My Mom’s Friends

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I guess my childhood was pretty normal, or at least it seemed that way. Parents happily married, younger sister living happily in suburbia. My name is Rick, and this is the summer that changed my perspective on EVERYTHING!

My parents we always fit, and for the most part nice. I always got along well with them. My mother Carol could be stern and a bit directive, but always loving and kind. My father Steve was the fun one, working too hard, rarely home before 10pm but always up for active weekends hiking, camping etc.

I have always been fit, staying active in sports. I think I get this from my mom, she has always worked out, and staying toned and fit. Frankly at 40 she looks better than a lot of women in their late twenties!

After moving out and seeing how tough the world can be, I moved home. Initially for the summer, then the winter and another summer… not what I intended but just how things worked out. Fortunately for me this let me get to know the other women that my mom worked out with… all neighbors and a very tight group.

Being fit myself I was never shy about mowing the lawn with my shirt off, or laying out on our rooftop deck enjoying the view. Two of my mom’s workout friends lived just down the hill, occasionally I would see them laying in the sun. From our deck I had a pretty good view, and could watch without being seen.

Libby is the youngest of my mom’s friends. I am not sure how old she is, but certainly younger than the others, maybe early 30ths? Easily the best looking, slender waist, light brown hair, larger tits and legs that go on forever! I think she was the first ‘MILF I ever fantasized about, fantasies that carried on through my second summer at home. Fortunately for me, Libby and her husband have a pool, so I had many hours of enjoyment watching her in her bikini, frequently rubbing herself with sun tan lotion and changing position frequently. Since Libby doesn’t have kids, her body simply rocks!

The other of my mom’s friend that I can see from the balcony is a woman from India named Usha. Usha and her husband moved in about 1 year ago, and her husband promptly moved back to India for work. I hear that they are still married, and that this isn’t uncommon, but he only seems to come around every other month or so. Usha, like the others is trim and fit. While Usha is probably the oldest of the group, she carries her age VERY well. Easily as slim as Libby, her figure is very compact with smaller breasts but nipples that show through just about anything she wears. I hear that Usha has kids, but they never come around, so who knows?

The rest of the group, Negah, Taylor and Jenny all live a few blocks away. They are all sexy women over 30 and I like them all except for Negah. She has always been bitchy, and I feel like she looks down on me for having moved back in… not to say that I haven’t caught her looking at me with my shirt off… but still a bitch, a beautiful Iranian domineering bitch!

Summer two at home was in full swing and settling into a pretty steady routine. Mom is up early working out with her group, back about the time I get up and go for a run, then off doing whatever women do during the day. Most evening the group goes for a walk or something else active. Every now and then one or two will be somewhere else, but it is pretty normal for me to watch 6 beautiful mature women heading out in their skin tight workout gear twice a day… giving me all I need to jack off in the shower. Pretty pathetic, but that’s life… Or I should say that WAS life…

Early on Tuesday I could hear my mom rattling around in the kitchen, probably getting ready for a workout. Now, I love my mom, she has always been there for me, but sometimes my feelings are confused, like today. Standing in the doorway I could see her tight ass in the black leggings she routinely wore, and I could feel my cock begging to stand at attention!

Turning and glancing down at my bulging shorts, no sign of a smile, “Rick, it’s Libby’s birthday, take this card to her.” Now, I suspect my mom knows I have the hots for Libby, so I would have said thanks but her tone was sharper than I like… telling me not asking. What the hell?

‘Sure,” I asked meekly. “Now or later?”

Bending over to tie her shoe I had a nice view of the tops of her tits. Even crushed by her sports bra I could tell they were still firm, no more than a handful. ‘I have plans tonight,” she said, still not smiling as she swept her short black hair out of her eyes. “The others are having a party for her at 6 and opening presents at 7, just get it to her a bit before then. I want to swing by around 9, make sure she has it before I get there.”

“Ok, what do you have going on?”

“Nothing mister,” she said in that same biting tone, turning her back to me, her shapely ass once again becoming the center of my attention. I really shouldn’t be checking out my own mother!

“Just get the card to her so they can enjoy the party.” No smile, no thank you… Nothing. What the hell did I istanbul escort do wrong this time?

Since it was early, I went for a run, lifted weights and laid out on the deck. Lucky for me Libby was out celebrating early with Taylor and Jenny by her pool, giving me everything I needed to jack off several times! Sitting there, fantasizing about what they would look like naked for what seemed like a few minutes quickly burned through the afternoon and before I knew it the 6.45pm alarm I had set was going off. DAMN, guess my cock will have to wait.

Looking down I could see Negah and Usha drinking wine, standing by the pool talking. I guess their party was well under way!

I hit the shower, pulled on some clean shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed the card and headed down.

The door was slightly open, I knocked. Nothing. Since I know Libby and her husband John pretty well, I figured it would be ok if I opened the door and called out. Still no response but I could hear them talking in the other room. Negah glared at me as I walked in, apologizing for intruding, but I saw a couple of soft smiles, and heard hello’s and noticed more than a couple of pretty blatant head to toe once overs. No husbands around, they must all have the night off.

“Sorry to barge in, no one answered the door, is Libby here? My mom is out and asked me to deliver this,” I said holding up the card.

As I finished, a clearly tipsy Libby came in from the kitchen, her tits nearly hanging out of a red tank top, nipples protruding. Thank god! No bra! and then I noticed that I could see nipples pushing through all the women’s tops… must be a no bra evening for the ladies!

Reaching out, Libby pulled the card out of my hand and tore it open. Reading it once, then again, she began to smile. Looking at me she finally slurred ‘tell your mom thanks, so sweet’.

The other ladies crowed around reading the card over Libby’s shoulder, they all murmured about how sweet my mom was then started heading back to the living room. Libby didn’t move, but I did get to watch the 5 asses I had fantasized about as the others walked back into the family room carrying their wine.

“Would you like a drink?” Libby asked.

“Sure Mrs. Johnson,” I responded.

Being offered a drink was a rare treat at 18! Even without the alcohol I would have done anything to stay even a few more minutes so I could enjoy the view of Libby’s tits a bit longer. As she turned around, I pretended to look at my phone while covertly turning on the camera and snapping a few pictures of Libby’s tight ass, her shorts leaving nothing to the imagination.

Libby just gave me a drunk smile and handed me a glass “Hope you like my sangria!”

Taking a drink, I just about choked, it was strong. No wonder Libby was smashed and the others a bit uninhibited. I could just see Negah and Taylor in the other room holding hands looking at me.

“Rick, would you stick around and help us out? We wanted to do this in a hotel so we could get room service, but that fell through… I will make it worth your while” Libby stuttered. I wondered why she looked shy all of a sudden, but who in their fucking right mind would say no to helping a bunch of hot drunk women enjoy themselves? Masturbation material for life!

“Sure Ms. Johnson, I think my mom is coming by later but I can stick around. What do you need?”

“For starters, take the pitcher in to the other room,” her tone suddenly more severe and demanding. No longer smiling, she just pointed and pushed past me.

Entering the room, I just stood there. All the women were chatting amongst themselves, no one paying me the least bit of attention. Odd. A few minutes ago, they were eying me like hungry cougars… pun intended!

“Ladies,” Libby called out. “Ricky agreed to be our Room Service tonight, just tell him what you need and I am sure he will take care of you, right Ricky… I mean Room Service?”

What? Calling me Ricky and Room Service? What the hell? By this time, I was hard as a rock and my cock was clearly visible through my shorts. I tried to hide it, but I could see the smirks on several of the ladies faces… no longer the friendly smiles I was used to!

“Mrs. Johnson I…”

“Shut up Ricky, put down that pitcher and just sit over there,” she said pointing to an armless sofa in the adjoin room. “We will let you know when we need you.” Oddly the other women barely glanced at me, still chatting and drinking.

I walked over the other room, nursing my sangria. Frankly I have not ever had many opportunities, so alcohol is pretty new and this was going straight to my head. Sitting on the sofa was pretty frustrating! I could just barely see the women, and for some reason the bitch Negah was the only one I could see clearly, but even she barely glanced my way. Odder and odder.

After about 20 minutes Negah did get up and walk my way. Not saying a word, still glaring at me she slowly pushed my head down toward the sofa, pushing kabataş escort me onto my back with my head tilted back on the edge, looking up into her cold eyes… Not to mention her long dark legs and the hem of her workout tennis style skirt.

“Look at me Room Service” she said coldly. “I haven’t had time to shower since my run, can you handle that?”

I have to pause for a minute. At this point in my life I was still a virgin. I have seen all the porn a boy my age can handle, and even felt up a few girls, but never been with one that would let me go all the way. So frankly, I had no idea what she was talking about!

“I think so Mrs. Etezadi…”

“GOOD!” she said with a sneer. “Here you go.” Pushing down on my shoulders she quickly straddled my face, reached up between her legs and spreading her shaved cunt lips and pushing her wet VERY strong-smelling cunt over my mouth and nose! I didn’t realize that in addition to no bra she was not wearing panties. Startled at first, I didn’t know what to do and just froze until she started grinding away. Tasting her salty cunt, I closed my eyes, savoring the humiliation.

“Do you like my smelly pussy boy?” she asked. “I know you look at us all, tonight you are ours… And right now, you service me!”

I tried to move, but she kept pushing down on my shoulders. I am sure I could have gotten up, but honestly, I didn’t want to. I had never smelled or tasted a pussy before, and frankly I liked it.

“Boy, you are failing this oral exam… use your tongue or just get up and leave.”

With my nose now firmly pressing against her asshole I tried reaching up with my tongue, just barely touching her cunt lips, the salty taste getting stronger as I licked. Shifting forward she started grinding her cunt on my face again, making it hard to breath, thank god her asshole was now an inch away from my nose!

After a minute or two I could feel her cunt juice dripping down my left cheek, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. I could hear her breathing more heavily as she raised her cunt up just enough for me to get my tongue up to her clit. With a brief gasp she must have cum because I could suddenly taste a sweet salty liquid fill my mouth.

With no comment she got up and left, sitting back down with the other ladies, not acknowledging me at all.

I was still hard as a rock and started massaging my cock, slipping it out from the right side of my shorts only to hear Negah yell at Jenny to get the lotion.

Now Jenny, Libby’s sister is a MILF if there ever was one. Mother of 2, one only 3 months old her tits were larger than the other ladies, and even with a bit of fat still around her middle she was hot… but right now she looked pissed.

“Oh no you don’t boy,” she said grabbing my hand away from my cock and squirting lotion all over it.

“The Viagra we put in your drink will keep you hard, but we don’t want you cuming until later… that’s Libby’s treat. This will numb you so we can use that young cock of yours as we please.”

My cock was getting numb and as I reached down again, I couldn’t feel anything… Completely numb, but also still standing at attention!

Then Jenny dropped her shorts and straddled my face, exactly has Negah had done a few minutes earlier! Caught by surprise I started choking, but Jenny ignored me, grinding my face against her much cleaner cunt, not bothering to spread her ample cunt lips.

As she rode my face, I could hear an odd sound… was she texting on her phone? Really? Texting while riding my face… Humiliating but for some reason a complete turn on!

Momentarily she raised herself off of me, spreading her tight cunt lips, then settling back down, rubbing herself against my face, still texting away. After a time, my jaw began to ache, I could feel my tongue slowing down, unable to maintain the pace.

Fortunately, she suddenly came, dribbling her think cunt juice down my throat. As she lifted up, I started to ask “Mrs. John…” But she cut me off by pressing her milk filled right tit into my mouth and slowly massaging her nipple, her milk squirting all over my face and down my throat… delicious. Sweet, thin… with a smell I will savor for the rest of my life! Switching boobs and giving me another drink helped as my jaw relaxed and my mouth filled with sweet mothers’ milk! Without a word she pulled away, pulled her top up, and walked out carrying her shorts.

As I rested, I could hear the women talking. Occasionally I would hear words like boy toy, room service and finally found a use for him, obviously referring to me, but never by name.

I heard Jenny say that she ordered the pizza and that there should be enough for the 5 of them. One of the women, Libby I think asked if they had to feed the boy. Jenny laughingly said she already had and had plenty if I needed more. This elicited a good laugh from all the ladies, along with a few derogatory comments about their toy and Finally a use for him!

I heard Usha kadıköy escort speak up, her accent being very distinctive. “Jenny, I think you are leaking…” “Damn it!” I heard Jenny say, “Give me a minute to get cleaned up.”

Returning to the room, Jenny just pulled down her top, pushed me aside and laid beside me for a moment, then glared at me… “Suck my wet tit, it isn’t going to drain itself! Suck it like the baby you are,” she whispered in a nasty tone while pulling me by the hair toward her oversized left tit.

There must be some muscle memory buried in me because I had no trouble sucking her and getting her milk to flow in warm spurts, each more delicious than the previous! As I suckled her, I glanced down and could see her hand wrapped around my rock-hard cock… but I still couldn’t feel anything. I wonder what that lotion was… but as I pondered Usha came in and gently helped Jenny pull her top up then guide her out of the room.

Returning, Usha stripped completely nude, her ample bush standing in contrast to the shaved cunts of the previous to women to use me (I was beginning to think this way… I was theirs to use, and I think I liked it). Not saying a word, she straddled me where I lay, but squatting such that her asshole came down on my tongue first, slowly rocking back and forth forcing me to lick both holes. Smelling less strongly than Negah, but more pungent than Jenny I reveled in the pure degradation of being used like this, now by 3 women with no release… and frankly no way to get a release not being able to feel my cock at all!

The next thing I know, Usha is pushing me farther down the sofa and in walks Taylor, also nude and looking at me like some object, lusty clearly in her lovely blue eyes.

Straddling me once again, Usha pressed her hairy bush into my mouth and offered her hand to Taylor who straddled my head from behind. It was like being in a pussy vice, cunts on both sides crushing me between them. As they rode me, I could just make out their conversation, talking about work and what they were doing with their husbands later. I could hear Taylor laughing about her man and what a nice but boring fuck he was. Usha reminded her that she is lucky to have someone to fuck, her husband being away. They carried on like this for a while until Usha came, followed shortly by Taylor. Both women laughing like girls, they got up and walked out. Amazing how women can come like that!

“Happy Birthday to you… Happy birthday to you…” the ladies sang. Then silence followed by soft whispers.

Libby. Sweet, lovely Libby. Large tits, slender waist with legs that went on forever. In she came, silently, watching me. As we looked at each other, Negah and Usha walked up with something in their hands, each one of them coming up to me on either side.

As I continued to drink in Libby’s beautiful face and body, Usha and Negah each gently took my wrists and wrapped something around each, securing me to the sofa, still lying on my back. I really couldn’t believe what was happening. Still a virgin, amazed that I was living out a porn fantasy, frankly my mind went blank for a moment, I may even have blacked out. When I regained my senses, I could feel something heavy on my pelvis, looking up I could see the now naked Libby with her ample tits slowly lowering herself onto my hard cock. Still feeling nothing, all I could do was lay there and be used by the woman I had jacked thinking about so many times.

At first, she moved up and down slowly, then faster and faster. I could see her face contort as she came, then I felt her laying on my chest breathing heavily. She didn’t move for at least 5 minutes, but then the other women, now all 4 of them surrounding us chanting “UP, UP, UP,” with someone shouting “Get up birthday girl!”

Before I could open my eyes, Libby leaned back and moved up to my face, gently pressing her sopping cunt against my lips. I couldn’t help myself! I savored her feminine smell, and gently licked the pussy that had so recently been penetrated by my own cock… heaven. As she pressed into me, I could feel my legs being lifted up and secured, my legs bent and spread. The sofa must be made for this as I could feel the portion just below my ass slide away as the women secured my ankles to my wrists, thank GOD I was flexible thanks to years of track and gymnastics!

My cock was still numb, but I could see someone rubbing more lotion on it, and rubbing a single finger around my anus… Sorry, but WHAT THE HELL? The lotion numbed my anus a bit, but the lubricated dildo that was suddenly inserted still hurt like hell… At first. I must have clenched my jaw because Libby lifted off my face, and slapped me… ME, my angle slapped ME!

Laughter! All the women, Libby included were laughing. I heard someone say “A plug.” What?

“Mrs. Johnson,” I tried to say as Libby rubbed her cunt up and down my face… “Mrs. Johnson… Please,” my words hardly intelligible. Again, more laughter.

Usha leaned down and whispered in my ear that if I agreed to leave the plug in my ass, NO MATTER WHAT they would untie me. Of course, I agreed, my hips aching from being in the same position for far too long. But then the clincher. “Room Service Ricky… We have pictures. Do as you’re told or we send them to all your friends.”

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