sure the two of you had a long day. Hopefully you two are excited to be here.”

“Yes, we are!”

“Thats great! To begin, what I like to do is give our first time visitors a full tour of the grounds. That way you know where everything is and you are up to speed on all of our…amenities. I hope you don’t mind?”

“No Helen. We want to know all about this place. Thats why we are here in the first place.”

Helen looks over and sees a blond haired guy in his early 20’s. Brenda figures he might be her son.

“Victor, darling, I am going to give Brenda and Randy a tour of the grounds. Can you handle the counter for a few minutes?”

“Sure mom.”

“Okay, lets get started. First of all, lets get this out of the way. We all know what we are all here for right? Our resort was built so that mothers and sons can engage in any kind of sexual activity that that makes them happy. We have only a couple of rules. And I will explain as we go.”

They walk into the lounge area where a couple of women were having a cocktail with their sons. They noticed that one of the boys had his hand under his mothers dress. Brenda looked over and saw that Randy his eyes glued to the scene they were watching.

“Here is the lounge and restaurant area. Sexual foreplay here is not only permitted, it is encouraged. But please no intercourse in the restaurant and lounge. We have dancing here every night where the rules are…a bit more liberal. Oral activity is definitely permitted after dark in the lounge area.”

Shit Randy decided that this must be the greatest place in the world! His mother can suck him off, right here in the lounge?

“Next, here is the gift shop.”

They walk in and a few women shopping with their sons. One woman holds up a skimpy pair of panties and her the boy smiles and nods yes. The lady behind the counter is a good looking long haired Hispanic looking lady.

“Meet Camilla from Spain. She and her son Ramon do a great job running our store.”

“Hi! I’m Camilla. In here we have a full line of ladies lingerie, mens and womens undergarments, robes, swimwear, anything that you’d like to buy. We also have a full line of massage oils and lubricants, sex toys, and lots and lots of videos. All of our videos here are geared toward the mother and son theme.”

Brenda knows that her horny son has probably seen all of them already!

They continue their tour. Both mother and son are getting hornier than hell. They both realize that this place is paradise! The whole place is filled with horny women and their young boys! What could be better!

“Our drug store has a full line if birth control pills and devices. We also have a doctor on call 24/7 for any help you might need with birth control or fertility.”


“Yes. We have had several or our custmers come to Jocasta with the sole purpose of getting pregnant from their son.”

They head outdoors, heading over to a huge swimming pool. There are about 10 mother son couples there in varying stages of undress.

Brenda sees one boy taking off his mothers bikini bottoms and rubbing lotion on her bare bottom. Randy taps his mother on the shoulder and sees a young dark hair boy on his back. His dark haired mother has his cock in her mouth. Brenda and her son both look at each other and smile as they hear the young boy groan as he obviously spills his seed into his mothers mouth. Another mother just having watched them pulls her sons trunks off, and puts her sons cock in her mouth.

“Here is our main pool area. As you can see our pool is clothing optional. As our pool you can see oral pleasuring of your partner is permitted but we ask that there be no full intercourse at the pool during daylight kadıköy escort hours. After dark intercourse is definitely permitted out here. If fact our guests are amazed that our pool loungers are so comfortable for sexual activity.”

They head out to the beach where the waves are crashing in. They look in both directions and see several couples having sex. They hear the faint sound of a woman screaming in distance, obviously enjoying the fucking she is getting.

“As you can see, sexual activity is not only permitted here on the beach but in fact encouraged. Our beach actually goes for miles in both directions, so the further you get away from the resort, the more privacy you will have. It stays warm out here at night and many couples opt to just stay out here all night under the moonlight instead of going back to their room.”

Both Randy and his mother have a mental flashback to that first day of spring break where they watched Billy Smith fuck his mother Sandra, then Brenda gave her teenage boy his first blowjob. But this beach looks incredible! Brenda grabs Randy’s hand, squeezes it and smiles.

“Yes. This beach is beautiful. We are definitely going to try that, aren’t we darling?”

“Yea mom…we definitely are!”

The tour continues as Helen shows them a little building that looks like a church.

“Here is our wedding chapel. Many of our guests actually decide to get married here at Jocasta. I am actually a full time minister. Any marriages here at Jocasta are perfectly legal in over 100 countries, mostly throughout Europe. It seems the legal systems throughout Europe are way more liberal than in the United States. Our marriages are not yet legal in the U.S., but many of our guests from the United States end up living as man and wife, except legally they are not married.”

Brenda and Randy are still holding hands as the tour is nearing the end. They walk to a small cottage and learn that this is where they will be staying. Helen opens the door to a deluxe living room. They look out and see the balcony overlooking the ocean. Next Helen shows them the bedroom.

The bedroom is amazing! The heart shaped bed is bigger that anything they have ever seen!

“As you can see our beds here at Jocasta are large enough so that several couples can enjoy them together without anyone running out of room. We have done studies and specially had these beds built for sexual activity. Last year we had all the bedrooms soundproofed so there is no fear of bothering the other guests in case things get…intense.”

Brenda looks at Randy and smiles.

“Well, hopefully things will get pretty intense in here, won’t they darling?”

“I hope so mom!”

“One more thing about our bedrooms. There are actually 4 cameras installed on both walls and the ceiling. We found several years ago that many of our guests love to record their activity, so they have a souvenir from their stay here. One couple from Florida went home last year with over 50 hours of recordings from their two week stay!”

Helen looks at the couple, knowing by the way they are looking at each other that they can’t wait for her to get the hell out!

“Just a couple more things before I get out of your hair and you two…can get started. First we do have educational seminars here at Jocasta. Some of the seminars talk about such topics as teaching young a young boy special techniques to pleasure his mother. Then also techniques teaching a mother how to pleasure a teenage boy. There are seminars for boys who are total beginners as well as getting started with anal sex. These seminars are particularly helpful when the son is a virgin and its his first time with his mother.”

“Helen, thanks.”

“Now, it looks like you two have had a long day. I’m sure you are hungry. As you know all your meals are included in the price. As far as the meals, we really don’t have menus. We have a lady who together with her son have run our kitchen for three years now. She is in fact a world class chef. As far as ordering room service just call and one of them will take your order. In three years I haven’t heard of anything that they can’t prepare.”

“That sounds great. All we had today was a lousy airplane meal. I know you are hungry aren’t you darling? I know I am.”

“And also, if either of you need any lotions, oils or lubricants, just call Camilla at the gift shop and she will be right up.”

“Thanks for that. I’m sure we will be doing that.”

“Lastly I just want to let you know that the whole resort is yours for your entire stay. You can participate an anything as little or as much as you want. We have couples who try to experience everything we have here, in fact rent a car get out of the resort for the day and tour the whole island. Then we had one couple last year from Iceland who never left their room for two weeks.”

Never left the room for two whole weeks? That sounds good to Randy! Helen bids them adieu and they are finally alone!

“Well baby, here we are! We made it! Give your mother a big kiss.”

They kiss, running their hands all over each other, soon to become not only mother and son but lovers.

They order room service. Randy of course a big steak and baked potato. Brenda orders a big salad and a piece of freshly caught halibut. The food will be there in 45 minutes.

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