My Sexy Family Ch. 04

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From the author: The following story is of the incest/taboo categorization. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it. If you do like it, please give me a good rating and leave me a note. I love to hear from my fans!

As you know, this book is entitled My Sexy Family. Therefore, it should be no surprise that we are moving beyond the brother-sister relationships. Though chapter 1 was a self-contained story of which I am particularly proud, I saw early on that I was going to be writing additional chapters. I soon realized that those chapters would involve more than just Joe and his sister(s). So, that’s why I used the word “Family” in the title. If this does not interest you, please do not read it.


After dropping Allyson off at her job, I took the long way home. Well, really, I made big circles. I drove up 171, took a left on Park, then left on North Texas Street, left on 190, and, finally, left back onto 171 again. My mind was racing and I needed some time alone to think about everything that had happened.

I was still dumbfounded to find out that my little sister had blown our dad. I hadn’t seen that one coming and, of course, that made it so hard to know who knew what. I chuckled at myself like a schoolboy at my phrasing.

Allyson was convinced that she had proved that Dad was the one that saw us and, therefore, Mom was clueless. I wasn’t so sure.

Was the reason Dad let Allyson suck his dick that he had seen us at the door that night? Or was it for the same reason that I had let her suck mine; that she is a damn sexy little vixen that any man, brother or father included, would be unable to resist on our best day?

I sighed and finally had to stop driving. After taking the left on Park Road for the third time, I pulled into the little parking area there. I knew we were going to have a birthday party for the twins at that very same park that weekend. I watched the kids play on the swings. It was late afternoon but the sun was still high.

The way Mom had spoken to me made me feel so sure that it was her that has seen us. But Karen had some persuasive arguments about why it might just be my imagination running wild.

Hell, did it even matter anymore? Dad was fucking around with Allyson. That was a fact. If he hadn’t seen us on the couch that night but had let her suck his dick without knowing anything about what we had been doing, then if he did find out later on he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. He was fucking around with his own daughter so it would be pretty hypocritical to get mad at me for doing the same, I reasoned.

I paused for a second in my thoughts as I wondered how I felt about what had happened so far. I loved my sister. I loved my dad. Hell, I loved everyone in my family. But, shouldn’t I be jealous? Why wasn’t I jealous?

After thinking on this for a bit I realized that Allyson was simply my sister. I didn’t view her as my girlfriend. She was so much more than that. Girlfriends come and go. My sister would always be my sister. Whether she fucked my Dad, the entire football team, or just me, I loved her just the same.

In a weird way I was actually glad she blew Dad. Not so much as ‘sharing the load’ or ‘two roosters among the hens’, but more like, now Dad knew that his little girl wasn’t as innocent and naïve as he had thought she was. Now he knew what she was really like.

As for Mom, well, though we had always been very close, in this case she was a complete mystery to me. Had she seen me fucking Allyson that night on the couch and wanted some for herself? Or was she feeling me out to see who the instigator was, as I had originally thought, before confronting one of us so she could put an end to it? If she had wanted to put an end to it, then why had she worn that dress to dinner and said those things about giving us more freedom? Was all that coming from Dad or Mom? Was she telling him what to say or was she just unwittingly going along with him?

Well, I figured, neither Karen nor Allyson was going to be able to figure it out. I was going to have to get to the bottom of that particular mystery myself. I chuckled to myself at my own thought of ‘getting to the bottom’ of Mom. My cock grew hard as I imagined driving it to the bottom of her cunt. Well, that’s all I needed to know about my own feelings on the matter.

Shit! That brought up another concern. I had fucked Allyson and then Karen. Now I was even thinking about fucking Mom. Was I just a horndog that would fuck any girl with a pulse and just too lazy to get out of the house, I mused? Would any woman that walked by do?

As I thought about it, I realized that I had really meant what I had said to Allyson the night of the concert. I wasn’t going to fuck her friends because I hardly knew them. No, there were only three women I trusted in the whole world; Allyson, Karen, and Mom. They were all sexy and I wanted to fuck them all. It didn’t matter that they were my sisters and my mother. In fact, the taboo and forbidden nature ortaköy escort of just being attracted to them, much less actually fucking them, was such a damn turn-on that the mere thought sent my cock to stirring. The rush over the danger of getting caught was the icing on the cake.


The next day, Friday, was a normal day. When I got off at two o’clock and got home, Allyson and Karen were in the kitchen giggling over the plans they had for the birthday party for the twins on Saturday. Spending the day together, as well as everything else that had happened, really made them much closer. They acted like sisters, but for the occasional butt grab or intimate caress.

I changed clothes and took Allyson to work after she changed into her uniform, leaving Karen home alone. On the drive to the restaurant, I asked, “So, what happened with Dad when he picked you up last night?”

She frowned at me and said, “Nothing. He just talked about how I shouldn’t tell anyone and that it can’t happen again. He reminds me of you sometimes.”

I laughed at that.

Then she added, “I’m going to try to make a move tonight when he picks me up.”

“Really?” I asked, as always, amazed at her determination.

She nodded and thoughtfully said, “Maybe he’ll do something in the car he wouldn’t do on the couch, you know?”

I nodded at that as I pulled into the restaurant.

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips before hopping out and heading inside.

I found myself wondering what might happen if she should succeed in seducing Dad. Maybe it would just be one more secret in our family that stayed hidden. I knew that once he got a taste of her sweet tight cunt around his dick, he’d be hooked. I was.

Back at home, Mom and Dad had returned from work and supper was on the stove. Neither acted like anything was amiss. I marveled at that.

Though I didn’t work on Saturday I headed to bed at nine o’clock instead of the week-day time of seven o’clock. I got too sleepy trying to stay up any later, though I really wanted to know what Allyson did with Dad when he left to pick her up.


The next Morning was Saturday. I slept until five o’clock, which was as much as I could do since I usually got up at three. As usual, nobody was up. I showered and ate breakfast. Normally, I was alone in the house, with everyone sleeping, until eight. But, that morning Mom and Dad got up at seven.

Mom asked, “Joe, how early do you get up on the weekend? You are always up before we are.”

“I get up at five,” I told her.

She nodded. “That job really has your schedule pushed up.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

The morning was filled with more and more hectic preparations as everything was gathered together for the birthday and we all headed to the park at noon. We brought tablecloths to cover the concrete tables, balloon filled with helium, the cake, the gifts, and the food, mostly chips and soda.

The twin’s friends from school arrived and each had two gifts to add to the pile. Everyone was eating and laughing, having a good time. That was, until Rick arrived.

Rick was Karen’s ex-husband. He showed up with his new girlfriend. The kids were very happy to see their Daddy at the party, but my sister was not pleased that he had brought his new girlfriend with him. Still, she didn’t say anything about it, welcoming them both.

The party was a great success, kids playing and adults talking. Everyone ate until, finally, candles were blown out and presents were opened. Lots of pictures were taken.

See, the arrangement had been that Rick would show up to the party and then give the twins a few hours at home before he picked them up for their custody exchange. He had changed his mind. Instead, I heard him tell Karen that he was going to take them immediately after the party.

My sister began to protest but he had said this within ear-shot of the twins and so they were clamoring to go with Rick. Distraught as the turn of events, Karen acquiesced to let them go.

Mom and Karen led Rick home so he could get the twin’s belongings. They were going to be with him for two weeks and so needed some things to take with them.

This left Dad, Allyson, all of the guests, and me in the park. Collectively, as if a bell had gone off, we all decided that the party was over. The guests said their goodbyes as Dad, Allyson, and I cleaned up after ourselves.

Dad and Allyson had a strange dynamic going on. He was keeping her at arm’s length but if she asked him to do anything he was right there doing it. That is, more than normal. She had always had him wrapped her around her little finger but the leash had gotten quite a bit shorter, to mix my metaphors.

I wondered if this was just because of the blowjob or if it was a result of Allyson making a move the night before. Was it a failure and he was wary of her or was it successful and he was trying to cover in public? Either way, I found it funny.

Cleaning otele gelen escort up took a while and nearly an hour had passed before we all made it back home. Mom had taken the SUV, so the three of us piled into my truck; Dad shotgun and Allyson in the middle. It wasn’t as tight as it sounds. The bench seat was wide and flat, plus Allyson is small.

At one point, as Dad turned his head to look out the side window, Allyson reached out both of her arms, her left hand falling to my crotch and caressing my dick through my jeans and her right hand falling to Dad’s crotch. She gripped him firmly through his own jeans.

Shocked by her boldness, I turned and looked straight ahead as Allyson pulled her arm from me. Out the corner of my eye I could see that Dad had grabbed her wrist and was pushing her away. He didn’t make a sound, not wanting me to be aware of what had just occurred.

I imagined how hot it would be if Dad knew everything and was cool with it. Allyson would be sitting in the middle of the seat, her little hands stroking up and down both Dad’s and my cock at the same time as I drove down the road. My cock was hard at the thought but I could see that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, especially given the stern look I caught him giving her out of the corner of my eye.

When we got home I got out of the truck and went inside. Mom was walking through the living room, heading for her bedroom. Something about her was a little off. I asked, “Is everything okay?”

She nodded. “Karen is taking a nap. She was pretty upset. I’m going to change clothes.”

With that, she was gone, into her bedroom to change. She had been dressed in the same blue tee-shirt and flaring knee-length black skirt she had worn to the park. Her feet were bare of the sandals she had been wearing.

I hesitated as to whether I should pursue Mom, disturb Karen, or just go to my room. Finally, I decided to see if Karen was actually sleeping or not. I was concerned about her.

Karen’s door was ajar and the room was dark. Though the sun shone brightly outside she had blackout curtains which blocked out most of the light. They were red and so cast a red glow over the room. I found that sexy. I pulled the door open enough to see Karen.

My older sister was lying on her bed, her sheet covering her to her neck. She lifted her head and looked at me, hearing the door’s light groan. “Joe?”

“Are you okay?” I asked, truly worried.

She nodded and sat up, the sheet falling from her and revealing the black lace bra she still wore. Her yellow sundress was on the chair and both of her tennis shoes were under the desk, beside Mom’s sandals.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I asked, “Do you want to talk about it?”

She looked down and said, “No, not about Rick and the kids. I was pretty upset but I’ll be okay. You know, Mom was really there for me when I needed her.”

“Yeah?” I prompted.

She nodded and said, “Yeah, but then something strange happened.”

“Oh?” I asked.

“Well, it was like this. Rick came back here and I gave him the twin’s luggage. After he was gone, I was crying. Mom was right there for me. We were on the couch and she held me while I cried.

“She told me how much she loved me and that it would be alright. She really said all the right things. Then she suggested that maybe I’d want to lay down and rest.

“I thought that was a great idea. So, we came in here and I kicked off my shoes. Mom had me take my dress off and get under the sheet. So I did.

“We talked about life and love. I cried some more. She held me and stroked my hair. She told me how special I was, being her first, and that she never stopped loving me.

“It felt really good to hear that. I held onto her for a while and stopped crying. I lay down and Mom kicked off her sandals and got into bed with me. She was really comforting.

“So, there we were, right here in this bed, Mom stroking my hair and telling me how special I was. I was mostly on my back and she sort of lay on top of me. Her leg was between mine and I found myself getting turned on.

“I knew it was wrong but you have to understand that I find Mom to be really sexy. In the front of my mind I knew she was just my Mom, but the back of my mind was telling me that I was being held by a desirable woman.

“So, I’m lying here, my panties getting wet on the inside, being thankful that I was wearing a pair that were absorbent enough to protect me a bit from that sort of thing. So, since her leg was right there in between mine I hugged her a little tighter as I pressed my panty-covered pussy against her upper thigh.

“Mom didn’t seem to notice what I was doing so I kept doing it. I was really gentle and slow with it. I didn’t want her to know, but I couldn’t help myself.

“Well, with the gentle rocking motion happening, I felt Mom respond. She was running her fingers through my hair like she had been the whole time, but I had my eyes otele gelen escort closed. I don’t know if she thought I was asleep maybe, but she started rocking back against me.

“See, Mom wore that skirt to the park, but I could feel that it was bunched up as she had lain down with me. So, her panties were right there against my thigh. So, as I rocked slowly against her, my pussy rubbing against her thigh through my panties, she only had to tip her hips a little to cause the same effect for her.

“Well, after a few minutes she had taken over the rocking motion. I was just laying there, rubbing my pussy firmly against her on each cycle but she was the one rocking me. Though it was like I was a baby, her baby, I was very sure that she was rubbing her pussy just as firmly against my thigh as I was against hers; maybe more.

“Several minutes passed, both of us rubbing against each other. I knew what she was doing but she didn’t say anything or give any indication other than to run her hand down my shoulder and then back up to my hair. I tried to be very still but for taking advantage of the motion and tilting my hips against her thigh over and over again.

“My head swam with pleasure but I didn’t dare moan for fear of her knowing, so I kept quiet. My breath was coming faster and harder but I tried to make it as quiet and non-obvious as possible. I could hear her breathing too and I knew she was getting close, just like I was.

“Like me, she was trying to be as quiet as possible so I wouldn’t know what was happening to her, but I knew she was about to come. Just knowing that I was doing that with, of all people, Mom, was so fucking hot, you don’t even know.

“Her breasts were in that blue tee-shirt, stretched so tight, and they gently rubbed against mine as we rocked back and forth. I wished I hadn’t been wearing this bra because, though it was sexy, I wanted to feel it. Still, just the thought of it, along with my wet pussy rubbing against her thigh was enough to push me over the edge.

“I pressed my face into her shoulder and hugged her tightly to me. She gripped me back, but she didn’t make a sound as we both ground against each other for a moment. My head exploded in orgasm but I kept my lips closed and tried not to let on that I was coming.

“I could make out Mom’s heavy breathing through her nose and the way her chest expanded and contracted in my embrace, as well as the sudden slowing of it and the slow exhale through her nose that I heard told me that she had come too.

“Though I loosened my grip, we lay like that for what seemed an eternity. Neither of us said a word or gave any sign to the other than we had just come. Finally, we heard a car door. We looked at each other and then Mom quickly kissed me on the lips. She stood up as I heard the back door open. She slipped out without another word.

“I don’t know what to think. What do you think?” she asked.

I thought for a moment and said, “What do I think? I think you just fucked Mom!”

She smiled and said, “Yeah, I guess I did. But… what does it mean?”

I shrugged. I said, “I don’t know. It happens to girls all the time, doesn’t it?”

She laughed and said, “Maybe in the porn you watch, but, no, not usually.”


“See, for me, I’ve been really horny lately. So, Mom being so close to me like that, well, she smelled so good and I rubbed up against her. Thing is, for Mom to rub me back is so freaky. Even with Mom and Dad treating us like adults, I still can’t see that happening unless she’s the one that saw us,” she said.

I asked, “Well, you’ve been saying that it all might be my imagination. Are you sure it wasn’t just you rubbing against her? Maybe she didn’t notice that you came?”

“No, I wasn’t imagining it!” she declared. Then doubt crossed her face. “Was I? No, she kissed me on the lips.”

The door to Karen’s bedroom opened behind me and Dad ask, “You okay, Pumpkin?”

“I’ll be okay, Dad,” she replied, though startled.

Dad came in and that put an end to that conversation.


Sunday morning started out like any other morning. I couldn’t sleep past five, so I got up and took a shower. I was careful not to wake anyone in the house; they were all fast asleep. I had never run into any of them before seven on any other day.

So, I nearly jumped out of my skin when, as I was carefully shaving my face, after having showered, the bathroom door opened. I was lucky to avoid cutting my face with the razor.

As she opened the door, Mom asked, “How many eggs do you want with your breakfast?”

I couldn’t see her, the bathroom bright and the hallway dark, but I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist. As I did so, I was keenly aware that my cock was more than halfway hard as I had been fantasizing about my mother, as well as my sisters, just moments before. I complained “Mom.”

My mother laughed at me. She had an infectious laugh; always had. “Sorry. I wasn’t thinking,” she said. “Of course, it’s not like it’s something I haven’t seen before.” Several seconds passed as I tried to make out her silhouette against the dark hallway, the light of the bathroom not casting enough light into the hall for me to make out her form. Finally she asked, “How many eggs did you say you wanted?”

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