My Mom and Her Twin Sister

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Hi, My name is Ashok Bose. I am 20 years old. I stay with my family (dad and mom) in a village near kolkatta city. My dad is a fisherman and is most of the time at sea fishing. My mom is a housewife. Her name is Raima. She is 43 years old. The incident I am sharing happened last month when Mom’s identical twin sister (Riya) came to our house for a visit. Aunty visited us last month there was Durga puja festival last month. Aunty stays with her in laws in the city. Her husband works in Muscat. Mom and Aunty were born identical twins but time had taken its toll. Although both had same facial features but mom had spent most of her life in village where there is lot of work in house and at farm so she is thin. She has a dusky complexion and is 5’5 ft tall. Her vital stats are 32-26-34. Aunty who lived mostly in city has a fair complexion and her vital stats are 36-32-38.

Aunt’s husband in his previous visit to India had given me cell phone with camera. I liked the cell phone very much because of its various features specially the video camera. Aunty came to our house a day before the Durga puja. I had a crush on my aunty. I always wanted to see her naked. The bathroom in our house is next to the kitchen. Our house is old and has roofing tiles on the roof. The wall between the bathroom and kitchen has a big gap near the roof. The wall has not reached the roof completely (grandpa’s cost saving measure). Because of these if one stands on chair or stool then he can peep into bathroom.

In the evening after aunt’s arrival aunty wanted to have a bath. I knew this was my opportunity to see aunty naked but mom was always in the kitchen. So I devised a plan quickly and before aunty went to the bathroom I took the camera phone and switched on the video mode and kept the phone on the wall between kitchen and bathroom. Luckily mom was not in the kitchen as she was talking to aunty. I went out of house after sometime excitedly and with fear if someone notices the phone on the wall. I went to meet my friends and came home after 2 hours. I entered the house and found mom and aunty chatting and laughing exchanging old tales. They saw me and smiled. I told them I am going to the bathroom for a bath and left them. I entered the bathroom and locked the door. I searched for the camera and found it was at the same place. I took the camera and saved the clipping. I opened the file as well as my pants.

The clipping started and there was an empty bathroom for sometime then the door opened and saw aunty entering the bathroom. She was wearing a green saree and matching blouse. She kept the towel etiler ucuz escort and her changing clothes on the hook. Aunty removed her saree and ran hands over her blouse. She unhooked the blouse button and her black bra was visible. She then undid the petticoat knot and pulled the petticoat down. She was now only in her black bra and black panty. She removed both of them. Her big round tits started bouncing a bit after she pulled the bra down. Her pussy was shaved. She was running the hands all over her body pinching her big round black nipples, fingering her big round navel. Suddenly there was a knock on the bathroom door aunty opened the door and mom walked in.

I never had any sexual feelings for mom. Aunty closed the door behind Mom. Mom said to aunty that I had gone out and will be coming after 1-2 hrs. Aunty smiled and moved towards mom. Mom’s back was towards the camera. They both hugged and started kissing each other. They kissed for few minutes. Aunty pulled mom’s saree completely down. Mom was pressing aunties tits and aunty was unbuttoning mom’s blouse. Aunty removed mom’s bra and started sucking mom’s tits. Mom undid the petticoats knot and slipped out of it. Mom and aunty again started hugging and kissing each other. Aunt’s hands were roaming all over mom’s back. Aunty then took her hands downwards towards mom’s panties and slides them down. Mom’s small butt was showing and aunty was groping it. Aunty pushed mom towards the wall and started kissing her face and neck. Mom was enjoying it and moaning loudly. For the first time I was able to see mom’s front side. She had small cone shaped tits with pointed black colour nipples, her pussy was hairy and her navel was round but small.

Aunty was now kissing mom’s tits and mom was holding her hands behind auntie’s head and pushing them towards her. Aunty slides down towards mom’s belly and kisses her navel. Aunty then goes towards mom’s pussy and starts fingering it. Mom spreads her legs so that aunty can have better access to her pussy. After some time aunty took her face towards mom’s pussy and started licking and sucking it. Mom was moaning very loudly. Aunty continued to use her tongue on mom’s pussy and after few minutes mom buckled her back towards aunt’s face and came on it.

Aunty stood up and kissed mom. Aunty then lay down on the floor and Mom sat on aunt’s belly and started pressing her boobs. Mom then lay down on aunty in missionary position and took aunt’s right nipple in her mouth. Mom then slide down towards aunt’s pussy and started sucking it. Aunty was moaning etiler üniversiteli escort loudly and after sometime came on mom’s face. Both of them laid in each other arms for sometime and then got dressed and left the bathroom. After watching the video my views towards my mom had changed. Now I wanted both mom and her sister. I devised a simple plan.

Next morning I left the house at 9.00 clock. I told mom that I would be come back in the evening. I went my friends place and spend 1/2 an hour at his place and I headed towards my house. When I was near my house I saw the front door was closed which was unusual. I knew mom and aunty were having fun. So I quietly sneaked in the house through the back door. I went towards mom’s bedroom and stood just outside the door and peaked in the room. Mom and aunty were completely naked on the bed. They were in 69 positions and licking each other’s pussy. I immediately had a hard on. I went in the room and stood beside the bed. Mom was first to realize that some one was in the room. She looked up and our eyes met. She had a frighten look as if she had seen a ghost. Aunty too was trembling. They sat on the bed and covered themselves using their saree. I just stood watching them. Mom spoke after sometime, ‘GO AWAY’. But I just stood there looking at them. I then told mom that I knew you two are having lesbian affair. Both of them were shocked. I took my mobile out and played the video. They were both trembling. Aunty said, ‘please do not say about this to others’. I replied, ‘ok, but I want something from both of you.’ Mom replied, ‘yes, whatever you want but do not tell any body about this’. I said, ‘Good, I want to have sex with both of you.’

Mom and Aunty were shocked listening to my words. Aunty said, ‘this is wrong. You cannot have sex with Riya, She is your mom.’ I replied, ‘you were doing it with sister. Is it not wrong.’ Mom said, ‘We were doing it because both of us have been ignored by our husbands for long time and so instead of having affair with outsiders we decided to do it with each other.’ I said, ‘Ok, But now you can do it with me, no one will come to know.’ Mom and Aunty looked at each other and smiled. Aunty said, ‘ok, let’s do’

Aunty came near me and dropped the saree that was covering her. She hugged me and kissed me on the lips. Her lips were soft and warm. We kissed for some time. I was cupping and kneading her buttocks. I moved my hands towards her boobs and pressed them. I played with her long nipples. Mom was just watching us. Aunty unzipped my pants fatih escort and pulled them down. I removed my underwear. I took my hard cock in her hands and started stroking it. I turned my attention towards mom. I held my hand out towards her and she caught it. I pulled her towards me. Aunty meanwhile took my cock in her mouth and started blowing it. Mom came near me and we started kissing each other. I pulled mom’s saree that was covering her. I pressed her small boobs. Mom was moaning and aunty was making slurping sound sucking my cock. I moved towards mom’s boobs and sucked her right boob. Aunty was sucking like a pro. She was deep trotting my cock. I came after few minutes and aunty drank all my cum. Now it was my turn to pleasure them. I made aunty lay down on her back on the bed and moved towards her pussy. I spread her vagina’s lips and slipped my tongue. I got her clitoris and concentrated my efforts on it. I looked up and mom was sucking aunt’s boobs. Aunty was moaning loudly. She locked her legs around my shoulders and pulled my body towards her. I continued my tricks of sucking and licking aunt’s clitoris and mom was now kissing her. Aunty came after few minutes on my face. I drank all her juices.

Aunty panting said to mom, ‘he is very good.’ Mom looked towards me and smiled. She laid on her back on bed. I moved towards mom’s hairy pussy. I slipped my tongue in her pussy. It was a different feeling with curly hairy rubbing against the mouth but I continued licking her pussy. I again concentrated my efforts on clitoris. Aunty was pressing mom’s boobs and kissing her. Mom had an orgasm after few minutes. I had now regained my erection. I got up and picked my pant lying on the floor and removed the condom packet, which I had brought earlier. Aunty looked at me and lay down on her back. I took a condom and rolled it on my cock. I went near aunty and placed my cock at her pussy entrance. Aunty spread her legs more and pulled me towards her. I started humping her slowly first. I kissed her boobs. Her nipples were hard. I increased my tempo. Aunty was moaning loudly. Mom was sitting near us and fingering her pussy. I had the orgasm after few minutes. I kept fingering aunt’s pussy to make her cum. Mom came her me and discard my condom. She took my cock in her mouth to make it hard. By the time aunty had an orgasm I was hard again. I took another condom and rolled it on my cock. I had mom to lie on all fours and entered her pussy in doggie style. I started slowly fucking her. Aunty went under mom’s body and started sucking her boobs. Mom was fucking me back and she was first to come with a loud scream. I continued to fuck mom till I came.

We took some rest and continue our orgy in the evening. Mom, aunty and me have continued our group sex whenever we are alone. I took both of their ass cherries during one of our sessions. I also made aunty pregnant when uncle was visiting us. He thinks its his child.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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