My Perfect Guy Ch. 01

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Jeff and I were fairly normal siblings growing up. Maybe a little closer than most since we are only 15 months apart in age. I was the typical somewhat bratty little sister who always wanted to tag along with Jeff and his friends. He was generally willing to let me go with them if they weren’t looking to try to get girls. Looking back, especially after current events, I guess I sort of had a crush on him.

As teens we were complete opposites. I was a skinny little nerd with glasses and very few friends. Jeff was a very popular jock with a magnetic personality. There were always girls wanting to go out with him, but he was very selective. He told me once that he wanted a girl that was smart and self-confident, not the slutty cheerleader-type girls that threw themselves at him.

After Jeff went to college he still made sure to keep in contact with me. He’d tell me how his freshman year in college was going, then he’d ask how my senior year was going. When it came time for me to choose a college (full academic scholarship, by the way), Jeff convinced me to go to the college he attended.

The three years we were in college together were great! We hung out a lot. At first I was shy about getting out there and making friends. Jeff convinced me to go to a local club with him. We went there a few nights each week. A few months went by and I finally started getting comfortable with meeting new people. I soon began dating on a regular basis.

By the time my freshman year ended I dated probably a dozen different guys. I went pretty far with a few but never did go all the way to sex. None could compare to the mental image of my perfect guy. I never could pinpoint what it was that was missing from the guys I dated. I began to wonder if I’d ever find him.

Fast-forward to after college. Jeff and I both lived back in the city where we grew up. Jeff worked as a High School teacher and football coach. I worked as an accountant. It started out as a really enjoyable career but soon I began to dread going to the office each day.

Two years into my career I made a decision. I needed a change. It took a month of soul-searching but I decided what I needed to do. Jeff was the one I called first. I dialed his number and he picked up.

“Hey Christy. What’s up?”

“I need to talk to you about something, Jeff. Do you have a few minutes?”

“Sure! School let out early today. Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I just made a decision about my career. I’ve been so down lately. I’m starting to hate my job.”

“Well, whatever it is I support you, no matter what, sis.”

“I wanna become a cop.”

“That’s incredibly awesome!! I’m proud of you.”

I wish my parents were as proud as Jeff was. They tried so hard to get me to change my mind. It didn’t do any good. My mind was made up. I envied police officers and how they put their lives on the line. I felt that I had to do whatever I could do to become a cop. I try to help people whenever I can. As a cop I can do more. The police academy was a breeze. I aced all of my tests and was getting close to graduating with honors. I was getting offers kağıthane escort to join the police forces in our city and in each of the neighboring communities. Then something happened that changed my life and led me to fall in love with my perfect guy.

It was a perfectly normal Spring morning. I completed the final exam I had left then I went to the shooting range. I got there at 10:30 and got my gun ready. The last thing I remember is raising my gun up to aim at the target.

I woke up and I began to panic. I looked around and saw Jeff sitting on a chair sleeping. I tried to figure out what was wrong on my own so I wouldn’t have to wake him.

I looked down at my left arm and saw a bandage around my elbow. Below the bandage was nothing. No forearm, no hand. I looked at my other arm. It was still there, but two fingers on my right hand seemed to be missing.

I did as any normal person would do in my situation. I panicked. Jeff immediately got up and rushed to me. He put his arm around me to console me. Once I calmed down he told me what happened.

It turns out the ammo I put into my gun was faulty. When I pulled the trigger the gun exploded. The damage done to my arm was so extensive that it couldn’t be saved. The index and ring fingers on my right hand were caught in the blast and couldn’t be saved either. Needless to say we filed a lawsuit against the ammunition company.

I was unconscious for eight days from the explosion. The doctor explained everything he did and everything I’d need to re-learn. A social worker also sat and talked to me. She explained that I would need a lot of help for quite a while until I could learn how to be independent again.

I talked to Jeff and my parents and told them what she said. I asked them to help find someone to help me. Jeff said it was already taken care of. He told me something that made me feel like I have the best brother a person could ever hope for.

Jeff said, “I have everything set up. You’ll live with me in my house. I talked to your landlord last week and told him you’d be out by the end of the month. I got all of your stuff boxed up and they’ll be moved to my house by the end of the week.”

“But I don’t wanna be an inconvenience to you.”

“You could NEVER be an inconvenience! You are my little sister and I need to be there for you. I’ll be able to take care of you for as long as you need me to.”


“But nothing, Christy! My mind is made up. I know it’ll be embarrassing at first but we’ll get over it. I’d much rather it be me taking care of you than some complete stranger.”

Tears started to flow as I realized just how much Jeff cares for me. I used to wonder a lot if he actually loved me or if he just felt obliged to let me hang around him because of me being his little sister. Jeff came over and hugged me. During the hug I felt something different than when we hugged in the past. I just figured it had something to do with the pain meds the doctor was giving me.

The day arrived for me to move in to Jeff’s house. It had been eight weeks since the accident. kartal escort In the process, I had received a settlement from the ammunition company that produced the bullet that caused the gun to explode. They wanted to settle very quickly to avoid any public embarrassment. The settlement was a seven-figure amount. The first thing I did was pay off Jeff’s mortgage. He put my name on the deed for the house along with his.

As we walked in, Jeff said, “Welcome home, Sis! This is your home for as long as you can stand me. I might never let you move out, even if you want to.”

With tears in my eyes, I said, “Thank you so much! I have the most incredible brother! I could never thank you enough for doing this.”

“You gave me all the thanks I need by just agreeing to move in and letting me take care of you.”

About an hour later I needed to use the bathroom. I walked in there and realized something. I need help using the toilet.

“Jeff! Could you help me?”

“Right behind you. I knew you’d call me. Let me know when you’re ready.”

I nodded and he pulled down my shorts and my thong, my face dark red the entire time. He left the bathroom and told me to call to him when I was ready for him to help me pull them up.

I needed Jeff to help me change into my sleeping clothes that night too. Having him see me nude was very embarrassing. I guess he sensed that because he said something to make me feel better.

“You know something, Christy? You have a very beautiful body. I never realized that until now.”

“Thank you so much for saying that! But don’t you think my tits are too small? And don’t guys usually like a hairless pussy?”

“As far as tits go, yours are the perfect size. Anything bigger than a handful are too big. And with pussies, I prefer hair on them. Hair shows that you are a woman, not a child.”

“How do you always know to say the perfect thing to make me feel good?”

“Because you’re my sister and my best friend. I love you more than you could ever know.”

“I love you, too, Jeff!”

We hugged for a few minutes then Jeff tucked me into bed.

That night I couldn’t get to sleep. I had that all-too-familiar urge coming from my pussy. It was telling me to touch myself there. I reached into my nightstand hoping Jeff put my vibrators in there. He did. I grabbed my rabbit (my favorite!) and inserted it. I managed to cum but it was nowhere near what I needed. I finally slept after my cum.

About two weeks went by. My physical therapist came every other day to help me learn how to get by with only 3 fingers on one hand. Even with the help, I was still having trouble in certain areas. I couldn’t give myself the orgasm I so desperately needed. I knew what I needed to do. I just didn’t know how to ask him.

I finally decided to just ask him. What’s the worst that could happen? I thought he’d just say no and walk away.

I called to him, “Jeff, could you come in here please?”

He walked in. “Yeah, Sis.”

“I need to ask you something but I’m not sure how you’ll take it. I need help with cumming.”

“How küçükçekmece escort so? Don’t you have your toys in your drawer?”

“Yeah. I can cum but not hard enough! I need more than just having them sit inside of me. Because of that fucking gun I can’t use my toys the way I’m used to! I love fucking myself with them as they are vibrating.”

With a questioning look, Jeff said, “So you’d like me to help you with using them?”

Crying, almost pleading, I asked, “Would you, please! I need a strong cum so fucking bad!”

Sitting down next to me, Jeff put his arm on my shoulder and told me, “I’ll do anything for you, Christy.”

He slowly removed my shorts, then my thong, both of which were pretty wet already. I swear I saw him licking his lips! I knew I’d sleep so good tonight.

Once they were off, Jeff began rubbing my pussy lips. He was slowly rubbing them up and down. My God, it felt so heavenly! I moaned softly to let him know how good he was making me feel. As he rubbed, I was rubbing my nipples, alternating between each one.

Jeff finally touched my clit. Electricity shot through me, engulfing me in pleasure. He was pinching my clit as he continued with my pussy lips.

I pleaded, “Finger me! Please! I need to feel something inside me!”

“I have something better. That is, if you’d let me. I love you, Christy. Not just as a brother, not just as a friend. I love you as a husband would love a wife. If you’ll let me, I’d love to fuck you.”

“Oh God yes! I want you so bad!! I love you like that, too. I think I have for a long time. It might be why my relationships never lasted long and never led to sex. No guy could compare to you. Please fuck me. Make me your lover.”

Jeff and I shared the most passionate kiss I could have ever had. Our tongues touched, trying to devour each other. I could finally express my love for the one man that would always be there for me.

As our kiss ended, Jeff entered me with the most beautiful cock I’d ever seen. It moved in slowly, the ecstasy building. I never knew sex could feel so good. It was like I was made solely for him. We were lovers, soulmates, the best of friends.

Jeff gets a rhythm going as he’s fucking me, His hands massaging my tits. Pleasurable moans were escaping my lips as I felt a bliss previously unknown to me before that night. My hand moved down to rub my clit.

As my finger touched my clit, it happened. My pussy exploded into an orgasm I never knew was possible. It pulsed from my core, making me unable to vocalize my feelings. Moans poured out from me, trying to let him know I had never felt better in my life.

Jeff increased the speed of his fucking. I pulled him close, holding him, needing him to hold me. We became one body, sharing a soul, our hearts becoming one. I finally knew I was where I belonged.

Jeff whispered, “I’m close. Where do you want me to cum?”

“Fill me. Make me yours forever. Fill me with the love you have always shown me.”

Three, maybe four thrusts and he came. His semen bursting from his cock, setting off a second orgasm in me. As with everything else, we shared in the intense bliss only two people so in love can feel.

As our orgasms subsided, Jeff collapsed onto me. We held each other for what seemed like hours. As we laid there, knowing we would be together forever, it hit me. I finally found my perfect guy!

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