My Shrink Doctor

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“I think we need to focus on what’s bothering you, if we’re gonna make any progress today.”

“Okay Dr. Miles, I will try to do so… but you know how hard it is for me, confessing my inner thoughts to somebody like you…”

I’m having a hard time not to gawk at the generous cleavage exposed to me. Nearly a third of her ample breasts spill out above her white lace bra… I feel my pecker twitch inside my pants.

Dr. Susan Miles, my sexy dressed MILF psychiatrist… wearing a light brown, short skirt and a pale yellow blouse… a matching set. Her blouse a few more buttons undone then anyone would call decent. the skirt small enough for me to see her white panties each time she shift her legs. She’s a petite woman who looks even younger then she is… at the humble age of thirty seven, she got a son in his late teens, a high school senior soon to graduate… A bright and handsome boy, her words.

I have to visit my foxy Doctor once a week… her orders. I don’t mind coming here; she got her practice in the cellar at her house. I am at a threshold… to tell her the nasty truth or not. I close my eyes and take a step on the path of truth…

“…It’s the crazy, wired dreams I’m having.”

“Alright, what’s so weird and crazy about them?”

“Mostly I dream about Mom…” I paused.

“Please continue…”

“I dream of my mother… naked…” There, I did finally spill it out to her.

“Oh, I have to say… it’s a known and common thing for boy’s your age to fantasize about. Not that weird or crazy as you might think.”

“Well… it’s not only that… she is nude and so am I… and we are having all kind of sexual experience with each other.”

I dare to look up at her… with a feel of shame, only to meet an understanding expression in her face. Her eyes locked to mine and I could see a glint of lust hidden deep inside. A quick lick of her lower lip with the tip of her tongue, it made me instantly grow a huge bulge in my pants.

“Is it you or her who’s in charge… or is the both of you equally participant?”

“Oh… I don’t know, I have never looked at it like that.”

“Well if you try to remember last time you dreamt of having incest with your mother… when was it?”

I paused a little before my answer. “…Last night.”

“Do you remember how the dream started?”

“I think so… I… No she… Yes, Mom took a Sunday morning bath as she always do. Her bright voice called out to me, she was in need of my assistance. When I entered the bathroom she was rubbing herself, both her hands on her sex… she wanted me to massage her breasts while she masturbate. I started to squeeze her big breast… feeling firmer then I would have expected, she did nurse me for nearly half a year when I was an infant. When I pangaltı escort started to pinch her nipples, lightly at first then I applied more and more pressure… rolling them between my fingers, feeling them stiffen to fleshy cylindrical bud’s. Mom went wild of lust and her body convulsed in an euphoric orgasm, I know it was my hands on her boob’s that made her climax in my dream.”

“Okay that’s what you think… it could have been her fingers on her clit and inside her pussy, pleasuring herself to orgasm… couldn’t it?”

“Why did she need my help then, it was my dream not hers.”

“That’s implied in your mind and we need to find a way for you to figure that out. We will do it together, I’m going to help you in any way I can.”


“You know I have suggested it before, are you willing to try it?… all you have to do is to put your trust me. You already know I’m a Doctor and everything that happen or is talked about within this four walls is confidential, purely between you and me.”

“…Alright, lets give it a shot.”

“Okay… you will probably register most of the things that happen, you won’t be completely unconscious during hypnosis like people think they are. I will guide you along the path we will follow inside your mind, don’t you worry… just sit back and relax.”

I did lean back in the comfortable chair, while she turned on some soft music with a remote control on her desk.

“I’ll slowly count down from ten to zero, with each number you will feel sleepier then the one before. when I get to zero you will be as close to sleep as possible without actually fall asleep, your mind will be set to take instructions and I will take control of your brain from there. Ready?”

“Okay.. go for it.”

“Ten… Nine… Eight…”

“Five… Four…”

“Two… One…”

“Zero…” A long pause then “…Still with me?”

“Yes I’m here… Dr. Miles.”

“Good… try to remember last night’s dream like if you are in it right now.”

“…I’m there, Mom is calling out to me.”

“Follow her voice… let her take the lead.”

I was uncertain of what was happening to me, when I all of a sudden… slow moving, took a stand and walked over to Mom. She was calling my name in a whisper yet I could still hear her clearly, when I was behind her I looked down at her bare, firm globes of flesh. I cupped my hands over the perfect pair of boobs I have ever seen, I squeezed them gentle… then harder as soon as I heard her moan with pleasure. I felt her nipples stiffen in the palm of my hands, I pinched the nipples softly… then started to roll them between my fingers. Mom had her hands on her crotch hiding her sex under her pleasuring hands, I could smell her arousal… the pendik escort scent of her slippery wet pussy, an aroma utterly intoxicating for a boy my age.

I pressed my boner on her upper arm, wanting her to feel how horny I was. When she moved it while rubbing herself off… she also grinded my cock trough my pants, I heard her whisper to me… Suck mommy’s titties my sweet handsome son. I placed my mouth over her right nipple to suck it in, I also took as much boob flesh in my mouth as I could too… feeling the texture of her areola and nipple on my tongue. Sucking her tit like a starved little baby, I alternated my nipple sucking and pleasured the free one with my hand and fingers.

Soon again I heard my mother guide me with her whispers… Lick Mommy’s pussy, please do it my clever little boy.

I kneeled between her wide spread legs, looking straight at her pussy… her swelled yet slim labia lips was slightly parted, her juices glistened in her sopping wet hole. I noticed a tidy trimmed small patch of light red pubic hair on her fleshy curved pubic bone. Then I put my open mouth on her sex, covering almost all of her pussy with my mouth. I licked her sweet slit, coated her labia lips with my saliva… tasting her delicious scent all over my tongue. I pushed my tongue as deep inside my mother as I could, swirling it around inside of her. Then I focused on her magnificent pea-sized clit, flicking my tongue on it… circulate the tip round and around over and over again… when I sucked on it hard I was awarded with her squirting pussy juice in my mouth and down my cheek and neck, half my face was coated in her climaxing juices.

Ready to fuck me… son? I heard my mother whisper.

I pulled my pants down to free the monster inside, I noticed an impressive sigh escaping Mom’s lips. I felt proud by it, knowing she liked the size of her son’s throbbing hard cock. I let her hand guide it to the entrance of her pussy, my bloated head parted her labia lips… a soft wet kiss of sexes at the first real sexual contact we made. I slowly pushed my cock inside my mothers slippery wet pussy inch by inch, feeling her tight pussy adjust to the girth of my meaty pole. I stuffed her pussy full of my big hard cock, her cervix pressed tightly against the tip of my cock-head. I knew where I wanted to be when I was going to blow my load and this was the spot, gushing a full load of cum straight up her womb… absolutely perfect.

I started to stoke my cock in and out, the tightness of my mothers sex squeezed my full length. Her pussy was milking me for cum and I was pleasuring her pussy for another orgasm. I pounded her pussy now and I could feel her climax grow and tip over into a body spasming orgasm. I pushed myself deep inside, to the spot I knew rus escort existed within her pussy… my body started to shake in a climactic peak. Powerfully I ejaculated a huge amount of semen straight up my mothers womb, flooding her uterus with thick sticky sperm. Incest seed from son to mom, an intimate gift between lovers.

Her bright cries of pleasure snapped me back to reality… The hypnosis was ended in a split second. I looked down to watch my cock messy with out mixed secrete as I pulled it out of Dr. Miles drenched pussy, a thick liquid of semen drooled out of her swollen red slit.

“What have we done?… Mom! why did you have me do it?”

“I love you son, I know I’m a disgraceful woman but I have needs too… your talk of incest pleasure made me so horny, I’m so sorry… I won’t blame you if you never can trust me again as a Doctor… all I did was because of my strong love for you.” A huge alligator tear formed in the corner of her eye.

“It’s… kind of okay Mom, it was my dream you made real. I love you too… please don’t cry.”

“Will you ever forgive me? My sweet baby-boy.”

“No need to forgive you for anything Mom.”

I leaned in to give her a comforting hug, my cock… still fully erect, found its way back inside her pussy. The same way I once exited out off into this world some eighteen years ago.

“Don’t hypnotize me when you wanna fuck… ever again Mom, I want to feel it as clear and bright as you did.”

“Oh my… what a handsome big boy you are.” Emphasizing her words by squeezing my big hard cock with her pulsating pussy.

“Are you gonna make mommy orgasm again?”

“Yes Dr. Miles, I will make you climax on my cum gushing cock over and over again.”

“If you do I will give you the best blowjob you ever had on the next visit in my chair, I promise.”

“What about your ass… Mom, will you let me fuck you anally?”

“You dirty little boy, do all horny son’s wanna fuck their mommy up her butt-hole?” A big smile formed her lips.

“Oh yeah… Mom, you can never guess how many horny little boy’s there is out there who truly wanna fuck their mommies in any possible way.” Smiling back at her.

“Oh… I bet I know more of that… then you ever will, boy’s do share a lot of their wicked thought to me as you know. Mommy’s little motherfucker bring your face to me, give mom a kiss right her.” Pointing a finger at her pouty cherry-red lips.

I kissed my Mom straight on her lips for the first time in my life, both of us with open mouths swirling our tongues around in a shared breath… tasting each others saliva. I pumped my cock in and out, feeling the pulse in her pussy… grip and release again and again, her amazing pussy wrapped tight around my throbbing cock. We fucked each other to a mutual climax, I’m overwhelmed by the forbidden, incest intercourse with Mom… draining my balls deep in her pussy once again.

I love her and she loves me, I will never end my visit to my sexy MILF shrink… she is my sweet, naughty, slut of a mother after all.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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