My First

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The early morning sun came beaming through my window, calling me to greet the day. I stretched, then drew my knees up and let the fall opening up my already wet center. My fingers slipped past the waistband on my creamy baby yellow pajamas. Time to start my morning.


A few days earlier I had been at a doctor’s office just for a check-up so I could try out for cheerleading and while watching everyone else read the magazines decided I should find something to do as well. I walked over to the magazine and pamphlet rack. I noticed tucked down in amongst them was a small almost book-like pamphlet. I picked up and saw that it was about safe sex. Our school didn’t cover sex at all let alone sex. I picked it up and went to the bathroom. I tucked it in my pocket, came out, and grabbed a Reader’s Digest as I walked back by the rack to my seat.

Late that night I pulled out the book and devoured it. It talked about condoms and dental dams and being gay or bi or straight the stuff that my friends and I had already whispered over late at night at sleepovers. The very last thing it covered was masturbation. It even had pictures. I read and reread that book in a course of about two days I think I read it close to 40 times. Before bed on the 2 day I decided I was going to try it.

I locked my door and grabbed some lotion. Oddly enough I read the ingredients on the bottle and noticed that alcohol was one of the top five in that lotion and I thought that it might burn and instead grabbed some baby oil. I slicked up a finger and began circling my clit. I teased my nipples with the other hand. I spent about 15 minutes rubbing my clit before becoming frustrated and giving up. I spent the next two days being annoyed and horny as hell.

A few days later I was back in my room with the baby oil. This time the time seemed to fly by. I knew what was coming this time. The heat low in my belly, the coiling and tightening in my belly. After a little while I didn’t need the baby oil I simply collected the moisture pooling at my center. I plucked casino oyna at my nipples and slipped a finger deep inside me center. I moaned softly mentally reminding myself to be keep quiet.

It wasn’t long before my pussy began the rhythmic squeezing I have come to love. I cupped myself hoping to contain the bliss of my first orgasm.


I pulled at my dusty rose colored nipples. Softly at first and then stretching my hard puffy pebbles. I circled my clit and plunged my fingers inside, circle and dip, circle and dip. I was teasing myself, drawing out my orgasm. I let it sneak up on me, it rolled through my body making my toes curl and my eyes roll back into my head. I loved having my mornings to myself.

I climbed out of bed and jumped in the shower. I took a quick since it had taken me so long this morning. I drove to school for an early morning Marching Band rehearsal, a typical Friday. We had a brief pep talk about having a good show and then our band teacher introduced a new girl, Abby. She would join the percussion section and be in the pit for the show as our line was already full and our show blocked out.

We gathered our stuff and started to walk down to the practice field. Abby caught up with us and proceeded to introduce herself. She was thin with short dark hair, and bright blue eyes. Her smile was quick and she had infectious laugh. She circled around to walk and talk with me, as during marching season I was one of two girls on the line and Tiff was tuning her quads. We joked for a bit, and got general information from each other. She was in my grade and pretty pissed about moving during her senior year. We talked about our classes and found out we had a lot of the same classes including our next hour.

We walked to class together and over the next few weeks became un-separable. It wasn’t long before our conversations drifted to sex.

“What do you mean you’ve never been kissed,” Abby said.

We were in the middle of gym class, “Not so loud, ” I said, “It’s not that hard slot oyna to understand. Look at the guys here. ”

We laughed about that and went back to walking in circles for what our coach was calling a track session. Later as we changed out of our clothes and Abby and I slipped into the bathroom and did our make-up we discussed my virgin status. She kept tossing my sideways glances. After school we loaded up into my car.

“So are you a lesbian,” Abby asked.

I was shocked. I looked over at her and laughed. I started to drive before I actually answered. “No I’m pretty sure I’m not.”

She looked momentarily crushed before we were back to our joking selves. There was an out of town game so we had the weekend to ourselves. Abby was staying over and we goofing off in the basement. We started talking and that’s when she revealed that she had transferred because she was a lesbian and she and her girlfriend had had a fight and she had told everyone about Abby who immediately became the target of general high school stupidity. She’d left to start over and when I had said the comment about the guys at our school she’d gotten excited.

“High school is so stupid,” I said, ” but you shouldn’t have to hide who you are because of it. I’m not gay but I can’t say the thought of kissing a girl hasn’t crossed my mind. I would be proud to call you my girlfriend.”

We hugged and got ready for bed. We were in sitting on my bed when Abby leaned in to kiss me. She had on mint flavored lipgloss, her lips were soft and teasing. She parted mine with slow strokes of her tongue. I smiled into the kiss and started kissing her back. She reached up and stroked my cheek before her fingers pushed up and threaded through my hair. She pulled me closer and I felt myself getting nervous. She must have felt it too because she slowly started to pull away. Our tongues tangled and tasted each other before finally pulling apart.

“Now,” Abby said, “You’ve been kissed.”

“I’m glad you were my first,” I whispered back.

Later that night I was awakened by Abby’s hands canlı casino siteleri brushing over my body. Her hands cupped by breast. I smiled and arched into her palms. I was rewarded with her pinching my nipples. She kissed me along the nape of my neck and towards my ear where she nibbled softly.

“I want you so bad,” she whispered as one hand drifted down toward my pajama bottoms. Her fingers teased along the line of skin just above them before sinking beneath the elastic tie, “you don’t wear panties?”

I shook my head, “Not at night.” Abby responded with “Such a naughty girl…I’ve dreamed about tasting you.” At that her fingers sank into my heated sex. I moaned. She pulled her fingers back, and used one to tease my lower lip and then she licked the other clean.

She rolled me on to my back and we started kissing. Her hands were everywhere and I tentatively began exploring her. She moaned and gasped as I played with her nipples and so I repeated the action several times. We somehow managed to remove our clothes, and were pressing our naked flesh against each other. We giggled and then she started kissing me.

This time I kissed back long and hard pulling her towards me hungry for the taste of her mouth. I she pulled back and started kissing her way towards my right breast she circled the nipple before drawing the nipple deep into her mouth. As her mouth teased my nipples her fingers worked slowly over wet pussy.

“Your so wet,” she said. All I could do was nod. Her fingers worked slowly in and out of me for a while before her tongue left a burning trail towards my heated center. She licked me slowly teasing in and out of me as my hips wiggled and danced. It wasn’t long before I was cumming all over her tongue my fingers laced in her hair.

After I had calmed down I told her I wanted to do the same for her.

She decided she wanted to 69 because she wanted to taste me again. Her pussy was neatly trimmed her dark hair standing out against her pale flesh and making her pink center pop. I licked her taste clinging to my tongue. She was salty, and sweet. I smiled and breathed in her musky scent. I felt clumsy as I tasted her and then remembered the things that had made me feel so good and tried to imitate her. Soon we were both cumming. We tangled ourselves in each others arms.

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