My Half Sisters Pt. 07

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*authors note*

*I’ve been doing a lot more writing after a hiatus and will be releasing some new stories as well as continuing this one. Remember you can follow me should you wish, and again I carefully consider all feedback from readers.*


We come into my sister’s kitchen and I am immediately looking for something convenient to scoff down. Elle beckons me to the nearest chair at the table and then floats over to the cupboards. Why not, I think, let her do her thing in her place and fuss over me a bit.

“Decaff and some toast?” Elle glances back at me, noticing I have sat down and am staring directly at her toned buttocks.

“Perfect, you having some too?” I switch to eye contact unconsciously, as it seems a preference of mine when talking.

“Yes, I am running on empty too after these last couple of nights! We have hardly eaten if you think about it.”

“Hm, wow that’s right.” I frown, realising we have been on a sex marathon of sorts.

“That reminds me, I’ll just get my phone from the bed, two seconds.” I get up and move towards Elle for a brief caress.

“I’ll be right here at your service!” She jokes sexually, warmly accepts my kiss on her lips and strokes my buttocks as I turn to get my phone.

“Mmm so damn sexy.” I blurt out as I pass through the door. I’m back in the kitchen in no time flat, and I can see a chat message notification. It’s from Remy. I spoon with Elle a bit as we stand at the counter and she waits for the kettle to boil and the toast to pop. I show her my phone as I load the message, having nothing to hide. It’s a picture! It loads fast.

“Ooo what!” Elle exclaims and in the same short time my cock is half mast and ready to set sail.

The picture is a selfie of Remy naked on her mothers bed, She’s staring down the camera with a flushed red face, clearly enjoying herself as she has dipped 2 of her fingers into her vagina, which is creaming itself slightly. Lelu’s bare buttocks and back are off-focus to the right of the frame.

“Wow, she’s worked up quite a foam in herself there.” I muse lustily at how sodden her vagina is in the picture.

“She’s incredible no?” My sis opines whilst staring fiercely at her half sisters’ lewd vulva. Seconds pass and before I can say “Sis?” the toast pops and scares the hell out of both of us, nearly making me drop my phone. We both look at the picture again, giggling.

“Remy is… so unbelievably beautiful?” Elle’s mind has clearly turned into an unsorted jigsaw puzzle.

“She is. Look at her nipples, she is in an absolute stupor.” I point beşiktaş anal yapan escort out Remy’s engorged breasts and nipples that seem to be reaching for the screen. Elle just stares speechlessly once more. I hand her the phone so she can study the picture, and I finish preparing our coffee and toast. Elle is stroking her pubic mound lightly as she studies the sensual selfie our half sister has ingratiated us with. My cock is hard. Very hard. The toast is buttered and the coffee milked, Elle has gone over, put my phone on the table and is leaning over it intently, presenting her backside at me as I walk over with the goods.

“Elpy, my heart is racing, I think I might be a lesbian!” She says as I place her plate and mug next to her.

“Bisexual.” I reply without hesitation, placing my plate next to hers and taking a slice of toast.

“Hey, she’s typing bro!” Elle exclaims excitedly at the dots appearing under the picture. I caress her back lovingly as we both lean over the phone.

“Oh, the pic was only sent 4 minutes ago… sorry Remy!” I hadn’t thought to reply immediately for some reason. The message from Remy appears.

‘Elpy, please, a picture of you if you are awake? I can’t take it anymore I need to see you!’

“Yow!” Elle exclaims elatedly. “Send a picture of your yummy cock bro!”

“Hell yes I will…” I say, toast in one hand, grabbing the phone in the other and pointing down at my shaft. I make sure my hood is pulled back so she can see my polished glans. The picture goes away quickly to Remy, and I follow it up:

‘So sorry Remy, Elle and I have been staring at your pussy for the last 5 minutes in a total trance, I should have replied sooner my sexy love xoxo’.

My next idea is to shoot her a video. “Elle, let’s do her one better. Please, bend over again on the table?” I ask nicely.

“A picture of me?” Elle asks excitedly.

“Yep, well a moving picture, of my dick sliding between your thighs!”

“Elpy this is so hot I can’t take it!” Elle vivaciously turns and leans on the table, waiting for me and bouncing her hips a little in expectance. I place my toast upon the small of her back and hit record clip on my phone. With my now other free hand I grab my shaft and step towards Elle’s presented pussy. The video shows my cock slide relentlessly into my sister’s cleanly shaven pussy, her buttocks shuddering as the penetration completes.

“Aaaaaaaaanh” Elle moans loudly as I finish the deep thrust. I repeat the insertion a few times, going almost balls deep beşiktaş bdsm escort as far as Elle can take me, before finishing the clip and sending it to Remy. I leave my dick in my sister as I pass my phone back to her so she can see what it looks like. I munch the rest of my toast as Elle rocks a little on my dick, watching her own vagina get filled with brothermeat in the video.

“I look so good with your dick like that! Look at the way my pussy slaves itself to the shape of you…” Elle proudly boasts at the perfect seal her labia make around my glans and shaft.

“You feel amazing inside as ever sis. Remy is going to love that so much, she will orgasm finally by watching that loop back.” I explain.

“We used my pussy to make my sister cum?” Elle summarises.

“Yeah, Remy is vicariously using your vulva sis.” Elle sighs in pleasure as I casually drink my coffee behind her with my dick in her.

“Your back makes a good table for my food. We’ve had fun with food back home. That’s what reminded me to check my phone before – you mentioned food and I had a flashback to dipping ice lollies in my sisters and Jane…”

“Wow… That sounds amazing, cut me in on the action…” Elle is wiggling her pelvis on top of my dick as she watches the loop, then sees Remy typing again.

‘I’m so jealous of Elle right now, but I just came so hard I squirted cum everywhere guys, it went over the bottom of the bed onto the floor and wall…’ Elle replies for us.

‘Glad we could help little sis, can’t wait until Elpy takes me to see you all!’

‘Hi sis! I’m so happy you feel the same way about all of this. It still feels so dirty and wrong but I know it is right deep down…’ Remy replies in her sweet self doubting way. We get another picture from her, Elle consumes the picture for a few moments before passing it to me while she gyrates against my buried penis. This pic shows from Remy’s point of view looking down her body and the bed, showing her pert breasts with erect nipples, her thighs glossy with slime and the walls spattered with wet dots, even the blankets on the bed poorly hide the soaking that she created. Her clitoris and labia are disheveled, sticking out messily from the engorgement of orgasm she just had.

‘Demonstrably it is right, your body has violently confirmed that we should be having a lot of sex. I love how you’ve messed up your usually neat little pussy Remy.’ My reply goes through. As we finish our coffee and begin heading back to bed, my front glued to Elle’s backside through my penetration beşiktaş elit escort of her vagina, we exchange night time sweet nothings over text to Remy, making sure she passes on to Lelu and Jane in the morning. Remy’s last request is a hot one as we get into Elle’s bed.

‘Brother, can I get a quick video of you cumming inside our sister before you go?’ I show Elle this and she flips over immediately on to her side, offering me easy access to her frilly vulva.

‘We will livestream it for you, my sweet little sister.’ I set the video call rolling and Remy gets a nice close up of the action. I move Elle’s top leg forwards to reveal her pussy so she is in the recovery position. I bring my cock towards Elle’s pooling, honey spilling pussy. I dip my glans among her warm clear honey and coat my tip with her essence, lifting my cock up to show how the sticky tendrils of natural lube cling between our intimate organs. We both give moaning sighs, and it’s probable that Remy can hear us. I dip into my older sister once more, scooping her honey over my shaft and stretching her vagina with gentle circular motion. She is already moaning into her pillow as my shaft sinks deeper and deeper, spilling her nectar over her asshole, cheeks and thighs, coating my shaft, balls and crotch liberally.

I show Remy a more steady penetration beginning as Elle’s pussy splats wetly with every reciprocation of my weighted thrusting. She’s hot and wet, her labia flutter as my glans passes between them each time. My seed is approaching fast, Elle is grunting softly at the unyielding presence of my meaty dick occupying her deeply. I can feel a big load coming, so I finish my final thrusts and then withdraw my glans just to the moment of touching between Elle’s frilled labia decorated hole, which is just slightly gaping from the pounding. My brilliant white semen squirts mostly between her labia and into her vagina, so that Remy can see her brother seeding her sister clearly, with some semen also painting her labia, asshole and clitoris, applied with direct contact from my glans and meatus. I finish the last of my ejactulations directly penetrated into her pussy, to fill her up nice for the cream pie.

Remy can see clearly as I finally take my cock out, her brother’s hot semen spilling slowly from her sisters painted cunny. As I use my penis to massage my seed into my sisters graceful folds, I bring the live feed to an end and write to Remy.

‘Remy, that was for you, but remember to save it and show the girls in the morning. I love you so much sis xxxxx’

‘Elpy, if I could love you more, I would. I want to lick your semen from Elle’s pussy and scissor her to steal it for my own pussy. I just came hard again, if I loved you any more I would die xxxxxxx’

‘You are perfect Remy, we love you completely too. So completely. Good night my sweet little sister xxxx’

With that, we all slip off into a sexually exhausted slumber.

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