My Chemical Romance Ch. 07

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“That was amazing.” Rita breathed, no longer shy about being naked as she lay between Casey and me. “Jesus, I’ve never cum so hard in my entire life.”

“Me, either.” I started putting my clothes back on until Casey touched my hand, stopping me.

“You’re leaving so soon?”

“Well, I want to take my stuff home and start practicing.”

“Are you sure?” She rubbed my arm, sending a shiver through me and filled my mind with dark thoughts. “We could have some fun … “

“Maybe another time.” Rita tugged her skirt down and tied her halter top as she slid off the bed. “I’ve got to meet Brad at the library to study for the final.”

“Oh.” I smiled at Casey. “Maybe another time.” We gathered our items and Casey packed our bags, handing them to us at the door. “Thanks for the demonstration.”

“I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday night but since I live here I’m always available.” I caught the inference in her words and looked away with a shy smile, my face flaming and Rita gave me a wink. “Don’t hesitate to give me a call if you need additional illegal bahis help with your wand.”

We drove back to campus and giggled the entire way up the stairs, clutching out purchases. We were very surprised when we started unpacking things, gasping as the vibrators she’d used on us were also inside. “Wow, that was awfully nice of her.”

“Yeah, it was.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that you wanted to stay? I would’ve come back for you.”

I shrugged, putting the toys away and asking myself that same question. “You had to get back to study.”

“I made that up because you seemed uncomfortable with her.” Rita grabbed us beers from the fridge and handed one to me. “She was cute, Nikki. You should have stayed.”

“I’m not gay, Rita.”

“Having sex with a woman doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re gay. It means that you’re curious.” She took a deep swallow. “And who knows? Maybe you’ll find something out about yourself.”

“What do you mean by that?”

She sat on the bed, kicking her shoes off. “I slept with Miss Perkins.”

“Miss illegal bahis siteleri Perkins?” I nearly shouted incredulously. “The art teacher?”

“Yeah. She was kinda hot in those floral smocks she used to wear.” Rita chuckled as if she was telling a private joke to herself. “One day after school, I was refilling the clay pot and I saw her pull her hair out of that bun she always wore. I was in love.”

“In love? With her hair?”

“No, dumbass.” She threw an empty cardboard package at me and I ducked. “But that hair sure made me want to find out what was under that smock. It was so thick and golden like honey and the way it felt in my hands … ” Her sigh made the blood rush to my face. “It was like silk.”

“And that made you want to have sex with her?”

“Yeah. I can’t explain it but that was the thing that made me hot.”

“And you got it on with Miss Perkins?”

“Yep and it was good!”

I shook my head, laughing. “I just can’t … you and Miss Perkins!”



“Her name canlı bahis siteleri is Alisha.”

“Ugh! I don’t want to know about it!” I turned my back on Rita but I was secretly jealous of my roommate, envisioning her creamy brown thighs open and the diminutive Alisha Perkins face down, eating her juicy pussy. My nipples were hardening as I tried not to look at her but I think she knew.

“You should have stayed, Nikki.”

“Rita … “

“No, Nikki. Quit worrying about what someone else is thinking. Live a little. Try something new.”

It wasn’t the possibility of trying something new that was scaring the shit out of me; it was the feelings that I was desperately trying to keep hidden. Why? Because I wasn’t ready to admit the truth of my emotions to myself. I had a crush on a woman. Rita placed the phone in my hand, folding my fingers over it.

“Call her.”

* * * * *

I don’t know why I did it. In fact, I could probably tell you that I couldn’t remember how I got there but suddenly, I found myself in Dani’s car, sitting in the parking lot of Venus and DeMilo’s, staring up at the bank of lighted windows above the store.

“Get out.” I whispered to myself, looking down at my white-knuckled hands tightly wrapped around the steering wheel. “Get out of the god-damned car.”

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